Many Americas

MANY. AMERICAS. When I want to know what's really true About things I want to share with you Normal words that I write or speak Can never be the right technique My poetry tells a hundredfold Of what I can tell and not withhold Poetry ...

Author: Anthony J. Arant

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503569898

Category: Poetry

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These poems are a reflection of the varied and unusual life experiences of the author. The topics are as varied as life itself, and were written under the influence of the full range of human emotions. They are about the seriously tragic, the wildly absurd, the deeply sad, and the infectiously funny. They are poems about a childhood filled with doubt and confusion and an adulthood of faltering faith and persisting skepticism. The reader will quickly understand that the poems are meant to gently jab one's sensibilities, and hopefully bring some of life's answers back into question. That is the author's sincerest hope.

Other Septembers Many Americas

Never before had Americans been asked to imagine themselves so deeply and distressingly a part of the rest of humanity. ... to employ the many Americas I carry inside to envision a different dialogue, another sort of relationship.

Author: Ariel Dorfman

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 9781609802806

Category: History

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"Let me tell you, America, of the hopes I had for you," Dorfman writes after the fall of the Twin Towers, remembering back to an earlier September 11 in 1973, when he was on the staff of Salvador Allende, then president of Chile, the day he was removed from office and murdered in a coup in which the U.S. government was complicit. "Beware the plague of victimhood, America . . . Nothing is more dangerous than a giant who is afraid." Included in Other Septembers, Many Americas are major essays about the America south of the border, exploring the ambiguous relationship between power and literature and touching on topics as diverse as bilingualism, barbarians, and video games. In the essay "A Different Drum," Dorfman asks, "Isn’t it time, as war approaches yet again, to tell each other stories of peace over and over again?" Over and over in these jewel-like essays, his best shorter work of the last quarter-century, Dorfman weaves together sentiment and politics with his sense of the larger historical questions, reminding Americans of our unique role in the world, so different from the one put forward by the current administration: the power to resist and to imagine.

America s Many Faces

... yet thousands of miles from Los Angeles in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, America is faced with another case of racist remarks. This time it is not a man with a lot of money, but a public official, a police commissioner, whose specific ...

Author: Dario Lisiero


ISBN: 9781312323650



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St Marks Is Dead The Many Lives of America s Hippest Street

... Muhammad Ali beating Sonny Liston, the New York World's Fair, and the Beatles' arrival in America. ... It was a lot of people barefoot and letting their hair grow out and looking for something and needing something.

Author: Ada Calhoun

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393249798

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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A vibrant narrative history of three hallowed Manhattan blocks—the epicenter of American cool. St. Marks Place in New York City has spawned countless artistic and political movements. Here Frank O’Hara caroused, Emma Goldman plotted, and the Velvet Underground wailed. But every generation of miscreant denizens believes that their era, and no other, marked the street’s apex. This idiosyncratic work of reportage tells the many layered history of the street—from its beginnings as Colonial Dutch Director-General Peter Stuyvesant’s pear orchard to today’s hipster playground—organized around those pivotal moments when critics declared “St. Marks is dead.” In a narrative enriched by hundreds of interviews and dozens of rare images, St. Marks native Ada Calhoun profiles iconic characters from W. H. Auden to Abbie Hoffman, from Keith Haring to the Beastie Boys, among many others. She argues that St. Marks has variously been an elite address, an immigrants’ haven, a mafia warzone, a hippie paradise, and a backdrop to the film Kids—but it has always been a place that outsiders call home. This idiosyncratic work offers a bold new perspective on gentrification, urban nostalgia, and the evolution of a community.

Women of the Americas

In Latin America, in particular, the existence of many intermediate types of jobs takes many young women away from school before they finish their education, in order to help with family economy. Other influential factors in student ...

Author: Sandra Thomas


ISBN: IND:30000095844118

Category: Women

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America s Music

1*1 I ml WELCOME TO AMERICAS MOST POPULAR MUSIC And who better to tell its story than the nun anil women who create it. live it. and love if. Relax, put your feet up. and take a listen as the hottest stars of the contemporary country ...

Author: Robert K. Oermann

Publisher: Turner Pub

ISBN: UOM:49015003476935

Category: Music

Page: 240

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Traces the history of country music through reflections by performers including Johnny Cash, Ronnie Milsap, Clint Black, Trisha Yearwood, and Jean Ritchie

Heart s Many Doors American Poets Respond to Metka Kra ovec s Images Responding to Emily Dickinson

Publisher, editor and designer since 1995, Bryce Milligan is honored to carry on and expand that mission to include the finest in American writing – meaning all of the Americas, without commercial considerations clouding the choice to ...

Author: Richard Jackson

Publisher: Wings Press

ISBN: 9781609405373

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

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Internationally acclaimed Slovian artist Metka Krašovek created a suite of drawings inspired by the poems of Emily Dickinson. Editor Richard Jackson began gathering poems created in response to the drawings — fascinating and insightful examples of double ekphrasis. The Heart's Many Doors is a rich, cross-genre combination of writing and art that functions as a multi-faceted commentary on Dickinson, art and the creative process. 41 American poets contributed poems written in response to the artwork.

America s Wars

In this sense it may be seen as a prelude to the American Revolution (1775-83), by which the colonists won independence from Britain. This war, treated at some length here, was highly complex, as much a civil war as a revolution, ...

Author: Alan Axelrod

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015057606306

Category: History

Page: 550

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[This book provides] information on every significant recorded conflict in American history, from Bunker Hill to the Bataan Peninsula, from Antietam to Afghanistan. [The book] sheds light on the underlying causes of each conflict and offers ... insight and perspective on the conduct and historical impact of more than 100 armed struggles.-Dust jacket.

Selling Out America s Children

How America Puts Profits Before Values-- and what Parents Can Do David Allen Walsh ... In a 1990 Gallup survey, seventy percent of Americans polled said that there is too much emphasis on trying to be rich in the United States.

Author: David Allen Walsh

Publisher: Fairview Press

ISBN: IND:30000043775463

Category: Child consumers

Page: 144

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In Selling Out America's Children, author David Walsh examines why essential morals and values are missing in today's youth. We sell violence, irresponsible sex, and materialism to our children with the overwhelming power of modern media; in light of such odds, it is not surprising that parents find it increasingly difficult to counteract society's harmful messages. - Back cover.

The Many Legalities of Early America

In the 1930s, Roscoe Pound located American law's formative era in the period ''extending from independence to the time of ... of the American legal tradition and owed much to the eΔorescence of domestic written sources (case reports, ...

Author: Christopher L. Tomlins

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807839089

Category: History

Page: 480

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This collection of seventeen original essays reshapes the field of early American legal history not by focusing simply on law, or even on the relationship between law and society, but by using the concept of "legality" to explore the myriad ways in which the people of early America ordered their relationships with one another, whether as individuals, groups, classes, communities, or states. Addressing issues of gender, ethnicity, family, patriarchy, culture, and dependence, contributors explore the transatlantic context of early American law, the negotiation between European and indigenous legal cultures, the multiple social contexts of the rule of law, and the transformation of many legalities into an increasingly uniform legal culture. Taken together, these essays reveal the extraordinary diversity and complexity of the roots of early America's legal culture. Contributors are Mary Sarah Bilder, Holly Brewer, James F. Brooks, Richard Lyman Bushman, Christine Daniels, Cornelia Hughes Dayton, David Barry Gaspar, Katherine Hermes, John G. Kolp, David Thomas Konig, James Muldoon, William M. Offutt Jr., Ann Marie Plane, A. G. Roeber, Terri L. Snyder, and Linda L. Sturtz.

America s Town Meeting of the Air

WHAT IS AMERICA'S TOWN MEETING OF THE AIR? |NE of the most typically American institutions for political education was the old New England town meeting. For nearly a century and a half the town halls of America were centers for ...



ISBN: MINN:31951D00314532B

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Index to The American Slave

Many in both the North and the South were shifting their political allegiances from the party of Abraham Lincoln to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt who promised so many of America's Depressionridden and down-trodden a “new deal.

Author: Donald M. Jacobs

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UOM:49015002856517

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 274

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Advancing Equity and Achievement in America s Diverse Schools

Yet Principal Austin characterized some of the children (mainly African American boys) as having no respect for authority. On the other hand, she expressed sympathy for the many Spanish-speaking Latino students who arrive at the school ...

Author: Camille M. Wilson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136202148

Category: Education

Page: 215

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Advancing Equity and Achievement in America’s Diverse Schools illustrates how educators, students, families and community partners can work in strategic ways to build on social, cultural, and ethnic diversity to advance educational equity and achievement. By drawing on the latest data on demographic change, constructions of culture and cultural difference, and the politics of school reform in urban, rural, and suburban school communities, this volume looks toward solutions and strategies for meaningful educational improvement. Contributors consider both the diversity of youth and families served in public schools, and the culture of U.S. schooling, highlighting the influence of policy and reform agendas; students’ identities and agency; experiences and approaches of diverse educators; and the workings of effective school partnerships. Chapters also focus on those often overlooked in educational scholarship such as Native Americans, students experiencing poverty and/or homelessness, Muslim students, students with special needs, and students and educators who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or queer. In all, this edited collection stresses the need for high quality education that is inclusive, culturally responsive and unifying so all students can experience academic success. This book is a meaningful resource for educators, policymakers, and community-based leaders interested in doing such transformative work.

America in So Many Words

Words That Have Shaped America Allan Metcalf, David K. Barnhart ... I've done a lot of that . ... But to an American , being called ordinary is hardly a compliment ; in fact it is positively mean ( another word meaning “ ordinary " ) .

Author: Allan Metcalf

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547563299

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

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This book presents a unique historical view of American English. It chronicles year by year the contributions Americans have made to the vocabulary of English and the words Americans have embraced through the evolution of the nation. For important years from the settlement of Jamestown until 1750, and for every year from 1750 through 1998, a prominent word is analyzed and discussed in its historical context. The result is a fascinating survey of American linguistic culture through past centuries. The authors -- both lifelong students of American English -- bring great depth of understanding to these key words that have made America, and American English, what they are today.

Unstable inflation and seignorage revenues in Latin America how many times can the government fool people

Inflation Volatility and Seignorage Revenues; Some Latin American Evidence Inflation has been extremely volatile in ... percent in most OECD countries.3 Of particular interest is that monetary revenues within countries have also been ...

Author: Jacques Morisset

Publisher: World Bank Publications


Category: Inflacion - America Latina

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Why We Have So Many American Problems

To many of the others it supports their golf, yacht, ... There is a lot of difference between these two groups; one is usually thankful for the check because to them it is their ... They have wasted 20 Why we have so many American problems.

Author: James C. Barnes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434389398

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

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Seventeen-year-old Jason Hilliard plays a dual role since his father's death and his mother's return to work. Along with handling his own problems as a teenager, he also must deal with the roller-coaster emotions of his thirteen-year-old sister, Tia. Jason is attracted to Celia Miramontes, a seventeen-year-old with close family ties in the Latin community. With mixed feelings, Jason sees Celia taking time she otherwise would spend with him to help his little sister through a series of problems. Will it always be the two of us and Tia, he wonders. Couldn't she just get a little lost now and then? But when Tia actually does get lost in the mountains, while on a picnic with Celia's family, Jason moans, "That wasn't what I meant when I said to get a little lost, Tia!" This is a smoothly written, entertaining novel of family life and the gentle blossoming of first love. -School Library Journal This is an easy-to-read school story which has sprightly, up-to-the-minute conversation carrying it briskly along. With his widowed mother now working, Jason has had to take on the additional responsibility of his thirteen-year-old sister, Tia. Problems with Tia erupt regularly, as Jason tries to cope with her as well as with his own maturing and his first real girl friend. Positive family relationships are portrayed.

Many Swans Sun Myth of the North American Indians

Many Swans laid his hand on the arrow and began to climb — up — up — a long time. The earth lay beneath him wide and blue, he climbed through white moonlight and purple air until he fell asleep from weariness.

Author: Amy Lowell

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781613108581



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Since they were routed from Afghanistan and many of their fighters are dead or in captivity, the magnitude of ... The global success of liberty is America's greatest strategic interest as well as its most compelling moral argument.



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Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

There are many limits to the abilities of private conservation organizations to protect every significant acre. For one thing, about 40 percent of all land in the United States is owned by public agencies. Much of this land is grazed, ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106005948366

Category: Wild-life, Conservation of


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Includes another issue of 1936 ed. without ill.

America s Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree

Soliciting business is something that makes many people's skin crawl, but it's a fact of life, especially as you move up the ladder at most law firms. Corporate work saves you from that. 4. Corporations face a wide range of legal issues ...

Author: Kimm Alayne Walton

Publisher: Gilberts Law Summaries

ISBN: 0159001803

Category: Law

Page: 1146

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Profiles law firms and sports and entertainment employers, details ways to handle law school debt, and provides tips for making the most of a job