Love Circles

I didn't think anything of it; I loved Hank and his Southern ways. Hank came up here from South Carolina ... Then Nikki started acting funny toward me. It seemed as if she was trying to say smart stuff to me to make Love Circles 109.

Author: Charles Lee Robinson, Jr.

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 9781681810089

Category: Betrayal

Page: 135

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Love Circles is a riveting account of sexual revenge and betrayal played out over twenty-five years in the lives of three men, friends who have managed to stay friends, and are now happily married. They meet at a newly built jazz club to reminisce on all the bad relationships they have had over the years, times when they were living in a vicious love circle of life. Yet they still remained loyal to each other, despite all the other friends who betrayed them over the decades. The three have triumphed over all obstacles by learning that God is the only one who really gets revenge. The story follows Lenny, Richard, and Nathan as they learn things the hard way when their lives were put in danger. Will they prevail?

We Love Circles

Title: We love circles! / Beatrice Harris. Description: New York : Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2018. | Series: Our favorite shapes | Includes index. Identifiers: ISBN 9781538209851 (pbk.) | ISBN 9781538209875 (library bound) | ISBN ...

Author: Beatrice Harris

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP

ISBN: 9781538209875

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 26

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Pizzas, cookies, Frisbees, some of the best things in life are circles. In the bright pages of this volume, readers will recognize circles in their everyday life. Achievable text is accompanied by carefully chosen photographs, which aid in acquisition of new vocabulary and practice in fluency. Readers are also asked to identify a circle in a concluding activity, a fun assessment of what they’ve learned.

Savage Love Circle of Darkness Book 2

Aria has always desired love. But the men she surrounded herself with used her for several purposes—for her body, for power, for leverage. Until I found her. Now she knows she is safe to love and to be loved. That is the change you are ...

Author: Eve Newton

Publisher: Eve Newton


Category: Fiction

Page: 316

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One shattered. One on the verge. One gone. Can the fallen prevail, the Circle be unbroken? Rocked by tragic events, we pull apart. Until circumstances force us to take up the mantle once again. Now we're major targets. The stakes are higher than ever. Will we stand strong this time and pull together as we were always meant to? Or, are we out of our league, fated to fall once more?

The Circle Back to Love

In everything we do, what we go through, how we dream, and how we make progress in life, it all circles back to love. The Circle Back to and Healing Power of Love In our brokenness, love heals us. When we are disappointed, love lifts us ...

Author: Brenda L. Turner-Miller

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982210564

Category: Religion

Page: 110

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In the undercurrent of change and dynamic of the new millennium, both young and old have been challenged with adjusting to many possibilities regarding careers, relationships, families, and ambitions. In an inspirational guide to self-improvement, Brenda L. Turner-Miller demonstrates how we can all accomplish relational, career, and family goals by allowing faith, hope, and love to guide us as we journey through life. While addressing the divergent changes and learning experiences that can emerge while making plans for our careers, lives, and futures, Turner-Miller leads us down a fundamental path of reflection while sharing personal stories and insightful lessons that have outlined her own decision-making process as she encountered obstacles and triumphs. While drawing upon the conditions by which progress is made, Turner-Miller offers a foundational roadmap that will help others explore their own ideals for love, family, career, and personal ambitions, all while emphasizing the importance of holding onto faith, hope, and love to bring us full circle to a secure place. The Circle Back to Love guides others to explore the value of having faith, proclaiming hope, and holding onto love to find fulfillment and achieve goals.

The Circle of Love

These are questions which are left behind at the circle's edge. The circle of love has its own ways in which forgetfulness and remembrance belong together, in which seeking and finding are equal illusions. This path cannot be understood ...

Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center

ISBN: 9781890350024

Category: Religion

Page: 188

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The circle of divine love is always present within the heart. The journey of the mystic is to retrace this circle and so experience the oneness that is hidden within us. In The Circle of Love, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee continues his work of providing a contemporary understanding of Sufism, drawing us into this mystery of the soul. He describes the way of mystical prayer and of listening with the heart. He offers valuable insight into power and the spiritual life: how to use one's power to break free of restrictions and live the joy of one's divine nature. He explores the primordial question of why we so easily forget our origin in God. Finally, The Circle of Love takes us deep into the mystical secret of being lost in God, to the center of the circle where the lover merges into the Beloved and the heart's deepest truth is revealed. “... Vaughan-Lee calls us back to the circle of love where nothing is excluded.” —Spirituality & Practice

Circle of Love

With the anniversary of Michael's sobriety in 2004, I was inspired to write: Twenty-Three Love Tributes for My Michael for Twenty-Three Years of Sobriety 1. I love you Michael. 2. I love you for your caring. 3.

Author: Karen S. Camara

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480866287

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 198

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It was 1956 when Michael and Karen first met as teens in the streets of New York City. They were both determined to escape their dysfunctional families, buoyed up by dreams of success. Their four years as soulmates would have been forever except Michael was addicted to heroin. After walking away, Karen buried all her feelings from the pure joy of their love to her dismay of drugs as a third partner yet she still lived with the heartbreak of going separate ways. When Karen realized her history as a New York City street kid was atypical, she wrote a memoir, Songs from the Street: A Native New Yorker Comes of Age in the Fifties. She reveals how writing this memoir unleashed powerful memories of her teenage love as well as a curiosity about what happened to Michael after they parted. Karen sought closure and describes how she found Michael, now clean, sober, and professionally accomplished. Through this reconnection, their love was reborn and their life together as soulmates came full circle.

Circle of Love

“I love her very much, and she lovesme. ... “Love?” Lucyechoed. Frances smiled. “That's right. Love given and love returned.” Lucy smiled and hugged her doll. “Did you hear that, Baby? Love isa circle,”she said.

Author: Joan Lowery Nixon

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780307827609

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 176

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The Civil War has officially ended and Frances Mary Kelly's true love, Johnny, is back from the war. But to Frances's dismay, Johnny is hesitant to marry her. Attempting to ease her aching heart, Frances accepts an offer to go to New York City and escort a group of orphans out West to new homes. Along the way, she must deal with a flood of painful memories and a threatening stranger. Will Frances be able to complete her mission... and return home to find out what her future will be?

Circle of love

“People say love is unconditional – agreed, but only till the time you get committed!” To fall in love with someone, such that you want your world to be around that one person – is it too much to ask for? Love comes through destiny, ...

Author: Dipesh Shah

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9789384391270

Category: Fiction


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A break-up is what brought out the creative side of Dipesh. It turned him into a writer. Dhruv is a BBA student, who is unclear about his goals in life. He loves to hang out with his friends and was quite satisfied with his life until the day he met Veronica. Then, it was love at first sight and his life became more beautiful... He began to live each day of his life, as if it were a blessing, thanks to her. They were a happy couple, madly in love with each other. Their love became stronger with every passing day, until unexpected tragedy struck. Life takes a twist and a turn – would their love survive this storm? A heart-breaking story of love, betrayal and guilt that will make you wonder whether love could be so cruel and selfish. ‘Pyarr mai deewangi agar dono taraf se ho to acha rehta hai, Aksar ek tarfa deewane logo ko log pagal kehte hai.’ - See more at:

Circle of Love

I know in this big beautiful city there are a lot of choices you could have made tonight, but you chose to be here with me. I love coming to L.A. I see a sea of lavender shirts in the first few rows. Thank you so much Girls in My Circle ...

Author: Tracy Brooks

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532064920

Category: Fiction

Page: 158

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Brooklyn is feeling on top of the world. Every day when she looks in the mirror, she sees another one of God’s miracles looking back at her. One morning when her cousin shows up at her front door, she cannot help but wonder what kind of drama Shay is preparing to instigate. After she quickly rejects Shay’s invitation to hang out, she looks forward to a serene day where she doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for Shay’s comments or actions. While on a search for inner-peace, Brookyn has recently embarked on a journey of self-discovery, determined to carefully examine her life and relationships. As her fiftieth birthday celebration approaches, Brooklyn must decide whether to invite Shay and deal with the subsequent drama or shun her from the event. While Brooklyn struggles to look at life from Shay’s point of view, she vascillates between the present and past while exploring the strength and love of true friendships and the acceptance of one another’s similarities and differences. But will she ever find a way to accept Shay as one of the girls in her circle? Circle of Love is the moving tale of a middle-aged woman’s journey to find peace within herself while examining her life, relationships, and the true meaning of acceptance.

Circle of Love

The older woman wisely kept silence, comforting her with a loving embrace. Muffled by Catherine's shoulder, Honour gulped, ... Did I ever truly say thank you, and that I — love — you — forevermore?" Her voice caught. ... 142 Circle of Love.

Author: Susan Cornell Bauer

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781591606123

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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