Murder at 40 Below

These cases were left out because the frightening details of those murders remain known only to the killers themselves . Many of the re - creations in the ten cases covered in Murder at Forty Below were possible because investigators ...

Author: Tom Brennan

Publisher: Epicenter Press

ISBN: 0945397992

Category: True Crime

Page: 192

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Drawn from police files, eyewitness accounts, and news reports, these stories introduce extreme criminals in an extreme land.


Addis worked patrol and SWAT, but Jim McCann said John Addis's specialty at the Alaska State Troopers' Fairbanks detachment ... McCann himself was once described by Alaskan author Tom Brennan in his popular book Murder at 40 Below: True ...

Author: Glenn Puit

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101485972

Category: True Crime

Page: 288

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John Patrick Addis was a state trooper, crime scene investigator, bush pilot, ex-convict, UFO fanatic, survivalist-and a pro at manipulating women. His criminal madness stretched from Alaska to Mexico-leaving countless victims in his wake.

American Mass Murderers

Murder at 40 Below: True Crime Stories from Alaska. Epicenter Press, 2001. [2] Wallace Turner (June 22, 1982). “New law on insanity plea stirs dispute in Alaska”. New York Times. [3] Sheila Toomey (1990). “MURDERS CAUSED DEEP PUBLIC, ...

Author: Valrie Plaza


ISBN: 9781312961401

Category: Reference

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American Mass Murderers collects nearly 700 pages of information about the most notorious killers in America, as well as some of the lesser-known murderers.

The Wolf in the Woods

She had stayed up reading for a while herself, drinking a hot chocolate made with a Cadbury's sachet she found in the kitchen cupboard and racing through the best bits of My Mother the Psychopath and Murder at 40 Below: True Crime ...

Author: Dan Brotzel

Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781913207632

Category: Fiction

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Colleen and Andrew haven’t had sex in eleven weeks and three days [not that anyone’s counting]. Their marriage is in crisis, they're drinking too much and both have secrets they're afraid to share. A teetotal week in a remote cottage could solve all their problems. But with the promised beach nowhere in sight, a broken-down car and a sinister landlord, they may not find it so easy to rekindle their romance. In this dark and funny novel, tensions build and tempers fray.

Cold Crime

ISBN 978-0-9745014-4-4 ISBN 0-9745014-4-1 51495 EAN TOM BRENNAN , author of the bestselling MURDER AT 40 BELOW , cut his teeth in journalism on the police beat . 9780974 " 501444 " > Cold Crime - EAN Epicenter Press Alaska Book ...

Author: Tom Brennan

Publisher: Epicenter Press

ISBN: 0974501441

Category: True Crime

Page: 192

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Step by step, journalist Brennan walks readers through 13 notorious cases, drawing details from the confidential files of Alaska police detectives who investigate murder, mayhem, crimes of passion and greed, and an amazing amount of criminal stupidity.

Dead Man s Dancer

1 Investigation in the intervening years consisted of periodic attempts to interview John Carlin IV, teenage son of the prime suspect, John Carlin III. Those attempts were thwarted by the ... Tom Brennan is the author of Murder at 40 Below,

Author: Tom Brennan

Publisher: Epicenter Press

ISBN: 9781935347538

Category: True Crime

Page: 144

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Mechele is young, attractive, and looking to cash in on her aesthetic assets when she moves from New Orleans to Alaska in 1994 to earn money for college tuition. Her charms ensnare the affections of three men, and the combined effects of jealously, lust, and greed take a deadly turn in this true crime story. Before a murder in the woods shatters her contented life, Mechele works as an exotic dancer at the Alaska Bush Company, where she spends her days pleasing a procession of hard-working men. John, Scott, and Kent are simultaneously smitten with Mechele, and offer affection in the form of lavish gifts and ultimately engagement rings. While the three men begin their affairs on the same path, violent murder blasts apart their parallel lives. One of the trio is shot in the back; another is accused of the murder. Dead Man's Dancer follows this murder case from 1996 throughout Mechele's tumultuous trial in 2006 that becomes a nationwide sensation. Shocking in its detailed portrayal of murder and convoluted love affairs, Dead Man's Dancer excites horror in readers that lingers far after the last page is turned.

The Frontier Romance

He spent his old age in the Pioneer Home of Sitka, Alaska, telling the other old people about pioneering and people like himself, the “true prospectors.” 8. This account comes from Tom Brennan, Murder at 40 Below: True Crime Storiesfrom ...

Author: Judith Kleinfeld

Publisher: University of Alaska Press

ISBN: 9781602231900

Category: Psychology

Page: 100

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Anyone curious about what drew people like Christopher McCandless (the subject of Into the Wild) and John Muir to Alaska will find nuanced answers in Frontier Romance, Judith Kleinfeld’s thoughtful study of the iconic American love of the frontier and its cultural influence. Kleinfeld considers the subject through three catagories: rebellion, redemption, and rebirth; escape and healing; and utopian community. Within these categories she explores the power of narrative to shape lives through concrete, compelling examples—both heart-warming and horrifying. Ultimately, Kleinfeld argues that the frontier narrative enables Americans—born or immigrant—to live deliberately, to gather courage, and to take risks, face danger, and seize freedom rather than fear it.

The Snowflake Rebellion

... BRENNAN OM BRENNAN Moose Dropping & Other Crimes of Nature Cold Crime Murder at 40 Below and those who fight to keep it free CHAPTER 1 Snowflake text.pmd 12/26/2008, 12:01 PM 6 OOOOOTHER BOOKS BY THER BOOKS BY THER BOOKS BY THER ...

Author: Tom Brennan

Publisher: Tom Brennan

ISBN: 9780578006420

Category: Fiction

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Bering Sea villagers raid a foreign trawler fleet...a mysterious explosion rocks Juneau…a state ferry fires a bowling ball at a cruise ship…and a beautiful ex-newswoman takes off her clothes to defuse a tense standoff between state and federal troops. The time is the not-too-distant future. The whole world is watching. A new President is rewarding environmentalists who put her into the White House. She imposes harsh new federal controls on the northern state, and Alaskans are losing jobs, personal freedoms – even their lives. Their anger at bureaucrats and politicians in Washington DC is growing by the day. As a rebellion spreads, Governor Jimmy Pender tries to calm the rebels. He recruits Colin Callihan, a disillusioned geologist who has retreated into a boozy haze after the death of his wife in a plane crash. But it is too late for peacemaking. Events quickly spin out of control, and Callihan finds himself leading a secessionist movement he was hired to stop. Adventure, romance, humor, and politics run amok in this tense novel that rushes to an unexpected conclusion like a wild wave crashing onto a rocky Alaska shore.

Juvenile Arrests

One would have to go back to 1969 to find a lower annual number of murder victims and to 1966 to find a lower annual murder rate . In the 40 - year period from 1960 to 1999 , the number of murders in the United States peaked in 1993 ...



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The New Yorker

Within a few hours , the mercury fell from considerably above the at Litchfield , Conn . to 40 below zero . ... We understand that last night cumstance that a white man had been convicted of the aggravated murder of a slave in that ...

Author: Horace Greeley


ISBN: PSU:000055661676


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