Easy Beans

Simple, Satisfying Recipes That Are Good for You, Your Wallet, and the Planet Jackie Freeman ... While meat and dairy often have high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, beans are low in fat (most of that fat being unsaturated) and ...

Author: Jackie Freeman

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 9781632172938

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A fresh approach to cooking with one of our most versatile, nutritious and inexpensive pantry staples! Beans are a “superfood” and a budget-conscious, plant-based protein for meat and non-meat eaters alike. An excellent everyday option, they’re easy to make the main focus of a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or to sneak into something for an extra boost (think smoothies!). The cookbook uses popular and widely available beans, pulses, and lentils, and includes forty simple, delicious recipes for dips and spreads, salads and soups, as well as for mains. Whether you’re stocked up on dried or canned beans, there’s plenty of inspiration here. Liven up your weekly meals with this hearty, healthy staple. Recipes include: Pinto Bean Enchiladas with Zucchini and Spinach Turkey and White Bean Chili Split Pea Soup with Bacon, Lemon, and Fresh Herbs Huevos Rancheros Sandwiches Butter Bean and Walnut Dip Vietnamese Black Bean Sticky Rice Vegan Black-Eyed Pea Jambalaya Red Lentil Stew with Dried Apricots Cauliflower and Lima Bean Gratin Dried Cherry Pilaf with Chickpeas and Pistachios Bean Bourguignon (with or without beef) Coconut Curry Split Pea Dal

The Art and Craft of Coffee

Home roasting has the allure of easy entry. ... But any savings disappears the moment you realize that you lose 10 percent weight if you roast light, more as you go ... with darker roasts because these beans can catch fire more easily.

Author: Kevin Sinnott

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 9781610580946

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“In the decades that Kevin Sinnott has spent meeting with and interviewing hundreds of coffee professionals, rather than crossing over to the dark side and becoming one himself, he has taken what he has learned and translated it from coffee geek-speak into English. Why? For the sole purpose of allowing you to better enjoy your coffee. In short, if you like coffee, you will love this book.” —Oren Bloostein, proprietor of Oren’s Daily Roast There is no other beverage that gives you a better way to travel the world than coffee. You can literally taste the volcanic lava from Sumatra, smell the spice fields of India, and lift your spirits to the Colombian mountaintops in your morning cup of joe. The Art and Craft of Coffee shows you how to get the most out of your coffee, from fresh-roasted bean to hand-crafted brew. In The Art and Craft of Coffee, Kevin Sinnott, the coffee world’s most ardent consumer advocate, educates, inspires, and caffeinates you. Inside you will find: Delicous recipes for dozens of coffee and espresso beverages

Living Vegan For Dummies

Useful for meals of any ethnic bent, these versatile bundles of energy are easy to find, store, and prepare. This food group is a large plant ... Digesting beans and legumes more easily Combined with whole grains, 13_522141-ch07.indd 87 ...

Author: Alexandra Jamieson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470585207

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The fun and easy way® to live a vegan lifestyle Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? Already a practicing vegan? More than 3 million Americans currently live a vegan lifestyle, and that number is growing. Living Vegan For Dummies is your one-stop resource for understanding vegan practices, sharing them with your friends and loved ones, and maintaining a vegan way of life. This friendly, practical guide explains the types of products that vegans abstain from eating and consuming, and provides healthy and animal-free options. You'll see how to create a balanced, nutritious vegan diet; read food and product labels to determine animal-derived product content; and stock a vegan pantry. You'll also get 40 great-tasting recipes to expand your cooking repertoire. Features expert guidance in living a vegan lifestyle and explaining it to friends and family Includes proper dietary guidelines so you can get the nutrition you need Gives you several action plans for making the switch to veganism Provides parents with everything they need to understand and support their children's choices With the tips and advice in Living Vegan For Dummies, you can truly live and enjoy a vegan way of life!


More profitable a crop of beans is , all things being equal , than a crop of mangels . ... Moreover , every one knows how hardy a plant is the bean , how easy to grow , coming up vigorously in a few days and soon covering the whole ...

Author: Dairymen's Association of the Province of Québec


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Rural New Yorker

My method of gathering the crop I consider more easy and expeditious than by pulling . I started a man and team with a plow without wheel , as that would shell the beans , the team spreading the row and the plow running an inch and a ...



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An Elementary Physiology and Hygiene for Use in Schools

Cheese , for example , contains a very large amount of valuable food , but it is so hard to digest that it is less useful than meat , which , although it contains less food than cheese , digests more easily . Beans are in some respects ...

Author: Herbert William Conn


ISBN: HARVARD:32044097032080

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Mrs Rorer s Diet for the Sick

Wash a cupful of dried beans, soak them in cold water over night; next morning drain, cover with cold water, bring to boiling point, drain again and throw the water away. ... Lentils are more easy of digestion than either beans or peas.

Author: Sarah Tyson Rorer

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 9781429010924

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This 1914 work by famed cooking teacher Sarah Rorer is a comprehensive source of information and recipes for using diet to treat and prevent disease and preserve health.

A New Medicinal Economical and Domestic HHerbal Containing a Description of Upwards of Six Hundred British Herbs Shrubs Trees c Together with Some Exotic Plants Now Generally Cultivated in the United Kingdom Etc

BEANS.- Are too common to need describing . Nature and Properties . - In general they are nutritive , but tend po produce flatulency . Hence they ought to be boiled in their fresh state , when they are less flatulent and more easily ...



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So Fast So Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

... you can most certainly make a mild chili where all the individual subtle flavors are discernable and everyone can easily eat. Chili is the child of invention. Chili stews appear with or without beans, with meat or without, ...

Author: Beth Hensperger

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811714778

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The only pressure cooker cookbook—for electric and stovetop pressure cookers—you'll ever need! What's not to love about the pressure cooker? Using pressure created by super-heated steam, the pressure cooker can cut cook times by 70 percent, meaning dinner is on the table faster, and with significantly less energy use. Your dinner will be more nutrient-rich because vitamins and other good things won't be lost in evaporating steam. And it will taste delicious and succulent because none of the food's moisture has been allowed to escape. Finally, today's modern pressure cooker has been re-engineered for safety and ease of use, including the development of the electric pressure cooker. Because no moisture evaporates during cooking, conventional stovetop recipes do not work in the pressure cooker. For success, the pressure cooker requires different food to liquid ratios and because of that superheated pressure, cook times are very precise. With this comprehensive guide, the busy cook can use fresh ingredients to create more than 700 tasty recipes developed for and scrupulously tested and retested for the pressure cooker. • Chapters on Poultry, Pork, Beef & Veal, Lamb & Game, and Seafood include Zinfandel-braised short ribs that cook in just 30 minutes, herb-stuffed whole turkey breast and braised lamb shanks ready in 25 minutes, and baby back ribs that pressure-cook in just 15 minutes. • Individual chapters on grains, beans, rice dishes (including risotto and breakfast rice), potatoes, chili, and tomato sauces (with and without meat), as well as on soups, vegetables, desserts, making your own baby food, and much more. • An introductory chapter explains the ins and outs of the pressure cooker, with valuable tips and advice. The authors also include recipes for lots of basics, such as how to cook different types of rice and varieties of dried beans.