My Jakarta

The name of the column, My Jakarta, conveys the intimacy with which we all carry our hopes, experiences and dreams. Here you will get a glimpse of how others high and low relate to our steamy, unpredictable, dirty, vibrant, addictive city.


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EVERY DAY, the Jakarta Globe newspaper publishes a column with a deceptively simple premise - we interview someone living in Jakarta and ask: what's your life here like? As we show in this selection of columns, the answers are far from simple. But then, so are the lives of the people you will meet in these pages. Inside you will find the street robber and gangster just trying to feed his family, the star student who happens to be a beauty queen and lawyer in her spare time, the 105-year-old masseur who has outlasted eight wives, the grammar teacher who is a punk rock god by night... The name of the column, My Jakarta, conveys the intimacy with which we all carry our hopes, experiences and dreams. Here you will get a glimpse of how others high and low relate to our steamy, unpredictable, dirty, vibrant, addictive city.

Sindhi Diaspora in Manila Hong Kong and Jakarta

These visits deepened my own understanding of Sindhi cultural life. I also felt that
meetings with a cross-section of Sindhis in India would help me put those I met in
Manila, Hong Kong, and Jakarta in proper perspective. The largest group of ...

Author: Anita Raina Thapan

Publisher: Ateneo University Press

ISBN: 971550406X

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Sindhi Diaspora seeks to understand the Sindhi way of life as it has evolved over the last fifty years in the context of three distinct cultures: Filipino, Indonesian, and Chinese. A fairly extensive discussion on Sindhi society (which does not have any specific region in India it can call "home") before the partition provides the reader with a background of their business, social, and cultural life in Sindhi. It then analyzes what has remained constant in Sindhi social structure, attitudes, values, and traditions and to what degree Sindhis have adjusted to and been influenced by their host societies.

Scandal and Democracy

I owe special thanks to all who gave me their time and provided insights in
interviews and other conversations throughout my year of fieldwork in Jakarta
and Manila. For sharing their files and allowing me an inside perspective on the
workings ...

Author: Mary E. McCoy

Publisher: Southeast Asia Program Publications

ISBN: 9781501731051

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Successful transitions to enduring democracy are both difficult and rare. In Scandal and Democracy, Mary E. McCoy explores how newly democratizing nations can avoid reverting to authoritarian solutions in response to the daunting problems brought about by sudden change. The troubled transitions that have derailed democratization in nations worldwide make this problem a major concern for scholars and citizens alike. This study of Indonesia's transition from authoritarian rule sheds light on the fragility not just of democratic transitions but of democracy itself and finds that democratization's durability depends, to a surprising extent, on the role of the media, particularly its airing of political scandal and intraelite conflict. More broadly, Scandal and Democracy examines how the media's use of new freedoms can help ward off a slide into pseudodemocracy or a return to authoritarian rule. As Indonesia marks the twentieth anniversary of its democratic revolution of 1998, it remains among the world's most resilient new democracies and one of the few successful democratic transitions in the Muslim world. McCoy explains the media's central role in this change and corroborates that finding with comparative cases from Mexico, Tunisia, and South Korea, offering counterintuitive insights that help make sense of the success and failure of recent transitions to democracy.

Jakarta Crackdown

My family tried hard to sort out the surety for me , but failed . I was then moved ,
on 5 August , to a · cell in Bogor police resort , entrusted to their care by Polda
Metro Jaya . There conditions were worse , to the extent that the doctor
suggested ...



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How the Chinese Reds Hoodwink Visiting Foreigners

I used my brain , and I discovered one thing . Because his father also had a
factory in Jakarta , Indonesia , I thought it would be better to use his connection in
Indonesia , because the Chinese Communists at that time were very friendly to ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities


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Hearings Before the Committee on Un American Activities House of Representatives Eighty sixth Congress Second Session 1960

I used my brain , and I discovered one thing . Because his father also had a
factory in Jakarta , Indonesia , I thought it would be better to use his connection in
Indonesia , because the Chinese Communists at that time were very friendly to ...

Author: Estados Unidos. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities


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Focus on Indonesia

It will be well worth your time and effort . GETTING ACQUAINTED ... Mr. Smith :
My name is John Smith . This is my wife ... dari Jakarta . Mr. Tobing : I come from
Sumatra . My wife comes from Bali . Saya datang dari pulau Sumatra . Isteri saya



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The Story of My Life

In 1966 , not long after returning with me from abroad , my daughter Rochanawati
fell ill and died . She was buried in Karet Cemetery , Jakarta . In the same year ,
my daughter Siti Rahayu married Rochanawati ' s husband , Raden Mas ...

Author: Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (Raden Mas)


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In a Jakarta Prison

My mother had never been a very strong woman , and she went to pieces after
my father died . ... gained a lot of experience in the short time we had been
married , and now completely looked the part of the successful Jakarta
businessman .

Author: Irfan Kortschak


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Category: Female offenders

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Old Jakarta

Some— times, the information I got from written and oral sources was not all
relevant, sometimes it was too detailed for this small book, and I regret not being
able to incorporate all that was given, fascinating as it was. In my research in
Jakarta ...

Author: Maya Jayapal

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015032555305

Category: Asians

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The history of Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, is a fascinating tapestry of religions, cultures, habits, and lifestyles woven by many peoples from within its own nation, within the region, and beyond the seas. Old Jakarta explains the reasons that attracted these people and assesses the influences that they wielded on the city. It traces Jakarta's growth from a sleepy coastal trading center, through its gradual expansion as a spice center, to its enviable position as "The Queen City of the East," and describes its path to independence. In the last chapter, Maya Jayapal compares the city as it was in the past, through its remaining historical sites, with the burgeoning city it is now.

A Jakarta Market

Preface This book started out as a major project during the final year of my
degree course in Graphic Design at Norwich , England . Having spent my
holidays absorbing the sights and sounds in the markets of Jakarta , my aim was
to describe ...



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Himpunan pidato sambutan Gubernur Propinsi DKI Jakarta

ES Gubernur Provinsi Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta WEDNESDAY , AUGUST
15 , 2007 Ladies and gentlemen , Please , accept my warm welcome to Jakarta , /
the capital city of Republic of Indonesia./ I learned / that you have been touring ...

Author: Jakarta (Indonesia). Wakil Gubernur


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Collection of governors' addreses related to regional development of Jakarta Province.

Jakarta Inside Out

The length of this acknowledgements section reflects not just my annoying
tendency to overwrite , but also the great number of people to whom I am truly
indebted . Nobody influenced my understanding of Jakarta more than my insane
staff at ...

Author: Daniel Ziv

Publisher: Equinox Pub

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Migration to Jakarta

His extraordinary blend of advice , criticism and strategic reassurance helped me
complete this dissertation , I thank Drs . Hafiz Fatchurrahman who gave me
permission to do my research in Jakarta , I would also like to thank Dr. Sayuti ...

Author: Gordon Paul Temple


ISBN: WISC:89010954246

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Pro Jakarta Commons

My thanks also go out to Laura , Stacey , and Jackie at StudioB . My family and
friends have been absolutely amazing . Ever since my first book was released , I
am being treated like a celebrity . Although Java and technical stuff is all Greek ...

Author: Harshad Oak


ISBN: UOM:39015061333087

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* Only book (first to market) to focus exclusively on Jakarta Commons. * Focuses on the most stable and popular components that can be used in applications now. * Many of the commons projects are poorly documented so this book provides much needed information on their use.

The Dual formal informal Growth of Jakarta

Judith Mayer deserves special thanks for her thorough critiques not only of my
writing but also of the substance . I would also like to extent my gratitude to
friends and organizations in Jakarta . Koesparmadi , Priharkyati and others at the
PT ...

Author: Wicaksono Sarosa


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