The Christian Misconception

When we consider how all of life's decisions are based on what is thought to be true, we can fully appreciate the gravity of misconception. Just as knowing the direction of the wind becomes crucial to the sail of a ship, ...


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Fatal Misconception

Author: Matthew Connelly

Publisher: Harvard University Press

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Listen to a short interview with Matthew Connelly Host: Chris Gondek - Producer: Heron & Crane Fatal Misconception is the disturbing story of our quest to remake humanity by policing national borders and breeding better people. As the population of the world doubled once, and then again, well-meaning people concluded that only population control could preserve the quality of life. This movement eventually spanned the globe and carried out a series of astonishing experiments, from banning Asian immigration to paying poor people to be sterilized. Supported by affluent countries, foundations, and non-governmental organizations, the population control movement experimented with ways to limit population growth. But it had to contend with the Catholic Church's ban on contraception and nationalist leaders who warned of race suicide. The ensuing struggle caused untold suffering for those caught in the middle--particularly women and children. It culminated in the horrors of sterilization camps in India and the one-child policy in China. Matthew Connelly offers the first global history of a movement that changed how people regard their children and ultimately the face of humankind. It was the most ambitious social engineering project of the twentieth century, one that continues to alarm the global community. Though promoted as a way to lift people out of poverty--perhaps even to save the earth--family planning became a means to plan other people's families. With its transnational scope and exhaustive research into such archives as Planned Parenthood and the newly opened Vatican Secret Archives, Connelly's withering critique uncovers the cost inflicted by a humanitarian movement gone terribly awry and urges renewed commitment to the reproductive rights of all people.


Because through our ordeal we have discovered so many misconceptions. We have had to face misconceptions of our own about in vitro. Though we believed we were wellinformed before we proceeded, we have learned much more about the ins and ...

Author: Paul and Shannon Morell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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The never-told story of the "other couple"-the biological parents of the baby-in the famous embryo mix-up case that astounded the public in September 2009. Now breaking their silence, Paul and Shannon Morell reveal for the first time the shocking truth of what happened to all their embryos and their long ordeal after discovering that their last-chance embryo had been mistakenly transferred into the womb of another woman. Theirs is a story of medical mix-ups, medical miracles, of bonding with their son after another woman gave birth to him, and of the faith that sustains them as they reflect on the huge questions arising from their IVF experience.


misconceptions about race, class, reproduction, and fertility. The media, medical texts, and social policies have continuously lauded the childbearing practicesof higherclass, white women. Policies have encouraged affluent women to have ...

Author: Ann V. Bell

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

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Despite the fact that, statistically, women of low socioeconomic status (SES) experience greater difficulty conceiving children, infertility is generally understood to be a wealthy, white woman’s issue. In Misconception, Ann V. Bell overturns such historically ingrained notions of infertility by examining the experiences of poor women and women of color. These women, so the stereotype would have it, are simply too fertile. The fertility of affluent and of poor women is perceived differently, and these perceptions have political and social consequences, as social policies have entrenched these ideas throughout U.S. history. Through fifty-eight in-depth interviews with women of both high and low SES, Bell begins to break down the stereotypes of infertility and show how such depictions consequently shape women’s infertility experiences. Prior studies have relied solely on participants recruited from medical clinics—a sampling process that inherently skews the participant base toward wealthier white women with health insurance. In comparing class experiences, Misconception goes beyond examining medical experiences of infertility to expose the often overlooked economic and classist underpinnings of reproduction, family, motherhood, and health in contemporary America. Watch a video with Ann V. Bell: Watch video now. (

Misconception and Orthodoxy

The lexical meaning of the word misconception is misconception That is, there must be misconceptions in human life, that is normal and subject to real reasoning Every human being had a misconception, has and will have 7 No matter how ...

Author: NK Mondal

Publisher: Pencil

ISBN: 9789355591210

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About the book: Misconceptions and orthodoxy is a book about religious misconceptions and superstitions. An Anti-Misconception and Anti-Superstition book by renowned Indian writer and philosopher NK Mandal Sir. Mainly written about religion. Q&A books. The book does not attack any religion, but rather the superstitions are selected from the religion. The book is written in favor of religion. The author says that I am trying to sort out the superstitious principles from religion. Ordinary people will get back the true and real form. Many people may misunderstand me without reading the book but once you read it with your mind, if you have knowledge, you will come to the true path and religion will seem easy.

A Misconception Removed

Publishers' Note Eik Ghalati Ka Izala (A Misconception Removed)— written by Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the Promised Messiah and Mahdias, in 1901—deals with some misconceptions regarding his claim. The Promised Messiahas goes ...

Author: Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Aḥmad

Publisher: Islam International

ISBN: 9781853729126

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A Misconception removed is an English translation of Eik Ghalati Ka Izala written by the Promised Messiah (as) in 1901. The book addresses the issue of the true nature of the Promised Messiah's (as) status as a Prophet and Messenger of God and explains at length how his Prophethood does not in anyway contravene the concept of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. The verse of Khataman Nabiyyincontains a prophecy that none except a Zill of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) can come after him. The Zill is never independent of the original. It is written in the book of Hadith that the Promised Messiah will be like the Holy Prophet (sa). The belief that Jesus Christ himself will come to this world will change the connotation of Khataman Nabiyyin. Denial of a Nabi (Prophet) is tantamount to believing that this umma has been deprived of Divine address and converse. Only, door for a law bearing Prophet has been closed after the Holy Prophet (sa). The Promised Messiah (as) says: 'Whenever I have denied being a Prophet or Messenger, it has only been in the sense that I have not brought an independent law nor am I an independent Prophet.' The coming of a Prophet and Messenger in the form of Buruz (spiritual manifestation of a Prophet) is substantiated by the Holy Quran.

The Genesis of Misconception

There are several misconceptions from the time of Abraham that deserve at least a short discussion. One of the earliest misconceptions I ignored was the story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah. This story is partially an attempt to describe ...

Author: Paul John

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

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The Genesis of Misconception is the first book in a trilogy called, appropriately The Misconception Trilogy. It presents a comparison between the Bible texts and archaeology as well as documented history of the ancient world. This book covers the time period from the beginning in Genesis until the emergence of Christianity. The author, a devoted Christian, at one point in his life questions belief shown to be inaccurate though archaeology and history. This book shows how stories from Mesopotamia may have been incorporated into the Bible. This book is primarily an analysis and critique of the technology, errors, strange stories, out of context narratives in the wrong time period using material, technology, or means of transport not invented, discovered, or mastered. As a protestant originally, the Bible was presented in the author's education as a true story or history of Israel and Judah by inspired writers or prophets. The reader is presented with facts and knowledge that stimulate thought provoking questioning of the accepted beliefs. The 3000-year-old stories and beliefs which most intelligent persons exempt from criticism are called into question. The worship of Yahweh or God was indeed practiced in Judah. In Israel it was Yahweh and his consort Asherah as well as the despised god Ba'al of the prophets. There were clearly interrelationships between Abraham's God El, Ba'al, and Yahweh or God. Judah was definitely where the history as well as the Bible originated, not Israel. This development is shown along with the proof that Judah bought and paid for the destruction of Israel. The reality of the ancient world is discussed along with the misconceptions with the hope of inciting thought and openness to the possibilities of other alternatives.

The Mega Misconception Book

“Ultimate” means “the best.” “Ultimate” was a Latin word that meant “the last one.” However, I will use it in the right context by saying this misconception is the ultimate fact in this chapter. The 10 Most Bizarre Misconceptions 1586.

Author: James Egan


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Misconception upon our Imagination

... My life was seasoned, My world became alert, Finding misconceptions of the world, They quietly attack, Then devour them, Upon the time they lower the prey's threshold, Deceive them when seasoned in their favor, Where can I stand?

Author: Donald Olsen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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These poems come from the past adventures of my life, and made to help inspire others that there is a better way to see a more positive outlook on everyday life.

The Misconception of Love

Are the latter assumptions and misconceptions? Or do you have a different perception? Let us dissect it to put an end in all this infection. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few letters you can read and let sink in.

Author: Carmela Reynoso

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098056537

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Have you ever wondered what love is supposed to look like? Have you ever truly found it? Will you ever really feel it? What if love isn't all that you thought it was? And instead, love took hold of your heart only to dispose of it like rubbish. What then? Do you give up trying to find the love that everyone says exist and just live life with an aching heart? Since, the love you've experienced is the only type of love that exists for you. Would you dare to listen to another and see love from a different perspective; together? What if I told you that you're right? That love has it's ugly side; just like we all do. Would you only see just that? Knowing that love also has its precious side. Love is a concept that has no official concept. It is what it is; Love. We have all gone through heartbreak. But only the lucky ones have experienced true love's kiss. You say love is this. I say love is that. But, if Love were a person, what would it say about itself? This book brings Love and Heartbreak to life. If you dare to eavesdrop on their conversation, be sure to prepare your emotions. Love and Heartbreak have plenty to say. The words that spill from their lips aren't easy to sip. Yet, it's medicine that equips.