West Port Murders

She stated , that one night Burke and Hare were carousing in one of the apartments of Hare's human shambles , on the profit of a recent murder . In the midst of their unhallowed orgies , Hare raised his hand , and in a fit of fiendish ...

Author: William Burke


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The Pacific Reporter

Where , on a murder trial , it appeared that the design to kill deceased was not formed until some time after the dispute ... an instruction that though the design was formed in the midst of the conflict , when reason was obscured by ...



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The Works of Victor Hugo Les miserables

... the building of war and of murder , now useless , disabled , profaned , dismantled , laid bare , a heap of stone ... nor the a song of a bird ; in the midst of murder , in the midst of vengeance , in the midst of barbarity he must ...

Author: Victor Hugo


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Les Mis rables

... the building of war and of murder , now useless , disabled , profaned , dismantled , laid bare , a heap of stone ... nor the song of a bird ; in the midst of murder , in the midst of vengeance , in the midst of barbarity he must ...

Author: Victor Hugo


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The Riverman

Not wanting to rule out any possibilities, Robertson cautiously included the murder of Jane Allan on the list of those ... The existence of those three murders in the midst of the child murders series exemplified the problems that ...

Author: Robert Keppel

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451604283

Category: True Crime

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After a search of over twenty years, one of America's most elusive serial killers was finally apprehended. Now, read the true story of one man's attempt to get inside se mind of the Green River Killer July 15, 1982: 3 woman's strangled body was filed, caught on the pilings of Washington state's Green River. Before long, the "Green River Killer" would be suspected in at least forty-nine more homicides, with no end in sight. Then the authorities received an unbelievable letter from the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy -- then on Florida's death row -- offering to help catch the Green River Killer. But he would only talk to one man: Robert Keppel, the former homicide detective who had helped track Bundy's cross-county killing spree. Now these conversations are revealed, in which Bundy speculates about the motive and methods of the Green River Killer -- and reveals his own twisted secrets as well. Now, as never before, we look into the face of evil...and into the heart of a killer.

Murder and Mayhem in Sheffield

... and after extensive investigations had been conducted, James Barbour was arrested and charged with murder. ... in the midst of youth – in the midst of life – in the midst of thoughtfulness to appear before the judgement seat of God.

Author: Geoffrey Howse

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781783035823

Category: True Crime

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Sheffield born actor and author Geoffrey Howse delves into his files covering over 200 years of Sheffield's criminality. In Murder & Mayhem in Sheffield he takes a look at some of the events that took place during a period of enormous growth within Sheffield; including a failed plot to murder some of Sheffield's officials, take control of the Town Hall and set fire to the homes of prominent citizens; the series of incidents known as the Sheffield Outrages are also mentioned, as are the notorious Sheffield Gang Wars of the 1920's. Murders from the eighteenth century through to 1947 are covered, including he fascinating case of one of Britain's most notorious murderers, Charlie Peace. The gruesome Shelf Street Hatchet Murder of 1881, is also included as are the Woodhouse Murder of 1893 and the Chinese Laundry Murder of 1922. Two Sheffield murderers who bore the same name, William Smedley, and who were both hanged for their crimes, committed murder in 1875 and 1947 respectively, are also featured. Although not for the feint-hearted, this book is sure to capture the curiosity of all individuals with an interest in the social and criminal history of Sheffield.'

The Shattered Raven

There are murders every day in Manhattan, but this murder is going to make our magazine.” “What do you mean, Chief? ... Will the Mystery Writers of America band together to solve this murder in their midst? And if they do, ...

Author: Edward D. Hoch

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480456495

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At a gathering of the nation’s foremost mystery authors, death takes the stage Dozens die each year for the sake of the annual Mystery Writers of America banquet. Heiresses are poisoned, captains of industry are stabbed, and private detectives are gunned down in the street. To mystery authors, these fictional murders are nothing but good fun. But at the annual presentation of the MWA’s prestigious Edgar and Raven awards, real-life death is about to intrude. Ross Craigthorn’s nightly news program has made him one of the most well-respected men in the country, but deep in his past lies a terrible secret—one he shares with only a few others. They have done their best to forget their long-ago crime, but when Craigthorn decides to come clean, his old accomplice knows that the time has come for murder. When a room full of mystery authors witnesses a killing, which of them will have the nerve to play detective?

King Richard s Sword

Murder. midst. Mayhem. All the people of England learned early in the month of June that their King Richard had gone to Ireland. Apollonia was distressed by the news of the royal departure because of what she feared he was leaving ...

Author: Ellen Foster

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

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In late 14th century Worcester, the Lady Apollonia of Aust struggles to protect the affinity of her son, the sheriff, against undercover usury deviously directed from behind monastic walls while upper middle class sexual misconduct forces him to solve three murders.

The Totalitarian Experiment in Twentieth Century Europe

See Bartov, Murder in Our Midst, pp. 90–3. As we have noted, however, Bartov charged that strategies for avoiding the central questions of agency and responsibility were widespread in contemporary German culture; see especially pp.

Author: David Roberts

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134651184

Category: History

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By developing a long-term supranational perspective, this ambitious, multi-faceted work provides a new understanding of ‘totalitarianism’, the troubling common element linking Soviet communism, Italian fascism and German Nazism. The book’s original analysis of antecedent ideas on the subject sheds light on the common origins and practices of the regimes. Through this fresh appreciation of their initial frame of mind, Roberts demonstrates how the three political experiments yielded unprecedented collective mobilization but also a characteristic combination of radicalization, myth-making, and failure. Providing deep historical analysis, the book proves that 'totalitarianism' best characterizes the common features in the originating aspirations, the mode of action and even the outcomes of Soviet communism, Italian fascism and German Nazism. By enhancing our knowledge of what ‘totalitarianism’ was and where it came from, Roberts affords important lessons about the ongoing challenges, possibilities, and dangers of the modern political experiment.

Pennsylvania State Reports Containing Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

In allowing private counsel for the commonwealth to argue matters of fact to the jury not produced in evidence , as follows : “ A murder has been committed in our midst - a foul murder , an excuseless , a causeless murder — and I was ...

Author: Pennsylvania. Supreme Court


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