In September 2019, "Truth Hurts" became the longest-reigning solo female rap song at the number 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100. Since then, Lizzo has appeared on TV, at award shows, and on sold-out world tours.

Author: Karen Latchana Kenney

Publisher: Capstone Press

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In September 2019, "Truth Hurts" became the longest-reigning solo female rap song at the number 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100. Since then, Lizzo has appeared on TV, at award shows, and on sold-out world tours. Learn more about this Grammy-winning artist and how she went from band kid to opening act to mainstream superstar.


This title introduces readers to the life and music of Lizzo. Colorful photos, fun facts, and a timeline of key dates in her life make this book an exciting read for young music lovers.

Author: Martha London

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This title introduces readers to the life and music of Lizzo. Colorful photos, fun facts, and a timeline of key dates in her life make this book an exciting read for young music lovers.

Feminism in Practice

ship to study at the university in the hopes that she would later be able to study flute at the Paris Conservatory. For a time, Lizzo set her sights on a career in classical music: “I was going to ... wait in line for that first chair.

Author: Karen A. Foss

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Feminism in Practice uses feminism as a blueprint for exploring change strategies. It features twenty contemporary feminists from diverse arenas, including activists, comedians, musicians, politicians, poets, and showrunners. The women come to life through line drawings, brief biographies, extensive quotations, their definitions of feminism, and the change strategies they employ. Questions for reflection encourage readers to think through their own relationship to feminism and change. Chapter 1 defines feminism, raising issues with the typical definition of feminism as the effort to achieve equality between women and men. It concludes with a description of over twenty types of feminism. Chapter 2 describes the triggering events, happening places, and key ideas of the four waves of feminism. The opening chapters provide a comprehensive understanding of the diversity and complexity of feminist movement. The book is organized around five primary objectives that animate contemporary change efforts—proclaiming identity, naming a problem, enriching a system, changing a system, and creating an alternative system. Each objective is developed through theoretical assumptions and twelve change strategies that show it at work in feminist movement. Feminism in Practice also serves as a practical handbook that readers can use to experiment with the strategies and expand their toolkits for creating change in their lives and worlds. The authors are uniquely qualified to explore issues of feminism and change. Karen Foss and Sonja Foss are second wave feminists who have written extensively on alternative change strategies, feminist communication, and feminist theory. Alena Ruggerio brings to the project the standpoint of a third wave feminist at home in pop culture. Her scholarship lies at the intersection of rhetoric, feminism, and religious studies. To learn more about Feminism in Practice, listen to the authors’ October 2021 interview on The Jefferson Exchange.

Lizzo s Black Female and Fat Resistance

Lizzo's self-articulation of race, fatness, and gender as strategic rhetorical acts enacted through the media. ... Lizzo? Melissa Viviane Jefferson is an African American classically trained flutist, singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Author: Niya Pickett Miller

Publisher: Springer Nature

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Celebrated musician and entertainer Lizzo wowed audiences and left many “feeling good as hell.” Notwithstanding her collective—fat, Black female— identity she catapulted into mainstream success while redefining the social script for body size, race, and gender. This book explores a tale of two narratives: Lizzo’s self-curated, fat-positive identity and the media’s reaction to an unabashedly proud fat, Black woman. This critical analysis examines how Lizzo challenges fatphobia and reconstitutes fat stigmatization into self-empowerment through her strategic use of hyper-embodiment via social media, and the rhetorical distinctions between Lizzo’s self-curated narrative via social media and those offered about her in print media. In part, Lizzo’s bodily flaunting is argued as a significant rhetorical act that emancipates her identity of fatness and reframes the negative tropes of (fat) Black women typically curated in American culture.

Listen to Soul Exploring a Musical Genre

Although her career goes back several years and includes work as a backing vocalist with Prince, as well as solo releases going back to 2013, the soul singer- songwriter, rapper, and flutist Lizzo (Melissa Jefferson) moved into ...

Author: James E. Perone

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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Listen to Soul! Exploring a Musical Genre provides an overview of soul music for fans of the genre, with a focus on 50 must-hear singers, songs, and albums that define it. Listen to Soul! Exploring a Musical Genre provides both an overview and a critical analysis of what makes soul music in the United States. A list of 50 songs, albums, and musicians includes many of the best-known hits of the past and present as well as several important popular successes that are not necessarily on the "best-of" lists in other books. Like the other books in this series, this volume includes a background chapter followed by a chapter that contains 50 critical essays on must-hear albums, songs, and singers, approximately 1,500 words each. Chapters on the impact of soul music on popular culture and the legacy of the genre further explain the impact of these seminal compositions and musicians. This volume additionally includes a greater focus on soul music as a genre, making it a stand-out title on the topic for high school and college readers. Allows readers to quickly get a sense of the history of soul music in a broad overview Delves into critical analysis of 50 songs, albums, and musicians that define the genre Broadens the definition of what is considered soul music Discusses the impact on popular culture and legacy of soul music

Music Is My Life

shout about it WITH lizzo BORN: 27th April 1988 HOMETOWN : Houston, Texas, USA ESSENTIAL ALBUM: CuzILove You ... With her energizing music, Lizzo is now screaming her message from every stage in the world. People all over are joining ...

Author: Myles Tanzer

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Learn about music and emotion in this beautifully produced anthology Do you remember the first time you discovered an artist you really loved? Have you listened to them over and over again at different points throughout your life? This book harnesses that feeling, by collecting together 80 of music's finest artists to guide young people through the good, bad and sad times. Whatever the feeling, these artists have been there and sung about it. Organised by mood, young ones can dip into the library to discover new artists from decades past to present day. Fall in love with Mariah Carey, shout about it with Nirvana, love yourself with Lizzo, or cry it out with Adele. With 80 artists, bands, and composers from all genres (including classical) there's something for every family member to love and recommend to the next generation. Each entry contains biographical information on each artist, lists must-hear songs, and has accessible musical analysis from author and journalist Myles Tanzer. Every artist is captured in full-colour, rocking art by Ali Mac. With information at the front on how to soundtrack your mood, and information at the back on how to listen to and make your own music. A pitch-perfect first introduction to music for tweens.


With her new confidence, Lizzo Lizzo performs at the 2019 MTV Video Music was finally ready to move forward on a solo project. Her Awards. first solo album, Lizzobangers, started with a tweet. “I wish I could afford a Lazerbeak beat,” ...

Author: Lakita Wilson

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Melissa Vivianne Jeffersion, known professionally as Lizzo, started singing and rapping at age 10 and performed with several musical groups in her hometowns of Houston and Minneapolis. With her strong lyrics, danceable beats, and positive message, she's become one of the biggest solo musicians in the world.

Listen to This If You Love Great Music

+ DISCOVER THIS One of Lizzo's earliest supporters was Prince – the pair worked together on 2014 song 'Boy Trouble'. ... became a phenomenon, spawning smash hits and television appearances, winning fans as diverse as Ellen DeGeneres and ...

Author: Robin Murray

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Listen To This If You Love Great Music is a must read for anyone with even a passing interest in music. Featuring 100 of the best albums from the last four decades,​ editor Robin Murray shares his passion for exceptional music and offers insightful takes on what elevates these records above the competition. Robin steers clear of the usual classics – The Beatles and The Clash, for example – and instead goes deep into his record collection to pull out the albums he considers the greatest ever. For each, a solid case is made for why it represents a watershed moment in music history, outlining the story behind the record and critiquing what constitutes a classic. Uniquely curated to offer a fresh perspective on the last 40-plus years of music, find politically charged rock brushing shoulders with dub-infused electronica, progressive pop and dreamy shoegaze shaken awake by ear-drum rattling grime and house music. Whether it’s bass-heavy hip-hop from Nas that inspired a thousand MCs to pick up a mic or experimental indie dance from LCD Soundsystem that blurred genres and tempted musicians to trade in their guitars for synthesizers, this is an essential rundown of the albums that really matter. You need to play them loud.

Copyright in the Music Industry

There was a recent US case on joint authorship between Lizzo and two brothers, Justin and Jeremiah Raisen,12 about the song Truth Hurts. The Raisen brothers claimed they were involved in an early writing session with Lizzo where they ...

Author: Hayleigh Bosher

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

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This must-have book is a comprehensive yet accessible guide to copyright and related rights in the music industry, illustrated with relevant cases and real world examples. Key features include: • An engaging and approachable writing style • A practical orientation for those in the industry and their advisors • The impact of social media on copyright infringement, management and remedies • Accessible explanations of key concepts in copyright and related rights, as well as commonly misunderstood topics such as sampling and fair use.

Carefree Black Girls

The next night, during another Instagram Live hang with singer Tory Lanez on April 13, Lizzo herself defended Diddy from the criticism. “The music was explicit,” she said. “[Diddy] didn't want songs about stuff I did saying [explicit ...

Author: Zeba Blay

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781250231574

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An empowering and celebratory portrait of Black women—from Josephine Baker to Aunt Viv to Cardi B. "Powerful... Calling for Black women (in and out of the public eye) to be treated with empathy, Blay’s pivotal work will engage all readers, especially fans of Mikki Kendall’s Hood Feminism." —Kirkus (Starred) In 2013, film and culture critic Zeba Blay was one of the first people to coin the viral term #carefreeblackgirls on Twitter. As she says, it was “a way to carve out a space of celebration and freedom for Black women online.” In this collection of essays, Carefree Black Girls, Blay expands on this initial idea by delving into the work and lasting achievements of influential Black women in American culture--writers, artists, actresses, dancers, hip-hop stars--whose contributions often come in the face of bigotry, misogyny, and stereotypes. Blay celebrates the strength and fortitude of these Black women, while also examining the many stereotypes and rigid identities that have clung to them. In writing that is both luminous and sharp, expansive and intimate, Blay seeks a path forward to a culture and society in which Black women and their art are appreciated and celebrated.