My Movie Business

But My Movie Business focuses primarily on the thirteen years John Irving spent adapting his novel The Cider House Rules for the screen - for four different directors.

Author: John Irving

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448111862

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

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John Irving's memoir begins with his account of the distinguished career and medical writings of the novelist's grandfather Dr Frederick C. Irving, a renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist, and includes Mr Irving's incisive history of abortion politics in the United States. But My Movie Business focuses primarily on the thirteen years John Irving spent adapting his novel The Cider House Rules for the screen - for four different directors. Mr Irving also writes about the failed effort to make his first novel, Setting Free the Bears, into a movie, about two of the films that were made from his novels (but not from his screenplays), The World According to Garp and The Hotel New Hampshire; about his slow progress at shepherding his screenplay of A Son of the Circus into production. Not least, and in addition to its qualities as a memoir - anecdotal, comic, affectionate and candid - My Movie Business is an insightful essay on the essential differences between writing a novel and writing a screenplay.

My Movie Business

John Irving's memoir describes the author's involvement (and lack thereof) in five of the films that have (and have not) been made from his nine novels.

Author: John Irving

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0747546312

Category: Authors, American

Page: 177

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John Irving's memoir describes the author's involvement (and lack thereof) in five of the films that have (and have not) been made from his nine novels. It focuses primarily on the 13 years Irving spent writing and rewriting his screenplay of The Cider House Rules, for four different directors. A Miramax production, the film was finally shot in the fall of 1998; directed by the Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom, with Michael Caine in the role of Dr Larch, it is released in November 1999.

The Movie Business Book

every Blockbuster video store in the country and in many other outlets where my earlier films weren't available or were hard to find. The amazing thing about all this is that everyone ends up making quite a bit of money, although that ...

Author: Squire, Jason E.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335220021

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 552

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Drawing on the knowledge of a full spectrum of industry experts including producers, independent filmmakers, managers and financiers, the third international edition ofThe Movie Business Bookoffers a comprehensive, authoritative overview of the film industry. It features a preface written especially for the international edition, which contextualizes this definitive, state-of-the-art sourcebook for readers in the expanding global entertainment business. A must-read for anyone working in the film and entertainment industry, it covers the nuts-and-bolts of financing, revenue streams, marketing, DVDs, globalization, the Internet and new technologies. Using actual examples and advice from practitioners, this edition includes contributions from key industry players such as David Puttnam; Tom Rothman, chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment; Benjamin S. Feingold, President, Business & Operations, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group (a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment); Sydney Pollack; and Mel Brooks. The Movie Business Book: International Third Editionis an essential guide for anyone wanting to launch or advance a career in the growing media marketplace.

The Movie Business Book Third Edition

every Blockbuster video store in the country and in many other outlets where my earlier films weren't available or were hard to find. The amazing thing about all this is that everyone ends up making quite a bit of money, although that ...

Author: Jason E. Squire

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743293402

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 576

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Drawing from a variety of experts in an industry that has seen major technological advances since the second edition, The Movie Business Book, Third Edition, offers the most comprehensive, authoritative overview of this fascinating, global business. A must-read for industry newcomers, film students and movie buffs, this new edition features key movers and shakers, such as Tom Rothman, chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment; Michael Grillo, head of Feature Film Production at DreamWorks SKG; Sydney Pollack; Mel Brooks; and many others. A definitive sourcebook, it covers nuts-and-bolts details about financing, revenue streams, marketing, DVDs, globalization, the Internet and new technologies. All of this -- and more -- is detailed in this new edition of the classic Movie Business Book.

The Movie Business Book

The number of hours worked on my movies can be applied as experience to qualify to be on a union roster. Let's assume a talented DP (director of photography) has little onscreen proof of that talent and therefore would not receive a ...

Author: Jason E Squire

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317221586

Category: Art

Page: 628

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Drawing from a variety of experts in an industry that has seen major disruptions and technology advancements since the third edition, The Movie Business Book offers a comprehensive, authoritative overview of this fascinating, global business. A must-read for film students and industry newcomers, this new edition features key movers and shakers, such as filmmaker-actor Jay Duplass, (The Puffy Chair, Cyrus), Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn, director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Bourne Identity), National Amusements President Shari E. Redstone, Warner Bros. Pictures Worldwide Marketing Executive Vice President Blair Rich, and many others. A definitive sourcebook, it covers the nuts-and-bolts details about financing, revenue streams, marketing, globalization, micro-budgets and much more.

My High Adventures Behind the Movie Scenes

Marcel Rene Veluzat, our son, is now the ranch manager of my movie ranch Rene's 50's Town, a very successful small-time town set. Patti owned her own business, Santa Clarita Valley Escrow. She had her business, and I had my movie ...

Author: Rene Veluzat

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781662418624

Category: Humor

Page: 172

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I started in the movie business when I was ten years old and got my Screen Actors Guild card in 1950. I was an actor, model, stuntman, teamster driver with Local 399, construction coordinator, and producer. My ultimate accomplishment was winning a Telly Award for producing the feature movie The Long Ride Home.

The Movie Business

“ I'm going to use a negative - pickup deal to finance my movie , ” another might say . Like many professions , Hollywood insiders seem to have a language of their own . You will need to learn this language . To help you bridge this gap ...

Author: Kelly Crabb

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743264924

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 504

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Making a movie may be part art and part science, but it's 100 percent business. In this comprehensive and accessible guide, Kelly Charles Crabb shares the information necessary to understand the legal and financial challenges involved in getting a film from story to the silver screen and beyond. Drawing on over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry, as both lawyer and producer, Crabb reveals his insider's knowledge on: Understanding copyright and intellectual property law Obtaining financial backing Selecting and hiring the key players Overseeing the filming Locking in the theatrical, home video, and TV distribution Understanding merchandise licensing and everything else you need to know to make a serious run at producing and exploiting a movie. Offering hands-on illustrations from actual movie contracts to show how the basic deals for each of the many stages are assembled, the author explains in plain and simple terms what the contracts contain and why. It gives the big picture and the finer points of movie making -- from concept to raking in the last dollar after the film is completed. While it may not transform you into a lawyer or an industry accountant -- and that's not what you want anyway -- it will take you through all the business and legal principles you need to know to be a successful and knowledgeable professional producer.

Mental Hygiene

My Movie Business: A Memoir by John Irving Knopf Canada, 170 pages Now we definitely know that the publishing world's obsession with memoir has gotten out of hand. Previously, it had been enough to scratch one's head and wonder at the ...

Author: Ray Robertson

Publisher: Insomniac Press

ISBN: 9781897414545

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 209

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One of today's best young novelists, Ray Robertson is also one of its ablest critics. Mental Hygiene is a collection of his most entertaining, insightful, controversial, and funniest reviews and essays written over the last five years. Believing that ''writers have a responsibility to help maintain the mental hygiene of their time, '' Robertson, following in the footsteps of Mordecai Richler and other novelist-critics such as Anthony Burgess, Kingsley and Martin Amis and John Updike, is at the front line of contemporary literary debate. Whether castigating the bland cabal he refers to as McCanlit, poking fun at the trendy ephemera of intellectual fashion or arguing for his own unique fictional aesthetic, Robertson pulls no punches and suffers no fools

Bad Ass Women of Cinema A Collection of Interviews

Over thirty years ago, when I made the movies, I was very critical of myself and how I performed. Now when I watch my movies again, I feel a great sense of achievement and asked myself, “Did I really do that?

Author: Chris Watson

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 244

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Martial arts actresses, cult Heroes, and stuntwomen—badass women both on and off screen—discuss with author Chris Watson the challenges they’ve faced in their different career paths as cinema’s toughest ladies. This eclectic group of international actresses includes Cheng Pei Pei (Come Drink with Me), Yukari Oshima (Outlaw Brothers), Marrie Lee (They Call Her…Cleopatra Wong), Cynthia Rothrock (Yes, Madam), Catherine Mary Stewart (Night of the Comet), Betsy Russell (Avenging Angel), stuntwoman Sophia Crawford (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), stuntwoman Diana Lee Inosanto (The Sensei), Patricia Tallman (Night of the Living Dead), Rebekah Brandes (Bellflower), Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop, Hundra), Bridgett “Baby Doll” Riley (stuntwoman), and Chris Yen (Give ‘em Hell Malone). Introduction by Steve Carver (director of The Arena and Lone Wolf McQuade). 233 pages. Illustrated. About the author: Chris Watson is an award-winning filmmaker of several internationally distributed films. He has also written for Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung-Fu Magazine, Classic Images, Paracinema Magazine, B-Independent, Strictly Splatter, East Side Boxing, and numerous other magazines and websites. He has also co-written or contributed to several other books, including Reflections on Blaxploitation, Dwarfsploitation, Joe Estevez: Wiping Off the Sheen, Dirty Talk: Conversations with Porn Stars, and Gods of Grindhouse. "An engaging read that provides an intimate look into the lives, careers, triumphs, and heartbreaks of some of cinema's toughest ladies." -- Jordan Garren, The B Movie Vault

Filmmaking For Dummies

If they would donate ten rolls of film for me to make my movie, I would list them in the ending film credits. ... (including cars for the production and airline tickets) Bartering in the movie business also includes product placement.

Author: Bryan Michael Stoller

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119617891

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 448

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Everything you ever wanted to know about making a movie but were afraid to ask... Lights, camera, action! We all have at least one movie in us, and the amazing and affordable advances in digital technology makes it increasingly easy to make your dream a reality and share it with the world. Filmmaking for Dummies is your definitive guide to bringing a project to life, from the comedy antics of loveable pets to the deepest, most meaningful independent film. Bryan Michael Stoller is your friend and guide, sharing his knowledge gained over 100 productions (directing and working with Dan Aykroyd, James Earl-Jones, Barbra Streisand and Drew Barrymore, among others) to show you how to take your movie from the planning and storyboarding stage, through shooting and editing, to making it available to your adoring audiences through television broadcast, streaming online or in movie theaters. For the do-it-your-selfer, the book includes tips on how to finance your project, a look at the latest software and apps, including advancements in digital technology, and for the passionate director, advice on how to hire and work with your cast and crew and find great scenic locations. Whether you want to become a professional filmmaker or just create great YouTube videos or nostalgic home movies, shooting with your smartphone or with consumer or pro-gear, this practical guide has it all. Learn how to compose your shots and when to move the camera Make the perfect pitch to sell your story Take advantage of helpful contacts and tons of new resources Get up-to-date on the latest and greatest digital technology Find the right distributor, or learn how you can be your own distributor! So, you really have no excuses to make your masterpiece. Get rolling with a copy of Filmmaking for Dummies today and start shooting for the stars!

The Cinema of Robert Rodriguez

RR: I think the movies I've made and the work I've done have been able to inspire people. ... My movie business is like a family-run restaurant in that we all contribute and work together to make innovative, inspiring movies that ...

Author: Frederick Luis Aldama

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292761230

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 187

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Robert Rodriguez stands alone as the most successful U.S. Latino filmmaker today, whose work has single-handedly brought U.S. Latino filmmaking into the mainstream of twenty-first-century global cinema. Rodriguez is a prolific (eighteen films in twenty-one years) and all-encompassing filmmaker who has scripted, directed, shot, edited, and scored nearly all his films since his first breakout success, El Mariachi, in 1992. With new films constantly coming out and the launch of his El Rey Network television channel, he receives unceasing coverage in the entertainment media, but systematic scholarly study of Rodriguez's films is only just beginning. The Cinema of Robert Rodriguez offers the first extended investigation of this important filmmaker's art. Accessibly written for fans as well as scholars, it addresses all of Rodriguez's feature films through Spy Kids 4 and Machete Kills, and his filmmaking process from initial inspiration, to script, to film (with its myriad visual and auditory elements and choices), to final product, to (usually) critical and commercial success. In addition to his close analysis of Rodriguez's work, Frederick Luis Aldama presents an original interview with the filmmaker, in which they discuss his career and his relationship to the film industry. This entertaining and much-needed scholarly overview of Rodriguez's work shines new light on several key topics, including the filmmaker's creative, low-cost, efficient approach to filmmaking; the acceptance of Latino films and filmmakers in mainstream cinema; and the consumption and reception of film in the twenty-first century.

This Business of Publishing

"My accountants routinely audit them and have found no major discrepancies, Garto. ... "Where are the rest of my movie profits?" he demanded. ... "Movie profits are calculated on a net basis, after deduction of certain defined expenses.

Author: Richard Curtis

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497622203

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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This Business of Publishing has been hailed by literary agent Michael Larsen as “must reading for writers, agents and anyone else who cares about the future of publishing.” It reveals the unique perspective of Richard Curtis, former president of the Association of Authors’ Representatives. He provides the aspiring author with the benefit of over thirty years of lessons learned in the publishing industry, including: the damage caused to the publishing industry by the archaic practice of selling books on consignment; the changing nature of the wholesale business and how it affects authors, editors, and agents; the way that large corporate mergers of publishing companies have brought about the disenfranchisement of authors and editors; and the electronic media revolution and the opportunities it offers, as well as the pitfalls. Curtis talks about the “blockbuster mentality” that currently dominates publisher thinking, leading to increased dependence on a few overpaid authors with big-name market status. This is an engaging and thoroughly readable guidebook to one of the most rapidly changing industries in America. It is an essential reference work for anyone hoping to understand or function in the publishing world.

Ishiro Honda

Kevin Heffernan, Ghouls, Gimmicks, and Gold: Horror Films and the American Movie Business, 1953–1968 (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, ... Toho Co., Toho Special Effects Film Ultimate Collection. ... Honda, Godzilla and My Movie Life.

Author: Steve Ryfle

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819577412

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 336

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Ishiro Honda was arguably the most internationally successful Japanese director of his generation, with an unmatched succession of science fiction films that were commercial hits worldwide. From the atomic allegory of Godzilla and the beguiling charms of Mothra to the tragic mystery of Matango and the disaster and spectacle of Rodan, The Mysterians, King Kong vs. Godzilla, and many others, Honda’s films reflected postwar Japan’s real-life anxieties and incorporated fantastical special effects, a formula that appealed to audiences around the globe and created a popular culture phenomenon that spans generations. Now, in the first full account of this long overlooked director’s life and career, authors Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski shed new light on Honda’s work and the experiences that shaped it—including his days as a reluctant Japanese soldier, witnessing the aftermath of Hiroshima, and his lifelong friendship with Akira Kurosawa. Ishiro Honda: A Life in Film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa features close analysis of Honda’s films (including, for the first time, his rarely seen dramas, comedies, and war films) and draws on previously untapped documents and interviews to explore how creative, economic, and industrial factors impacted his career. Fans of Honda, Godzilla, and tokusatsu (special effects) film, and of Japanese film in general, will welcome this in-depth study of a highly influential director who occupies a uniquely important position in science fiction and fantasy cinema, as well as in world cinema. Together, the authors have provided audio commentary tracks and produced supplemental material for numerous home video releases, including Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla for the British Film Institute. They co-produced the documentary feature Bringing Godzilla Down to Size (2008).

Juggler Porn Star Monkey Wrench

“Mom, she's still my wife.” “Not for long, Marky,” Phil ... “She left because she couldn't accept the success of my movie. She wanted to blaze her own ... “The movie business is hard for normal people to understand,” my mother said.

Author: Rich Leder

Publisher: Laugh Riot Press

ISBN: 9780990544203

Category: Fiction

Page: 378

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My name is Mark Manilow. I’m a LA screenwriter. Here’s my recipe for a cocktail called “Romantic Hollywood Sex Comedy.” Start with my estranged wife, who left me two years ago to become a juggler. Pour in my ensuing emotional tailspin. Blend with a brutal case of writer’s block. Mix with my last-gasp writing job, a ridiculous porn flick called Broken Boner. Add in the Broken Boner porn star, who seduces me into an ill-fated partnership. Throw in the gun-toting producer and eccentric Montecito billionaire, who hire me to adapt the phone book into a movie. Combine with the return of my headaches and a trip to an ancient Chinese healer, where I meet the healer’s beguiling granddaughter—my monkey wrench. Serve with wonderment as to whether or not I’ll find a way to settle things with the juggler, break it off with the porn star, and fall in love with the monkey wrench…or if anyone will stop laughing long enough to notice.

Business and Entrepreneurship for Filmmakers

Making a Living as a Creative Artist in the Film Industry Charles Haine. with a lawyer, that they wouldn't necessarily take me and my movie business seriously, and that, well, it was for “real” business. I am not sure what I thought ...

Author: Charles Haine

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429639074

Category: Art

Page: 200

View: 426


This practical guide teaches readers the skills and business acumen required to build a career in the film industry from the ground up. While countless books and classes teach newcomers the creative aspects of the film industry, many fail to properly prepare readers for the reality of how to navigate a freelance film career today. From creating a business model, dealing with taxes and funding, finding and managing clients, networking, investing, cashflow, and planning for the long-term, Business and Entrepreneurship for Filmmakers provides real-world, pragmatic advice on navigating a freelance film career, whether you’re a recent film school graduate looking to take the next step or a seasoned professional hoping to start a production company. Moreover, the skills taught here apply across the industry, from corporate media and commercials to music videos and feature films. Interviews with filmmakers, innovators, and business experts are included throughout the book to offer further expertise and examples.

Character Kings 2 Hollywood s Familiar Faces Discuss the Art Business of Acting

I was an equal partner in the company, so if I really wanted to, I think I could've bullied my way into the editing room more. ... I've always said I have real mixed feelings about the movie, but I'm at peace with it.

Author: Scott Voisin

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 318

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Character Kings 2 continues to examine the careers of the busiest men in Hollywood, featuring 15 all-new interviews with the industry's most recognizable actors. Filled with behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of movies and TV shows, tips on how to prepare for auditions, the techniques that bring a character to life and the secrets to earning a living in a highly competitive industry, Character Kings 2 offers more instructive lessons about the art and business of acting. "For those of us who live and breathe the movies, Character Kings 2 is a must-read that weaves a fascinating overview of what it takes to be a successful working actor in Hollywood." -- David Del Valle, Films In Review "Scott Voisin draws terrific insights from an impressive assortment of our finest character actors, managing to deepen a movie lover's appreciation of these phenomenal talents. The book is a revelation for all fans of great acting." -- Jamey DuVall, host of Movie Geeks United! "Character actors are a prized species in Hollywood, and Scott Voisin's book selects the cream of today's crop. The actors regale us with some marvelous stories of blood, sweat and fate." -- Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog "Scott Voisin's Character Kings book series is full of lessons for the filmmaking artist and fan; from its rare perspective on the profession to the survival of the actors who are as important to a movie as its stars." -- John Huff, "These interviews should be inspiring to everyone who takes their creative life seriously." -- Movies Made Me (Joseph Maddrey)

Pearls of Wisdom

My parents did have big ideas for me . As time passed , my dad was becoming more and more involved with people in the business , ” the movie business . I think my mom had ideas of making a star out of me !

Author: Marie Davis

Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher

ISBN: 0976773260

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 329

View: 133


Autobiographies written anonymously, and in their own words, by the people who lived the stories and who now bravely venture forth to tell all! These stories tell the darker side of growing up in the olden days.

Facebook Marriage

Amovie script can sell for millions of $$$ ... but I know you already know that the movie business in America is big business. I hope my movie script finds it's way up near the top :-)) it would be nice to not ever have to work in this ...

Author: Darrion Assawn

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468913545

Category: Family & Relationships


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Meeting someone online is fine until you run into someone full of lies and deception. Before you run off an marry someone from a foreign country read my true story first, it might make you think twice.

Analyzing Literature to Film Adaptations

When considering his novel for film, he states simply but firmly, “I'd rather no movie be made of The Hours than a bad movie.” John Irving in his book My Movie Business writes ofthe exorbitant amount of time and energy it took to bring ...

Author: Mary H. Snyder

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441168184

Category: Social Science

Page: 314

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"This is a wise and wonderful book, which among other things provides a novelist's eloquent insider's perspective on the transformation of one of her books into a film. Thirty years ago Stanley Cavell published The World Viewed: Reflections on the Ontology of Film, which opened up an intellectual highway between philosophy and cinema. Now at long last Mary Snyder's book accomplishes a parallel clearing of the way between film making, the art of the novel, and literary and critical theory Every page is bubbling with creative, theoretical, and pedagogical insights. Her intertextual readings of a score of literature-to-film adaptations are priceless in themselves. I only wish that the title of the book had been taken from her chapter, `The Fascination Never Ends'." Michael Payne, Professor of English Emeritus, Bucknell University Critical questions specific to film adaptations need to be not only developed but established. These questions, or approaches, must be accessible to students, including those students who are not yet educationally sophisticated enough to digest purely theoretical material. Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations: A Novelist's Exploration and Guide demonstrates an exploration into film adaptation from a novelist's perspective, comprising a study of literary creation as well as the process/product of adaptation and moving into the author's collaboration with a screenwriter, which ultimately becomes a journey to understand and identify the implications of literature-to-film adaptation and the complexities and problems it raises. Drawing from both classic and contemporary film adaptations (Frankenstein, The Hours, The Constant Gardener, Children of Men, The Lovely Bones, Away from Her), the book puts forth an understanding of film and film analysis, as well as addresses literary analysis. The crux of the book, however, lies in its introduction to an academic means for critical analysis of film adaptations.

Swann s Way Out

“'Well,' says the head of creative, 'I saw this movie the other night and I think the ending would work great for this movie. ... and at the time I thought that's what I wanted to do with my life, be in the movie business.

Author: Charles Salzberg

Publisher: Down & Out Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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For a limited time only! Purchase SWANN’S WAY OUT for just $2.99 and get a link to download the first book in this series, SWANN’S LAST SONG, for FREE! A friendly poker game leads Henry Swann out to Hollywood where he tries to find the man, Rusty Jacobs, responsible for embezzling $1,000,000 from his client, and then bring back the dough. Swann finds Jacobs, but the mercurial wannabe film producer is involved in a “surefire” movie project aimed at the growing Christian market. And the money? Well, it seems to have vanished into thin air. At the same time, thanks to his irrepressible partner, Goldblatt, Swann finds himself knee-deep in the New York City art world, as he tries to get justice for another client who’s possibly been defrauded on the purchase of a valuable painting that may or may not be a fake. As if this isn’t enough to keep him busy, in the midst of these two troubling cases, Swann finds that the teenage son whom he hasn’t seen in a dozen years has run away from his grandparent’s Minnesota home and, chasing after a girl, has possibly become involved with a cult. And so, a guilt-ridden Swann has to take time out from his paying cases to find his son. Praise for the Henry Swann Mysteries: “I always love it when I come across a new private detective to admire and worship, someone who is brave where I’m weak, someone who gets his hands dirty while I keep mine clean. Henry Swann is such a detective and he tells a great story. For fans of hard-boiled mysteries or just plain old good fiction, I’m sure you’ll love Swann Dives In.” —Jonathan Ames, author of Wake Up, Sir! and the creator of Bored to Death. “Smart, satisfying, even profound, this is exactly what every mystery reader is looking for: A terrific story, full of wit and originality, and a master class in voice. Charles Salzberg is a true talent, and his Henry Swann is a classic—complex, hilarious, and completely charming.” —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Mary Higgins Clark award winner for The Other Woman, Agatha winner for The Wrong Girl, on Swann’s Lake of Despair “Salzberg’s a hell of a writer. He delivers thrills, insight and plenty of laughs. Swann is a very cool take on the classic PI.” —Andrew Klavan, author of True Crime, on Swann’s Last Song