New Directions in Development Economics

The contri butions to New Directions in Development Economics examine two broad subjects: Part I focuses on economic growth (or its absence) in developing countries, and Part II joins the ongoing debate over the role of the state in ...

Author: Mats Lundahl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134808823

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This volume is divided into two thematic parts: economic growth (or its absence) in developing countries; and contributions to the debate on the role of the state versus the market. It outlines possible policy prescriptions of relevance both in the North and South.

New Directions in Analytical Political Economy

This is a collection of mathematically-based, economic research by scholars from a breadth of non-neoclassical research traditions.

Author: Amitava Krishna Dutt

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105010509524

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This is a collection of mathematically-based, economic research by scholars from a breadth of non-neoclassical research traditions. Drawing on classical, Marxist, post-Keynesian and Kaleckian, structuralist, evolutionary and institutionalist approaches, these essays address four key areas of economics: unemployment, finance and business cycles; accumulation, distribution and technical change; value and price; and contemporary debates in development economics.

New Directions in Development Economics

However , although possibly appropriate for the Golden Age , the industries they established have turned out to be unsuitable for the new world economic conditions . The African economies diversified by moving from the production of ...

Author: Amitava Krishna Dutt

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105041275939

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This book provides the directions needed for confronting the continuing challenge of development. Lance Taylor, Joseph Stiglitz and Amitava Dutt focus primarily on recent theoretical developments and highlight significant advances in several areas especially in new structuralist and new neo-classical approaches. Ajit Singh, Keith Griffin and Kenneth Jameson consider the recent experience of developing countries and the prospects of development in coming decades.

The Process of Economic Development

The Economic Growth of Nations . Cambridge , MA : Harvard Univer- sity Press . Stiglitz , Joseph . 1992. " Alternative Tactics and Strategies for Economic Development , " in A.K. Dutt and Kenneth P. Jameson ( eds ) , New Directions in ...

Author: James M. Cypher

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415254167

Category: Business & Economics

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This textbook includes discussions of such topics as the environment, the debt case, export-led industrialization, import substitution industrialization, growth theory and technological capability.

New Directions in Economic Methodology

ever, for those who want to find evidence of empirical progress in economics, the story of the Keynesian ... in development economics is rich in accurate descriptions of the development problem 122 NEW DIRECTIONS IN ECONOMIC METHODOLOGY.

Author: Roger Backhouse

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415096379

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While work on economic methodology has increased this has been coupled with a lack of consensus about the direction and content of the discipline. This book reflects this growing diversity with contributions from the leading methodologists.

Contextual Development Economics

This brief review of current streams in development thinking – both unconventional ones that head into new directions, as well as ones that intensify past practices – suggest that development economists are far away from a consensus ...

Author: Matthias P. Altmann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441972316

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Poverty still persists in today’s low-income countries despite decades of international aid, and extensive research on the determinants of growth and development. The book argues that meeting this challenge requires a holistic understanding of the context-specific factors that influence economic behavior and structures in poor countries. Contextual Development Economics approaches this task by offering a methodology that allows analysing the dynamic interrelations between economic, cultural and historical determinants of economic life in low-income countries. The book starts with an empirical inquiry into the economic characteristics of low-income countries that create the context by which the specific forms of organising economic activity in these countries are determined. It then looks at how different generations of development economists sought to explain economic realities in low-income countries from the 1940s through today. The book finally synthesises the results from this empirical and methodological analysis with insights from an inquiry into contributions of the German Historical School, from which it borrows the concept of the economic style as a methodological alternative to the universal and hence often irrelevant models of mainstream development economics. This book offers a promising perspective for the future of development economics that will be of interest to researchers and development practitioners alike. It will also be relevant for academics and students with an interest in applications of the method and concepts of the Historical School to contemporary problems.

New Directions in the World Economy

A. O. Krueger, Foreign Trade Regimes & Economic Development: Liberalization Attempts and Consequences (Cambridge, Mass.: Ballinger, 1978), p. 282. Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, India, Israel, Korea, Philippines, and Turkey.

Author: Bela Balassa

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349105885

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An attempt to assist policy-makers in developing countries to cope with the challenges they face during the rest of the century and beyond. For this purpose it provides information on the experience of developing, developed and socialist countries.

New Directions in Agrarian Political Economy

The American Road to Capitalism: Studies in Class-Structure, Economic Development and Political Conflict, 1620–1877. Leiden and Boston: Brill. Postel-Vinay, G. 1998. La Terre et l'Argent: L'Agriculture et le Crédit en France du XVIIIe ...

Author: Ryan Isakson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317424826

Category: Science

Page: 288

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How relevant are the classic theories of agrarian change in the contemporary context? This volume explores this question by focusing upon the defining features of agrarian transformation in the 21st century: the financialization of food and agriculture, the blurring of rural and urban livelihoods through migration and other economic activities, forest transition, climate change, rural indebtedness, the co-evolution of social policy and moral economies, and changing property relations. Combined, the eleven contributions to this collection provide a broad overview of agrarian studies over the past four decades and identify the contemporary frontiers of agrarian political economy. In this path-breaking collection, the authors show how new iterations of long evident processes continue to catch peasants and smallholders in the crosshairs of crises and how many manage to face these challenges, developing new sources and sites of livelihood production. This volume was published as part one of the special double issue celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Journal of Peasant Studies.

New Directions for Smallholder Agriculture

'Rural nonfarm sector in the Indian economy: Growth, challenges and future direction', Mimeo, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC. Chang, Ha-Joon (2003). 'Institutional development in historical perspective', ...

Author: Peter B. R. Hazell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199689347

Category: Business & Economics

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Arising from an International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) project this book explores the most promising innovations in technology, institutional, and policy approaches for creating additional and better farm business opportunities for smallholder farmers.

Contemporary Issues in Development Economics

The issue of economic development is also closely related to the problem of environment . John Asafu - Adjaye's chapter , ' Economic ... O'Connell , Helen ( 1997 ) ' The 1990s : new alliances , new directions ' , Development , March .

Author: B. N. Ghosh

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415251362

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

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This brand new collection of articles looks at both traditional concerns in economic development such as aid, debt and the role of the IMF, but also at gender, brain drain, military expenditure and postcolonial theory.