Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl

A classic tale of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, this heartfelt and searingly honest memoir details the relationship between Tony Wilson (the legendary impresario behind Factory Records, Joy Division, New Order and the Happy Mondays) and ...

Author: Lindsay Reade

Publisher: Plexus Publishing

ISBN: 9780859658751

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A classic tale of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, this heartfelt and searingly honest memoir details the relationship between Tony Wilson (the legendary impresario behind Factory Records, Joy Division, New Order and the Happy Mondays) and his first wife, Lindsay Reade.

Remediating Transcultural Memory

How Not to Run a Club (Hook 2010), Lindsay Reade's memoir of her life with Tony Wilson: Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl (Reade 2010) as well as Kevin Cummins' Manchester (Cummins 2010). John Robb's The North Will Rise Again: ...

Author: Dagmar Brunow

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110436372

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The impact of digital global media, geopolitical changes and migration demands new theorizations within memory studies. Despite the growing field of media memory studies, the impact from film and media studies has been scarce within memory studies. This unique study offers new theorizations of three crucial concepts for media memory studies: remediation, transculturality and the archive. This book takes a closer look at the media specificity of archival footage and how it is adapted, translated and appropriated. In its original approach this work reflects upon the role of documentary film images for the construction of memory. By merging film and media studies with memory studies the work offers multiple theoretical and methodological approaches for everyone interested in the heritage of audiovisual media: film and media scholars, memory scholars, historians, art historians, social scientists, librarians or archivists, curators and festival programmers alike.

Breaking Into Heaven The Rise Fall Resurrection of The Stone Roses

He was attending the opening of the Hacienda exhibition at Manchester's Urbis city museum, a marvellous institution that has ... was cowritten with this writer while the second, Mr Manchester And The Factory Girl, was a memoir about her ...

Author: Mick Middles

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 9780857127891

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In 1989, The Stone Roses exploded onto the music scene at the forefront of a new wave of music from Manchester. The Roses’ music – an exhilarating mixture of sixties’ pop, rock and dance – made them the UK’s most talked-about group, while their first album, The Stone Roses, is now revered as one of the finest débuts of all time. The band’s flared trousers, baggy t-shirts and floppy fringes were copied by a generation, and their 1990 gig at Spike Island in front of 30,000 people became legendary. Then, with the world at their feet, and a multi-million-dollar record contract signed, the Stone Roses disappeared only to come back 15 years later even bigger and better. Their story truly is one of resurrection.

Dancing Barefoot

Writing in her 2010 autobiography Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl, his ex-wife Lindsay Reade recalled him proclaiming, “Suddenly there was an album [Horses] that was fresh and didn't sound like all that other shite.

Author: Dave Thompson

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1569769214

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Offering a unique analysis and discussion of her life, career, and work, this is the true story of Patti Smith. Widely acknowledged as one of the most significant American artists of the rock age, an acclaimed poet, and a figurehead for many liberal political causes, Patti Smith went from an ugly-duckling childhood in postwar New Jersey to become queen of the 1970s New York art scene. Not a tell-all biography, this measured, accurate, and enthusiastic account of Smith’s career is written for her loyal fans as well as for neophytes hungry for a great rock 'n' roll story. Guided by interviews with those who have known her—including Ivan Kral, Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd, John Cale, and Jim Carroll—it relies most of all on Patti’s own words.

Networks of sound style and subversion

*Reade, L. (2010) Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl, London: Plexus. Reddington, H. (2012) The Lost Women of Rock Music, Sheffield: Equinox. Reynolds, S. (1990) 'New Pop and Its Aftermath', in Frith, S. and Goodwin, A. (eds), ...

Author: Nick Crossley

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781847799920

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This book examines the birth of punk in the UK and its transformation, within a short period of time, into post-punk. Deploying innovative concepts of ‘critical mass’, ‘social networks’ and ‘music worlds’, and using sophisticated techniques of ‘social network analysis’, it teases out the events and mechanisms involved in punk’s ‘micro-mobilisation’, its diffusion across the UK and its transformation in certain city-based strongholds into a variety of interlocking post-punk forms. Nick Crossley offers a detailed review of prior work in this area, a rich exploration of new empirical data and a highly innovative and robust approach to the study of ‘music worlds’. Written in an accessible style, this book is essential reading for anybody with an interest in either UK punk and post-punk or the impact of social networks on cultural life and the potential of social network analysis to explore this impact.

The Fortunes of a Factory Girl

When Mattie came to Manchester it was as an entire stranger to the place . By good fortune she made the acquaintance of a family of well - todo working people , and at their solicitation went to live with them . Mr. Perry's family ...

Author: Erwin L. Coolidge


ISBN: OSU:32435018070052


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Reports from Commissioners

The factory girls went back to their work by arrangement with the employer , and Mr. any particular difficulty of that ... shorter notices than in the coal and iron - making Headlam , the stipendiary magistrate at Manchester , trades ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: OXFORD:555101121



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A Handy book of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Mr. Roberton , of Manchester , mentions a factory girl who became pregnant in her eleventh year . A girl under thirteen who became pregnant at 12 came before å magistrate at Wandsworth , September , 1871. [ Other cases will be found in ...

Author: William Bathurst Woodman


ISBN: CORNELL:31924017513874

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Factory Statistics

New ; tables showing the mortality since the factory system has been established there , pp . ... An important “ note ” appended to the Manchester Registers overlooked by Mr. D. , p . ... How few taken from factory girls , 23 .

Author: Michael Thomas Sadler



Category: Factories

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18, 1860 “Mr. Editor:–Some of our honorable Southern men have taken the liberty to fasten upon the Northern factory girl the name of slave. They pretend to say that we are under the same tyrannical oppression.

Author: Gary Samson

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439627440

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This fascinating and moving book brings to life the industrial and immigrant experience which gave birth to Manchester in the nineteenth century and continued to shape the city's destiny well into the twentieth century. More than a hundred years ago, thousands of immigrants from Europe and Canada were drawn to the mills of Manchester by the promise of a better life. In stirring photographs and text, Manchester: The Mill and the Immigrant Experience examines the aspirations, the struggles, and the everyday adventures of Manchester's immigrant families. Reaffirming the power of photography to move and inform us, Manchester: The Mills and the Immigrant Experience creates a vivid picture of life during nearly a century of rapid industrial change. We join the bustle of Elm and Hanover Streets in the 1880s, witness children working at the mighty Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, enter a Greek coffeehouse in the early 1900s, get caught up in the bitter labor strikes of the 1920s, and meet unusual local figures such as the Hermit of Mosquito Pond.

Mary Ashley the Factory Girl or Facts upon Factories

Mr. Theophilus Motley , her father , had been a Manchester calico printer , in which vocation he practised every possible fraud upon his brother printers ; and ( like the tailor dramatists of the present day ) appropriated by scissors ...

Author: Frederic MONTAGU (of Lincoln's Inn.)


ISBN: BL:A0023803911



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Factory Statistics The official tables appended to the report of the Select Committee on the Ten Hours Factory Bill vindicated in a series of letters etc

Mr. Sadler proposes to put all cavils to the final test of there , pp . Jl , 55 . Coners 1831 .-- An important “ note " appended to the Manchester Registers overlooked by Mr. D , p . ... How few taken from factory girls , 23 .

Author: Michael Thomas SADLER (M.P.)


ISBN: BL:A0018987737



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Mary Ashley the factory girl or Facts upon factories

“ Good morning , Mr. Danvers , I am so sorry you are not going to the Stapletons ' ” said Mrs. Henry , " for I ... he said to himself , when he had turned down the road towards Manchester , “ woman's the greatest fool on earth - yes ...

Author: Frederic Carlisle Montagu


ISBN: OXFORD:590691405



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An Address to the Working Men of New England on the State of Education and on the Condition of the Producing Classes in Europe and America

Mr. Oastler's account of a poor factory girl ib . A boy in a factory flayed from his neck to his heels 12 47 children out of 167 deformed by excessive labor in one mill ib . Mr. Allen's account of abandoned females in Manchester ...

Author: Seth Luther


ISBN: NYPL:33433007279445

Category: Education

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Report on Condition of Woman and Child wage Earners in the United States History of women in trade unions

They engaged a Mr. Hatch as public lecturer to assist their own speakers in diffusing and maintaining the principles of their cause by creating a “ spirit of union ... from work ” kept hundreds of factory girls from joining the union .

Author: United States. Bureau of Labor


ISBN: UCLA:31158001303832

Category: Child labor


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Factory Lives

“ Lines to Mr James Dorward ” • 379 9. “ Lines by Edith to the Factory Girl ” • 381 10. “ The Factory Girl's Reply to ' Lines by Edith ” 382 11. “ The Factory Girl's ... Harriet Martineau , from A Manchester Strike ( 1832 ) • 404 2.

Author: James R. Simmons, Jr

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1551112728

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 498

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Factory Lives contains four works of great importance in the field of nineteenth-century working-class autobiography: John Brown’s A Memoir of Robert Blincoe; William Dodd’s A Narrative of the Experience and Sufferings of William Dodd; Ellen Johnston’s “Autobiography”; and James Myles’s Chapters in the Life of a Dundee Factory Boy. This Broadview edition also includes a remarkably rich selection of historical documents that provide context for these works. Appendices include contemporary responses to the autobiographies, debates on factory legislation, transcripts of testimony given before parliamentary committees on child labour, and excerpts from literary works on factory life by Harriet Martineau, Frances Trollope, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, among others.

The Spectator

of Mr. James is brought forward in the person of one of his COTTON LORD . " own factory - girls and a cousin of Edith . Some further ob- With all Mr. Balshawe's overwhelming vulgarity , Mr. Langshawe knew that stacles are interposed by ...



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A weekly review of politics, literature, theology, and art.

Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur

This move was made in response to an invitation from Mr. Jacob Wakefield MacGill, of the Manchester City Mission, an old friend ... “Coming, coming—yes, they are”) Amy was asked to carry on work for factory girls in Ancoats, Manchester, ...

Author: Frank Houghton

Publisher: CLC Publications

ISBN: 9781619580725

Category: Religion

Page: 405

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Amy Carmichael, born in 1867 in the village of Millisle, Ireland, gave herself unconditionally to Christ. She went first to Japan and following a short term in Ceylon, presently Sri Lanka, she landed in India in 1895 and remained there without a single furlough until she died in January 1951.

The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal

Mr Catlow said they had omitted to propose a vote of thanks to Mr Braid for his paper , and perhaps such a inotion ... which a factory girl very closely imitated a lady who sang difficult music in several languages , so closely that the ...



ISBN: OXFORD:555021745

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