Early Black American Playwrights and Dramatic Writers

Langston Hughes was the most prolific radio scriptwriter of the 1940s , having written a number of scripts for the ... This essay has shown the origin and development of the black American playwright from the pre - Civil War period to ...

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The poems of Into These Knots, Ashley Anna McHugh's debut collection, glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven, interrogating and elucidating in elegant and supercharged speech ultimate questions and intimate foibles. With equal parts intelligence and passion, Ms. McHugh can quarrel with scripture or riff on the amorous pleadings of Andrew Marvell or the stark musings of Baudelaire. In "Cairns," a brilliant sequence that plays with the boundaries of the sonnet, mountain hikes in rural West Virginia trace, among other things, the difficult pathways to the divine.

More Black American Playwrights

Drama Review 18 ( September 1974 ) : 49 Miller , Jeanne - Marie A. " Images of Black Women in Plays by Black Playwrights . CLA Journal 20 ( June 1977 ) : 500-01 " New Breed Producer . " The Afro - American ( Baltimore , Md . ) , 12-16 ...

Author: Esther Spring Arata

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Contemporary African American Female Playwrights

Arata, Esther S. More Black American Playwrights: A Bibliography. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1978. Lists published plays of African American dramatists with criticism and reviews on plays through 1978. It is a continuation of Arata ...

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Though Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun (1959) raised the world's awareness of the abilities of African American female playwrights, both the theater and the literary world often have neglected to include contemporary African American women dramatists within the circle of production, publication, and criticism. This reference book sheds light on the achievement of these playwrights and directs researchers to studies of their works. The first section includes a selected listing of anthologies that contain one or more plays by an African American female dramatist who has published at least one play since 1959. The second provides entries for reference works and for general and scholarly criticism about the dramatists and their plays. The third gives a selected listing of individual dramatists' published plays, with summaries of each drama; the dramatists' primary works related to drama; and secondary works that treat the dramatists and their plays. Entries are accompanied by concise yet informative annotations. The volume closes with a selected listing of periodicals that typically publish criticism of African American female playwrights, brief biographical sketches of the dramatists, and extensive indexes.

Black Female Playwrights

SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Abramson, Doris E. Negro Playwrights in the American Theatre 1925-1959. New York: Columbia University Press, 1969. Arata, Esther Spring. More Black American Playwrights. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1978.

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"Fine reading and a superb resource." -- Ms. "Highly recommended." -- Library Journal "Perkins has chosen the plays well, and her issue-oriented introduction places the women and their works in a literary and historical context." -- Choice "As well as being centered on the black experience, the plays in Black Female Playwrights are centered on the female experience." -- Voice Literary Supplement "Perkins' anthology is valuable for a number of reasons... Perkins' book (which includes a bibliography of plays and pageants by black women before 1950 as well as a selected bibliography of critical works) is a major help in providing access to [the world of black drama]." -- Theatre Journal The need to acknowledge these works was the impetus behind this volume. Perkins has selected nineteen plays from seven writers who were among the major dramatizers of the black experience during this early period. As forerunners to the activist black theater of the 1950s and 1960s, these plays represent a critical stage in the development of black drama in the United States.

African American Dramatists

Except for the occasional critic mentioning Franklin's name in passing as a late-twentieth-century African American woman playwright, there is no criticism of her work. Most of her plays are inaccessible to students and critics of ...

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Presents alphabetical entries for sixty-one playwrights who wrote from the early nineteenth through the late twentieth century, containing biographical information about the authors and critical assessments of their works.

American Writers

Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1976. ———. More Black American Playwrights: A Bibliography. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1978. Bailey, Brooke. The Remarkable Lives of 100 Women Writers and Journalists. Holbrook, Mass.

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"American Writers focuses on the rich diversity of American novelists

The A to Z of African American Theater

The Development of Black Theatre in America: From Shadows to Selves. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University ... PLAYWRIGHTS. Arata, Esther Spring. More Black American Playwrights: A Bibliography. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1978.

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African American Theater is a vibrant and unique entity enriched by ancient Egyptian rituals, West African folklore, and European theatrical practices. A continuum of African folk traditions, it combines storytelling, mythology, rituals, music, song, and dance with ancestor worship from ancient times to the present. It afforded black artists a cultural gold mine to celebrate what it was like to be an African American in The New World. The A to Z of African American Theater celebrates nearly 200 years of black theater in the United States, identifying representative African American theater-producing organizations and chronicling their contributions to the field from its birth in 1816 to the present. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries on actors, directors, playwrights, plays, theater producing organizations, themes, locations, and theater movements and awards.

Willis Richardson Forgotten Pioneer of African American Drama

The African - American dramatists of the 1920s related more authentically African - American life and culture than works written by whites about blacks could possibly have done . Whites did not , indeed could not , participate in the ...

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During the 1920s and 1930s, Willis Richardson (1889-1977) was respected as a significant African-American playwright and drama anthologist. His plays were performed by numerous black high school, college, and university drama groups and by various theater companies in Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Baltimore, and Atlanta. Several of his 46 plays were published in various magazines. In his essays, he urged African Americans to seek their dramatic material in their own experiences. He also edited three anthologies of plays by black dramatists. With the opening performance of The Chip Woman's Fortune (1923), he became the first African American to have a play produced on Broadway. But between 1940 and his death in 1977, Richardson came to realize that his plays were period pieces and that they no longer reflected the African-American experience. In spite of his enormous contributions, Richardson died in obscurity, and his work has been neglected by scholars. This critical biography offers the first extensive consideration of Richardson's life and work and firmly reestablishes his place in the history of the theater.

Black American Writers Bibliographical Essays vol 2 Richard Wright Ralph Ellison James Baldwin Amiri Baraka

But Weales much more successfully sheds light on Baraka's abilities, contrasting him favorably with James Baldwin and tracing his rejection of white audiences for black. Although Weales lacks both familiarity and sympathy with most of ...

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Literary Influence and African American Writers

McKay recorded more black/Irish connections than anyone, but we don't know how many of them were all in his head. Because Yeats and Lady Gregory did not meet AfricanAmerican writers like McKay and they knew little of American racial ...

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