Many Roads Traveled

Tommie Morton-Young. Or, Twenty Years In Bondage TOMMIE MORTON-YOUNG MANY Roads TRAVELED Many Roads TRaveled Many Roads TRaveled Or, Twenty Years In. Front Cover.

Author: Tommie Morton-Young

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503515291

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From the shores of a faraway continent, across a restless ocean, onto the Piedmont of North Carolina, and into the hills of Tennessee, comes this historical fiction story that is inspired by the life and times of the indomitable Pleasant Lane, 1820 - 1905, a free, educated, black woman who was kidnapped and forced into bondage for twenty miserable years. She refused to concede to defeat even in despairing circumstances. Holding onto a family heirloom she managed to keep, she dared to fall in love midst hate and intrigue, and risked limb and life to help her people. Her life's most glorious moment came when she had the opportunity to welcome the Union Army into the mansion--the liberators finally arrived. The author presents a writing that makes for compelling reading, and offers some newer insights based on real facts.

Many Roads Traveled but One Not Lost

Melanie Nally. Many Roads Traveled but One Not Lost Melanie J. Nally ISBN 978-1-64492-670-3 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-64492-672-7 (digital) Copyright © 2019 by Front Cover.

Author: Melanie Nally

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781644926727

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What to expect from Many Roads Traveled but One Not Lost. We all have a story to tell in life, and each story consists of roads that were traveled down in order to get to where you are now. In this book, you will embark on the many roads that Melanie has taken and the life lessons that she has learned from the decisions that she made on each road. As she shares her lessons with you, she references the Word of God to help build your faith and steer you toward the road that is never lost, the road less traveled, God's road. You will read about her life from childhood to her adulthood and the struggles along the way for not only her, but also her family members involved. Do you feel a calling in your life? This book will address the calling that Melanie felt in her life and the strength she draws from God to continue to fulfill that calling. As a teenager, Melanie felt God called her to unconditionally love her mother. Now this might seem easy for some, but in this case, there were tests that needed to be passed and challenges that she had to face on a daily basis. When we are called to love unconditionally as God loves, sometimes, that is the biggest challenge in our lives. But for Melanie, love was not demonstrated to her by the ones in life who should have shown it to her the most. That left her confused. In the end, God is always there for you as He was for her.

Memories Many Roads to Home

... fun times with brothers, grandparents, friends—so many significant people along the way; the walks in the woods, the farmlands, the mountains; piano practice, singing lessons, school days—good and awful; all the roads traveled.

Author: Virginia Wink Hilton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491753712


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Memories: Many Roads to Home The First Phase: The Texas Years This memoir tells stories of the roads traveled and the inner journey of a little girl as she grows up in Texas.

One of Cancer s Roads Traveled

Cancer has many roads. Some of them are short and end soon, and others are long. All cancer roads have more than one lane. Some cancers lead off to other cancer roads. Some of the roads have terminals at the end without dire ...

Author: Ron Penn

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465346650

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Two Women

to travel many unfamiliar roads over the years, some roads I thought would never end, such as losing loved ones, anger, fear, loneliness, and unforgiveness. These are some of the factors that caused me to ignore several warning signs ...

Author: Latore Wilcox-Pryor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503550629

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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You can make it! You will make it! We made it! Two Women: The Roads Traveled is heartfelt and authentic. It documents the triumphant victories that these women achieved over some of life’s most difficult challenges. In each story, we see our human frailties exposed, yet through perseverance, transformation occurs in each of their lives. These two women have had their own unique experiences in life. They have traveled many roads. Some roads have inevitably led them to signs, such as Caution, Yield, Stop, Wrong Way, Do Not Enter, and Dead End! Nevertheless, these extraordinary and courageous women attribute their choices—and sometimes the choices that were made for them—to self-discovery. It helped shape and mold them into who they are today. It is indeed because of their experiences, both positive and negative, that they have gained strength, wisdom, boldness, and wings to fly. But most importantly, their experiences give them a voice to speak to you and tell their story their way. May the road you travel be your own! This book will encourage you to tell your story. Dr. Latore Wilcox-Pryor [email protected]

Time Travel Television

Chapter. Seventeen. Many. Roads. Traveled. Time. Travel. in. Syfy's. Eureka. Stephanie. Hartley. Dr. Nathan Stark sighs heavily, crosses the room at Global Dynamics to pick up a dry erase marker, and draws a line on the board.

Author: Sherry Ginn

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442255777

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Stories of time travel have been part of science fiction since H. G. Wells sent his nameless hero hurtling into Earth’s distant future in The Time Machine. Time travel enables the storyteller to depict alternate realities, bring fictional characters face to face with historical figures, and depict moral and ethical dilemmas in which millions of lives (or the world as we know it) are at stake. From Doctor Who and Quantum Leap to the multiple incarnations of Star Trek, time travel has been a staple of science fiction television for more than fifty years. Time-Travel Television: The Past from the Present, the Future from the Past surveys the whole range of time travel stories on the small screen. The essays in this collection explore time travel series both familiar (Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1) and forgotten (The Time Tunnel, Voyagers!), as well as time-travel themed episodes and arcs in series where it is not central, such as Red Dwarf, Lost, and Heroes. Contributors to this volume consider some of the classic themes of time-travel stories: the promise (and peril) of “fixing” the past, the chance to experience (and choose) possible futures, and the potential for small changes to have great effects. Exploring time travel as a teaching tool, as a vehicle for moral lessons, and as a background for high adventure, this book offers new perspectives on many familiar programs and the first serious study of several unjustly neglected ones. Time-Travel Television is essential reading for science fiction scholars and fans, and for anyone interested in the many ways that television brings the fantastic into viewers’ living rooms.

Encounters in My Travels

This time I knew this would be my last voyage, my last travel abroad, because my curiosity had been slaked. I landed in New Orleans with feelings of both relief and euphoria. I had traveled on many roads on land, including railroads; ...

Author: Dixie Lee Harris

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042017887

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Harris details her travels through 67 countries over twelve years. Questions about how a person's values form his or her life, and how life expresses those values evoke additional philosophical thought about this volume.


They traveled to Delphi from city-states in order to question the Oracle. ... Around 500 BC, some travelers took to recording their travel observations. ... The decline of the Roman Empire caused the degeneration of many roads. Travel ...



ISBN: 9786059579780

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When overseas travel agency owners and directors, predominantly fromMiddle Eastern countries visitedmy Istanbul office and sawmy “Travel Management” book published in 2018 in Turkish, insisted that I publish the same book in English. These comments made me excited and encouraged to publish the book in English with some revisions and additions. Travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries and a dynamic engine of economic development of the countries. It is a great source of income and employment for countries that receive more international tourists. For this reason, the countries have increased their investment in the travel and tourism industry, Tour operators and travel agencies have the major role for the development of tourism. Their business has vastly changed in the past 20 years. They have to continuously adapt and redefine their roles to the changing environment and technology. As a result of this change, different approaches in management, operation and marketing strategies in the travel industry have emerged. From tourism products and services to operation and destination management, from management functions to the distribution channels, from reservation systems to marketing functions, almost all travel concepts have changed shape. In travel agency business besides the traditional (classical) system used for many years, neoclassical systemandmodern (contemporary) systems such as online travel agencies (OTA’s) and destination management companies (DMC’s) have emerged, intermediaries diversified and increased. Pursuant to these developments travel operators who can keep up with these changes have created a wide academic and practical concept, theoretical discussions and most importantly different industrial structures. This book provides a wide perspective with modern concepts to the operation management and marketing strategies in travel industry and it is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter starts with learning outcomes. Basic principles and concepts of subjects are mentioned both theoretically and practically supported by tables, graphs and figures for a better understanding of specific chapters.

The Phoenix Chronicles

MANY. ROADS. TRAVELED. Yuki and Andrew sat in the comfortable bedroom George had set up for them in his private residence, nursing their many wounds. George's house was extremely large, and every room had been made into a library, ...

Author: Eric M Sipe

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781546229049

Category: Fiction

Page: 376

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Two thousand years ago, thirteen Roman soldiers were cursed to be reborn again and again, with each past incarnation trapped in the current incarnation’s mind. Over time, these cursed people grew more powerful, and through an organization called the Phoenix Council, they amassed power and influence to conquer most of the world. These self-proclaimed phoenixes now rule with an iron fist. They enjoyed uncontested power until six phoenixes grew unsatisfied with the council and rebelled, hurling the world into a dark civil war. Most of the phoenixes died in the war, only for the world to wait for them to return. Andrew Cromartie lives a lazy, carefree life in New Rome. One day, his twin, Rose, convinces him to attend the citys quincentennial celebration. There he discovers that he is the next sapphire phoenix. But there are a few problems: the Phoenix Council blames his past incarnation for starting the last war, and Andrews past incarnations have sealed themselves away. Now Andrew must rely on an unlikely group of allies to avoid falling into the machinations of the other phoenixes, all of whom have a different plot to use their timely rebirth for their own goals. Can Andrew survive and forge his own destiny?