American Authors and the Literary Marketplace Since 1900

... Alden published three books during his lifetime—God in His World (1890), A Study ofDeath (1895), and Magazine Writing and the New Literature (1908).

Author: James L. W. West, III

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812204537

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This book examines literary authorship in the twentieth century and covers such topics as publishing, book distribution, the trade editor, the literary agent, the magazine market, subsidiary rights, and the blockbuster mentality.

The Labor of Words

Henry Mills Alden's Magazine Writing and the New Literature (1908) made the final victory of the by-line, again a reflection of newspaper trends, ...

Author: Christopher P. Wilson

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820336985

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In the three decades after 1885, a virtual explosion in the nation's print media—newspaper tabloids, inexpensive magazines, and best-selling books—vaulted the American writer to unprecedented heights of cultural and political influence. The Labor of Words traces the impact of this mass literary marketplace on Progressive era writers. Using the works and careers of Jack London, Upton Sinclair, David Graham Phillips, and Lincoln Steffens as case studies, Christopher P. Wilson measures the advantages and costs of the new professional literary role and captures the drama of this transformative epoch in American journalism and letters.

The Journalist s Bookshelf

MAGAZINE WRITING Note - See also : Business Journalism , Feature Writing ,
Free Lance Writing . Alden , Henry Mills . Magazine Writing and the New
Literature . 1908 . Harper , New York . 321 pp . The editor of Harper ' s for 40
years here ...

Author: Roland Edgar Wolseley


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Publishing the Family

Magazine Writing and the New Literature. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1908. American Sociological Society. Papers and Proceedings, vol. 3.

Author: June Howard

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822327716

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DIVInterweaves literary and publishing histories around the collaborative novel THE WHOLE FAMILY in order to explore categories of readers and writers in the U.S. during the first two decades of the twentieth-century./div


A little book which gives one an impulse to speak and write better English and
which tells how . " Leonard ... 1907 . Clipping bureau press , Boston . $ 1 . 00 .
Alden , Henry Mills . Magazine writing and the new literature . 1908 . Harper . $ 2

Author: Rosenberg Library


ISBN: UCAL:B3041715



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A History of American Magazines 1741 1850

MAGAZINES. INTRODUCTION IT was once the fashion, ... M. Alden, Magazine Writing and the New Literature (New York, 1908), p. 49. a American Museum, ...

Author: Frank Luther Mott

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674395506

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"The five volumes of A History of American Magazines constitute a unique cultural history of America, viewed through the pages and pictures of her periodicals from the publication of the first monthly magazine in 1741 through the golden age of magazines in the twentieth century"--Page 4 of cover.

Journalism and Realism

Harper's New Monthly Magazine 100 (May 1900): 947–62. ———. Magazine Writing and the New Literature. NewYork and London: Harper and Brothers, 1908.

Author: Thomas B. Connery

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 9780810127333

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A paradigm of actuality -- Searching for the real and actual -- Stirrings and roots: urban sketches and America's flaneur -- The storytellers -- Picturing the present -- Carving out the real -- Experiments in reality -- Documenting time and place.


Courtney , W : P The secrets of our naA. L. A. catalog rules : author and title tional
literature . 1908. ... .D 22012 entries . 1908 ... .... XD 7396 Cox , J : H. Literature in
the common schools . 1908 Alden , H : M. Magazine writing and the new ...

Author: Enoch Pratt Free Library of Baltimore City


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The Media in America

By the end of the decade poetry was receiving far less space in magazines than it
had previa Alden , Henry Mills . Magazine Writing and the New Literature . New
York , 1908 . Examines the relationship of periodicals to general literature , both ...

Author: William David Sloan

Publisher: Pub Horizons

ISBN: STANFORD:36105000424395

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The Authors Club

Author of — God in His World ( 1890 ) ; A Study of Death ( 1896 ) ; Magazine
Writing and the New Literature ( 1908 ) . Editor of - Harper's Magazine ( 1869 — )
. Cbarles Derter Allen . Author of — American Book - Plates ( 1894 ) ; A Classified

Author: Authors Club (New York, N.Y.)


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Law in an Era of Smart Technology

By 1840 ... the increase in newspaper circulation was estimated to be 187 per ... Magazine Writing and the New Literature (New York: Harper, 1908), 4–9.

Author: Susan Brenner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199745104

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Should law be technologically neutral, or should it evolve as human relationships with technology become more advanced? In Law in an Era of "Smart" Technology, Susan Brenner analyzes the complex and evolving interactions between law and technology and provides a thorough and detailed account of the law in technology at the beginning of the 21st century. Brenner draws upon recent technological advances, evaluating how developing technologies may alter how humans interact with each other and with their environment. She analyzes the development of technology as shifting from one of "use" to one of "interaction," and argues that this interchange needs us to reconceptualize our approach to legal rules, which were originally designed to prevent the "misuse" of older technologies. As technologies continue to develop over the next several decades, Brenner argues that the laws directed between human and technological relationships should remain neutral. She explains how older technologies rely on human implementation, but new "smart" technology will be completely automated. This will eventually lead to, as she explains, the ultimate progression in our relationship with technology: the fusion of human physiology and technology. Law in an Era of "Smart" Technology provides a detailed, historically-grounded explanation as to why our traditional relationship with technology is evolving and why a corresponding shift in the law is imminent and necessary.

American Studies

William Charvat, Literary Publishing in America, 1790-1850 (Philadelphia, 1959),
43; Charvat, Profession of Authorship, 294. 5. Robert E. Spiller, et al, ... Henry
Mills Alden, Magazine Writing and the New Literature (New York, 1908), 69. 10.



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Magazines in the United States

Determined to give the lie to such English magazine writers as Sidney Smith ,
who had expressed his scorn of American writing , and to ... 6 Henry Mills Alden ,
Magazine Writing and the New Literature ( New York : Harper & Bros . , 1908 ) , p

Author: James Playsted Wood


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The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines

... similar to the 'Yellow Book of London'.19 In 1908 and early 1909, Fredric Splint hired two new writers to work in the magazine's literature and theatre ...

Author: Peter Brooker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199545810

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This book contains forty-four original essays on the role of periodicals in the United States and Canada. Over 120 magazines are discussed by expert contributors, completely reshaping our understanding of the construction and emergence of modernism. The chapters are organised into thirteen sections, each with a contextual introduction by the editors, and consider key themes in the landscape of North American modernism such as: 'free verse'; drama and criticism;regionalism; exiles in Europe; the Harlem Renaissance; and radical politics. In incisive critical essays we learn of familiar 'little magazines' such as Poetry, Others, transition, and The Little Review,as well as less well-known magazines such as Rogue, Palms, Harlem, and The Modern Quarterly. Of particular interest is the placing of 'little magazines' alongside pulps, slicks, and middlebrow magazines, demonstrating the rich and varied periodical field that constituted modernism in the United States and Canada.