Mackintosh s The Government and Politics of Britain

This student mainstay continues to be organised around constitutional themes, with new material on local elections, the politics of the centre and the limits of state power.

Author: Peter G. Richards

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134998098

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This student mainstay continues to be organised around constitutional themes, with new material on local elections, the politics of the centre and the limits of state power. Essential for all introductory students of British politics and current affairs.

Modern Political Science

13 This account was informed by the normative assertion that British historical development was shaped by the ... These included: Birch, The British System of Government (1967); Mackintosh, The Government and Politics of Britain (1970); ...

Author: Robert Adcock

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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Since emerging in the late nineteenth century, political science has undergone a radical shift--from constructing grand narratives of national political development to producing empirical studies of individual political phenomena. What caused this change? Modern Political Science--the first authoritative history of Anglophone political science--argues that the field's transformation shouldn't be mistaken for a case of simple progress and increasing scientific precision. On the contrary, the book shows that political science is deeply historically contingent, driven both by its own inherited ideas and by the wider history in which it has developed. Focusing on the United States and the United Kingdom, and the exchanges between them, Modern Political Science contains contributions from leading political scientists, political theorists, and intellectual historians from both sides of the Atlantic. Together they provide a compelling account of the development of political science, its relation to other disciplines, the problems it currently faces, and possible solutions to these problems. Building on a growing interest in the history of political science, Modern Political Science is necessary reading for anyone who wants to understand how political science got to be what it is today--or what it might look like tomorrow.

Half a Century of British Politics

Butler , D. , Adonis , A. and Travers , T. ( 1994 ) , Failure in British Government : The Politics of the Poll Tax , Oxford , Oxford University Press . ... Mackintosh's The Government and Politics of Britain , London , Hutchinson .

Author: Lynton J. Robins

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719048400

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Leading experts assess the past fifty years of British political life. Retreat from empire to Europe, with all the adjustments this entailed, is explored, as is the changing nature of politics at home.

Policy Learning and British Governance in the 1960s

The 1959–1961 Plowden Committee and its impact on British welfare policy', The Historical Journal, vol. 40, no. 2 (1997), pp. 463-91. ... Mackintosh, John P. (1982) The government and politics of Britain, London: Hutchinson.

Author: Hugh Pemberton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230504752

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Why did Britain's economic policy revolution in the 1960s achieve so little? Drawing on the latest political science theories of policy networks and policy learning, Hugh Pemberton outlines a new model of economic policy making and then uses it to interrogate recently-released government documents. In explaining both the radical shift in policy and its failure to achieve its full potential, this book has much to say about the problems of British governance throughout the whole of the postwar period.

The Case for Left Wing Nationalism

EveninThe Government and Politics of Britain, published in 1974,Mackintosh attributed nationalism to dissatisfaction with remote bureaucracy and with the poor economic performance of London governments. Mackintosh's consistency in ...

Author: Stephen Maxwell

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781909912571

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Spanning four politically and socially tumultuous decades, Stephen Maxwell's writings explore the origins and development of the modern Scottish Nationalist movement. As an instrumental member of the SNP and a life-long socialist, Maxwell's work provides an engaging contemporary insight into the debate over Scottish independence, setting out a clear ideological and practical arguments for a socially just Scotland. The Case for Left Wing Nationalism - Maxwell's seminal 1981 pamphlet - considers the historical and cultural roots of Scottish national identity and stresses the importance of a realistic understanding of the past as the basis of a more prosperous, independent future. It concludes with Hugh MacDiarmid's prescription for a Scottish renaissance: Not Traditions - Precedents.

Governing Together

King, A. (1991), “The British Prime Ministership in the Age of the Career Politician', West European Political, Vol. 14 (2). Klein, R. and Lewis, J. (1977), ... Mackintosh, J.P. (1977a) The Government and Politics of Britain (4th ed.) ...

Author: Jean Blondel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349229369

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Parliamentary cabinets are supposed to be collective bodies, taking their decisions on the basis of agreements among all the members. Yet much has been made of the growth of the role of prime ministers, not just in Britain, but all over western Europe. Much has also been made of the trend towards letting cabinet decisions be taken by committees or even by individual ministers. It is indeed true that twenty men and women, meeting only a few hours a week, cannot take all the decisions of the State. These are the issues which this study examines, on the basis of the replies of over 400 cabinet ministers across western Europe. The result is the first truly empirical analysis in a subject on which what has been known so far has tended to be speculation.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

P Laslett ) , rev edn , 1988 LODGE , J ( ed ) , Institutions and Policies of the European Community , 1983 LOUGHLIN , M , Legality and Locality : the Role of Law ... 1968 MACKINTOSH , J P , The Government and Politics of Britain ( ed .

Author: Anthony Wilfred Bradley

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 1405812079

Category: Law

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Written in clear, uncluttered language, this book explains the basic principles & highlights key cases & statutes relating to constitutional & administrative law.