Mourt s Relation

The book has become known as Mourt's Relation, but it is not the unitary effort of a single man. Five of the ten "chapters" have bylines, and Mourt's contribution is almost the briefest of the ten. The mystery deepens when we confess ...

Author: Dwight B. Heath

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 9780918222848

Category: History

Page: 129

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Presents an account, first published in 1622, of the Pilgrim's journey to the new world.

Mourt s Relation

... ( except our securitie ingender in them some vnthought of trecherie , or our vnciuilitie prouoke them to anger ) is most plaine in other Relations , 457 which 437 The “ Relations ” preceding in this volume , are those here intended .

Author: Edward Winslow

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783375082093

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Reprint of the original, first published in 1865. With Introduction and Notes by Henry Martyn Dexter.

Cape Cod and Plymouth Colony in the Seventeenth Century

Mourt's Relation , p . 18 , fn . 6 , and its signers are identified in Morison's edition of Bradford's history , pp . 441-443 . 39. Bradford , Plymouth Plantation , pp . 76-77 . 40. Mourt's Relation , p . 18 . 41.

Author: H. Roger King

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0819191868

Category: Cape Cod (Mass.)

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This book examines the contribution of Cape Cod to the transformation of the Pilgrims' Plymouth into a mature colony. The author covers the exploration of the region as well as the early travels to the Cape before its settlement, explaining the eventual significance of individual towns like Sandwich, which became the colony's center of Quakerism. Politically, Cape towns forced the colony to adopt a representative legislature and economically, the Cape provided acreage for farming and sites for additional towns. King also examines why, despite the expansion and the growth, Plymouth still remained a poor and underpopulated colony. This book stands alone as the only study of the entire Cape to be published in this century.

Mourt s Relation

MOURT'S RELATION : A JOURNAL OF THE PILGRIMS OF PLYMOUTH A HISTORY OF Mourt's RELATION . . . much in that first year . In addition , they hoped to induce others among their friends to come over and to share their bounty .

Author: Jordan D. Fiore


ISBN: WISC:89064057060

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"Again the internal evidence is enough to convince the reader that 'G. Mourt' was George Morton"--Page xii

This Land Is Their Land

3 Mourt's Relation, 20–21 (“odious”); Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, 1:191; Christopher Heaney, “A Peru of Their Own: English Grave-Opening and Indian Sovereignty in Early America,” WMQ 73, no. 4 (2016): 609–46. 4 Mourt's Relation ...

Author: David J. Silverman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781632869265

Category: History

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Ahead of the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving, a new look at the Plymouth colony's founding events, told for the first time with Wampanoag people at the heart of the story. In March 1621, when Plymouth's survival was hanging in the balance, the Wampanoag sachem (or chief), Ousamequin (Massasoit), and Plymouth's governor, John Carver, declared their people's friendship for each other and a commitment to mutual defense. Later that autumn, the English gathered their first successful harvest and lifted the specter of starvation. Ousamequin and 90 of his men then visited Plymouth for the “First Thanksgiving.” The treaty remained operative until King Philip's War in 1675, when 50 years of uneasy peace between the two parties would come to an end. 400 years after that famous meal, historian David J. Silverman sheds profound new light on the events that led to the creation, and bloody dissolution, of this alliance. Focusing on the Wampanoag Indians, Silverman deepens the narrative to consider tensions that developed well before 1620 and lasted long after the devastating war-tracing the Wampanoags' ongoing struggle for self-determination up to this very day. This unsettling history reveals why some modern Native people hold a Day of Mourning on Thanksgiving, a holiday which celebrates a myth of colonialism and white proprietorship of the United States. This Land is Their Land shows that it is time to rethink how we, as a pluralistic nation, tell the history of Thanksgiving.

Mayflower Lives

15 Heath, Mourt's Relation, xiii. It is assumed that William Bradford also contributed to this publication. 16 William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620–1647, by William Bradford, Sometime Governor Thereof, A New Edition, ed.

Author: Martyn Whittock

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781643131795

Category: History

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Leading into the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower, Martyn Whittock examines the lives of the “saints” (members of the Separatist puritan congregations) and “strangers” (economic migrants) on the original ship who collectively became known to history as “the Pilgrims.”The story of the Pilgrims has taken on a life of its own as one of our founding national myths—their escape from religious persecution, the dangerous transatlantic journey, that brutal first winter. Throughout the narrative, we meet characters already familiar to us through Thanksgiving folklore—Captain Jones, Myles Standish, and Tisquantum (Squanto)—as well as new ones.There is Mary Chilton, the first woman to set foot on shore, and asylum seeker William Bradford. We meet fur trapper John Howland and little Mary More, who was brought as an indentured servant. Then there is Stephen Hopkins, who had already survived one shipwreck and was the only Mayflower passenger with any prior Amer- ican experience. Decidedly un-puritanical, he kept a tavern and was frequently chastised for allowing drinking on Sundays.Epic and intimate, Mayflower Lives is a rich and rewarding book that promises to enthrall readers of early American history.

New England Frontier

Mourt's Relation , 58. The character of the Wampanoag - Narragansett enmity at this time is not clear . Presumably it was part of the an- cient rivalry between neighboring independent tribes . However , many years later Roger Williams ...

Author: Alden T. Vaughan

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 080612718X

Category: History

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In contrast to most accounts of Puritan-Indian relations, "New England Frontier "argues that the first two generations of""Puritan settlers were neither generally hostile toward their""Indian neighbors nor indifferent to their territorial rights.""Rather, American Puritans-especially their political and""religious leaders-sought peaceful and equitable relations""as the first step in molding the Indians into neo-Englishmen.""When accumulated Indian resentments culminated in the""war of 1675, however, the relatively benign intercultural""contact of the preceding fifty-five-year period rapidly declined.""With a new introduction updating developments in""Puritan-Indian studies in the last fifteen years, this third""edition affords the reader a clear, balanced overview of a""complex and sensitive area of American history.""

One Small Candle

Mourt's Relation, 19. Mourt's Relation, 20–21. OPP, 16. It should be noted that whereas Edward Winslow's accounts of the Natives showed an interest in them and their way of life, Bradford's comments in his history and other writings ...

Author: Francis J. Bremer

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780197510049

Category: History

Page: 273

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""One Small Candle tells how the religious values of the Pilgrims prompted their settlement of the Plymouth Colony and how those values influenced the political, intellectual, and cultural aspect of New England life a hundred and fifty years before the American Revolution. It begins in early seventeenth-century England with their persecution for challenging the established national church, and their struggles as refugees in the Netherlands in the 1610s. It then examines the challenges they faced in planting a colony in America, including relations with the Native population. The book emphasizes the religious dimension of the story, which has been neglected in most recent works. In particular it focuses on how this particular group of puritan congregationalists was driven by the belief that ordinary men and women should play the determinative role in governing church affairs. Their commitment to lay empowerment is illustrated by attention to the life of William Brewster, who helped organize the congregation in its early years and served as the colony's spiritual guide for its first decade. The participatory democracy that was reflected in congregational church covenants played a greater role in the shaping of Massachusetts churches than has previously been accepted. This outlook also influenced the earliest political forms of the region, including the Mayflower Compact and local New England town meetings. Their rejection of individual greed and focus on community was an early form of an American social gospel. ""--

Early Visions and Representations of America

Mourt's Relation was the first account of the Pilgrim Fathers' experience in the New World to be published, which makes it especially valuable since Of Plymouth Plantation (although privately circulated in manuscript form) was not ...

Author: M. Carmen Gomez-Galisteo

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441103949

Category: Literary Criticism

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When the Europeans first arrived in America, they had a number of preconceptions, prejudices, expectations and hopes about what life in the New World would be like. This book examines the different visions and representations of America conveyed in the writings of Spanish conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and the Pilgrim leader William Bradford, taking both writers within their respective literary and historical contexts. Anthologies of American literature have consistently ignored Spanish-language achievements on the grounds of a restrictive interpretation of American literature based on linguistic boundaries. Consequently, Spanish-language texts such as Cabeza de Vaca's or the account by the Hidalgo de Elvas, to name but two examples, have been marginalized in the narrative of American literary history. In seeking to redress this neglect, Galisteo contributes to scholarship which seeks to analyze Early America as a whole, including not only Anglo American perspectives but also the Spanish American aspect of the colonization process.