Ministry of Deacons in Urban America

Pastor of St James Baptist Church, San Francisco, CAI am using this book for training my deacons. This book is mandatory reading for my deacons, and should be in the hands of every Baptist Church member.

Author: John Brinson

Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)

ISBN: 149824713X

Category: Religion

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Religion and Community in the New Urban America

Thurston processed into the sanctuary with one deacon in front and two following. Representatives of the church's key ministries were prominently visible and seated in orderly fashion: the deacons, the nurses and church mothers dressed ...

Author: Paul D. Numrich

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190266660

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

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Religion and Community in the New Urban America examines the interrelated transformations of cities and urban congregations. The authors ask how the new metropolis affects local religious communities and what role those communities play in creating the new metropolis. Through an in-depth study of fifteen Chicago congregations-Catholic parishes, Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques, and a Hindu temple, both city and suburban-this book describes congregational life and measures congregational influences on urban environments. Paul D. Numrich and Elfriede Wedam challenge the view held by many urban studies scholars that religion plays a small role-if any-in shaping postindustrial cities and that religious communities merely adapt to urban structures in a passive fashion. Taking into account the spatial distribution of constituents, internal traits, and external actions, each congregation's urban impact is plotted on a continuum of weak, to moderate, to strong, thus providing a nuanced understanding of the significance of religion in the contemporary urban context. Presenting a thoughtful analysis that includes maps of each congregation in its social-geographic setting, the authors offer an insightful look into urban community life today, from congregations to the places in which they are embedded.

Understanding the Diaconate

As urban areas tend to already have institutions for the distribution of social services, the local church may identify less populated areas as the sphere of diaconal ministry. Alternatively, deacons could be entrusted with promoting ...

Author: W. Shawn McKnight

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 9780813230351

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What is a deacon? More than fifty years since the restoration of the permanent diaconate by the Second Vatican Council, the office of deacon is still in need of greater specificity about its purpose and place within the mission and organizational structure of the Church. While the Church is more than a social reality, the Church nonetheless has a social reality. Our understanding of the diaconate therefore benefits from a theological discussion of the divine element of the Church and a sociological examination of the human element. Understanding the Diaconate adds the resources of sociology and anthropology to the theological sources of scripture, liturgy, patristic era texts, theologians, and magisterial teachings to conclude that the deacon can be understood as “social intermediary and symbol of communitas” who serves the participation of the laity in the life and mission of the Church. This research proposes the deacon as a servant of the bond of communion within the Church (facilitating the relationship between the bishop/priest and his people), and between the People of God and the individual in need. Thus authentic diaconal ministry includes a vast array of many concrete contexts of pastoral importance where one does more than simply serve at Mass.

Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America

Throughout history, women's increased participation in the ministries of the church has held tremendous potential to ... in many urban areas, taxing inadequate or nonexistent social service, educational, and health-care infrastructures.

Author: Rosemary Skinner Keller

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253346858

Category: Reference

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A fundamental and well-illustrated reference collection for anyone interested in the role of women in North American religious life.

Black Queen Without a Throne

You must read this insightful book!Chinelo Uwakwe, Nurse (Nigerian/American) In the midst of the darkness of the African American male and female turmoil, I can see the light of solution in 'Black Queen Without a Throne.

Author: John Brinson

Publisher: Resource Publications (OR)

ISBN: 1498246478


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In a most masterful way, 'Black Queen Without a Throne' navigates the treacherous waters of the external, undeclared un-civil war that exists between men and women of African descent. This is must reading for right thinking" Black men and women who desire to end the madness.Dr. Michael S. Williams, D/Min, (Pastor, St James Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA.)If we read this book and take it to heart, our subsequent actions will lead us to liberation. Read 'Black Queen Without a Throne.'Dr. Larry Atkins, D/Theology, (Pastor, All Nations Baptist Church, Oakland, CA)This presentation on the conflict between the New African man and woman is such that any reader easily understands, and agrees with it. Not only is the problem exposed, but a solution to this devastation is also offered. You must read this insightful book!Chinelo Uwakwe, Nurse (Nigerian/American) In the midst of the darkness of the African American male and female turmoil, I can see the light of solution in 'Black Queen Without a Throne.'Seyyida Naylor, (A Throne-less, Black Queen)

Priesthood in a New Millennium

24 At Episcopal seminaries, Urban Holmes trenchantly remarked in 1979, “Frankly, we train priests, not deacons. ... Its 1968 report entitled Women in Ministry was in effect a review of diaconal ministry, while the legislation ...

Author: R. David Cox

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780898693881

Category: Religion

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This important book examines priestly identity as it has evolved within Anglicanism over the last 15 years, including the ways in which the once nearly synonymous terms “English” and “Anglican” diverged over the years. In the process, the author delineates an intellectual and social history of modern Anglicanism.


THE DIACONATE PAUL W. CARLSON Deacon Spears : urban minister to his people One of the more unique and specialized ... this ministry developed as the result of the migration of Native Americans from the reservations to urban centers .



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Civic Passions

Seven who Launched Progressive America (and what They Teach Us) Cecelia Tichi ... A faculty job could be as unsteady as a church ministry, for the deacons had no qualms about “sacking” a minister these days.

Author: Cecelia Tichi

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807833001

Category: History

Page: 382

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A gripping and inspiring book, Civic Passionsexamines innovative leadership in periods of crisis in American history. Starting from the late nineteenth century, when respected voices warned that America was on the brink of collapse, Cecelia Tichi e

You Have Stept Out of Your Place

37 The women's ministry was to be centrally one of service , and that definition cut two ways . ... their graduates were sent out to work in foreign missions or parishes , especially those in urban areas concerned with social outreach .

Author: Susan Hill Lindley

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664257992

Category: Religion

Page: 516

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Women throughout American history have repeatedly been accused of "stepping out of their places" as many have fought for more rewarding roles in the church and society. In this book, Susan Hill Lindley demonstrates that just as religion in the traditional sense has influenced the lives of American women through its institutions, values, and sanctions, so women themselves have had significant effect on the shape of American religion through the years.

The Diaconate in Ecumenical Perspective

A discussion of the historical development of the order of deacons, its theological basis in the Western and Eastern Churches, and the relevance and significance of the diaconate for the Church in the twenty-first century.

Author: Frederick C. (Fritz) Bauerschmidt

Publisher: Sacristy Press

ISBN: 9781789590371

Category: Religion

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A discussion of the historical development of the order of deacons, its theological basis in the Western and Eastern Churches, and the relevance and significance of the diaconate for the Church in the twenty-first century.

The Diaconate

The ministry of Tom Dorris, a deacon of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America of the Synod of Metropolitan New York, ... where many victims of “urban warfare” are treated, pastoral work with his parish's sick and shut-ins, ...

Author: James Monroe Barnett

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781563380938

Category: Religion

Page: 253

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This book is a highly readable, comprehensive study that has established itself as the definitive work on the diaconate. Drawing upon original sources, the book provides valuable insights into the development of the office of the deacon in the early church and situates it within the context of the church s total ministry. Dr. Barnett contends that a radical change in the nature and understanding of the church s ministry took place in the fourth century. A ministry that had included the whole people of God in a horizontal, organic structure gave way to one that was clerical and hierarchical. This change, among other factors, eventually transformed the diaconate into an inconsequential, transitional office on the way to the priesthood. Responding to the present-day revival of the diaconate in the Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and other churches, Barnett calls for a restoration of the office to its original place as full and equal order, thus re-creating the great symbol of the servant ministry that Christ gave to all the church. James Monroe Barnett, now living in retirement in Omaha, is the former rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Norfolk, NE.

Priestly Ministry in Multiple Parishes

Further , even more of the U.S. population is moving from rural to urban areas . The continual drop in the number of people in rural America seriously affects nearly all small parishes across the country , except on the East and West ...

Author: Katarina Schuth

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814618294

Category: Religion

Page: 233

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During the past twenty years, and continuing at an increasing rate, individual priests and lay ministers have been asked to serve multiple parishes. Schuth looks at models of leadership that contribute to vital parishes as well as factors that might lead to the diminishment of vibrant parish life. Readers hear the voices of pastors as they express the rewards and challenges of serving more than one parish. But Katarina Schuth does far more than a statistical analysis of this emerging model of parish ministry. Through extensive research and interviews with pastors, she looks at models of leadership that contribute to vital parishes as well as factors that might lead to the diminishment of vibrant parish life. In Priestly Ministry in Multiple Parishes, we hear the voices of pastors as they express the rewards and challenges of serving more than one parish. These voices serve to guide and support the growing number of ministers who serve multiple parishes. Just as important, however, these voices provide insight for bishops, diocesan staff, and seminary educators as they strive to meet the special needs of these ministers and the people the serve. Katarina Schuth, O.S.F., Ph.D., holds the Endowed Chair for the Social Scientific Study of Religion at The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity. Her other books include Educating Leaders for Ministry: Issues and Responses (with Victor J. Klimoski and Kevin J.O 'Neil, Liturgical Press, 2005); Seminaries, Theologates, and the Future of Church Ministry: An Analysis of Trends and Transitions (Liturgical Press, 1999); and Reason for the Hope: The Futures of Roman Catholic Theologates (Michal Glazier, 1989).

Inferior Office

In the case of the ECUSA, ordination as deacons was thought to be appropriate for Native Americans and individuals on ... a diocesan urban officer, a DAC secretary, a part-time ministry development officer, a parish deacon-in-charge and ...

Author: Francis Young

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9780227903728

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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In spite of the centrality of the threefold orders of bishop, priest and deacon to Anglicanism, deacons have been virtually invisible in the contemporary Church of England. 'Inferior Office?' is the first complete history of this neglected portion of theclergy, tracing the church's changing theology of the diaconate from the Ordinal of 1550 to the present day. Francis Young skilfully overturns the widely held belief that before the twentieth century, the diaconate was merely a brief and nominal period of probation for priests, revealing how it became an integral part of the Elizabethan defence of conformity and exploring the diverse range of ministries assumed by lifelong deacons in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Lifelong deacons often belonged to a marginalised 'lower class' of the clergy that has since been forgotten, an oversight of considerable importance to the wider social history of the clergy that is corrected in this volume. 'Inferior Office?' tells the story of persistent calls for the revival of a distinctive diaconate within the Victorian Church of England and situates the institution of deaconesses and later revival of the distinctive diaconate for women, as well as subsequent developments, within their wider historical context. Set against this backdrop, Young presents a balanced case both for and against the further development of a distinctive diaconate today, offering much to further discussion and debate amongst clergy of the Church of England and all those with an interest in the rich tapestry of its history.

Professional Careers Sourcebook

4463 * Outstanding Institutional Chaplain American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. National Ministries c / o American ... Aims to enlarge an ecumenical understanding of the ministry of deacons as distinctively oriented toward service .

Author: Sara T. Bernstein

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 0810389150

Category: Occupations

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Where to find help planning careers that require college or technical degrees.

The Courage to Lead

Leadership in the African American Urban Church James Henry Harris ... Leadership A. Membership to the Diaconate Ministry (deacons, deaconesses) Trustees and Finance Committees comes by recommendation of the Pastor.

Author: James Henry Harris

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9780742575455

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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This book focuses on pastoral and lay leadership in the African American church. It deals with the internal and external issues such as the tendency toward a bifurcated mentality and practice such as the 'this is business' syndrome as well as the social issue of race and affirmative action. Ministers and laity in the black church must actively engage themselves in overcoming the inequities that are still endemic to life in urban America. Harris affirms that affirmative action policies are more important than ever in obtaining a degree of social justice.

Timetables of African American History

A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in African-American History Sharon Harley ... is ordained a minister and pastors a black Baptist church in Ohio Minister Henry McNeal Turner is ordained a deacon in the African ...

Author: Sharon Harley

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684815787

Category: History

Page: 400

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Lists both famous and little known African Americans and includes historical moments, legal actions, cultural events, and more

American Methodism

Students gained knowledge and skills for urban America by fieldwork which included house-to-house visitation among ... the work of these vocationally single deaconesses as that of “the Mother in the Church,” the “characteristic ministry ...

Author: Russell E. Richey

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426742279

Category: Religion

Page: 276

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An essential guide to American Methodism.