New Directions in Diversity

New Directions in Diversity does not overlook the numerous efforts being made to train journalists and future journalists to better cover the complete ...

Author: George Padgett

Publisher: Marion Street Press

ISBN: 9781933338040

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 214

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Helps journalists and students learn how to report on the issues important to diverse communities. Beginning with a discussion on what diversity means and why it is important, this book provides a roadmap for teaching and learning about diverse communities and suggestions for beginning what is often a difficult community conversation.

Teaching for Diversity

This is the 49th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning. For more information on the series, please see the Journals and Periodicals page.

Author: Laura L. B. Border

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: UOM:39015020856665

Category: Education

Page: 120

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In the charged atmosphere of the debate on multicultural issues, higher education professionals must take action, even in the face of incomplete information and complicated arguments and counterarguments, and are often expected to set standards when many assumptions are made in deep-rooted, taken-for-granted institutional practices. This volume of New Directions for Teaching and Learning speaks in a practical way to administrators, instructors, facutly/TA developers, and support staff who work in the multicultural classroom and offers valuable information that will serve as a basis for recognizing and solving issues in diversity. This is the 49th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning. For more information on the series, please see the Journals and Periodicals page.

New Directions in Group Communication

It is hoped that future research will help us to understand the effects of culture and cultural diversity on group communication processes so that it might ...

Author: Lawrence R. Frey

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761912819

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 326

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New Directions in Group Communication takes as its mission the setting of the agenda for the study of group communication in the future. It does so by presenting work that scholars have not previously explored in the current small group communication literature. Part I focuses on new theoretical and conceptual directions, both presenting new views and extending current positions. Part II examines new research methodologies, while Part III looks at antecedent factors affecting group communication. Parts IV and V of the text provide insight into both group communication process and practices. Part VI covers different group communication contexts, including communication patterns in top management teams.

Anthropology of Migration and Multiculturalism

This book was published as a special issue of the Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Author: Steven Vertovec

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317989301

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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The field of anthropology of migration and multiculturalism is booming. Throughout its hundred-odd year history, studies of migration and diverse or ‘plural’ societies have arguably been both marginal and central to the discipline of Anthropology. However, recent years have witnessed the rapid growth of anthropological studies concerning these topics. This has particularly been the case since the 1970s, when anthropologists developed a keen interest in the subject of ethnicity, especially in post-migration communities. Since the 1990s, migrant transnationalism has become one of the most fashionable topics. There is still much to do in research and theory surrounding this field, not least with regard to contemporary public debates around multiculturalism, immigration and ‘integration’ policy. This book presents essays pointing toward a number of possible new directions – both theoretical and methodological – for anthropological inquiry into migration and multiculturalism, including innovative ways of examining diversity discourses, urban conditions, social complexities, scales of analysis, transnational marriages, entangled politics and interwoven cultures. This book was published as a special issue of the Ethnic and Racial Studies.

New Directions in Management and Organization Theory

This has resulted in an explosion of research on the effects of group diversity of all types (e.g., functional diversity, individual differences, ...

Author: Jeffrey A. Miles

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443858618

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 520

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This book is a collection of the best seventeen papers from the first Management Theory Conference held at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, California, on September 27 and 28, 2013. The authors of these papers are some of the best management researchers in the world, including: Anette Mikes, Robert S. Kaplan, and Amy C. Edmondson (Harvard Business School); Sarah Harvey (University College London); Randall S. Peterson (London Business School); Jack A. Goncalo and Verena Krause (Cornell University); Karen A. Jehn (University of Melbourne); Yally Avrahampour (London School of Economics and Political Science); Tammy L. Madsen (Santa Clara University); and Sim B. Sitkin (Duke University). All of the papers in this book present the latest theoretical developments that were discussed at the first Management Theory Conference. The purpose of the conference was to help address the shortage of new management and organization theories. The mission of the conference was to facilitate, recognize, and reward the creation of new theories that advance our understanding of management and organizations. The conference was held to motivate management researchers to create new theories and to provide researchers with a supportive forum where those new theories could be presented, discussed, and published. Chapter Seventeen is the winner of the Wiley Outstanding New Management Theory Award. Authors Chris P. Long, Sim B. Sitkin, and Laura B. Cardinal present a theory to explain the drivers of managerial efforts to promote trust, fairness, and control. They theorize how superior-subordinate conflicts stimulate managers’ concerns about managerial legitimacy and subordinate dependability in performing tasks, and hypothesize how managers attempt to address these concerns using trustworthiness-promotion, fairness-promotion, and control activities. This book also contains written summaries of the two keynote addresses that were given at the conference by Roy Suddaby (editor of Academy of Management Review) and Jeffrey Pfeffer (Stanford University), which comprise Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen. Professors Suddaby and Pfeffer present a fascinating debate of the future and new directions of management and organization theories.

New directions for institutional research

7 This chapter summarizes the unique characteristics of the higher education
landscape and provides an overview of concerns and considerations of common
interest to institutional researchers at colleges and universities serving diverse ...



ISBN: UCAL:B4924380



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New Directions in Ecological Physiology

The relative importance of adaptive and nonadaptive mechanisms in generating or constraining physiological diversity Ecological physiologists often invoke ...

Author: Martin E. ... Feder

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521349389

Category: Science

Page: 364

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This 1988 book outlines conceptual approaches to the study of physiological adaptation in animals.

New Directions in Sustainable Design

Perhaps the most important factor in determining resilience is diversity. Heterogeneous components limit the likelihood that a disruption will damage all ...

Author: Adrian Parr

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136909993

Category: Architecture

Page: 280

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Recently there has been a plethora of work published on the topic of sustainability, much of which is purely theoretical or technical in its approach. More often than not these books fail to introduce readers to the larger challenge of what thinking sustainably might entail. Combining a series of well know authors in contemporary philosophy with established practitioners of sustainable design, this book develops a coherent theoretical framework for how theories of sustainability might engage with the growing practice of design. This book: brings together new and emerging perspectives on sustainability provides cohesive and jargon-free reading articulates the specificity of both theory and practice, to develop a symbiotic relationship which allows the reader to understand what thinking sustainably entails This volume describes a variety of new ways to approach sustainable design and it equips the next generation of designers with necessary conceptual tools for thinking sustainably.

Reinventing Japan New Directions in Global Leadership

something new and more refined. They became the so-called Take Ivy ... This diversity is not limited to regional differences. It is also seen in the ability ...

Author: Martin Fackler

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440862878

Category: Political Science

Page: 269

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Highly readable yet deeply researched, this book serves as an essential guide to the many ways in which Japan has risen to become one of the world's most creative and innovative societies. • Challenges conventional views of Japan as mired in two unproductive "lost decades" by documenting the myriad ways in which the nation has embraced creativity and innovation • Describes the ways in which Japan has transformed our lives and explains the guiding principles of one of the world's least understood, most vibrantly creative societies • Explains how Japan, as the world's first non-Western developed nation, can inspire other nations at a time when America's economic and social models are being challenged as never before • Argues that, in a world that seems to have lost its direction in the face of threats ranging from terrorism to angry populism, Japan can assume greater leadership in preserving global peace and prosperity

New Directions in Copyright Law

Member States of UNESCO in 2001 adopted the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and its action plan . This instrument recognised cultural ...

Author: Fiona Macmillan

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 178195819X

Category: Law

Page: 249

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This book, the third in the series, follows the themes considered in the first two volumes and brings together perspectives on copyright from law, politics, economics, cultural studies and social theory in an effort to forge a truly coherent and meaningful agenda for the future of copyright. It comprises thoughtful, critical and often challenging contributions from an international, multidisciplinary network of scholars.

New Directions in the Analysis of Ecological Systems

When the temperature function is shifted 2°C down , the diversity constraint can
not be met at D = 100 , 000 , the minimum acceptable value of DV ; hence no
solution is possible . 0006 Budget constraint in dollars 6000 3000 : var . When
the ...

Author: George S. Innis


ISBN: WISC:89001786995

Category: Ecology


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New Directions in Judicial Politics

From the resulting field of candidates, the school would pick a mix of students reflecting a diverse set of non-academic or quasi-academic qualities.

Author: Kevin T. McGuire

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136650024

Category: Law

Page: 360

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With its often vague legal concepts and institutions that operate according to unfamiliar procedures, judicial decision-making is, in many respects, a highly enigmatic process. New Directions in Judicial Politics seeks to demystify the courts, offering readers the insights of empirical research to address questions that are of genuine interest to students. In addition to presenting a set of conclusions about the way in which courts operate, this book also models the craft of political research, illustrating how one can account for a variety of factors that might affect the courts and how they operate. The renowned scholars and teachers in this volume invite critical thinking, not only about the substance of law and courts in America, but also about the ways in which we study judicial politics.

New Directions in Dental Anthropology

Self adaptation Three characteristics of complex self adaptive systems are diversity, critical phases and robustness. Di versi ty Self adaptation is seen in ...

Author: Grant Townsend

Publisher: University of Adelaide Press

ISBN: 9780987171870

Category: Medical

Page: 137

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"This book contains papers arising from a symposium held during a combined meeting of The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), The Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) and The Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa New Zealand at the University of Western Australia from July 5-8th, 2011. It follows on from a recently published Special Issue Supplement of Archives of Oral Biology, Volume 54, December 2009 that contains papers from an International Workshop on Oral Growth and Development held in Liverpool in 2007 and edited by Professor Alan Brook. Together, these two publications provide a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art approaches to study dental development and variation, and open up opportunities for future collaborative research initiatives, a key aim of the International Collaborating Network in Oro-facial Genetics and Development that was founded in Liverpool in 2007."--Foreword, p. v.

New Directions in Race Ethnicity and Crime

——(2008) Community Cohesion: A New Framework for Race and Diversity. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. ——(2012) Interculturalism: The New Era of Cohesion and ...

Author: Coretta Phillips

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136261428

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 405


The disproportionate criminalisation and incarceration of particular minority ethnic groups has long been observed, though much of the work in criminology has been dominated by a somewhat narrow debate. This debate has concerned itself with explaining this disproportionality in terms of structural inequalities and socio-economic disadvantage or discriminatory criminal justice processing. This book offers an accessible and innovative approach, including chapters on anti-Semitism, social cohesion in London, Bradford and Glasgow, as well as an exploration of policing Traveller communities. Incorporating current empirical research and new departures in methodology and theory, this book also draws on a range of contemporary issues such as policing terrorism, immigration detention and youth gangs. In offering minority perspectives on race, crime and justice and white inmate perspectives from the multicultural prison, the book emphasises contrasting and distinctive influences on constructing ethnic identities. It will be of interest to students studying courses in ethnicity, crime and justice.

New Directions in American Religious History

One leitmotif of Enlightenment commentaries on Christianity , after all , had been the diversity of the world's religions , and the extent to which some of ...

Author: Harry S. Stout

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198027201

Category: Religion

Page: 512

View: 108


The eighteen essays collected in this book originate from a conference of the same title, held at the Wingspread Conference Center in October of 1993. Leading scholars were invited to reflect on their specialties in American religious history in ways that summarized both where the field is and where it ought to move in the decades to come. The essays are organized according to four general themes: places and regions, universal themes, transformative events, and marginal groups and ethnocultural "outsiders." They address a wide range of specific topics including Puritanism, Protestantism and economic behavior, gender and sexuality in American Protestantism, and the twentieth-century de-Christianization of American public culture. Among the contributors are such distinguished scholars as David D. Hall, Donald G. Matthews, Allen C. Guelzo, Gordon S. Wood, Daniel Walker Howe, Robert Wuthnow, Jon Butler, David A. Hollinger, Harry S. Stout, and John Higham. Taken together, these essays reveal a rapidly expanding field of study that is breaking out of its traditional confines and spilling into all of American history. The book takes the measure of the changes of the last quarter-century and charts numerous challenges to future work.

New Directions in the Study of Work and Employment

Amable, B. (2003), The Diversity of Modern Capitalism, New York: Oxford University Press. Aoki, M. (2000), Information, Corporate Governance and ...

Author: Charles J. Whalen

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781848445208

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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. . . the book is both wide-ranging and thought provoking. . . New Directions in the Study of Work and Employment is a first rate collection of papers that provides a state-of-the-art overview of debates on the health and standing of the field of industrial relations. John Kelly, Transfer Charles Whalen s excellent edited volume New Directions in the Study of Work and Employment is a conversation about renewing the academic discipline formerly known as industrial relations. . . The chapters of this book are uniformly of high quality and provocative. . . It inspires the reader to engage and mend the world a bit. David Jacobs, Heterodox Economics Newsletter . . . an intellectually stimulating collection of informed, sound, and innovative responses to modern labor problems. . . . New Directions is a timely work that deserves wide readership by anyone with an association or interest in industrial relations. Although the matter of revitalization of the field of IR is not nearly a new topic, dismissing this volume as simply another typical prescription in the lineage of IR revitalization commentary would be a gross miscalculation. For one, the sheer breadth and depth of the contributing scholars brings a unique intellectual richness to this project. Also, this book distinctively tackles the issue of revitalization from a multitude of perspectives from social capital to network theories to labor and employment law, and from research and theory to teaching and practice and does so in a way that is comprehensive, continuous, and in dialog throughout. Finally this book makes a significant contribution because of its specific recommendations for IR revitalization. Instead of telling scholars and practitioners the need for a new direction but providing few feasible alternatives, New Directions proffers real pathways for progress. This book is a useful guide for navigating the ever-developing world of work and employment relations. Sean Rogers, Perspectives on Work Where is the field of industrial relations going? How can it be rejuvenated? How can it be reformulated to deal with current problems? These are among the difficult questions this stimulating book addresses. George Strauss, University of California, Berkeley, US This book deserves to be widely read. The academic study of industrial relations has recently struggled to adjust to the brave new world of work and employment relations. Too often there has been a retreat into the study of very small issues and insufficient emphasis on the big picture. The chapters in this volume make a valuable contribution to filling this gap. Most important of all, the book is forward-looking. Ken Mayhew, University of Oxford, UK Charles Whalen has assembled a timely and comprehensive examination of the world of work by a distinguished group of international scholars. Robert B. McKersie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US This book represents a breath of fresh air, provided by many of the most prominent scholars in industrial relations today. It anchors the field to its past, but more importantly highlights pathways to the future. It is indispensable reading, and will form a solid foundation for continued dialogue about new directions for the study of work and employment. Morley Gunderson, University of Toronto, Canada Work and its associated problems are more important to individuals and society than ever before. That is why it is so crucial to re-envision the field of industrial relations (employment relations), which brings together economics, sociology, psychology, history, human resource management, political science, and all other areas of scholarship related to work. This compendium by leading industrial relations scholars makes a vital contribution in that direction. Paula B. Voos, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, US Industrial relations is confronting major challenges. This valuable book deserves a warm welcome since it illustrates and maps a series o

New Directions in Comparative Capitalisms Research

This book presents the first sustained dialogue between institutionalist 'post-VoC' and more critical, global approaches, thus contributing to the development of a new generation of Comparative Capitalisms scholarship.

Author: M. Ebenau

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137444615

Category: Political Science

Page: 252

View: 528


Now that the 'Varieties of Capitalism' hype has passed, students of capitalist diversity are searching for new directions. This book presents the first sustained dialogue between institutionalist 'post-VoC' and more critical, global approaches, thus contributing to the development of a new generation of Comparative Capitalisms scholarship.

Mentoring as Transformative Practice Supporting Student and Faculty Diversity

New Directions for Higher Education, Number 171 Caroline S. Turner. MENTORING AS TRANSFORMATIVE PRACTICE: SUPPORTING STUDENT AND FACULTY DIVERSITY Caroline ...

Author: Caroline S. Turner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119161073

Category: Education

Page: 120

View: 590


Scholars examining how women and people of color advance in academia invariably cite mentorship as one of the most important factors in facilitating student and faculty success. Contributors to this volume underscore the importance of supporting one another, within and across differences, as critical to the development of a diverse professoriate. This volume emphasizes and highlights: the importance of mentorship; policies, processes, and practices that result in successful mentoring relationships; real life mentoring experiences to inform students, beginning faculty, and those who would be mentors; and lievidence for policy makers about what works in the development of supportive and nurturing higher education learning environments. The guiding principles underlying successful mentorships, interpersonally and programmatically, presented here can have the potential to transform higher education to better serve the needs of all its members. This is the 171st volume of the Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Higher Education. Addressed to presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other higher education decision makers on all kinds of campuses, it provides timely information and authoritative advice about major issues and administrative problems confronting every institution.