Morphologies of Faith

... in Honor of Nathan A. Scott, Jr Mary Gerhart, Anthony C. Yu. Morphologies of
Faith Essays in Religion and Culture in Honor of Nathan A . Scott , Jr . Edited by
Mary Gerhart and Anthony C . Yu AAR Studio in Religion 50 Morphologies of

Author: Mary Gerhart


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Morphologies of Asia and Africa

The present publication is meant to broaden the horizons of the overworked
emphasis on the morphological strategy of English (see also Kiraz 2001).3
Morphologies of Asia and Africa (Including the Caucasus) has evolved over the
course of ...

Author: Alan S. Kaye

Publisher: Eisenbrauns

ISBN: 9781575061092

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In 1997, Eisenbrauns published the highly-regarded two-volume Phonologies of Asia and Africa, edited by Alan Kaye with the assistance of Peter T. Daniels, and the book rapidly became the standard reference for the phonologies of the Afro-Asiatic languages. Now the concept has been extended, and Kaye has assembled nearly 50 scholars to write essays on the morphologies of the same language group. The coverage is complete, copious, and again will likely become the standard work in the field. Contributors are an international Who's Who of Afro-Asiatic linguistics, from Appleyard to Leslau to Voigt. It is with great sadness that we report the death of Alan Kaye on May 31, 2007, while these volumes were in the final stages of preparation for the press. Alan was diagnosed with bone cancer on May 1 while on research leave in the United Arab Emirates and was brought home to Fullerton by his son on May 22.

Evolution of Silicon Surface Morphologies During Aqueous Fluorine Etching

directly measured from etched surface morphologies . The quantification of these
etch rates was complicated by a simple fact of kinetics since chemically reactive
sites etch quickly , they are present in very low densities on the etched surface .

Author: Yi-Chiau Huang


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Etching in NH4F also produces macroscopic, dislocation-related etch pits on Si(111) surfaces. These pits are pyramidal and shallow. Aqueous fluorine etching therefore offers an alternative to hazardous, chromium-containing dislocation etchants.


... for the Orange Prize and the Man Booker Prize; and The First Person and
Other Stories (2008). She was also a recipient of the Arts Foundation Fellowship
for the Short Story. The essays in Morphologies also appear in the Comma

Author: Sara Maitland

Publisher: Comma Press


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What makes for a good short story? Being short, you might think the story's structure would yield an answer to this question more readily than, say, the novel. But for as long as the short story has been around, arguments have raged as to what it should and shouldn't be made up of, what it should and shouldn't do. Here ,15 leading contemporary practitioners offer structural appreciations of past masters of the form as well as their own perspectives on what the short story does so well. The best short stories don't have closure, argues one contributor, 'because life doesn't have closure'; 'plot must be written with the denouement constantly in view,' quotes another. Covering a century of writing that arguably saw all the major short forms emerge, from Hawthorne's 'Twice Told Tales' to Kafka's modernist nightmares, these essays offer new and unique inroads into classic texts, both for the literature student and aspiring writer.

Morphologies in Contact

The data presented in this paper are better understood when integrated in a
typology of verb morphologies in contact (see Table 1). This sub-typology is
based on broader language contact typologies as well as on relevant sub-
typologies, ...

Author: Martine Vanhove

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

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This collection of articles takes up the issue of Contact Morphology raised by David Wilkins in 1996. In the majority of contact-related studies, morphology is at best a marginal topic. According to the extant borrowing hierarchies, bound morphology is copied only rarely, if at all, because morphological copies presuppose long-term intensive contact with prior massive borrowing of content words and function words. On the other hand, especially in studies of morphological change, contact is often identified as the decisive factor which triggers the disintegration of morphological systems. However, it remains to be seen whether these two standard treatments of morphology in contact situations exhaust the phenomenology of Contact Morphology. The 14 papers of the present volume shed new light on the behavior of morphology under the conditions of language contact. Fresh empirical data from 40 languages world-wide are presented and new theory-based concepts are discussed. Morphologies in Contact is a first in the history of both morphology and language contact studies. It is meant to mark the beginning of an international research program which explores the entire range of aspects connected to morphologies in contact and thus, paves the way for a full-blown Contact Morphology qua linguistic discipline.

Hypogene Cave Morphologies

The Hypogene Cave Morphologies conference is being held at the Gerace
Research Centre (GRC) February 2-7, 2014. In keeping with the tradition of prior
Karst Waters Institute meetings, the goal is creative interactions between
engaged ...

Author: Alexander Klimchouk

Publisher: Karst Waters Institute

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Special Publication 18

Anthological Morphologies

MORPHOLOGIES. Collected Sequentially Structured Maxims (2014 – 2019).
JOHN. O'LOUGHLIN. This edition of Anthological Morphologies first published
2019 and republished (with revisions) 2020 by Centretruths Digital Media in ...

Author: John O'Loughlin

Publisher: John O'Loughlin/Centretruths Digital Media


Category: Philosophy

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With this anthology of his 'sequentially structured maxims', free thinker John O'Loughlin has finally arrived at the ne plus ultra of his philosophical oeuvre, which combines all the most logically consistent material from the last twelve original titles (2014 – 2019) in one definitive volume that, on account of the comprehensively exacting nature of his quadripartite structures and the way their theorizing evolves, must rank as the 'bible' of his philosophy, if not of all philosophy of a metaphysical persuasion, that yet allows for other categories, both atomic and pseudo-atomic, to be accounted for in such fashion that everything is, as it were, nailed into place the better to support the overall morphology of unrelenting logic.

Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi

Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species, Third Edition describes and illustrates more than 515 fungal species, including:49 oomycetous species belonging to seven genera42 zygomycetous ...

Author: Tsuneo Watanabe

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439804206

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Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi: Morphologies of Cultured Fungi and Key to Species, Third Edition describes and illustrates more than 515 fungal species, including:49 oomycetous species belonging to seven genera42 zygomycetous species belonging to 12 genera52 ascomycetous species belonging to 28 genera42 basidiomycetous species belonging to

Compatibilization of Polymer Blends

While this book will be a highly valuable reference source for academics, researchers and postgraduate students interested in polymer blends, it will also be ideal for anyone involved in the fields of polymer science, polymer chemistry, ...

Author: Ajitha A. R

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780128162880

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Compatibilization of Polymer Blends: Micro and Nano Scale Phase Morphologies, Interphase Characterization and Properties offers a comprehensive approach to the use of compatibilizers in polymer blends, examining both fundamental and advanced knowledge in the field. The book begins by introducing polymer blends, describing thermodynamics, miscibility, and phase separation, and explaining the main concepts of compatibilization. Other sections cover theoretical approaches for nearly compatible blends, incompatible blends, nanofillers, physical compatibilization, reactive compatibilization, morphological and structural characterization, and physico-mechanical characterization. Finally, key application areas are covered, including biomedical applications, packaging and automobile engineering. While this book will be a highly valuable reference source for academics, researchers and postgraduate students interested in polymer blends, it will also be ideal for anyone involved in the fields of polymer science, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, materials science, scientists, R&D professionals, and engineers in involved in the development or engineering of polymer products. Offers detailed and systematic coverage of essential and advanced topics relating to the compatibilization of polymer blends Presents a critical analysis of the effect of compatibilization on morphology and thermal, mechanical, electrical and viscoelastic properties of polymer blends Draws on novel studies and state-of-the-art research, discussing the latest issues and developments

Pictorial Atlas of Soil and Seed Fungi

Fungi have come into demand as sources of biological control agents and of particular physiological active substances.

Author: Tsuneo Watanabe

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420040820

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Fungi have come into demand as sources of biological control agents and of particular physiological active substances. Recent studies indicate that fungi can be the prime cause of sinusitis, asthma, and allergenic troubles. Some fungi can be useful however, and can be used to improve the overall quality of human life. With very few books available

The Antarctic Paleoenvironment

Apical structures of silicoflagellate skeletal morphologies with six basal sides [
from McCartney and Wise , 1990 , Figure 5 ) . ( a ) Distephanus speculum
speculum . ( b ) D . speculum speculum f . pseudofibula . ( c ) D . speculum
speculum f ...

Author: James P. Kennett

Publisher: American Geophysical Union

ISBN: 0875908381

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 60. The Antarctic continent and the surrounding Southern Ocean represent one of the major climate engines of the Earth: coupled components critical in the Earth's environmental system. The contributions in this volume help with the understanding of the long-term evolution of Antarctica's environment and biota. The aim of this and the preceding companion volume is to help place the modern system within a historical context. The environment and biosphere of the Antarctic region have undergone dynamic changes through geologic time. These, in turn, have played a key role in long-term global paleoenvironmental evolution. The development of the Southern Ocean itself, resulting from plate tectonism, created first-order changes in the circulation of the global ocean, in turn affecting meridional heat transport and hence global climates. Biospheric changes responded to the changing oceanic climatic states. Comprehension of the climatic and oceano-graphic processes that have operated at various times in Antarctica's history is crucial to the understanding of the present-day global environmental system. This knowledge will become increasingly important in parallel with concerns about anthropogenically caused global change. How vulnerable is the Antarctic region, especially its ice sheets, to global warming? The question is not parochial, given the potential of sea level change resulting from any Antarctic cryospheric development. Conversely, how much of a role does the Antarctic region, this giant icebox, play in moderating global, including sea level, change?