Memoir Your Way

Tell Your Story through Writing, Recipes, Quilts, Graphic Novels, and More The Memoir Roundtable. Chapter 1 MEMOIR YOUR WAY A memoir can take many forms.

Author: The Memoir Roundtable

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510707528

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A new approach to family and personal memoirs that includes many creative formats. Memoir Your Way inspires family storykeepers to create a memoir using a craft you already know or are inspired to learn to create a personal, polished memoir your family will treasure. Accessible and with broad appeal, this first-of-its-kind book extends the written memoir form to cookbooks, scrapbooks, quilts, and other forms of storytelling. Readers of Memoir Your Way will find out how to: Create your own family cookbook like a pro Design, stitch, and create stunning quilts that preserve family memories for the next generation and create a cherished gift Bring out the natural storyteller in children while building self-confidence and a sense of family Write engaging family stories with proven writing tips Enrich scrapbooks with stories that might otherwise be overlooked and techniques that showcase even the memories that weren't preserved in photographs Turn your story into a graphic novel with hand-drawn illustrations Become the bridge for your heritage between the old world and the new Memoir Your Way makes memoir accessible to everyone, including those who don't see themselves as writers. Memoir Your Way is a valuable sourcebook for quickly and easily creating memoirs that celebrate family stories and ancestry.

My Way A Memoir of Thomas E Call IV

Later that evening, we gathered in a local restaurant called the Horse Shoe. ... was selected that I ran all the way home to tell my mother the news.

Author: Thomas E. Call IV

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781684708352

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Thomas E. Call IV shares the fascinating history of the Call family, which spans more than two hundred years, as well as his life story in this memoir. Call, who served in the Army during the Korean War, returned home to start a career with the U.S. Postal Service, starting as a temporary substitute mail carrier in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1958. He’d go on to become national director of delivery for the entire U.S. Postal Service at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., retiring in 1988. He chronicles his successes and triumphs—as well as his domestic relationships—which ranged from heterosexual marriages to marrying a man thirty-four years younger and of a different cultural heritage. Many of Call’s gay friends have told him that they knew who they were sexually at a young age, and they’ve wondered why he “switched teams” so late in life. The saying that “People don’t change, but the times do” may have been true in his case. Any such thoughts were kept in the back of his mind as a young man.

From Memory to Memoir

You and your memoir are individual entities. Just because these are stories of your life doesn't mean that you know the best way to shape and structure ...

Author: Mark David Gerson

Publisher: MDG Media International

ISBN: 9781950189014

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Get the Stories of Your Life onto the Page Today! • Share Your Wisdom...naturally, spontaneously and without struggle • Craft Rich, Compelling Stories...regardless of writing experience or perceived ability • Engage, Entertain and Inspire...with eloquence, confidence and ease What you have lived is unique. What you have learned through your years of living is beyond price. And the value of all you share through your words is incalculable. GET THE STORIES OF YOUR LIFE ONTO THE PAGE TODAY! "The writing guide every memoirist has been waiting for!" – Nancy Pogue LaTurner, author of Voluntary Nomads Whoever you are, whatever your experiences, whatever your perceived writing ability, From Memory to Memoir will connect you not only with the stories you remember but with the stories you have forgotten. It will serve up the inspiration guaranteed to get you writing and keep you writing, the tools and techniques guaranteed to help you craft a rich, compelling narrative, and the support guaranteed to sustain you from the initial word of your book’s first draft to the final word of its ultimate draft. "Join me on this adventure of a lifetime...this journey into the experience of your own creativity as, together, we write the stories of your life!"

Memoir and remains of the Rev

Observe , first , “ He knoweth the way that I take . ' What sweet comfort there is in these words - He that redeemed me -He that pities me as a father - He ...

Author: Robert Murray McCHEYNE


ISBN: BDM:13020100018718


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Memoir and Remains of the Rev Mac Cheyne

Observe , first , “ He knoweth the way that I take . ” What sweet comfort there is in these words — He that redeemed me --He that pities me as a father - He ...

Author: Andrew Alexander Bonar


ISBN: BCUL:VD2156382



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Your Baby Your Way

Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting Decisions for a ... Kozel describes in detail why she chose to leave pediatrics in her memoir, ...

Author: Jennifer Margulis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451636093

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 368

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"Originally published as The business of baby."

Writing Our Way Out

Compiled in a narrative by their teacher, Dr. David Coogan, these stories explore the conditions, traps, and turning points on the path to imprisonment in modern America, as well as the redemptive and rehabilitative power of memoir.

Author: David Coogan


ISBN: 1939930596

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 258

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Detailing the formative and transformative memories of ten men, 'Writing Our Way Out' is the creative culmination of a writing class that began in the Richmond City Jail in Virginia, and grew into a journey to re-entry. Compiled in a narrative by their teacher, Dr. David Coogan, these stories explore the conditions, traps, and turning points on the path to imprisonment in modern America, as well as the redemptive and rehabilitative power of memoir.

The Gift of Memoir

Sometimes, on a page of my journal, I talk to my mother as if it were one more ... The way this helps in writing memoir is that you see, day after day, ...

Author: Diane Taylor

Publisher: BPS Books

ISBN: 9781772360073

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 236

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The Gift of Memoir is Diane Taylor's gift to writers of every kind, but especially those with a personal or family story to tell. In words that are themselves a stellar example of literary craftsmanship, Taylor shows writers how to show up, open up, and write. Her short chapters, full of practical advice and inspiring examples, cover such topics as: The all-importance of reading to writing Establishing a writing ritual Why write memoir? The importance of joining a writing community Telling the truth when you aren't sure Journaling as a kind of personal writing workshop Four strategies to retrieve memories How to use anecdotes and establish themes How to write through the five senses How to choose a form that fits your writing The revision process

Missing the Laughter A Memoir

It's as if they are bent on society knowing the truth, one way or another. So they have that swish or wear too much jewelry or develop a sense of sarcasm as ...

Author: Z

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483464008

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Author Z admits his experiences have taught him to face every challenge head-on; fearing nothing, because it is put there to teach you something so you can move on to the next phase of your life. If you ignore it, you’re just spinning your wheels. In Missing the Laughter, he explores his life and the challenges he faced head-on. In this memoir, he narrates the details of his eleven-year relationship with Jackson—from their first meeting to their break up and in between. Against the backdrop of the abuse he endured as a child and his battle with a terminal illness, Z shares his emotions and feelings as they years passed by. He intertwines stories of his family history with the present-day to make meaning of his life. Missing the Laughter offers insight into one Italian-American man raised in Pennsylvania as he faces his demons and the consequences of his decisions.

ETHEREAL a memoir

Finally the other way, which honestly is more American than anything, is the stuffed enchiladas, where you get your soft tortilla, fill it with usually ...

Author: Erik Corona


ISBN: 9781387407934



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Write Your Memoir

Or it may be that on your way to clarity and peace you found your significant other, and that this caused you to have a more vital and productive life than ...

Author: Allan G. Hunter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781844092529

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Drawing from more than 25 years of literary know-how and modeled after a 15-week college course, this manual provides guidance for seekers wishing to delve further into self-exploration through writing. Extending beyond the idea that memoir writing intends to put past events into a more understandable current perspective, the guide maintains that keeping a document of one’s life is actually the basis of a psychic process called “soul work,” which manifests as a desire to experience the state of being alive to the fullest. This unusual approach to memoir writing aims to generate more honest and genuine results that come from inner needs rather than outer expectations. Intended to clarify a writer’s developmental path, this resource emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and the need for dealing with difficult material that actually alters the writer in the process, resulting in significant growth of the soul.

Memoir of the rev Joseph Entwisle by his son

The way was made plain : you only followed the opening before you . Now that you are admitted on the Plan , your way is , to have done with reasoning ...

Author: Joseph Entwisle


ISBN: OXFORD:590340223


Page: 80

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The Pilgrim s Progress A New Edition with a Memoir and Notes by George Offor Illustrated with Designs by J D Watson Engraved on Wood by the Brothers Dalziel

Then was his fellow silent , as mistrusting that he had led him out of the Reasoning between Christian way ; and now it began to rain , and thunder ...

Author: John Bunyan


ISBN: BL:A0023730916


Page: 22

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Allegory written in 1678 and first published as a pocket book. Translated into almost every language and read more than any other book save the Bible.

Memoir of the Rev Josiah Pratt

which one man bought at a certain price would perhaps cost his next - door ... If your prices be so reduced that you can but just make your way , go on ...

Author: Josiah Pratt


ISBN: HARVARD:32044081245870

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