Self Interaction and Natural Environment

Modern trippers and energy use make us more aware of action pathos . ... Some of these meanings are in opportunities , even demands , for acting in certain ways , like turning on the headlights when we drive at night . Trippers embody ...

Author: Andrew J. Weigert

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791432599

Category: Nature

Page: 230

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Self, Interaction, and Natural Environment helps us as individuals to understand environmental issues and to respond accordingly. Although it acknowledges that such issues exist on a worldwide scale, it sharpens our focus on the personal level. For example, it shows that most people do not consider the pollution they cause by operating cars or fertilizing lawns. Throughout the text, the author links ideas to both social concerns and everyday activities, helping readers to comprehend political decisions that involve the environment, as well as making them more aware of their own role in that respect.

Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights

But we were definitely daytrippersand night trippers. After a few hours of roasting inthe August Florida sun, we started to peakas we visited abstract nude artbooths andbody piercing pagodas (yes, kids, in “those” days, EVERYONE and ...

Author: Ladyaslan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469120294

Category: Poetry

Page: 140

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Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights is a thoughtful and easy read into the mind of the author. Plagued with intriguing despair and soulful love, it is a poetic journey into music, humor, and spiritual insight from a Wiccan point of view. Plainly, its mad thoughts let loose on paper. Ladyaslan paces up and down the creaking floorboards of the dark side of your mind and reveals what has been hidden in the mysterious closet in your imagination. Welcome to Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights.

Comics Shop

2.00 Night Thrasher: Four Control Marvel, 1992 1–4 .......... 2.00 Night Tribes DC, 1999 1 .......... 5.00 Night Trippers Image, 2006 1 .......... 17.00 Nightveil AC, 1984 1-Special 1 .......... 2.00 Nightveil's Cauldron of Horror AC, ...

Author: Maggie Thompson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440216503

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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Thirty Seven a book of poems

Footsteps quietly into the night all alone traditionally hasn't always ended right prone not to always make the ... it turns night trippers into night crawlers Esteemed and Honored They wear friendship well like the truest 61 Night ...

Author: Jason Tomlinson


ISBN: 9781365199035

Category: Poetry

Page: 359

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These are all the poems written and posted by Jason Tomlinson on his 37th trip around the sun.

Sustainable Venice Suggestions for the Future

place , which is the real destination of their journey ; even the so - called passing day - trippers behave in this way , but they come from a place which is different from the one where they will then go to spend the night .

Author: Ignazio Musu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0792364589

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 292

View: 537


It is universally recognised that Venice and its lagoon are of such value that they constitute an international public good that must be preserved for humanity as a whole. But such an ambitious task requires a diversified, sustainable set of economic activities, mostly focused on the production of services and non-material goods. This complex issue is analyzed using different approaches, with a discussion of the case of Venice as an example of some of the most relevant problems concerning the relation between the environment and development in the contemporary world: the trade-off between preserving an ecosystem and considering it as an economic resource; the evolution of different urban growth scenarios and the preservation of a physical habitat; the role of immaterial production in urban economic development; the nature of tourism as a sustainable activity, considered from both from the environmental and cultural angles; the institutional aspect of governing a process of sustainable urban development. Readership: A unique resource for environmental and urban managers, policy analysts, students of sustainable development, and anyone else interested in the social and economic implications of preserving one of the most loved and celebrated cities in the world.

Barn Haydrier

It has proved to be well worth its cost by ensuring good quality hay without attention of the operator at night . ... Two pairs of the trippers can be set to operate the fan at two intervals during the night . The " on " tripper of the ...

Author: John A. Schaller


ISBN: CORNELL:31924003374646

Category: Agricultural machinery

Page: 166

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Wilding Times

And even more fun, we'd share them with the astonished night-trippers. Somebody found, more likely liberated, a Millions'Obubbles set. We sat on Mr. Mountain, the top story of Manny's Vanny, and sent billions of bubbles free on our ...

Author: Hod Doering


ISBN: 9781312780583


Page: 183

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Hits and Misses

Video cassettes showing Bollywood potboilers changed the world of the night-trippers overnight. The listless tossing and turning of the bored passengers were replaced with their foot tapping and occasional chuckles.

Author: Chinmay HOTA


ISBN: 9780557675227


Page: 58

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Familiar events presented ingeniously.

Le Boogie Woogie

... “get yo' shit together,” “the joint,” and “player” are only a fraction of the words frequently heard on the lips of these nocturnal “night trippers.” The wee hours of the morning are a feast for the senses, “something to get down ...

Author: Terry Williams

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231549387

Category: Social Science


View: 825


The “after-hours club” is a fixture of the African American ghetto. It is a semisecret, unlicensed “spot” where “regulars” and “tourists” mingle with “hustlers” to buy and use drugs long after regular bars are closed and the party has ended for the “squares.” After-hours clubs are found in most cities, but for people outside of their particular milieu, they are formidably difficult to identify and even more difficult to access. The sociologist Terry Williams returns to the cocaine culture of Harlem in the 1980s and ’90s with an ethnographic account of a club he calls Le Boogie Woogie. He explores the life of a cast of characters that includes regulars and bar workers, dealers and hustlers, following social interaction around the club’s active bar, with its colorful staff and owner and the “sniffers” who patronize it. In so doing, Williams delves into the world of after-hours clubs, exploring their longstanding function in the African American community as neighborhood institutions and places of autonomy for people whom mainstream society grants few spaces of freedom. He contrasts Le Boogie Woogie, which he visited in the 1990s, with a Lower East Side club, dubbed Murphy’s Bar, twenty years later to show how “cool” remains essential to those outside the margins of society even as what it means to be “cool” changes. Le Boogie Woogie is an exceptional ethnographic portrait of an underground culture and its place within a changing city.

The Beethoven Medal

'All those sweaty trippers in their cups. What's Ruth going to do then. ... It was a huge modern pub which attracted the Saturday night trippers and was always cramful and very rowdy. It was quite a different proposition from the Royal ...

Author: K M Peyton

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448157280

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 185

View: 180


Being in love with Patrick Pennington isn't easy. With his all-consuming passion for music, and his desperate need for freedom, Ruth isn't sure there's room for her in his life. Will he ever love and need her in return?