Modern table tennis strokes trainings strategies

The second principle of table tennis tactics – “compliance of tactical decisions to physical, technical and mental capabilities of the athlete”. It is very important when performing movements to understand their mental, technical and ...

Author: Artyom Utochkin

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785041281823

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The book describes modern strokes, strategy and trainings in table tennis.Basic strokes paradigm shift is considered: the forehand topspin (loop), the backhand topspin (loop) and the serves. Variations of these strokes are given in detailed drawings: how to hit in a particular game situation.An analysis of the game strategies by the top athletes. Recommendations to physical training.The book will be useful for table tennis fans, as well as professional athletes and coaches.

Modern Table Tennis Tactics

This book is a manual on level development on table tennis for athletes and players who seek to level up their game.

Author: Stefanos Ampelakiotis

Publisher: Blurb

ISBN: 1034860992


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This book is a manual on level development on table tennis for athletes and players who seek to level up their game. It is a highly dependable tool containing 55 figures and designs, 124 pictures with a model athlete, and 63 drills which are at your disposal to use during training. There are two main parts in the book, the modern technique of all the movements and the basic part of the book which is the tactics. Through careful study and application, you will develop skills such us observation, perception and explosiveness in both body and mind, among others. The special part of the book is the detailed analysis of modern table tennis tactics with the aim of solving problems which are difficult to detect. The author analyze tactics and problems an athlete-player will face and suggests specific solutions with tips and high-level specialized exercises. This book will teach you how to win the game.

Table Tennis Tactics

SERVICE. TACTICS. In modern table tennis, the serve is very important as it is the only stroke which does not involve a reaction to a previous shot from your opponent, which means that it can be played without any time pressure.

Author: Klaus-M. Geske

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport

ISBN: 9781782557791

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The book contains an age-appropriate collection of all aspects of table tennis tactics for young players. It helps you to read your opponent's game better and to decide how to play against forehand- or backhand-dominant players. There are also valuable tips on how playing tempo can be used as a tactical element, how to produce and read ball spin and how to influence it with a suitable racket surface, and how the service game is used to take tactical control of the game. With numerous photos and illustrations, a self-test questionnaire, portraits of the best table tennis players, the official rules and tactical know-how, this book will soon become your table tennis bible.

Modern Sports around the World History Geography and Sociology

1902 – A professor visiting England from Japan learns of Ping-Pong and brings it back to Japan. 1921 – The Table Tennis Association is established. 1927 – Hungarian Roland Jacobi wins the first table tennis world championship.

Author: David Asa Schwartz

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440868801

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Modern Sports around the World focuses on the history, geography, sociology, economics, and technological advancements of 50 sports played from India to Ireland. Sports have become an international spectacle that influences nations' foreign policy, world economies, and regional morale. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake as governments and multinational corporations rush to make sure they have a place at the table. And yet, sports come from humble beginnings. We are fascinated by who can run the fastest, lift the most weight, jump the highest, swim the farthest, and act with the most precision. The history of sports is the history of the world. Modern Sports around the World examines 50 of the world's most popular sports. Each chapter features one sport and details that sport's origins, global migration, economic forces, media influences, political environment, pop-culture inspirations, scandalous moments, and key individuals. Sports history is a tapestry of sociological variables; Modern Sports around the World weaves them together to create a unique history book that explains not only where humanity has been, but where it might be going. Provides readers with a global historical understanding of 50 of the world's most popular sports Demonstrates the many ways sports touch all of our lives, whether through economics, pop culture and entertainment, or politics Explains the ways people of the world are connected through sports, bridging economic class and geographic location Shows how sports mirror, and sometimes instigate, social progress, including the advancement of gender, race, class, and cultural issues Gives examples of ways athletes inspire people through exceptional individual and group achievements

Table Tennis

Tips from a World Champion Bernd-Ulrich Groß, Werner Schlager ... 9781782557425 278 pages Buy now and read In this book, Timo Boll and Bernd-Ulrich Groß provide the reader with as much information as possible about modern table tennis.

Author: Bernd-Ulrich Groß

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport

ISBN: 9781841268620

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"Table Tennis - Tips from a World Champion? is a practical training book for successful table tennis. The aim is not to copy Werner Schlager as a player but to use his tips to find your own way to use them successfully. Numerous picture series explain technique and tactic. This book is meant to encourage individuality in technique and game.

Table Tennis with Timo Boll

In this book, Timo Boll and Bernd-Ulrich Groß provide the reader with as much information as possible about modern table tennis.

Author: Bernd-Ulrich Groß

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport

ISBN: 9781782557425

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In this book, Timo Boll and Bernd-Ulrich Groß provide the reader with as much information as possible about modern table tennis. Timo's exceptional technique and successful game are analyzed in more than 50 instructional photo series with nearly 700 serial photos and more than 100 individual photos. The left-hander is considered the master of rotation. This book will tell you exactly why. Timo's many checks and tips provide a wealth of information for one's own practice. His thoughts on tactics and playing philosophy, as well as information on racket material and training, complete the book. It is a tutorial for all players and coaches who want to take their game to the next level. The extensive photo material will be a valuable resource for achieving ambitious goals in table tennis.

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In the early 1900s, the sport's official name was changed from Ping-Pong to table tennis. It is slowly becoming more popular in the ... It is also a sport that requires strategic thinking and tactics. Table tennis is one of the most ...

Author: Stacy M. DeBroff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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Offers guidance for parents on how to select the most compatible activities for their children, prepare for cost and time commitments, avoid over-scheduling and burnout, and handle negative child attitudes.


Skills, Techniques, Tactics Jenny Heaton. CHAPTER. 1. A. BRIEF. HISTORY. AND. THE. BASIC. RULES. Table tennis is believed to have been devised in the 1880s as an adaptation of lawn tennis that could be playedon the dining room table.

Author: Jenny Heaton

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 9781847974389

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Crowood Sports Guides provide sound, practical advice that will help make you a better sportsperson whether you are learning the basic skills, discovering more advanced techniques or reviewing the fundamentals of your game. Featured in this book are: information boxes containing Top Tips and Key Points; an introduction to the rules, equipment and tournament play; colour action shots, sequence photographs of the strokes and detailed diagrams; an analysis of the skills and techniques needed by players just beginning table tennis, and by intermediate and advanced level players; helpful advice on different styles of play and tactics; practical information concerning coaching, table exercises, training and nutrition