The Diva Paints the Town

Bernie beckoned to me, and I followed him into our family room. Nolan's guys
must have started at the crack of dawn, because the armoire and side tables
already waited. Bernie and I shoved them aside to make room for the sofa, and
not a ...

Author: Krista Davis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101184677

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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In the third Domestic Diva mystery, a decorating project leaves Sophie Winston with a deadly case that has to be seen to be believed... Sophie Winston’s reclusive neighbor, Professor Mordecai Artemus, has died and left his sprawling home to his Pomeranian. Sophie feels a tad guilty for not having befriended Mordecai, but at least she’s not as heartless as her nemesis Natasha, who’s descended on the house with a crew of interior designers and contractors to renovate the place for the statewide Spring Home and Garden Tour. Even Sophie’s been assigned a room to decorate: the family room, where the Professor did most of his living—and where he died. In the midst of cleaning, spackling and painting, Sophie uncovers a second body—but when next she looks it’s disappeared! Now Sophie has to hammer away to discover the truth about the missing man, before her best friend gets nailed for murder... Includes delicious recipes and entertaining tips!

Dynamic Diva Dollars

WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS TOOLS Create a " Peace Place " Dedicate a room
in your home or space in the corner of a room to do your wealth conscious work .
You can prepare a prosperity altar . The prosperity altar is your place where you ...

Author: Elon Bomani

Publisher: the dynamic diva

ISBN: 097882881X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 182

View: 893


A Diva knows the truth. There is no scarcity, lack nor limitation. She lives in an abundant, prosperous world with unlimited possibilities. She chooses to connect to the source for all of her desire and just by a mere wish, she can fly! This is no ordinary how-to financial book. The answer to your wealth is right here at your finger tips. This book shows you how to solve many of your money woes and build wealth beyond your imagination. There is a financial Diva inside of you ready to come out. Here is your easy step by step guide to becoming a millionaire. You will learn time-tested secrets that will help you get your financial act together; manifest a fortune; and make a difference in the world with the money you make.

The Diva Incident

The computer adjusted its available storage space to accommodate the strange
growth. ... computer searched its inventory of activities, selected a number of
noncritical ones and shut them down to make room for the new, larger code

Author: Steven A. Hall


ISBN: 9781430321019

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

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PROLOGUE TO THE CONTINUUM (The beginning of the Hykonian wars) The year is 6700 A.D. and a disarmed and disillusioned human race is lost in stagnation. Yet, there are a few humans in whom the primitive flame still burns. The ISMU miners sail the uncharted waters of their time. They are a rough crude lot governed only by the dictates of their union. The Diva is an ISMU superminer and her captain is Raef Maclear. Somewhere near the M31 galaxy, Raef Maclear will meet the Hykonians and find himself the last hope of the human race.


And the dining-room, Diva! The colour of green apples, enough to give anybody
indigestion before you begin! The glaring white paint in the hall! The garden-
room! I feel that the most, and so does poor Benjy. I was prepared for something ...

Author: E. F. Benson

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027200924

Category: Fiction

Page: 7500

View: 337


Musaicum Books presents to you this carefully created collection of 'THE COMPLETE WORKS OF E. F. BENSON (Illustrated Edition)'. This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Edward Frederic Benson (1867-1940) was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist, archaeologist and short story writer, known professionally as E.F. Benson. He started his novel writing career in 1893 with the fashionably controversial Dodo, which was an instant success, and followed it with a variety of satire and romantic and supernatural melodrama. He repeated the success of Dodo, with sequels to this novel, but the greatest success came relatively late in his career with The Mapp and Lucia series consisting of six novels and two short stories. The novels feature humorous incidents in the lives of (mainly) upper-middle-class British people in the 1920s and 1930s, vying for social prestige and one-upmanship in an atmosphere of extreme cultural snobbery. Benson was also known as a writer of atmospheric, oblique, and at times humorous or satirical ghost stories. Table of Contents: Make Way For Lucia: Queen Lucia Miss Mapp Lucia in London Mapp and Lucia Lucia's Progress or The Worshipful Lucia Trouble for Lucia The Male Impersonator Desirable Residences Novels: Dodo; A Detail of the Day Dodo's Daughter or Dodo the Second Dodo Wonders David Blaize David Blaize and the Blue Door David Blaize of King's The Rubicon The Judgement Books The Vintage Mammon and Co. Scarlet and Hyssop The Relentless City The Valkyries The Angel of Pain The House of Defence The Blotting Book Daisy's Aunt Mrs. Ames Thorley Weir Arundel Michael Up and Down Across the Stream Paying Guests Short Story Collections: The Room in the Tower, and Other Stories The Countess of Lowndes Square, and Other Stories Visible and Invisible Spook Stories More Spook Stories Historical Works: Deutschland Über Allah Crescent and Iron Cross Charlotte Bronte

Mary Go Round a Dear Diva novel

John was waiting for Cory, with his living room couch made into a bed. Harvey
carried Cory to the bed, studying John closely. With an exasperated sigh from
Cory, Harvey left looking wounded. "Oh John," Cory began, "it's been so tiring, all
of ...

Author: Ken Ludden


ISBN: 9781105287572

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 310

View: 702


First time in print, this series was called ""America's Favorite Gay Soap Opera"" first published in 1993 in Michael's Entertainment Weekly (later M/W) in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD as a weekly series in print. Voted the number one favorite of the public, the series developed a near cult-like following, including spontaneous street theater enactments each Thursday afternoon when the current editions first hit the streets. The series was turned into a screen play as a epic dramatic series. The pilot was shot, but the show never aired because of the element of terrorism in the plot, and the events of September 11, 2001 killed all projects involving terrorist threat for nearly a decade. The AIDS scare sub-plot was turned into a stage play called ""A Time Below"" which received rave reviews. It gives an accurate account of the AIDS scare in the early 1980s. Now in novel form, this timeless story comes to book sellers worldwide.

Dating Diva Adventures

My Dating Diva Adventures book isn't about coupledom, nor is it about marriage.
... for that one person who can be honest, kind-natured, and make me feel like the
most beautiful girl in the room, even with my Yankees cap and Converse on!

Author: Lori Lemon-Geshay


ISBN: 9780557855834


Page: 170

View: 401


Dating Diva Adventures begins with three BFFs in tow, and they created an online dating profile for Lori with a well-known social networking site. After over 3,286 hits in thirty days, Lori set out on a journey of self-discovery in hopes to learn about human behavior, her needs, her desires, and basic human interaction while on the quest for true love. During this process of first dates, she met some incredible individuals and learned about common dating faux pas and areas of opportunity that we all have. The book, Dating Diva Adventures is meant to be lighthearted, fun, and introspective. It is not about the "hunt for a man," nor is it about marriage or finding a rich sugar daddy. Lori says, she'll leave that to the experts! She's a woman of substance, has her own financial means, and she doesn't need a man for that, nor do you! To learn more about the author visit,

Secrets of a Style Diva

When friends or family give you a gift for the home, how well does it usually sync
with your other belongings? a. Almost perfectly every time. My nearest ...
Reworking other items in the room to balance the new additions. b. Deciding on
the right ...


Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 9781418554163



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Something to read ed by E J Brett With Something to read novelette

Miss Diva , " she said . “ Not when you try to make trouble between And Diva
Cliffe sprang forward with a rose - me and Gerald . " Na room made splendid with
richly Push in her cheek , and smiles brightening her Sibyl smiled bitterly .
coloured ...

Author: Edwin John Brett


ISBN: OXFORD:590927468



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Diva Diaries

Jordan made martinis, Jason was at his grandmother's, and it was a private party.
The radio was tuned into 98.7 Kiss FM and ... He was just the man they needed in
the living room with them tonight. A man that would make it all better. Jordan ...

Author: Janine A. Morris

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758285205

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 540


Dakota, Chrasey, and Jordan have been best friends since college. Now they're about to discover their wild school days have nothing on the dramas of adulthood. . . As friends, Dakota, Chrasey, and Jordan are alike and dissimilar in many ways. Dakota is the only single one in the group. She and Jordan both thrive on their high-powered careers--and the men in their lives almost always come second. But when Dakota's boyfriend becomes more than she can handle, she realized that strength in the boardroom does not translate to the bedroom. Chrasey and Jordan have marriage in common--and the temptation to have an affair with two irresistible men. Now these three friends who have been through the best and worst times together, will have to rely on their strong bonds and trust the truth that lies buried deep within their hearts to discover who they really are--and find the life they've been waiting for all along. . . "I felt like I was experiencing one of my own girls' nights out." --Lala, MTV VJ "More juicy drama than any reality show. . ..Janine writes for the everyday diva in all of us." --Miss Info, author of Bling, Bling: Hip Hops Crown Jewels, Hot 97 Jock, Vibe columnist

The IT Girl s Guide to Becoming an Excel Diva

I love the new Themes feature, which lets me have access to colors, fonts, and
even make my data look flashy and sharp. ... of paint and it shows you what a
room with that color of paint and the certain color of backsplash you picked looks

Author: Ani Babaian

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470407875

Category: Computers

Page: 300

View: 402


Apply Excel daily and smooth out life's wrinkles Who knew a spreadsheet could do as much for you as your favorite moisturizer? Become a Microsoft Excel Diva with this sassy guide and discover what hip IT Girls already know: smart is beautiful. Impress the heck out of everyone at work with your stylish reports. Do a budget and see exactly what you can spend on shoes. Get better organized. Who has time for dull technical manuals? Learn all of Microsoft Excel's secrets in this girl-talk guide. Welcome to the party! Relax, refresh, and reward yourself at the end of each chapter with fun, stress-reducing chats, like why soy Chai lattes are better than regular lattes. Don't miss these gems! * Meet Microsoft(r) Excel(r) 2007, the Louis Vuitton of spreadsheets * Join the conversation with these basic Excel terms * Learn the fine art of Excel formulas and functions * Dress up Excel data with SmartArt, WordArt, and other chic accessories * Build a shopping spree budget from scratch * Show off by adding Excel data into Word and PowerPoint(r)

Yankee Diva

Nordica ' s friends have turned her head and made her think she is a prima
donna . They all think ... Nordica " suggested “ How to make Room for Her , ” a
sensible plan , which entailed merely taking one “ Act ” of the concert away from
Mlle .

Author: Ira Glackens


ISBN: UOM:39015007948014

Category: Opera

Page: 366

View: 580


Memoirs of a Military Diva

They would tell Brian if she was working too hard or if she wasn't in her dorm
room at a certain time. They were getting on her last nerve. Her hormones were
making her irritable, which she took out on Brian every chance she got. There
was ...

Author: Lady Jay

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462050808

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 926


Lisa Collier has always known the military was right for her, but she never counted on the trials and tribulations that accompany her new life. But under her uniform representing pride and heroism, she is conflicted. Unfortunately, Lisa soon realizes that her extensive military training has not prepared her for the battles of abandonment, neglect, infidelity, and abuse she suffers in her personal life. Lisa’s best friend, Monique Grant, is not known for playing games, especially when it comes to her freedom – and her heart. She enters the military as a strong-willed woman who lets nothing stand in her way, but almost immediately discovers she must learn to slow down or lose everything she holds close to her heart. Memoirs of a Military Diva shares the poignant tale of two women as they journey to discover the true meaning of inner strength, to stand firm in their identities, and, most importantly, to embrace the bonds of sisterhood; relying on that, they have the ability to overcome anything.

When Divas Laugh

... condition that you give me room to grow to let me learn about myself & let my
spirit glow love me on the condition that i will do the same so we both have
something to share and receive without guilt or blame & WHEN DIVAS LAUGH i '
ll love ...

Author: Chezia Thompson Cager

Publisher: Black Classic Press

ISBN: 1580730310

Category: Education

Page: 121

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Confessions of a Bed and Breakfast Diva Hospitality Lessons from the Other Side of the Desk

I have learned to finish the conversation by leading them to the front porch and
not in the living room where it can go and on. ... when they would arrive and
whether or not she would leave in time for us to eat dinner before our guests

Author: Frania Shelley-Grielen


ISBN: 9780557229802

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 114

View: 369


A first hand account of what owning a small town Bed and Breakfast is really like. Told with a fresh, lyrical voice. This wry and witty account of big city girl turned small town diva also includes some of the most delicious breakfast recipes you'll ever try. Yummy!

Angel A Hustling Diva With A Twist

When baby girl made it to the jail she was dressed to kill she had on this dress
made of sheer that was see thru she knew ... most satisfying way, when Brooklyn
walked in the waiting room looking like he had been pumping iron out on the
yard, ...

Author: Brenda Wright

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477286135

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

View: 175


This third sequel to angel a hustling diva with a twist is based mostly on angel’s children (Gloria) her daughter baby girl and son (little Ramon) known as King has taken stacking paper to levels that people only dream about, Gloria a. k. a. baby girl being a prominent attorney in Chicago has taken criminalization up a few notches, and Angel has come out of hiding only to get caught up in a police shoot out and survives again. ANGELS A HUSTLING DIVA WITH A TWIST THIRD SEQUEL, ANGEL’S RETIREMENT WILL SHE RETURN?

The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva

different colours should make up most of ... You can just throw it on when you're
heading out of the room, and stuff it inside your beach bag once you get to the

Author: Kareena Kapoor

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9788184757972

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 282

View: 341


Kareena Kapoor was born to be a star! In her first-ever book, the ultimate glamour girl lets you into her fabulous life and reveals her best-kept style and beauty secrets. Bebo’s fashion, beauty and make-up tricks and tips! Get a Size Zero body with Bebo’s diet and fitness regime Replicate her looks from all her hit films Learn about Bebo’s must-visit hotels and restaurants Learn how to treat and dress your man right and the inside story of the romance with Saif Ali Khan

Dance Divas On Pointe

11. Diva. in. Training. Miss Andrea found Gracie at her makeup table powdering
her nose and applying bubble gum–flavored lipgloss. “My dressing
roomistoosmall,” she told Miss Andrea. “I need more room formy stuffed animal

Author: Sheryl Berk

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781619635876

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 549


Dances Minnelli, a famous professional dance troupe in New Jersey, is looking for a few girls to star in their annual holiday production of The Nutcracker. Anya, Liberty, and Scarlett all think they'll be a shoe-in for the lead role of Clara. But it's actually Gracie with her big smile and bubbly energy that catches Mr. Minnelli's eye at the auditions. With so much responsibility resting on her shoulders, will she be able to handle the pressure? Will Liberty learn to love playing a gingerbread man? Can Anya make the most of being a mouse? And can Scarlett handle the fact that her sister is growing into a beautiful dancer . . . and possibly leaving her in the dust?

Diva s Last Curtain Call

The Red Dragon's party room was decorated with silver and white balloons, and
the tables were adorned with purple silk ... Alex had generously donated hors d'
oeuvre trays from the restaurant, and Mama had made an assortment of desserts,

Author: Angela Henry

Publisher: Kimani Press

ISBN: 9781426801877

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 759


Part-time GED instructor Kendra Clayton's spring break is proving to be anything but relaxing. First her best friend, Lynette, suffers a major panic attack days before her wedding and vanishes. Then her sister, Allegra, who craves attention the way Kendra craves chocolate brownies, arrives in town determined to land an interview with screen legend Vivianne DeArmond for the TV show Hollywood Vibe. But Allegra's interview plans hit a glitch when she discovers the diva's lifeless body in her dressing room, stabbed in the back with a letter opener. The police peg Allegra as the prime suspect, but Kendra knows her sister is no murderer, even if she is guilty of acting a little too friendly around Kendra's man lately. As Kendra starts to investigate and whittle down the list of Vivianne's enemies, she uncovers some surprising Hollywood secrets. But she'll need to act fast. Because every step toward the truth puts her in danger of becoming the victim of a ruthless killer's encore performance….

The Rise and Fall of a La Scala Diva

Not long after my arrival – I have always been mad about fashion – I decided to
take the plunge and discard my country ... I shared a room with my sister in the up
-market hostel in posh Knightsbridge, where she met her future husband, just ...

Author: Marjorie Wright

Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Lim

ISBN: 9781857566123

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 181

View: 383


From the the height of her career as a renowned opera singer who performed at the famous La Scala opera house in Milan, to the politics and back-stabbing in the operatic circle that resulted in her falling from grace, this memoir spares neither the thrills nor the anguish that make up one beloved diva's career. The sad turn her career took after once basking in the limelight of the opera world is eventually overcome, and the use of her musical talent to make a slow climb back to happiness and a life of fulfilling adventures is detailed.

Her Dream of Dreams

... Proctor's first cousin, Lemuel Googins, sits on the City Council, the first black
man elected to city office. No question, Mrs. Proctoris seriously OP. And the
questionis, can a community of twenty-five thousand make room for another hair

Author: Beverly Lowry

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307765956

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 496

View: 396


“I am a woman that came from the cotton fields of the South; I was promoted from there to the wash-tub; then I was promoted to the cook kitchen, and from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations.” --Madam C. J. Walker, National Negro Business League Convention, 1912 Now, from a writer acclaimed for her novels and the memoir Crossed Over, a remarkable biography of a truly heroic figure. Madam C. J. Walker created a cosmetics empire and became known as the first female self-made millionaire in this nation’s history, a noted philanthropist and champion of women’s rights and economic freedom. These achievements seem nothing less than miraculous given that she was born, in 1867, to former slaves in a hamlet on the Mississippi River. How she came to live on another river, the Hudson, in a Westchester County mansion, and in a New York City town house, is at once inspirational and mysterious, because for all that is known about the famous entrepreneur, much that occurred before her magnificent transformation—years that trace a circuitous route across the country—remains obscure. By breathing life into scattered clues and dry facts, and with a deep understanding of the times and places through which Madam Walker moved, Beverly Lowry tells a story that stretches from the antebellum South to the Harlem Renaissance and bridges nearly a century of our history in her search for the distant truths of a woman who defied all odds and redefined conventional expectations. “Wherever there was one colored person, whether it was a city, a town, or a puddle by the railroad tracks, everybody knew her name.” --Violet Davis Reynolds, Stenographer, Madam C. J. Walker Co