Maps of Flesh and Light

For a modern evaluation of Maria Domitilla's interior map , it is therefore necessary to take into account the problem of voice . That is , we need to consider the extent to which her most personal and interior expressions of self were ...

Author: Ulrike Wiethaus

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 081562560X

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This work offers interdisciplinary perspectives by women scholars on the diverse cultural contributions of medieval women mystics.

Medieval Religion and its Anxieties

Ulrike Wiethaus, ed., Maps of Flesh and Light: The Religious Experiences of Medieval Women Mystics (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1993), p. 125. Grace M. Janzten, Power, Gender and Christian Mysticism (Cambridge: Cambridge ...

Author: Thomas A. Fudgé

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137566102

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This book examines the broad varieties of religious belief, religious practices, and the influence of religion within medieval society. Religion in the Middle Ages was not monolithic. Medieval religion and the Latin Church are not synonymous. While theology and liturgy are important, an examination of animal trials, gargoyles, last judgments, various aspects of the medieval underworld, and the quest for salvation illuminate lesser known dimensions of religion in the Middle Ages. Several themes run throughout the book including visual culture, heresy and heretics, law and legal procedure, along with sexuality and an awareness of mentalities and anxieties. Although an expanse of 800 years has passed, the remains of those other Middle Ages can be seen today, forcing us to reassess our evaluations of this alluring and often overlooked past.

Angels and Earthly Creatures

... in the Middle Ages, 219-29, especially 220-21; Ulrike Wiethaus, ed., Maps of Flesh and Light: The Religious Experience of Medieval Women Mystics (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1993); and Newman, Sister of Wisdom, 34.

Author: Claire M. Waters

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812237535

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Texts by, for, and about preachers from the twelfth to the fourteenth centuries reveal an intense interest in the preacher's human nature and its intersection with his "angelic" role. Far from simply denigrating embodiment or excluding it from consideration, these works recognize its centrality to the office of preacher and the ways in which preachers, like Christ, needed humanness to make their performance of doctrine effective for their audiences. At the same time, the texts warned of the preacher's susceptibility to the fleshly failings of lust, vainglory, deception, and greed. Preaching's problematic juxtaposition of the earthly and the spiritual made images of women preachers, real and fictional, key to understanding and exploiting the power, as well as the dangers, of the feminized flesh. Addressing the underexamined bodies of the clergy in light of both medieval and modern discussions of female authority and the body of Christ in medieval culture, Angels and Earthly Creatures reinserts women into the history of preaching and brings together discourses that would have been intertwined in the Middle Ages but are often treated separately by scholars. The examination of handbooks for preachers as literary texts also demonstrates their extensive interaction with secular literary traditions, explored here with particular reference to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Through a close and insightful reading of a wide variety of texts and figures, including Hildegard of Bingen, Birgitta of Sweden, and Catherine of Siena, Waters offers an original examination of the preacher's unique role as an intermediary—standing between heaven and earth, between God and people, participating in and responsible to both sides of that divide.

Nobility and Annihilation in Marguerite Porete s Mirror of Simple Souls

Vom Frankenreich zur Entfaltung Deutschlands und Frankreichs. Sigmaringen: n.p., 1984. Wiethaus, Ulrike, ed. Maps of Flesh and Light: The Religious Experience of Medieval Women Mystics. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1993. ———.

Author: Joanne Maguire Robinson

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791490693

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An in-depth examination of the work of this important medieval woman mystic.

Julian of Norwich

Maps of Flesh and Light . The Religious Experience of Medieval Women Mystics . Ed . Ulrike Wiethaus . Syracuse : Syracuse UP , 1993. 45-59 . Ruhrberg , Christine . Der literarische Körper der Heiligen . Leben und Viten der Christina von ...

Author: Denise N. Baker

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0815325290

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These essays-written specifically for this book-provide a rich evaluation of this late 14th and early 15th-century mystical writer's book of revelations and considers the construction of her narrative, its theological complexity, and its literary and intellectual context. This casebook features discussions by both established scholars and newer voices ranging from genre to eschatology and gynecology to diabology, reflecting both current and comparative theory. Providing translations of all Middle English quotations, the volume includes a selective bibliography that provides a guide for further reading.

Melting the Venusberg

Maps of Flesh and Light ) . 77. For example , according to Ellen Ziegler , Beguine women followed Christ in more tempered modalities , simply “ by dress , action , and prayer " ( Ziegler , " Reality as Imitation , " 114 ) .

Author: Heidi Epstein

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826416489

Category: Religion

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This book begins with a pointed critique of the foundations of the understanding of Western music: that music from Pythagoras to the Renaissance has been viewed as the source and model of order in the universe and in society. Unfortunately that order was rigidly hierarchical, so that over the centuries music reinforced established social prejudices, particularly those against women. Nowhere was this more evident than in religious music that was regarded by male ecclesiastics and scholars as the instrument of choice for taming hysterical female eruptions. Through her mordant commentary on a rich selection of texts by major thinkers from two millennia of Christian theology, Heidi Epstein shows in the first part of Melting the Venusberg that music as the erotic embodiment of human engenderment has been ignored or suppressed, while music as the expression of transcendent harmony, order, and restraint has been extolled. The second re-constructive part of Melting the Venusberg draws on ignored sources and lost tropes from the Christian tradition as well as on insights from the music and thought of historical and contemporary woman composers and performers from Hildegard of Bingen and Lucrezia Vizzana to Rosetta Tharpe and Diamanda Galas. Through this recuperative synthesis, music's theological significance changes keys, as it moves beyond its symbolic function as divinely ordained, harmonious microcosm into more dissonant metaphorical registers. Those who have ears to hear will be delighted.


Lighting maps I gave all the materials a subtle grunge in the crevices by baking out the lighting from a skylight as a map. I then mixed these lighting maps with noise, and turned up the contrast using the map output parameters, ...

Author: Daniel Wade

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The first book in the CG Challenge series featuring the artwork and techniques of artists participating the online CG Challenges.

Critical Review of Books in Religion

This is the significance of her use of the term “ maps " in her title , Maps of Flesh and Light . As someone has said , the map is not the territory . In this case , the noun is plural , not just because she treats the lives of many ...



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