Natural Discourse and T E F L

However , when these were applied to the corpus data two factors made the ' casual conversation ' characteristics essentially inconclusive criteria for natural discourse between L2 speakers . The first problem lay in the nature of their ...

Author: David Trickey


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Nineteenth Century American Literature and the Discourse of Natural History

from a preservationist ethic of an original nature.38 Caught up in discourses of civilization and empire, scientific studies aided the constitution and ...

Author: Juliana Chow

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108845717

Category: Literary Criticism

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This book discusses how literary writers re-envisioned species survival and racial uplift through ecological and biogeographical concepts of dispersal. It will appeal to readers interested in nineteenth-Century American literature and Literature and the Environment.

Constraints in Discourse

“ Definiteness and the processing of NPs in natural discourse Journal of Semantics 7 : 395-433 . Friederici , A.D. , Pfeifer , E. , and Hahne , A. 1993.

Author: Anton Benz

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027254168

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It is a commonplace to say that the meaning of text is more than the conjunction of the meaning of its constituents. But what are the rules governing its interpretation, and what are the constraints that define well-formed discourse? Answers to these questions can be given from various perspectives. In this edited volume, leading scientists in the field investigate these questions from structural, cognitive, and computational perspectives. The last decades have seen the development of numerous formal frameworks in which the structure of discourse can be analysed, the most important of them being the Linguistic Discourse Model, Rhetorical Structure Theory and Segmented Discourse Representation Theory. This volume contains an introduction to these frameworks and the fundamental topics in research about discourse constraints. Thus it should be accessible to specialists in the field as well as advanced graduate students and researchers from neighbouring areas. The volume is of interest to discourse linguists, psycholinguists, cognitive scientists, and computational linguists.

Discourse Networks 1800 1900

Power remains modestly in the background in order to make room for the impossible : a " natural " discourse . In higher education , M.A.'s conversed with ...

Author: Friedrich A. Kittler

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804720991

Category: Literary Criticism

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This is a highly original book about the connections between historical moment, social structure, technology, communication systems, and what is said and thought using these systems - notably literature. The author focuses on the differences between 'discourse networks' in 1800 and in 1900, in the process developing a new analysis of the shift from romanticism to modernism. The work might be classified as a German equivalent to the New Historicism that is currently of great interest among American literary scholars, both in the intellectual influences to which Kittler responds and in his concern to ground literature in the most concrete details of historical reality. The artful structure of the book begins with Goethe's Faust and ends with Vale;ry's Faust. In the 1800 section, the author discusses how language was learned, the emergence of the modern university, the associated beginning of the interpretation of contemporary literature, and the canonization of literature. Among the writers and works Kittler analyzes in addition to Goethe's Faust are Schlegel, Hegel, E. T. A. Hoffman's 'The Golden Pot', and Goethe's Tasso. The 1900 section argues that the new discourse network in which literature is situated in the modern period is characterized by new technological media - film, the photograph, and the typewritten page - and the crisis that these caused for literary production. Along the way, the author discusses the work of Nietzsche, Gertrude Stein, Mallarme;, Bram Stroker, the Surrealists, Rilke, Kafka, and Freud, among others.

The Worthy Communicant Or a Discourse of the Nature Effects and Blessings Consequent to the Worthy Receiving of the Lords Supper To which is Added a Sermon preached at the Funeral of Sir George Dalston Etc

Sacrament corporally ; or naturally , but spiriin defens . tually : for ... because it is the figure of them as St. Austin largely discourses ; [ For so ...

Author: Jeremy TAYLOR (Bishop of Down and Connor, and of Dromore.)


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Adam Smith s Discourse

Within these discourses, the notion of the 'natural', whether natural law or natural rights, was subject to very different constructions, being divinely ...

Author: Vivienne Brown

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134865451

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Adam Smith's name has become synonymous with free market economics; The Wealth of Nations is taken as the definitive account of the benefits of free competitive markets. Yet recent scholarship has challenged this view and given us a richer, more nuanced figure, steeped in the intricacies of enlightenment social and political philosophy. Adam Smith's Discourse both develops this literature and gives it a radical new extension by taking into account recent debates in literary theory.

The Functional Perspective on Language and Discourse

and discourse analysis impinge on linguistic description and explanation. ... and with providing an explanatory account in which natural discourse is seen ...

Author: María de los Ángeles Gómez González

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789027270207

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Over the last forty years, the functionalist approach to linguistic description and explanation has given rise to several major schools of thought that share two crucial assumptions: (i) form is not independent of meaning/function or language use; and (ii) linguistic description and explanation need to take into account the communicative function of language. This volume offers readers interested in functional linguistics a selected sample of studies that jointly prove the efficacy of the analytical tools and procedures broadly accepted within the functionalist tradition in order to investigate language and discourse, with special focus on key pragmatic/discourse notions such as contextualization, grammaticalisation, reference, politeness, (in-)directness, discourse markers, speech acts, subjective evaluation and sentiment analysis in texts, among others. In addition, this volume offers specific corpus-based techniques for the objective contextualisation of linguistic data, which is crucial given the central role allotted to context in both functional linguistics and pragmatics/discourse analysis.

From Discourse to Logic

Preface This book is about semantics and logic.

Author: Hans Kamp

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780792310280

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Preface This book is about semantics and logic. More specifically, it is about the semantics and logic of natural language; and, even more specifically than that, it is about a particular way of dealing with those subjects, known as Discourse Representation Theory, or DRT. DRT is an approach towards natural language semantics which, some thirteen years ago, arose out of attempts to deal with two distinct problems. The first of those was the semantic puzzle that had been brought to contempo rary attention by Geach's notorious "donkey sentences" - sentences like If Pedro owns some donkey, he beats it, in which the anaphoric connection we perceive between the indefinite noun phrase some donkey and the pronoun it may seem to conflict with the existential meaning of the word some. The second problem had to do with tense and aspect. Some languages, for instance French and the other Romance languages, have two morphologically distinct past tenses, a simple past (the French Passe Simple) and a continuous past (the French Imparfait). To articulate precisely what the difference between these tenses is has turned out to be surprisingly difficult.

The Orders of Discourse

In the case of first - order discourses — including practices of knowledge such as natural science — the " world " that they articulate , or their object of ...

Author: John G. Gunnell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0847692035

Category: Political Science

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In this insightful book, distinguished political scientist John G. Gunnell explores the relationship between social science and philosophy, and the range of problems that have attended this relationship. Gunnell argues that social science has turned to philosophy, especially to areas such as the philosophy of science and other sites of philosophical foundationalism, in search of cognitive identity and the grounds for normative and empirical judgment. Gunnell's emphasis is on political and social theory and the theoretical constitution of social phenomena. The Orders of Discourse will be of interest to political theorists, political philosophers, and social scientists.

Contemporary Critical Discourse Studies

overlook the embedding of humans in the natural world then this is ... There is erasure when the natural world is mentioned in a discourse but in a ...

Author: Christopher Hart

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472527042

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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CDS is a multifarious field constantly developing different methodological frameworks for analysing dynamically evolving aspects of language in a broad range of socio-political and institutional contexts. This volume is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary account of these theoretical and empirical developments. It presents an up-to-date survey of Critical Discourse Studies (CDS), covering both the theoretical landscape and the analytical territories that it extends over. It is intended for critical scholars and students who wish to keep abreast of the current state of the art. The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, the chapters are organised around different methodological perspectives for CDS (history, cognition, multimodality and corpora, among others). In the second part, the chapters are organised around particular discourse types and topics investigated in CDS, both traditionally (e.g. issues of racism and gender inequality) and only more recently (e.g. issues of health, public policy, and the environment). This is, altogether, an essential new reference work for all CDS practitioners.

Complex Sentences in Grammar and Discourse

The centerpiece of her intellectual enterprise is the study of grammar as it arises and manifests itself in natural discourse . In the course of this study ...

Author: Joan L. Bybee

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027225850

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The papers in this volume in honor of Sandra Annear Thompson deal with complex sentences, an important topic in Thompson's career. The focus of the contributions is on the ways in which the grammatical properties of complex sentences are shaped by the communicative context in which they are produced, an approach to grammatical analysis that Thompson pioneered and developed in the course of her distinguished career.

Discourse Studies in Public Communication

Some scholars have indicated that the cognitive view of metaphor is not based on natural discourse, that is, linguistic metaphors occurring in a real ...

Author: Eliecer Crespo-Fernández

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9789027260055

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The collection of articles in Discourse Studies in Public Communication illustrates that public communication is a fascinating, evidence-based storehouse for research in discourse analysis. The contributions to this volume — in the spheres of political rhetoric, gender and sexuality, and corporate and academic communication — provide good evidence of contemporary social structure, social phenomena, and social issues. In this way, following the parameters of different analytical frameworks (critical discourse analysis, cognitive metaphor theory, appraisal theory, multimodality, etc.), the contributors address not only the linguistic aspects of texts but also, and more importantly, the cultural and cognitive dimensions of public communication in a range of real life communicative contexts and kinds of discourse. Although the volume is addressed, first and foremost, to readers with diverse interests in English linguistics, it may also prove valuable to scholars in other non-linguistic research fields like communication studies, social theory, political science, or psychology.

Discourses Concerning the Being and Natural Perfections of God in which that First Principle of Religion the Existence of the Deity is Proved from the Frame of the Material World from the Animal and Rational Life and from Human Intelligence and Morality and the Divine Attributes of Spirituality Unity Eternity Immensity Omnopotence Omniscience and Infinite Wisdom are Explain d Volume 1 2

In this discourse I will endeavour , first , to fhew what clear and rational ... But there is in the mind of man , which the brutal nature appears to be ...



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Analysing Religious Discourse

... and personalized uses of metaphor encountered in natural discourse. Zinken and colleagues (2008) argue for the presence of discourse metaphors, ...

Author: Stephen Pihlaja

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108876186

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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Language plays a key role in religion, framing how people describe spiritual experience and giving structure to religious beliefs and practices. Bringing together work from a team of world-renowned scholars, this volume introduces contemporary research on religious discourse from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. It introduces methods for analysis of a range of different kinds of text and talk, including institutional discourse within organised religions, discourse around spirituality and spiritual experience within religious communities, media discourse about the role of religion and spirituality in society, translations of sacred texts, political discourse, and ritual language. Engaging and easy-to-read, it is accessible to researchers across linguistics, religious studies, and other related disciplines. A comprehensive introduction to all the major research approaches to religious language, it will become a key resource in the emerging inter-disciplinary field of language and religion.