Winning my Best Friend s Girl

All those words run through my head as my younger sister Juno shoves me and my puffy white dress into the backseat of my older sister, Savannah's SUV. There had to have been signs that my fiancé Jeff wasn't happy, but all I recall are ...

Author: Piper Rayne

Publisher: Piper Rayne, Inc.


Category: Fiction


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***NOW A USA TODAY BESTSELLER*** Imagine lying in a hospital bed and the doctor who pulls the curtain back to treat you is the one who got away. Even if you never really had her in the first place. She’s not only your high school crush, she’s the ex-girlfriend of your ex-best friend. The one girl you’ve always wanted. Here’s a step-by-step list to finally win her over… Key to win #1: Try not to take offense that she snuck back into town without telling you—six months ago. Key to win #2: Rekindle the friendship to ease the awkwardness. But… DO NOT enter the friend zone. Key to win #3: Ignore the fact that she went speed dating the night before. Take it as good a sign—maybe she’s looking for a relationship. Key to win #4: Attempt to keep the two of you out of the town gossip blog and away from your large family. Make sure you don’t let this last one throw you off your mission. Key to win #5: Don’t get deterred when you find out the past is about to repeat itself. Because the man she met at the speed dating night is your best buddy from work. Just remember, you sat back and let her slip away once, you won’t do it a second time. Failure is not an option. Author Note: This book does NOT contain cheating.

My Best Friend s Murder

It could have been an accident - perhaps she fell - but if the police decide to look for a killer, then Bec is sure to be their prime suspect. * This is The Rumour meets The Holiday, a compulsive thriller with a toxic but layered friendship ...

Author: Polly Phillips


ISBN: 1398501301


Page: 352

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'A perfectly-paced page-turner that cleverly explores the "frenemy" relationship . . . A really gripping read full of secrets, lies and dark motivations' Philippa East, author of Little White Lies * You're lying, sprawled at the bottom of the stairs, legs bent, arms wide. If I squint, you could be playing Sleeping Bunnies. Or maybe Twister. I wish I could tell you how the blood pooling around your head looks like a halo. But you're past listening. I need to let the paramedics in. And then I have to be careful. Because as the energy trickles out of your body it's pumping into mine. And while this could be a tragic accident, if anyone's got a motive to hurt you, it's me. * Bec and Izzy have been best friends their whole lives. They've been through a lot together - the death of Bec's mother, the birth of Izzy's daughter, Bec's engagement. But there's a darker side to their friendship, too - and Bec is about to reach breaking point. Then Izzy is found broken and bloodied at the bottom of the stairs. It could have been an accident - perhaps she fell - but if the police decide to look for a killer, then Bec is sure to be their prime suspect. * This is The Rumour meets The Holiday, a compulsive thriller with a toxic but layered friendship at its heart that keeps you in the dark until the final few breathless pages . . .

All My Best Friends

George Burns, David Fisher. ir All My Best Friends This One WG5F - CSG -

Author: George Burns

Publisher: TarcherPerigee

ISBN: 0399516271

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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One of America's best-loved comedians recounts his years in show business and the many legendary stars with whom he worked, profiling such notables as Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, and the Marx Brothers

The Bible Is My Best Friend Family Devotional

was upset to find out that her best friend, Jill, was taking another girl to the amusement park. Why didn't Jill invite me? Destiny wondered. We're best friends! A few days later, when Destiny saw Jill, she said, “How come you didn't ...

Author: Sheila Walsh

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433688089

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 256

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Gather the family and spend some time with your best friend—the Bible! From best-selling author Sheila Walsh, the Bible Is My Best Friend Family Devotional connects families both to God's Word and to each other. Fifty-two key scriptures form the basis for the devotions, which build on the verses, challenge the family to commit them to memory, and explore how each verse is part of God's wonderful message. "Let's Talk" questions urge the family to discuss what they've learned and offer challenges for different ages of children as well as their parents. This unique family devotional touches both the mind and the heart. Minds will grow as the text builds on past weeks by reviewing memory work and themes. But most importantly, hearts will grow as families learn together to value the gifts found in the Bible and realize how God's Word can be their greatest friend.

My Best Friend s Baby

Rhea loves helping her friends.

Author: K.A. Fox

Publisher: JMS Books LLC

ISBN: 9781646563937

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

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Rhea loves helping her friends. She's always been the kind of girl to do anything for just about anyone. But the most selfless act she's ever tried to accomplish is being a surrogate for her gay best friend and his husband. After three rounds of IVF, everything looks bleak and hopeless. That is until the tables turn and she realises her best friend and his husband want way more than she ever expected. What she learns quickly is that she wants it way more than she realised herself. A new adventure leads to unexpected outcomes when she finds out she's gotten more than she ever wanted from life. Will she manage to give her best friend what he's always wanted, too?

Some of My Best Friends Are Black

Weaving together the personal, intimate stories of everyday people—black and white—Colby reveals the strange, sordid history of what was supposed to be the end of Jim Crow, but turned out to be more of the same with no name.

Author: Tanner Colby

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101583692

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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An irreverent, yet powerful exploration of race relations by the New York Times-bestselling author of The Chris Farley Show Frank, funny, and incisive, Some of My Best Friends Are Black offers a profoundly honest portrait of race in America. In a book that is part reportage, part history, part social commentary, Tanner Colby explores why the civil rights movement ultimately produced such little true integration in schools, neighborhoods, offices, and churches—the very places where social change needed to unfold. Weaving together the personal, intimate stories of everyday people—black and white—Colby reveals the strange, sordid history of what was supposed to be the end of Jim Crow, but turned out to be more of the same with no name. He shows us how far we have come in our journey to leave mistrust and anger behind—and how far all of us have left to go.

My Gay Geek Engagement Gay Best Friends Love Story

(My Gay Geek Love Affair Book 2) Tabatha Christi. captain'. ... I bit my lip hard as he pulled out the small purple box he had on stage in Texas. He waited for the cheers to die down. “Clark? My best friend and the cutest guy I know.

Author: Tabatha Christi

Publisher: Tabatha Christi


Category: Fiction


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Genre: Gay Romance / Jock and Geek Romance When Trent and Clark go to Texas to visit Trent’s family and announce their engagement, it’s no surprise that Trent’s father isn’t happy about their relationship. What they don’t expect is for an ex-girlfriend of Trent’s to slap him with a paternity suit. Between the ex and the dad, things aren’t looking good. Can Clark use his analytical skills to find a solution, or will he and Trent have to forfeit their plans for a happy future together? This 16,000 word gay romance contains scenes of gay sex. It’s intended for adult readers. Author Note: This is a standalone HEA gay romance with no cliffhanger. This is the sequel to The Geek and the Newly Gay Jock (now My Gay Geek Crush). Each story is written to stand on its own or be enjoyed together.

My Best Friend s Husband

Will he seek release in Jenny's arms or will he remain a cold, soulless mountain man for the rest of his days? Hey Readers – I’m known for over the top stories, and this is one of the best!

Author: Cassandra Dee

Publisher: Cassandra Dee Romance


Category: Fiction

Page: 100

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Jenny’s a sassy, feisty girl who always takes matters into her own hands. When her best friend Margaret disappears, she organizes a search party to scour the woods. But during the search, Jenny forges a bond with Margaret’s handsome husband Stone. The sparks are immediate, and the curvy girl and mountain man almost set the forest ablaze with their passion. But can they pursue a relationship when his wife might be still alive? Stone has been separated from his wife Margaret for months now. They kept their separation private because it’s a family matter. But after his wife’s unexplained disappearance, he finds it more and more difficult to resist the curvy, tempestuous Jenny. Will he be able to move forward with the sassy girl and meet his future, or will he always be haunted by the memory of his dead wife? Hey Readers – I’m known for over the top stories, and this one is right in time for Halloween. There are ghosts coming back from the beyond, but the alpha male and his curvy girl overcome their challenges with a mix of courage, passion, and intense, soul-consuming love. As always, there’s an HEA with no cheating and no cliffhangers. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie

Best Friends and Rhymes

My first best friend is a cat whose name is Willow. She loves to sleep on my pillow. After breakfast, we go outside, where my best friend loves to hide. We love to watch the birds fly by and the squirrels in the trees, so tall and high.

Author: Becky Robbins

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781491832233

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 36

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This book is a rhyming book. Full of great animals and children who love and consider their pet as a best friend. There is a monkey whose name is Chime, a cat named Willow who sleeps on my pillow. A pig whose name is Pinky, and he sure is stinky. Such a fun story to read. This book will teach a child responsibility when it comes to taking care of a pet . The rhymes are fun and the illustrations are awesome. Children will love this book.

Some of My Best Friends are White

SUBVERSIVE THOUGHTS FROM AN URBAN ZULU WARRIOR • Why are minibus-taxi drivers so rude to their passengers9 • Why are whiteys so obsessed ... Some Of My Best Friends Are White takes an enlightened look at this Rainbow Nation of ours.

Author: Ndumiso Ngcobo

Publisher: Jacana Media

ISBN: UOM:39015073941661

Category: South Africa

Page: 168

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Some of my best friends are white is a collection of sharp, satirical essays on contemporary South African issues from the point of view of a successful corporate professional - who just happens to be Zulu. Crossing various controversial, amusing and downright confusing racial divides, the title delivers a healthy dose of black - and white - humour as it explores some of the rainbow nation's defining characteristics, its many colourful characters and its myriad mysterious idiosyncrasies.

Best Friends

But no, I wanted to drive, to eat with my best friend at truck stops and stay at cheap motels with fake log walls and erratic heating and tepee-printed curtains. “L.A.,” Mr. Rose would say when I got there, “you look L.A.” And I did, ...

Author: Martha Moody

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101117675

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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Martha Moody's national bestseller—a compassionate and tender novel about best friends from college. A testament to the power of female friendship. When Clare Mann arrives at Oberlin in 1973, she’s never met anyone like Sally Rose. Rich and beautiful, Sally is utterly foreign to a middle-class, Midwestern Protestant like Clare—and utterly fascinating. The fascination only grows when Sally brings her home to L.A. Mr. Rose—charismatic, charming, and owner of a profitable business shrouded in secrey—is nearly as compelling a figure to Clare as he is to his own daughter. California seems like paradise after winters in Ohio. And Clare begins to look forward desperately to these visits, to carefree rides in Sally’s Kharmann Ghia and lazy poolside days. As the years pass, Clare becomes a doctor and Sally a lawyer, always remaining roommates at heart, a plane ride or phone call away. Marriages and divorces and births and deaths do not separate them. But secrets might—for as Clare watches, the Rose family begins to self-destruct before her eyes. And the things she knows are the kinds of things that no one wants to tell a best friend.

Power Practice Traits of Good Writing Gr 6 8 eBook

Sometimes I go to my best friend's house. Sometimes he comes to my apartment. On the weekends, we like to go to the park. Best friends also have a lot of fun together. Sometimes my best friend and I play basketball.

Author: Carla Hamaguchi

Publisher: Creative Teaching Press

ISBN: 9781591989073

Category: Education

Page: 128

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Offers exercises for brainstorming, main ideas and details, using descriptive words, sequencing, recognizing cause and effect and using correct punctuation.

Best Friends

though, she had close friends once again, friends who understood the rime constraints both she and they were ... My best friend from the seventh grade is still my friend — Jenny, who trod with me the earliesr sreps in loving a friend.

Author: Terri Apter

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780307554611

Category: Psychology

Page: 320

View: 438


Best Friends provides the missing link to understanding and recognizing the impact of some of the most important relationships in girls' and women's lives. Every woman remembers the sting of betrayal of a girlfriend, and every parent of a daughter has seen her come home from school in tears because a girl she thought was her best friend suddenly and inexplicably became her enemy. While boys hash out differences with fists and kicks, girls' societies are marked by secrets and whispers and shifting affection. The lessons learned as an adolescent girl are often carried into adulthood, making women fear confrontation--especially with other women. But the intensity of the struggles reflects the support and healing to be found within these friendships. Girls find themselves in the mirror of other girls, hence the power each has to influence the other. Ruthellen Josselson and Terri Apter's many years of working with hundreds of girls and women have given them insight into the emotionally important relationships that are integral to a girl's self-image. Best Friends explores the bonds of friendship between girls and between women and the sorrows and joys they experience together, from early adolescence and throughout their lives.

Best Friends Forever Selena Gomez Demi Lovato

Having best friends that they've known since childhood has been very important to both Selena and Demi. ... They never go after the same parts and they always do their best to help each other whenever they can.

Author: Lexi Ryals

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101495483

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

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Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have it all— hit shows and movies on the Disney Channel, musical talent, and, most importantly, each other to lean on. These best friends are there for each other through thick and thin, from unsuccessful auditions and failed pilots to Selena’s starring role on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place and Demi’s breakout performance in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock, her tour with the Jonas Brothers, and their release of her debut album.

My Best Friend s Exorcism

This ENHANCED DIGITAL EDITION features TONS of TOTALLY AWESOME ’80s bonus materials—including Satanic Panic educational pamphlets, a do-it-yourself exorcism cheat sheet, a Spotify playlist of awesome ’80s tunes, animated cover artwork ...

Author: Grady Hendrix

Publisher: Quirk Books

ISBN: 9781594748639

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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This ENHANCED DIGITAL EDITION features TONS of TOTALLY AWESOME ’80s bonus materials—including Satanic Panic educational pamphlets, a do-it-yourself exorcism cheat sheet, a Spotify playlist of awesome ’80s tunes, animated cover artwork, and much more! From the New York Times best-selling author of The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires comes an unholy hybrid of Beaches and The Exorcist that blends teen angst, adolescent drama, unspeakable horrors, and a mix of ’80s pop songs into a pulse-pounding supernatural thriller. The year is 1988. High school sophomores Abby and Gretchen have been best friends since fourth grade. But after an evening of skinny-dipping goes disastrously wrong, Gretchen begins to act…different. She’s moody. She’s irritable. And bizarre incidents keep happening whenever she’s nearby. Abby’s investigation leads her to some startling discoveries—and by the time their story reaches its terrifying conclusion, the fate of Abby and Gretchen will be determined by a single question: Is their friendship powerful enough to beat the devil?

Best Friends Forever

My best friend is moving away!” Mrs Sanchez said, “Don't forget, my best friend is moving away too.” Ash hadn't thought of that. “Then how can you say it's not all bad?” “I'm trying to think about the good things,” Mrs Sanchez said.

Author: Michele Jakubowski

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 9781474720403

Category: Best friends

Page: 64

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Born only six months apart, and living in the same apartment building for eight years, Ashley Sanchez and Ashlee Taylor have always been best friends--but now Ashlee's family is moving to a house, and even though it is only three blocks away, it feels to Ashley as if their friendship is in serious jeopardy.

Changes 3 Teacher s Book

11 Best friends This fluency activity practises talking about friends and their personalities . It is the final communicative phase of this cycle . When you were at primary school , who was your favourite teacher ?

Author: Jack C. Richards

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521449375

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 191

View: 502


Changes is a four-level general English course for adult and young adult learners. Changes ensures that students have every opportunity to develop confident communicative ability as well as accuracy in English.

Best Friendship Beacons

Memphis' Finest, Public Servants, Best Friend . ... 41 B.B.Kings Blues Club and the smiling lady at the bar equate to southern hospitality for best friends . ... 67 Nat Daddy, my father, my best friend .

Author: B. L. Gordon

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466912939

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 84

View: 855


Best Friendship Beacons is a collection of personal life reflections regarding best friendship connections. The reader will come to appreciate how life is made more rewarding as you discover the beauty of having a lasting best friend relationship. This creative work is very insightful, delightful, amusing, and sobering as it targets numerous best friend relationship scenarios. B. L. Gordon skillfully demonstrates how life is made more beautiful when a best friend mirrors your goodness as your double. That's when you discover that you are not alone. That is the beginning of realizing that you having an inner source that is your essence, which reaffirms the fact that you are innately good and deserving of being happy, as you attract another individual in your life with the same kindred spirit. What an awesome experience, two individuals agamically bonding and sharing a relationship based on unconditional and unselfish love.