My Mentor

Newsday A COMPELLING REFLECTION ON WISDOM , FRIENDSHIP , AND THE CRAFT OF WRITING , My Mentor is also the touching story of a young man's education at the ...

Author: Alec Wilkinson

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618382690

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 179

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Blending together biography, memoir, and essay, the author details his twenty-five year relationship with the legendary writer and New Yorker fiction editor, brilliantly examining the powerful bond between mentor and mentee. Reprint.

Me and My Mentor

Among the plethora of books on mentoring, Norah Breekveldt's Me and My Mentor stands out because of the diversity in the mentoring relationships described ...

Author: Norah Breekveldt

Publisher: Melbourne Books

ISBN: 9781925556285

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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How important is mentoring in accelerating my career success and helping me realise my potential? Why are men more likely to have mentors than women? How do I proactively pursue a mentoring relationship? What is more effective - formal mentoring programs or informal mentoring relationships? Me and My Mentor explores these and other questions mentors and mentees face in their working life. Eleven mentor and mentee couples talk openly about their experiences, the professional and personal friendships that evolved, the challenges they worked through, the career and learning opportunities that opened up for them and the mutual benefits they received from the relationship. Each story provides practical tips and insightful lessons from which men and women can learn and apply to their own mentoring journeys. If you've ever been curious about how mentoring can advance your career, or how you can apply mentoring to achieve true diversity in your workplace, then Me and My Mentor is a must read!

My Mother My Mentor

My Mentor Pamela, F. Lenehan My Mother, My Mentor Pamela F. Lenehan. What Grown Children of Working Mothers Want You to Know What Grown Children of Working ...

Author: Pamela F. Lenehan

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480821521

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 198

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This book will give working mothers the confidence that they can pursue a career while raising healthy, successful children. In My Mother, My Mentor: What Grown Children of Working Mothers Want You to Know, author Pamela F. Lenehan combines stories and research on children of working mothers. Using interviews and an independent survey, Lenehan delves into the recollections of the mothers and now-grown children to understand what worked well and what issues working mothers need to consider. These narratives also illustrate what the mothers and children thought about the best ways to spend their time together. In My Mother, My Mentor working mothers and their grown children relate their different views of what success means to them. The data show that the children of working mothers graduate from college, are employed, in committed relationships, have children, and are just as happy as children whose mothers stayed at home. Useful and informational, My Mother, My Mentor communicates that not only did the children of working mothers survive having a working mother, they thrived in an environment where mothers provided their children a strong work ethic, taught them resilience, and continued as a sounding board long into adulthood.

Me and My Tor mentor

Saul Bellow: a Memoir of My Literary Love Affair Ann Cheroff Weinstein ... That's how, like Ben Tractenberg, one of my mentor's many soul-searchers, ...

Author: Ann Cheroff Weinstein

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595424252

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 132

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Unlike my academic writings and talks on all 19 of Bellow's oeuvre, my memoir deals with The Bellow Years which formed a big chunk of my life - the over a dozen meetings with my mentor, the impact of his life's work on me and the many interesting, erudite, inspiring scholars I met as a result of my interest in the public and private Saul Bellow. To name a few: Liela Goldman, James Atlas, Allan Bloom. I feel all those who know me will come to know the real me after reading my warts and all tribute to the writer who made such a big difference in my life. I regard Bellow as my soulmate and, like so many, "the optimistic chronicler of our times," for his strong faith in individuals and for his credo in being "for all the good things, against the bad." Although he recently died, his teachings will remain with me as long as I live. I hope my tribute will serve as a vehicle to pass on to my family and readers what penetrated my soul and will equally rub off on them. Have a good read.

On Being a Mentor

My mentor wants me to succeed in (college, graduate school, my academic career) My mentor has promoted my visibility and (academic, career) interests My ...

Author: W. Brad Johnson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317363163

Category: Education

Page: 318

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On Being a Mentor is the definitive guide to the art and science of engaging students and faculty in effective mentoring relationships in all academic disciplines. Written with pithy clarity and rooted in the latest research on developmental relationships in higher educational settings, this essential primer reviews the strategies, guidelines, and best practices for those who want to excel as mentors. Evidence-based advice on the rules of engagement for mentoring, mentor functions, qualities of good mentors, and methods for forming and managing these relationships are provided. Summaries of mentorship relationship phases and guidance for adhering to ethical principles are reviewed along with guidance about mentoring specific populations and those who differ from the mentor in terms of sex and race. Advice about managing problem mentorships, selecting and training mentors, and measuring mentorship outcomes and recommendations for department chairs and deans on how to foster a culture of excellent mentoring in an academic community is provided. Chalk full of illustrative case-vignettes, this book is the ideal training tool for mentoring workshops. Highlights of the new edition include: Introduces a new model for conceptualizing mentoring relationships in the context of the various relationships professors typically develop with students and faculty (ch. 2). Provides guidance for creating a successful mentoring culture and structure within a department or institution (ch. 16). Now includes questions for reflection and discussion and recommended readings at the end of each chapter for those who wish to delve deeper into the content. Best Practices sections highlight the key takeaway messages. The latest research on mentoring in higher education throughout. Part I introduces mentoring in academia and distinguishes mentoring from other types of relationships. The nuts and bolts of good mentoring from the qualities of those who succeed as mentors to the common behaviors of outstanding mentors are the focus of Part II. Guidance in establishing mentorships with students and faculty, the common phases of mentorship, and the ethical principles governing the mentoring enterprise is also provided. Part III addresses the unique issues and answers to successfully mentoring undergraduates, graduate students, and junior faculty members and considers skills required of faculty who mentor across gender and race. Part IV addresses management of dysfunctional mentorships and the documentation of mentorship outcomes. The book concludes with a chapter designed to encourage academic leaders to make high quality mentorship a salient part of the culture in their institutions. Ideal for faculty or career development seminars and teaching and learning centers in colleges and universities, this practical primer is appreciated by professors, department chairs, deans, and graduate students in colleges, universities, and professional schools in all academic fields including the social and behavioral sciences, education, natural sciences, humanities, and business, legal, and medical schools.

My Journey As a Teacher Mentor and Coach

I had to overcome my worries and do what I hoped would be right. ... as he introduced me to a lady who would become my mentor on the ALC programme, ...

Author: Christine A Price

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483665528

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 100

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Having worked in administration and customer service roles for a period of ten years, Christine began her journey into teaching in 1987 and accepted her first full-time post with a college for people with disabilities in 1989 and is still there today. The range of disabilities is vast and includes cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and associated learning difficulties. Her role as a teacher has continually changed, over the years, to ensure that her students are being trained in relevant subjects to assist them in gaining employment, according to the needs of the job market, and developing life skills to be able to live more independently. She has mentored other teachers to the highest standards, using innovative methods and creative resources over the last twenty years. She was also invited to work with City & Guilds to create a qualification for desktop publishing. Following an Ofsted report in 2004, which recognised her for good practice, in 2005, Christine was invited to engage with a government initiative to improve the standards in teaching and learning. As an advanced learning coach, she received funding to carry out action research, delivered the Subject Learning Coach Professional Training Programme to teachers in the FE sector, and worked as an educational consultant, facilitating a series of network meetings to teachers nationwide. She was asked to become a director for the Karten Network, which encourages CTEC Centres to share good practices. She has met people who have inspired her throughout her personal journey and wanted to write this book to inspire others to choose a career in teaching to engage learners and make learning fun! She is humbled to work with incredible learners, with a wide range of physical disabilities and associated learning difficulties, and still loves her job as much today as she did over two decades ago.

How to Mentor Undergraduate Researchers

As I work with my undergraduate students, I remember all of the time that (my mentor) spent working with me . . . and how pivotal it was in my decision to ...

Author: Louise Temple

Publisher: Council on Undergraduate Research

ISBN: 9780941933032

Category: Education

Page: 60

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How to Mentor Undergraduate Researchers is written for faculty members and other researchers who mentor undergraduates. It provides a concise description of the mentoring process, including the opportunities and rewards for both students and mentors of the mentoring experience.

The Money Mentor

ince hadn't I am not a writer, my story met my mentor, who helped would probably never have been told if I me get out from under the burden of debt and ...

Author: Tad Crawford

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621531135

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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You don't have to be a twenty-three year old dancer with no savings to end up with the excruciating debts young Iris is confronted with in this latest work by financial and legal advisor Tad Crawford. Every year, thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds overtax their bank accounts and credit cards and are left with the tricky task of pulling themselves out of their financial chaos. Rarely can they receive such high-quality financial and moral support as the The Money Mentor provides—and certainly not in the guise of an entertaining, up-beat novel! As the author tells the story of the recovering debtor Iris, he walks his readers through all the stages of money management, from the painful assessment of assets and debts to increasing one's income and starting to save. Choosing a sympathetic "girl-from-next-door" as protagonist, The Money Mentor offers people in financial trouble what they lack most of all: the ability to look at themselves from a healthy distance and realize that there is a way out of their trouble.

Mentor mentee Perceptions of Mentor Functions

My mentor expresses confidence in my abilities to achieve my educational goals ,
, especially when I am having personal difficulties in fulfilling my responsibilities
due to outside pressures ( work , family , relationships ) . Never Infrequently ...

Author: Gary A. Teja


ISBN: MSU:31293024938601

Category: Adult students

Page: 340

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The Situational Mentor

A comment I often hear from 'mature' mentees is: 'When I was faced by a dilemma, I thought, “How would my mentor have approached this?

Author: Gill Lane

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781317015949

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 361


Because the mentoring process involves a number of distinct stages, a wide range of skills are needed throughout the process and these skills are situational. In other words, a skilled mentor understands the principles of mentoring, but is also able to use appropriate skills according to the person with whom they are working and the stage they have reached in the relationship. In addition, different types of mentoring programme will demand a skills set particular to each. As with many other areas of development, a mix of the theoretical and the practical is needed to ensure that programmes and relationships achieve their potential. In The Situational Mentor: An International Review of Competences and Capabilities in Mentoring, David Clutterbuck and Gill Lane have brought together contributions from leading international academics and practitioners to define the key skills involved in mentoring and explore how these may be tailored to ensure a successful outcome in all instances.

How to be a Brilliant Mentor

This foundation was essential to the continued success of my training, and I think it is important that mentors realise they need to give trainee teachers a ...

Author: Trevor Wright

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136958830

Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 286


How to be a Brilliant Mentor offers clear guidelines to enhance your mentoring, helping you to analyse your own practice and understand the complex and often ambiguous role of the mentor in school. Considering why you might become a mentor and what you can gain from the experience, it provides practical strategies and direct problem-solving to help you move promising trainees quickly beyond mere competence. It explores: collaborative working giving effective feedback emotional intelligence and developing and maintaining relationships dealing with critical incidents developing reflective practice what to do if relationships beak down the relationship between coaching and mentoring mentoring newly qualified teachers as well as trainees. Illustrated with the experiences of real trainees, How to be a Brilliant Mentor can be dipped into for innovative mentoring ideas or read from cover-to-cover as a short enjoyable course which will give you added confidence in your mentoring role. The book is a companion to How to be a Brilliant Trainee Teacher, also by Trevor Wright.

Virtual Coach Virtual Mentor

I feel we are all richer for the experience and [my mentor] has been a delight to work with ... we hope to maintain some form of contact even if it is ...

Author: David Clutterbuck

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781607523109

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 259

View: 603


In the case of virtual coaching and mentoring (or ementoring and ecoaching; or coaching/mentoring by wire—choose your own preferred nomenclature!) there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of programs and initiatives across the world. Yet there is comparatively little in the way of comparison of good practice or academic evaluation of what does and doesn’t work. We found numerous individual case studies but a dearth of empirical research and no significant collection of cases to illustrate the diversity of applications. Virtual Coach, Virtual Mentor provides a wide variety of perspectives on a rapidly growing phenomenon. We hope and intend that it should make a timely and significant contribution to good practice and to encouraging more practitioners and their clients and more organizations to experiment with using electronic media to enrich coaching and mentoring. The view of ecoaching and ementoring is firmly one that these new media are less a replacement for traditional facetoface than an enhancement of learning alliances in general. We see no evidence of fewer facetoface coaching or mentoring relationships—on the contrary, they continue to become more popular and widespread. Rather, we see that virtual coaching and mentoring both enrich predominantly facetoface relationships, by connecting partners at times between formal meetings, and open up coaching and mentoring to new audiences and new applications.

Ms Mentor s New and Ever More Impeccable Advice for Women and Men in Academia

My Mentor and My Lover Q (from “Hilda”): My mentor, a brilliant woman who may rival even Ms. Mentor in her acumen, is pushing me to apply for jobs only in ...

Author: Emily Toth

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812208122

Category: Education

Page: 272

View: 961


Ms. Mentor, that uniquely brilliant and irascible intellectual, is your all-knowing guide through the jungle that is academia today. In the last decade Ms. Mentor's mailbox has been filled to overflowing with thousands of plaintive epistles, rants, and gossipy screeds. A mere fraction has appeared in her celebrated monthly online and print Q&A columns for the Chronicle of Higher Education; her readers' colorful and rebellious ripostes have gone unpublished—until now. Hearing the call for a follow-up to the wildly successful Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia, Ms. Mentor now broadens her counsel to include academics of the male variety. Ms. Mentor knows all about foraging for jobs, about graduate school stars and serfs, and about mentors and underminers, backbiters and whiners. She answers burning questions: Am I too old, too working class, too perfect, too blonde? When should I reproduce? When do I speak up, laugh, and spill the secrets I've gathered? Do I really have to erase my own blackboard? Does academic sex have to be reptilian? From the ivory tower that affords her an unparalleled view of the academic landscape, Ms. Mentor dispenses her perfect wisdom to the huddled masses of professorial newbies, hardbitten oldies, and anxious midcareerists. She gives etiquette lessons to academic couples and the tough-talking low-down on adjunct positions. She tells you what to wear, how to make yourself popular, and how to decode academic language. She introduces you to characters you must know: Professor Pelvic, Dr. Iron Fist, Mr. Upstart Whelp, Dean Titan, Professor McShameless. In this volume Ms. Mentor once again shares her wide-ranging unexpurgated wisdom, giving tips on bizarre writing rituals, tenure diaries, and time management (Exploding Head Syndrome). She decodes department meetings and teaches you the tricks for getting stellar teaching evaluations. Raw, shocking, precise, clever, absurd—Ms. Mentor has it all.

Mentor Like Jesus

But after my attempt to explain my life, my mentor had one question that rocked my world: How is your marriage now? I loaded up and started firing out.

Author: Regi Campbell

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780805448115

Category: Religion

Page: 157

View: 209


We have visualized Jesus as CEO, as environmentalist, and even thought about what His politics might have been. But in reality, in history, regardless of religious beliefs, Jesus is the greatest mentor of all time. The handful of disciples He coached became totally committed to His mission, worked together as an effective team, and through their efforts, one-third of the world's population follows what Jesus taught. From eleven people to two billion people- now that's effective mentoring.

The Mentor

At this brief moment of stillness in the swirl of being , I see my life and Joe's in a period of such hard - won richness . In the larger world , so much ...

Author: Jay Quinn

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0789004968

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 186

View: 427


This intelligent work (a 2001 Lambda Literary Foundation Gay Male Biography/Autobiography Award finalist) is a personal narrative that considers the social, religious, and emotional aspects of growing up as a Southern gay male. The author describes how gay men develop close bonds, or a “family of choice,” rather than a “family of blood,” that provides a nurturing environment thought by many only to occur in a heterosexual context. Students, teachers, and anyone interested in gay studies and experiences will find The Mentor a captivating and honest look into the challenges of growing up gay through the context of firsthand experiences, revelations, and realizations.

The Nurse Mentor s Handbook Supporting Students in Clinical Practice 3e

Adult field student on accident and emergency placement My final interview consisted of my mentor criticising my outcome evidence.

Author: Danny Walsh

Publisher: McGraw Hill

ISBN: 9780335248629

Category: Medical

Page: 266

View: 846


Out with the old and in with the new! Looking back on my nurse training I can vividly recall clinical placements where I was mentored by inspirational, dynamic, enthusiastic, and nurturing mentors. However, I can equally recall the toxic mentors that ruined clinical placements and made me question whether I wanted to be a nurse at all! Supporting students in clinical practice is a privilege and getting it right is essential! Danny Walsh’s book demystifies the NMC’s SSSA document and provides a real insight into the meaning of the word mentorship, along with practical advice on how to be a practice supervisor. Mike Parker is an Associate Professor in Emergency Nursing at the University of York, UK. This is a real-world book that offers practice supervisors and assessors detailed guidance on their new role within the context of the recent NMC (2018) standards for supervision and assessment of students. It gives information on the background policy to the standards and what is expected of nurses who take on these new roles. The book provides the theoretical base and practical guidance on facilitating good quality learning experiences for students and on teaching, assessment and providing evidence of learning. It is the ideal handbook for nurses since it addresses all the issues that you are likely to encounter whilst supporting students, with an easy reference system and great practical examples Professor Fiona Irvine - Emeritus Professor in Nursing, University of Birmingham A book worth recommending and adopting as a core text for modules, especially those in teaching, learning and assessment for new mentors, practice assessors and supervisors. It can be a resource for nurses returning to study, international students and anyone involved in clinical guidance/teaching such as practice education coordinators, facilitators, and nominated persons. It would also be suitable for lecturers delivering core modules for Diploma, Degree, Masters and Dissertations Leontia Hoy - Course Director - Bsc Hons/ Graduate Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma-- Specialist Practice, School of Nursing, Queens University Belfast This popular book is an essential companion for supporting and supervising student nurses in clinical practice. The book examines the theory of supervision and the underlying principles of teaching and assessment in nurse education and includes case studies, tools and interventions that can be used in clinical practice. Key areas covered include: •The new NMC standards for supervision and assessment, as well as the history and politics of student nurse mentorship •Effective practice supervision – the role of the supervisor and the practicalities such as the importance of forming effective working relationships and communication skills •Clear guidance on best teaching and assessment practice with practical examples and techniques •An examination the importance and methodology of giving good feedback •Fostering successful placement experiences and supporting a range of students with varying learning needs, including best practice in supporting a struggling student Fully updated in this third edition the book simplifies the theory, delivering practical guidance on best practice in student support and includes insights from students and supervisors. Danny Walsh was a mental health nurse for over 40 years and a senior nurse lecturer for more than 15. He has published widely in the fields of nurse education and dementia care.

Mentor to Millions

Then , as I continued to mentor my children , something clicked . I realized that I didn't have a mentor of my own . Of course , Zig had taught me things in ...

Author: Kevin Harrington

Publisher: Hay House Business

ISBN: 9781401959104

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 706


"It can be lonely as an entrepreneur-but if you surround yourself with mentors and advocates, you greatly increase your odds of fantastic success. Serial entrepreneur Mark Timm offers readers a glimpse behind the curtain by sharing intimate conversations with his mentor, the legendary businessman Kevin Harrington. Together, they delve into the power of mentorship and uncover strategies you can use to not only scale your business but also to scale your relationships. In this book, you'll learn: How to leverage your aggressive curiosity to find business opportunities . . . and build meaningful connections with your family The value of "planning up to 80% of the way" rather than long-term strategizing for better success in executing business plans . . . and helping your children achieve their dreams How to ditch elaborate plans, embrace spectacular failure, and find the motivation and confidence to take action How to multiply your business endeavors, your relationships, and your time. "With the lessons I've learned from Kevin Harrington, every relationship in my life is so much deeper and stronger today than before, when I was compartmentalizing the entrepreneur in me." - Mark Timm"--

My Toughest Mentor

You are the sort of poet, to my taste, like Baudelaire, who by polishing the classic form to its last lustre will achieve his finest effects.

Author: Robert Kusch

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838754066

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 96

View: 861


At a time when Theodore Roethke was finding his poetic voice, he called William Carlos Williams "my toughest mentor." This study examines the discussion about poetry that lives in their correspondence and the poems they sent to each other between 1940-48. From special collections at Yale University and the University of Washington, Robert Kusch has arranged the letters in sequence, and he approaches them both as cultural critic and reader-respondent. Overall, he argues that Williams issued a series of challenges to Roethke, and these challenges changed the direction and scope of Roethke's art. The book has pointed, unconventional advice for teachers of creative writing and for those who are learning the art.

The Mentor

I also learned that even though my mentor was now a close friend , he wouldn't be disloyal to his mentors to keep my friendship . I later learned that even ...

Author: Tim Hendricks

Publisher: Music City Publishing

ISBN: 1933215097


Page: 240

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The Mentor reveals over 120 lessons which the author learned from his mentor which helped him to change his thinking and go from a factory employee to financially independent in a short period of time.

Toolkit for Mentor Practice

My mentor was supportive and helped me find the resources that I needed. Our grade levelmeetings also focused on strategies to meet the needs of students.

Author: Patty J. Horn

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781452223575

Category: Education

Page: 400

View: 939


All the processes, strategies, and tools a mentor needs to support and retain new teachers! Field-tested and evidence-based, this resource is a complete kit with everything mentors need to support novice teachers on their journey to becoming confident, effective professionals. Guiding mentors and their protégés through three transformational learning stages, the toolkit features: A mentoring process that uses data collection and collaborative conversations to improve classroom practices Data-gathering tools that reveal how new teachers interact with students, plan for instruction, design lessons, analyze student work, and differentiate instruction Implementation guidelines and examples that illustrate how to use each tool