Mothers and Daughters in Arab Women s Literature

To fully understand the ties that bind mothers and daughters, I analyze their relationship from various perspectives: psychological, feminist, cultural, religious, and political. I illustrate the myriad patterns of this primary bond and ...

Author: Dalya Abudi

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004191099

Category: Social Science

Page: 348

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This study explores the mother-daughter relationship as the most fundamental and most intimate female relationship. It draws on both early and contemporary writings of Arab women to illuminate the traditional and evolving nature of mother-daughter relationships in Arab families and how these family dynamics reflect and influence modern Arab life.

Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother s Emotions

Self-Recovery Guide to Heal the Love-Hate Relationship between Mothers and Daughters, and How to Protect our Daughters from Emotional Legacy Woo-ran Park. young. Through this process, they can acknowledge this new blossoming of the ...

Author: Woo-ran Park

Publisher: 메타세쿼(METASEQUO)

ISBN: 9791197845130

Category: Psychology

Page: 310

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“Mother is Mother, Daughter is Daughter” - A self-recovery guide for all of mothers and daughters by a psychoanalytic expert - How mothers can reclaim their lives as independent women and human beings Why do mothers turn more to their daughters than sons when feeling upset or distressed? Why do mothers look upon their happily married daughters with not just pride but a hint of jealousy? Why do daughters, when thinking about their mothers, feel gratitude as well as guilt and resentment? We need to lose our mothers to find ourselves. And we need to find ourselves for our daughters to live their own lives. Woo-ran Park, a psychoanalytic expert who for more than ten years has conducted over 10,000 psychotherapy and dream interpretation sessions, reaches deep into psychology research and case studies to unlock the secret behind the love-hate relationship between mothers and daughters and explain how we can protect our girls from this emotional wounding across generations. Many reasons lie behind the mother’s obsession with her daughter and the daughter’s inability to break free from this hold. But the author pays particular attention to the female tendency to attain self-realization by meeting the unmet needs of others. Mothers typically see the son or husband as the other and try to satisfy their needs, but when it comes to the daughter, who they see as their equivalent, they’re more likely to make demands. Likewise, daughters identify with the mother and see the mother’s emotions as her own. This is what makes the mother-daughter relationship so complicated: the daughter is angry at the mother who is full of demands but gives little love, and wants to hate her but can’t. This deep psychological bond between the mother and daughter starts to show cracks as they become older, introducing problems, both big and small, into their lives. Feelings of obsession, bitterness, resentment, longing, and gratitude get rolled into one and make the two oscillate between love and hate. In short, the mother and daughter have failed to create a healthy distance between themselves. Then what can we do? Park says we should question the social concept of unconditional motherly love and try to bring to the surface the mom’s deeply-buried wants and desires as a woman. Only then can we forge a path different from our mother’s and our daughters live a different life from our young selves. The author walks us through the main conduits through which the mother’s unconscious is passed onto the daughter—emotions, gaze, unmet needs, maternal love, husband—and how we can reclaim ourselves as not just a woman but as a human being. This book will help you to learn the Psychology for Mothers, Daughters and all of women, and recover yourself: Feelings of Guilt, Resentment, and Gratitude - About Female Emotions Daughters Grow up Feeding on Mother’s Emotions - About Mother’s Emotions Am I Really My Child’s Mother? - About the Maternal Gaze I Wanted to Be Mom’s Loving Daughter - About the Mother’s Unmet Needs All Mothers are Strong? - About Maternal Love Moms Be Moms, Dads Be Dads - About Our Husbands Moms are Human Too - About the Mother’s Recovery NOW GET THE BOOK, and start growing your skills to strengthen your relationships between MOMs and DAUGHTERs!

Janani Mothers Daughters Motherhood

We are all our mothers' daughters. Some of us go on to become mothers of daughters. In that passage, fraught with unexpressed hopes and unfulfilled ambitions, lies my own journey to motherhood. From instinctive teenage rebellion against ...

Author: Rinki Bhattacharya

Publisher: SAGE Publishing India

ISBN: 9789352802708

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

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Bringing together the writings of women from various walks of life - authors, artists, academics and ordinary people - this volume presents their experiences of being mothers and daughters. The complex emotions women go through, as a mother or a daughter, are portrayed in a variety of ways. The contributors provide humane, intimate and compelling real life narratives. The collection includes true stories on adoptive motherhood, step-mothering and single-motherhood within a South Asian context.

Like mother like daughter

and daughters whose accounts you will hear had, in varying degrees, close relationships with their mothers, because those who had troubled relationships were not prepared to commit to the joint interviews, as reported by several of ...

Author: Armstrong, Jill

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447334101

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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Women are encouraged to believe that they can occupy top jobs in society by the example of other women thriving in their careers. Who better to be a role model for career success than your mother? Paradoxically, this book shows that having a mother as a role model, even for graduates of top universities, does not predict daughters progressing in their own careers. It finds that mothers with careers, whilst highly influential in their daughters’ choice of career path, rarely mentor their daughters as they progress. This is partly explained by ‘quiet ambition’ – the tendency of women to be modest about their achievements. Bigger issues are the twin pressures from contemporary motherhood and workplace culture that ironically lead career women’s daughters to believe that being a ‘good mother’ means working part-time. This stalls career progress. Based on a large, cross-generational qualitative sample, this book offers a timely and original perspective on the debate about gender equality in leadership positions.

Writing Mothers and Daughters

The text suggests avenues for future investigation both within and across national boundaries.

Author: Adalgisa Giorgio

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571819536

Category: Literary Collections

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The psychoanalytic discovery of the importance of the preoedipal mother-daughter bond in the 1970s had an important impact on feminist literature. This book offers a systematic study of this theme in western European fiction.

Mother Daughter

Who has not scrutinized her mother or her daughter, searching for bits of herself like a treasure hunt? Elaine O'Neil and Julia Hess's fascinating project will connect with these impulses in every woman. Judging from reactions to my ...

Author: Elaine O'Neil


ISBN: STANFORD:36105133023221

Category: Mothers and daughters

Page: 135

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Through daily portraits, this five-year project charts the physical and emotional changes of two women at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Award-winning photographer, Elaine O'Neil, captures these moments with her daughter in their shared experience. Through the lens of the camera, these moments have come to define the years of their shared experience.

Mothers and Daughters

The interlocking lives and loves of four women, a suburbanite with thwarted musical talent, a dedicated actress, an aging charmer with a past, and a romantic teen-ager.

Author: Evan Hunter

Publisher: Pocket Books of Canada

ISBN: STANFORD:36105047920686

Category: Mothers and daughters

Page: 605

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The interlocking lives and loves of four women, a suburbanite with thwarted musical talent, a dedicated actress, an aging charmer with a past, and a romantic teen-ager.

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Mothers General Fearfulness Their Daughters Locus of Control and General Fearfulness in the Daughter

،عع اهها٢»عع ةهاقاة » س-ف ٠ةع»»لا اسدا الام) لج »اا»، اقع ،عع مل». اكلا قمح س ةااح، ،ع٠ر س ٠ عمع٠٠ »حا لاح ممعع، ٠عم مل . ،٢لع » ،عه ةهه٢ ،اا٠، لهعهم لاح.». جع .ععع مسله٢ه ،ععر ٠هعس ص قلصا وثم-ا ٠ رع٢٠، . اعع عق٢»عع )).

Author: Sally R. Miller


ISBN: UOM:39015006022530

Category: Child psychology

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A larger percentage of urban mothers than urban daughters or rural mothers believed that a woman should work before marriage . The daughters were much more conservative in their opinions concerning work after marriage than their mothers ...



ISBN: UCAL:$B641517



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Mothers Daughters and Other Mysteries

Deborah Whoreville's TV daughter crosses to answer the door. Opening it, she sees her TV mother, Deborah. “Mother. I wasn't expecting you.” “I know,” says Deborah. “It's part of my surprise.” “What surprise?

Author: Heather McPhaul

Publisher: Heather McPhaul

ISBN: 9781469925127

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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Leann Conklin is thirty-something and still looking for her life's calling. She has tried several careers, but found nothing that, well, sticks. This is in steep contrast to her famous mother, daytime soap star Ava Gerard. When Leann stumbles onto a murder case, she finds her life suddenly in danger. Worse, her mother, Ava, has paid her a surprise visit in the Big Apple. Together, the women must work to solve the murder or lose their lives trying.Fans of Stephanie Plum will love MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, AND OTHER MYSTERIES – a story of mystery, suspense, and danger with plenty of quirky humor that will be appreciated by mothers and daughters everywhere.