Memoir Your Way

Chapter 1 MEMOIR YOUR WAY A memoir can take many forms. After all, it is your story, your way. If you are ready to create a memoir, but not so sure how to get started, then Memoir Your Way is meant for you. We say scrap it, quilt it, ...

Author: The Memoir Roundtable

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781510707528

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

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A new approach to family and personal memoirs that includes many creative formats.Memoir Your Way inspires family storykeepers to create a memoir using a craft you already know or are inspired to learn to create a personal, polished memoir your family will treasure. Accessible and with broad appeal, this first-of-its-kind book extends the written memoir form to cookbooks, scrapbooks, quilts, and other forms of storytelling.Readers of Memoir Your Way will find out how to:Create your own family cookbook like a proDesign, stitch, and create stunning quilts that preserve family memories for the next generation and create a cherished giftBring out the natural storyteller in children while building self-confidence and a sense of familyWrite engaging family stories with proven writing tipsEnrich scrapbooks with stories that might otherwise be overlooked and techniques that showcase even the memories that weren't preserved in photographsTurn your story into a graphic novel with hand-drawn illustrationsBecome the bridge for your heritage between the old world and the newMemoir Your Way makes memoir accessible to everyone, including those who don't see themselves as writers. Memoir Your Way is a valuable sourcebook for quickly and easily creating memoirs that celebrate family stories and ancestry.

Dreaming Your Way to Creative Freedom

October 25, 1993 As I continued working at the memoir and prepared and presented more public talks, situations arose that made me aware of feeling competitive with my sisters but inadequate in comparison. In analysis, I also came to ...

Author: Lucy Daniels

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595791583

Category: Self-Help

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"Lucy Daniels' two-mirror liberation process is an answer to the prayers of both artists and ordinary people, because it demonstrates in concrete, down-to-earth ways how our problems can become 'the roots of our power.'" -Louise Bourgeois, artist "Lucy Daniels, a distinguished psychotherapist and author, has written a beautiful saga of her journey of self-discovery, utilizing dreams to enhance her creative freedom." -Charles C. Bergman, Chairman, Pollock-Krasner Foundation Dreaming your way to creative freedom is not easy, but with patience and focus on your creative products, your life history, and your dreams, such power is possible. As Lucy Daniels shows us the landmarks, personal symbols, and specific outcomes of her 30-year struggle against writer's block, she also offers a road map for others to use on their own journeys. "Being a participant in Lucy Daniels' first dreams seminar twelve years ago began a life-enriching journey for me. With this book, the public can now benefit from her insight and guidance." -Tom Mann, composer and piano teacher

From Memory to Memoir

You and your memoir are individual entities. Just because these are stories of your life doesn't mean that you know the best way to shape and structure them...or even the best way to tell them. Just because you think you know what your ...

Author: Mark David Gerson

Publisher: MDG Media International

ISBN: 9781950189014

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Get the Stories of Your Life onto the Page Today! • Share Your Wisdom...naturally, spontaneously and without struggle • Craft Rich, Compelling Stories...regardless of writing experience or perceived ability • Engage, Entertain and Inspire...with eloquence, confidence and ease What you have lived is unique. What you have learned through your years of living is beyond price. And the value of all you share through your words is incalculable. GET THE STORIES OF YOUR LIFE ONTO THE PAGE TODAY! "The writing guide every memoirist has been waiting for!" – Nancy Pogue LaTurner, author of Voluntary Nomads Whoever you are, whatever your experiences, whatever your perceived writing ability, From Memory to Memoir will connect you not only with the stories you remember but with the stories you have forgotten. It will serve up the inspiration guaranteed to get you writing and keep you writing, the tools and techniques guaranteed to help you craft a rich, compelling narrative, and the support guaranteed to sustain you from the initial word of your book’s first draft to the final word of its ultimate draft. "Join me on this adventure of a lifetime...this journey into the experience of your own creativity as, together, we write the stories of your life!"

Find Your Story Write Your Memoir

Another way of looking at it is that, in moving between the two yous, you the writer don't just mine your memories; you refine them as well. As memoir writers, we gain perspective on our lives by reimmersing ourselves in the messy ...

Author: Lynn C. Miller

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

ISBN: 9780299293130

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Every person has a story to tell, but few beginners know how to uncover their story's narrative potential. And despite a growing interest among students and creative writers, few guides to the genre of memoirs and creative nonfiction highlight compelling storytelling strategies. Addressing this gap, authors Lynn C. Miller and Lisa Lenard-Cook provide a compact, accessible guide to memoir writing that shows how an aspiring memoir writer can use storytelling tools and tactics borrowed from fiction to weave personal experiences into the shape of a story. Find Your Story, Write Your Memoir offers an overview of the building blocks of memoir writing. Individual chapters focus on key issues and challenges, such as the balance between the remembering narrator and the experiencing narrator, the capacity to honor the subjective voice, the occasion of telling (why does this narrator tell this story now?), creating an organically functional structure for a particular story, and taking the next steps with a written memoir. Drawing on their combined years of experience teaching memoir writing, authoring works of fiction and nonfiction, and working in autobiographical performance, Miller and Lenard-Cook provide a practical guide whose core philosophy is motivated by a key word: story. Bronze winner, Foreword Book of the Year, Writing Guides

A Memoir of James Parnell with Extracts from His Writings

He who said , “ I am the Light , " said , “ I am the good Shepherd , ' who will bring you to know the way and door into the sheepfold , if you do not run out in your own wills , and seek to climb up another way -- for the way is but one ...

Author: Henry Callaway


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Memoir of the Life of Henry Ware Jr

By the way , have you read Reinhard's ' Memoirs ? ' There's another man for you ! What miserable pigmies we are ! what idle cumberers of the ground ! Reinhard and Oberlin do wonders ; and we live along , and die , when we might be- not ...

Author: Henry Ware


ISBN: NYPL:33433082395439

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Journey of Memoir

You learn how to affirm yourself and your writing. You learn to find the structure that your memoir needs during this stage, and how to write your way to the end of a first draft. This stage is long, exciting, tiring, and exhilarating.

Author: Linda Joy Myers

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 9781938314278

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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In Journey of Memoir you will find lessons on how to write a great scene; information on the difference between freewriting and outlining, and why you need both; timeline and turning point exercises to help create structure; and much more. This unique workbook gives you the tools you need to begin, develop, and complete your memoir.

Moving Up Without Losing Your Way

In her memoir, Justice Sotomayor is careful to note all of the people who helped her on her path and all of the sacrifices she had to make, including her marriage, in the service of her career. But we need not look at statistics to know ...

Author: Jennifer Morton

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691216935

Category: Education

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The dilemmas faced by disadvantaged college students seeking upward mobility and what educators can do to help these students flourish Upward mobility through higher education has been an article of faith for generations of working-class, low-income, and immigrant college students. While this path usually entails financial sacrifices and hard work, little attention has been paid to the personal compromises such students make as they enter worlds vastly different from their own. Measuring the true cost of higher education for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, Moving Up without Losing Your Way looks at the ethical dilemmas of upward mobility—the broken ties with family and friends, and the loss of community and identity—faced by students as they strive to earn a successful place in society. Drawing upon philosophy, social science, personal stories, and interviews, Jennifer Morton reframes the college experience, factoring in not just educational and career opportunities but also essential relationships. She urges educators to empower students with a new narrative, one that might allow them to achieve social mobility while retaining their best selves.

Memoir of the Rev Legh Richmond

estimation is worth having will think the worse of you , for such instances of mild but decisive firmness ; and without ... But as in my journeys , extensive intercourse takes place , a great variety of characters will fall in your way ...

Author: Thomas Shuttleworth Grimshawe




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