John Nelson Merchant Adventurer

Four of its seven members—Nelson, John Foster, Nathaniel Oliver, and John Alden—were Boston merchants; all save Alden ... after the news had arrived, wrote Samuel Sewall, "Mr. Nelson comes in and gets me 60 John Nelson, Merchant Adventurer.

Author: Richard R. Johnson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195362314

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John Nelson was an entrepreneur born in the mid-seventeenth century--a man, in Richard Johnson's words, "operating ahead of the government and settled society from which he came," who "responded to conventions and conditions derived from several different and often competing cultures." For Nelson, this meant trading out of Boston to the French and Indians of Canada, pursuing his family's dreams of the proprietorship of Nova Scotia, and promoting schemes of espionage and military conquest on both sides of the Atlantic. In the course of a long and adventurous life, Nelson served as middleman between Canada and New England; led an uprising that toppled the royal government of Massachusetts in 1689; and passed years in French prisons, including the Bastille, and then at court in London as a player in the complex European diplomacy of the time. Nelson's career reveals in bold colors the political and economic pressures exerted upon colonial America by the expansion and bitter conflict of European empires--he himself complained of being "crusht between the two Crownes." Yet it also shows how one man fashioned a life as "spy, speculator, multinational merchant, memorialist, politician, prisoner, parent, friend, and gentleman." Gracefully written and widely researched, the book is both a fine example of the new Atlantic history and a vivid recounting of the fortunes of an exceptional individual.

Merchant Adventurer

1948 not to sponsor Merchant Adventurer; which portrayed the Graces as major actors on the Peruvian scene in the late nineteenth century. This writer has not been able to identify the specific passages or areas that offended some of W ...

Author: Marquis James

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Marquis James's penchant for the sturdy individualists of our history, which has twice led him to a Pulitzer Prize, finds a sympathetic new subject in W. R. Grace, the Irish immigrant boy who not only opened new fields to American commerce but also became an outstanding mayor of New York and a powerful amateur in national politics. In this warm, nostalgic story, made possible by his access to the files of W. R. Grace & Co., James combines his gift for biography and his close acquaintance with business history to investigate a characteristic phenomenon of American life.

The Politics of a Tudor Merchant Adventurer

9 George Nedham's master , Thomas Stacey , like so many members of the Mercers ' Company at this time , was active in the trade with Antwerp as a merchant adventurer . But he was no ordinary merchant adventurer , for unlike other ...

Author: George Nedham

Publisher: Manchester University Press

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Merchant Adventurer Kings of Rhoda

Merchants leaving from Spain or France proceed to Sus-al-Aqsa (Atlantic Morocco) and then to Tangier, and from there they set out ... He omits the category of tycoon or capitalist ship owner to which our merchant-adventurers belonged.

Author: Donald N. Yates

Publisher: Panther`s Lodge Publishers

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The Tucson Artifacts document the annals of a forgotten Roman-styled military governorship in Chichimec Toltec Northwest Mexico. Perfectly preserved, complete and unaltered, they are straightforwardly composed in Latin, the official language of records during the Middle Ages. They do not have to be reconstructed, pieced together, deciphered or dated. This illuminating collection of readings translated from Latin, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Nahuatl, Hebrew and other languages by medievalist Donald N. Yates provides the cultural contexts for understanding these unique witnesses to world history. The finds come from the 1920s and consist of lost-wax, cast-lead ceremonial objects inscribed with medieval Latin historical texts and memorials of leaders with names such as Jacob, Israel, Benjamin, Joseph, Saul, Isaac and Theodore. Some also contain Hebrew phrases like “eight divisions” and “a great nation,” while others display commemorated leaders’ portraits, ships, trademarks in Tang-era seal script, temples, a Mesoamerican glyph, sacrificial fire, an anchor, Romanesque-style angels in glory and other drawings. Their iconography includes the Ten Commandments and cult objects like spice spoons, carpenter’s square, Frankish axes, snakes and trumpets. There are also military anthems and mottos. A series of thick one-sided double crosses, joined like sealed albums present what are clearly records signed by OL (Oliver), with dates ranging from 560 to 900 A.D. The overarching provenance is declared by the makers of the artifacts themselves to be Roman (Romani, monogram R), a term tantamount at this time to European. This claim to nationality is further divided into Levites (L) and Israelites (I). One of the stand-out emblems depicted is a triple tiara, a symbol of Jewish priesthood associated with the Mesoamerican figure of Quetzalcoatl.

John Temple Merchant Adventurer Convict and Conquistador

... and seen the camel caravans come into Alexandria laden with the wealth of the mysterious East , a tavern where merchant adventurers listened night after night to tales told by sunburnt seamen of a world that opened wider year by ...

Author: Ralph Durand


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The Merchant Adventurers of England

... and Eeuye vpon the persons and goodes as well of Brethern of the ffellowshippe as of other Eng- lishe subiectes hauntinge or vsinge the Trade of a merchant Adventurer in the places or countries where the ffellowshippe ys priuileged.

Author: William E. Lingelbach

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781584774426

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Lingelbach, W.E. The Merchant Adventurers of England: Their Laws and Ordinances with Other Documents. Philadelphia: The Department of History of the University of Pennsylvania, [1902]. xxxix, 260 pp. Reprint available October 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-442-8. Cloth. $80. * With detailed notes and an extensive introduction. Chartered by the crown in 1474, the Merchant Adventurers was England's preeminent regulated international trading company until the early nineteenth century. This source book collects eighteen substantial documents written between 1407 and 1805, the most important years of the society's history. This group includes the Charter of 1407, extracts from the Charter of Edward IV (1462) and the Laws and Ordinances of 1608. Taken together, these records form one of the most detailed pictures of business organizations and methods during the later Tudor, the Stuart, and the early Hanoverian eras.

The Company of Merchant Adventurers in the City of York

Barstow , merchant adventurer , 21 May 1694 , aged 16 yrs ( Mi , f.228r ; A , f.210r ) ; adm . 1 Oct. 1702 ( M1 , f.103v ; A , f.155r ) ; el . warden 1708-10 ( M1 , ff . 119v , 125v , 129v ) ; el . Deputy Governor 1731-35 ( M1 , ff.207v ...


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The Merchant Adventurers of England

Much of the actual "Court business" of the governor and assistants concerned the behavior of individual merchant adventurers, or more accurately, the behavior of their apprentices. By the middle of the sixteenth century the Company of ...

Author: Douglas R. Bisson


ISBN: UCAL:B4432008

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This book constitutes the first systematic treatment in English of the preeminent regulated company, the Merchant Adventurers of England, during the early sixteenth century. The author analyzes the symbiotic relationship between the Crown and Company and concludes with a discussion of how war and diplomacy influenced the Company's fortunes.

A Merchant adventurer in the Dutch Republic

As a Merchant Adventurer he of course traded at Antwerp . His name is on the list of founding members of the Muscovy Company's 1555 charter His son Edward , John's father , was a merchant haberdasher and Postmaster General of the ...

Author: H. Quarles van Ufford

Publisher: Amsterdam : VU Boekhandel

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