Knowing how to identify metadiscourse as a reader is a key skill to be learnt by students of discourse analysis and this book makes this a central goal.

Author: Ken Hyland

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350063594

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 296

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First released in 2005, Ken Hyland's Metadiscourse has become a canonical account of how language is used in written communication. 'Metadiscourse' is defined as the ways that writers reflect on their texts to refer to themselves, their readers or the text itself. It is a key resource in language as it allows the writer to engage with readers in familiar and expected ways and as such it is an important tool for students of academic writing in both the L1 and L2 context. This book achieves for main goals: - to provide an accessible introduction to metadiscourse, discussing its role and importance in written communication and reviewing current thinking on the topic - to explore examples of metadiscourse in a range of texts from business, academic, journalistic, and student writing - to offer a new theory of metadiscourse - to show the relevance of this theory to students, academics and language teachers The book shows how writers use the devices of metadiscourse to adjust the level of personality in their texts, to offer a representation of themselves and their arguments. It shows how these tools help the reader organise, interpret and evaluate the information presented in the text. Knowing how to identify metadiscourse as a reader is a key skill to be learnt by students of discourse analysis and this book makes this a central goal.

Metadiscourse in L1 and L2 English

This work is of interest both to linguists and to educators concerned with writing in English.

Author: Annelie Ädel

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027293299

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 243

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The pervasive phenomenon of metadiscourse – commentary on the ongoing discourse – is beginning to take its rightful place among the major topics of discourse studies. This book makes simultaneous contributions to the theory of metadiscourse, corpus-based methods of studying such phenomena, and our knowledge of metadiscourse use in written English. After comprehensively reviewing previous research, it introduces a more rigorous and empirical approach to metadiscourse studies. Ädel presents a new model of metadiscourse based on Jakobson’s functions of language, and other conceptual tools, including explicit features for defining metadiscourse, a taxonomy of the functions it serves, and maps of the boundaries between it and related phenomena. A large-scale study of writing by L1 and L2 university students is presented, in which the L2 speakers’ overuse of metadiscourse strongly marks them as lacking in communicative competence. This work is of interest both to linguists and to educators concerned with writing in English.

Strategies in Academic Discourse

On the boundaries between evaluation and metadiscourse Annelie Ädel Göteborg University , Sweden This paper argues for a distinction between evaluation and metadiscourse , which is illustrated with examples from corpora of argumentative ...

Author: Elena Tognini-Bonelli

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027222908

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 212

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Papers selected from a conference on evaluation in academic discourse held June, 2003, at the Certosa di Pontignano, Siena

Metadiscourse in Academic Speech

This title studies spoken metadiscourse in two academic genres in the engineering field, the lecture and the peer seminar.

Author: Marta Aguilar

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 303911509X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

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Even though metadiscourse has recently received considerable attention, most research revolves around written, not spoken, metadiscourse. This book studies spoken metadiscourse in two academic genres in the engineering field, the lecture and the peer seminar. It examines what motivates metadiscourse and how engineering academics resort to different types of metadiscourse when they address different audiences. Based on relevance theory (RT), this study provides a socio-cognitive framework within which metadiscourse is analysed. The author draws on RT's generic concept of cognitive environment and uses it to describe the academic context in particular. This theoretical perspective provides novel insights into motivations, abilities and preferences of engineering academics when using metadiscourse in the two genres under study.

Exploring Courtroom Discourse

Influencing the receiver's perspective of a text or of an utterance is a central aspect of metadiscourse, in fact Hyland (2005) argues that metadiscourse includes all those linguistic features of the text which explicitly refer to the ...

Author: Ms Anne Wagner

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409497653

Category: Law

Page: 286

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This volume presents a combination of practical, empirical research data and theoretical reflection to provide a comparative view of language and discourse in the courtroom. The work explores how the various disciplines of law and linguistics can help us understand the nature of "Power and Control" - both oral and written - and how it might be clarified to unravel linguistic representation of legal reality. It presents and examines the most recent research and theories at national and international levels. The book represents a valuable contribution to the study and analysis of courtroom discourse and courtroom cultures more generally. It will be of interest to students and researchers working in the areas of language and law, legal theory, interpretation, and semiotics of law.

Discourse in the Professions

( 1995 ) who found evidence that textual metadiscourse can be multifunctional . Connective expressions simultaneously served both textual and interpersonal functions . Mayer ( 1987 ) studied the instructional variables that influence ...

Author: ... Connor-Upton

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027222878

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 333

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This book explores the structure and use of academic and professional discourse through the lens of corpus linguistics. The goal of this book is to show how insights from corpus linguistic analyses can help us better understand how we use academic and professional language and help us find ways to better train newcomers to the genres used in various professional contexts. The contributions to this book show that specialized corpora of specific genres from a variety of fields allow us to make more relevant observations about the function and use of language for particular purposes. The specialized corpora examined include written and spoken academic genres, written and spoken business and legal genres, and written philanthropic genres. The book showcases a variety of approaches to analyzing the discourse of specialized corpora, and each chapter concludes with a reflection on the practical and pedagogical implications of the analysis.

Discourse Strategies for Science Teaching and Learning

The Role of Metadiscourse: A Commentary on the Unfolding Narrative According to linguists, metadiscourse is a type of discursive resource used to organize text (both oral and written) as well as signal the author's stance toward the ...

Author: Kok-Sing Tang

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000209327

Category: Education

Page: 198

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This engaging and practical volume looks at discourse strategies and how they can be used to facilitate and enhance science teaching and learning within the classroom context, offering a synthesis of research on classroom discourse in science education as well as practical discourse strategies that can be applied to the classroom. Focusing on the connection between research and practice, this comprehensive guide unpacks and illustrates key concepts on the role of discourse in students’ thinking and learning based on empirical analysis of real conversations in a number of science classrooms. Using real-life classroom examples to extend the scope of research into science classroom discourse begun during the 1990s, Kok-Sing Tang offers original discourse strategies as explicit methods of using discourse to engage in meaning-making and work towards a specific instructional goal. This volume covers new and informative topics including how to use discourse to: Establish classroom activity and interaction Build and assess scientific content knowledge Organize and evaluate scientific narrative Enact scientific practices Coordinate the use of multimodal representations Building on more than ten years of research on classroom discourse, Discourse Strategies for Science Teaching and Learning is an ideal text for science teacher educators, pre-service science teachers, scholars, and researchers.

Corpus based Language Studies

Talking to students : metadiscourse in introductory coursebooks ' . English for Specific Purposes 18/1 : 3-26 . Corpus and procedure The corpus consists of extracts from 21 introductory coursebooks in three academic disciplines ...

Author: Tony McEnery

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415286239

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 386

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Covering the major approaches to the use of corpus data, this work gathers together influential readings from leading names in the discipline, including Biber, Widdowson, Sinclair, Carter and McCarthy.

Assessing Change in English Second Language Writing Performance

Strategic Aspects We used two methods to examine metadiscourse use: computer analysis and human rating. First, two computer programs were used to identify and count metadiscourse markers in the essays.

Author: Khaled Barkaoui

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000201499

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 200

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This book introduces a new framework for analyzing second language (L2) learners’ written texts. The authors conducted a major study on changes and differences in English L2 learners’ writing performance to advance understanding of the nature of L2 writing development over time, in relation to L2 instruction and testing, and to offer a model that professionals and researchers can use in their own longitudinal and cross-sectional studies of L2 writing development. Grounded in research, data, theory, and technology, this will be a welcome how-to for language test developers, scholars, and graduate students of (L2) writing and assessment.

Futuristic and Linguistic Perspectives on Teaching Writing to Second Language Students

Although Vande Kopple's (1985) taxonomy of the metadiscourse presented a good classification, it failed to present a clear-cut boundary between the textual metadiscourse and the interpersonal metadiscourse.

Author: Hancı-Azizoglu, Eda Başak

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799865100

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 353

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The aptitude to write well is increasingly becoming a vital element that students need to succeed in college and their future careers. Students must be equipped with competent writing skills as colleges and jobs base the acceptance of students and workers on the quality of their writing. This situation captures the complexity of the fact that writing represents higher intellectual skills and leads to a higher rate of selection. Therefore, it is imperative that best strategies for teaching writing speakers of other languages is imparted to provide insights to teachers who can better prepare their students for future accomplishments. Futuristic and Linguistic Perspectives on Teaching Writing to Second Language Students examines the theoretical and practical implications that should be put in place for second language writers and offers critical futuristic and linguistic perspectives on teaching writing to speakers of other languages. Highlighting such topics as EFL, ESL, composition, digital storytelling, and forming identity, this book is ideal for second language teachers and writing instructors, as well as academicians, professionals, researchers, and students working in the field of language and linguistics.

Perspectives on Academic Persian

Table 3 Raw and relative frequency of Personal and Impersonal metadiscourse across three disciplines Personal Impersonal Discipline Frequency F per 1000 words Frequency F per 1000 words Sociology 53 1.18 429 9.55 Education 31 0.81 353 ...

Author: Abbas Aghdassi

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030756109

Category: Education

Page: 244

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This book focuses on the idea of Academic Persian in the growing competition of many Middle Eastern languages to produce and highlight their academic discourse. Similar to academic English, most West Asian languages including Persian, Turkish, and Arabic are developing new styles and genres to produce academic texts. The book addresses a major question: "What is academic Persian?" Intended for researchers, experts, analysts, policy-makers, and students in Persian, Iranian studies, and Islamic studies, as well as Near Eastern languages and Middle Eastern cultures and languages, the book includes numerous technical contributions on the emerging markets involving west Asian languages. Since indexing, abstracting, crawling, metrics, citations, and visibility are becoming hot issues for academics, service providers (e.g., publishers) and policy-makers (e.g., university heads), a knowledge of academic Persian will help readers to grasp what Persian, and other similar languages, require in academic markets.

Teaching Academic Writing as a Discipline specific Skill in Higher Education

the use of metadiscourse markers in students' writing for the central role that they play in the construction of the text. For example, Hyland (2004) states that they are a valuable means of exploring academic writing, and comparing the ...

Author: El-Sadig Y. Ezza

Publisher: Information Science Reference

ISBN: 9781799822677

Category: Education

Page: 253

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"This book examines the way disciplinary practices provide a framework for writing in various scholastic areas"--

Language Use and Language Learning in CLIL Classrooms

metadiscourse represents the umbrella term for “the self-reflective expressions used to negotiate interactional meanings in a text, assist the writer (or speaker) to express a viewpoint and engage with readers [or listeners] as members ...

Author: Christiane Dalton-Puffer

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027205230

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 295

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This volume explores a highly topical issue in second and foreign language education: the spreading practice in mainstream education to teach content subjects through a foreign language. CLIL has been enthusiastically embraced as a language enrichment measure in many contexts and finally research can offer principled insights into its dynamics and potentials. The editors introductory and concluding chapters offer a synthesis of current CLIL research as well as a critical discussion of unresolved issues relating both to theoretical concerns and research practice. The individual contributions by authors from a range of European contexts report on current empirical research in this dynamic field. The focus of these chapters ranges from theoretical to empirical, from learning outcomes to classroom talk, examining both the written and spoken mode across secondary and tertiary educational contexts. This volume is a valuable resource not only for researchers and teachers but also for policy makers."

Exploring Academic Writing in Cameroon English A Corpus based Perspective

This dichotomy is similarly reflected in two other definitions of metadiscourse as 'writing about the writing' (Williams 1989:211) and 'discourse about the discourse' (Vande Kopple1985:83) on the one hand, and 'writing about the ...

Author: Daniel A. Nkemleke

Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag

ISBN: 9783736938502

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 196

View: 299


Talking with Readers

This book is about metadiscourse, the rhetorical acts used by authors as they talk with readers in order to guide rather than inform them and build solidarity.

Author: Avon Crismore

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105033122222

Category: Education

Page: 282

View: 105


This book is about metadiscourse, the rhetorical acts used by authors as they talk with readers in order to guide rather than inform them and build solidarity. Metadiscourse in use is illustrated by a variety of written texts spanning the period from 500 B.C. to the present. Perspectives from rhetoric, speech communication, linguistics, literature, philosophy, and psychology are used to begin building a theory of metadiscourse. The theory is tested with two empirical studies having practical classroom applications: a descriptive analysis of metadiscourse use in social studies school and non-school texts and an experimental study of the effects of metadiscourse on students' learning and attitudes.

Developing Contrastive Pragmatics

Argumentation patterns in different languages : An analysis of metadiscourse markers in English and Spanish texts JoAnne Neff - van Aertselaer and Emma Dafouz - Milne 1. Introduction This study explores the role of interpersonal and ...

Author: Martin Pütz

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110196700

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 437

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The present volume is a collection of papers on Contrastive Pragmatics, involving research on interlanguage and cross-cultural perspectives with a focus on second language acquisition contexts. The subdiscipline of pragmatics is seen from a multilingual and multicultural perspective thus contributing to an emerging field of study, i.e. intercultural pragmatics which can be made fruitful to second language teaching/learning and contrastive analysis. The book is an important contribution to general linguistics, pragmatics, cross-cultural communication, second language acquisition, as well as minority issues in multilingual settings.

Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition

Metadiscourse As a rhetorical term, designates a particular function of language, one that establishes interpersonal bonds and sustains intertextual contact; more specifically, subsumes various kinds of linguistic markers that speakers ...

Author: Theresa Enos

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136993695

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 832

View: 996


This reference guide surveys the field, covering rhetoric's principles, concepts, applications, practical tools, and major thinkers. Drawing on the scholarship and expertise of 288 contributors, the Encyclopedia presents a long-needed overview of rhetoric and its role in contemporary education and communications, discusses rhetoric's contributions to various fields, surveys the applications of this versatile discipline to the teaching of English and language arts, and illustrates its usefulness in all kinds of discourse, argument, and exchange of ideas. 媭

Silence and Concealment in Political Discourse

(Mao 1993, 265) Metadiscourse in this sense is therefore employed by authors “to guide a receiver's text perception” (Hyland 2005, 3); highlighting, emphasising indicating the relevance, status or order of arguments — it is also an ...

Author: Melani Schröter

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027272102

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 202

View: 246


This book constitutes a significant contribution to political discourse analysis and to the study of silence, both from the point of view of discourse analysis as well as pragmatics, and it is also relevant for those interested in politics and media studies. It promotes the empirical study of silence by analysing metadiscourse about politicians’ silence and by systematically conceptualising the communicativeness of silence in the interplay between intention (to be silent), expectation (of speech) and relevance (of the unsaid). Three cases of sustained metadiscourse about silent politicians from Germany are analysed to exemplify this approach, based on media texts and protocols of parliamentary inquiries. Ideals of political transparency and communicative openness are identified as a basis for (disappointed) expectations of speech which trigger and determine metadiscourse about politicians’ silences. Finally, the book deals critically with the role of those who act as advocates of ‘the public’s’ demand to speak out.

The Acquisition of Chinese as a First and Second Language

Metadiscourse,. Cohesion,. and. Engagement. in. L2. Written. Discourse. Jianling Liao School of International ... The study also looks at how L2 learners' use of metadiscourse devices is related to their linguistic performances in ...

Author: Xiaohong Wen

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783039432707

Category: Social Science

Page: 174

View: 406


This volume, through highly selective and rigorous review processes, has collected eight empirical studies showcasing research advances in multiple domains including child first language, adult additional language, and heritage language acquisition. The studies are theoretically motivated and have adopted a spectrum of innovative methodological strategies to achieve a broader understanding of the nature of learning and the learning process. The volume encompasses a wide range of contents: 1) The L1 and L2 acquisition of syntax, semantics, phonetics, and the syntax-discourse interface; 2) Data comparisons across different learner groups: L1 Chinese children, L2 Chinese learners, and Chinese heritage speakers; 3) Acquisition of language skills: speaking, listening, and writing; and last but not least, 4) Instructional interventions including consciousness-raising and metacognitive strategy training. The volume is intended to bridge the gap between research and instruction by helping teachers understand their students and their learning. Informed by research, teachers can opt for appropriate pedagogical approaches and instructional conditions for their students. The volume is guest-edited by Xiaohong Wen, Professor in Applied Linguistics and Chinese language Acquisition at the University of Houston.

The Essential Hyland

In summary, metadiscourse is recognized as an important means of facilitating communication, supporting a writer's position and building a relationship with an audience. Yet despite this research interest, metadiscourse has never become ...

Author: Ken Hyland

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350037915

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 520

View: 663


Writing in the academy has assumed huge importance in recent years as countless students and academics around the world must now gain fluency in the conventions of academic writing in English to understand their disciplines, to establish their careers or to successfully navigate their learning. Professor Ken Hyland has been a contributor to the literature on this topic for over 20 years, with 26 books and over 200 chapters and articles. This work has had considerable influence in shaping the direction of the field and generating papers and PhD theses from researchers around the world. This is a topic which has found its time, as a central concept in applied linguistics, sociology of science, library studies, bibliometrics, and so on. This book brings together Ken Hyland's most influential and cited papers. These are organised thematically to provide both an introduction to the study of academic discourse and an overview of his contribution to the understanding of how academics construct themselves, their disciplines and knowledge through written texts. Several academic celebrities from the field provide a brief commentary on the papers and the book includes an overall reflection by the author on the impact of the papers and the direction of the field together with linear notes on the specific papers in each section. The volume not only includes some of Hyland's best chapters and journal articles but the thoughts of disciplinary luminaries on both the ideas in the book and the general state and direction of the field.