Living in the World

all worldly systems and ask God to deal with the evil in the world. In an editorial about citizenship in the Messenger of Truth, Brother Edwin Hughes ...

Author: Ronald C. Jantz

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725273597

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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In the pages of this book, the reader will experience the religious adventure of Anabaptism and appreciate the core principles of nonconformity and nonresistance. This narrative history will impart an understanding of how a little-known group of Mennonites migrated through the countries of Western Europe, ultimately to bring a unique way of life to the Great Plains of America. Today, these people hope to live apart from the world as the Holdeman people or, more formally, the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite.

The Ho Living in a World of Plenty

I will argue in this section that social cohesion in Ho country is not confined to the material and visible world of the living. In a holistic society such ...

Author: Eva Reichel

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110666250

Category: Religion

Page: 412

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The book is set in the anthropologically much-neglected multi-ethnic interior of Highland Middle India. It is the result of fieldwork done over a period of more than a decade among the Ho, an indigenous community of approximately one million people, who have shared cultural norms and the space of the hilly region of the Chota Nagpur Plateau with other aboriginal (adivasi) and artisan communities for ages. The book explores the structured tapestry of Ho people’s relations and interrelatedness within their culture-specific sociocosmic universe ensuring their social reproduction in the present and affording them the means for and the awareness of living in a world of plenty. This world of abundance – with the Ho as its conceptual centre – includes the Ho’s dead, their complex spirit world and supreme deity, and their tribal and nontribal fellow humans, and it manifests itself in manifold facets of their lives: socially, ritually, economically, and linguistically. "This is an important piece of work. The ethnographic details in it are invaluable. The fieldwork is superb. What comes across so magnificently is that unique quality of the author's human and emotional contact and shared understanding with the people." MICHAEL YORKE: University College, London; Upside Films

National Geographic Reader Living in the World Cultural Themes for Writers

The religious undercurrent in soccer runs especially deep in World Cup years. Teams from across the globe converge on the host nation in something of an ...

Author: National Geographic Learning

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285605791

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 384

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Bring your learning to life with compelling images, media and text from National Geographic. LIVING IN THE WORLD: CULTURAL THEMES FOR WRITERS will help you develop a clearer understanding of the world around you through engaging content. The 24 articles gathered in this cross-cultural multi-themed reader offer an exceptionally direct approach to issues surrounding identity and culture around the world. As the National Geographic Society's writers and photographers investigate the physical and cultural characteristics of specific locations throughout the world, they put faces on forces of assimilation, diversification, and make the multifarious realities of globalization palpable and concrete. Introducing readers to people and customs that may seem foreign, they shed new light on familiar American themes as well. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Living in a World Heritage Site

... which was inspired by the interest of young generations in World Heritage. I spent two months in Fez, participating in a summer work camp with young ...

Author: Manon Istasse

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030174514

Category: Social Science

Page: 293

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Through a thick ethnography of the Fez medina in Morocco, a World Heritage site since 1981, Manon Istasse interrogates how human beings come to define houses as heritage. Istasse interrogates how heritage appears (or not) when inhabitants undertake construction and restoration projects in their homes, furnish and decorate their spaces, talk about their affective and sensual relations with houses, face conflicts in and about their houses, and more. Shedding light on the continuum between houses-as-dwellings and houses-as-heritage, the author establishes heritage as a trajectory: heritage as a quality results from a ‘surplus of attention’ and relates to nostalgia or to a feeling of threat, loss, and disappearance; to values related to purity, materiality, and time; and to actions of preservation and transmission. Living in a World Heritage site provides a grammar of heritage that will allow scholars to question key notions of temporality and nostalgia, the idea of culture, the importance of experts, and moral principles in relation to heritage sites around the globe.

Living in an Environmentally Traumatized World Healing Ourselves and Our Planet

We experience Mother Earth from different frames of reference—some are based on sustaining and nourishing the world around us, and others are not.

Author: Darlyne G. Nemeth

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313397325

Category: Nature

Page: 239

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This book follows environmental changes—including those caused by human actions, as well as those resulting from natural circumstances—and provides a process to manage their impact on the future. • Contributors from across disciplines, including geology, biology, hydrology and climatology • A list of reasons why environmental change is inevitable • An exploration of psychological disorders and physical illnesses triggered by disasters

Living in a Warmer World

are already living in a warmer world. How much worse it gets is in our hands. How fast can we switch to renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power?

Author: Jim Ollhoff

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781617871955

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Living in a Warmer World describes what would happen if the earth's temperature were to rise by a few degrees and how humans and animals would have to adapt. Six degrees is all it takes to cause massive flooding, decreased forests, growing deserts, farmland loss, major hurricanes and storms, animal extinctions, and disease. Facts, myths, and modern solutions are presented in clear, age-appropriate language. Readers learn what is being done to protect and live in the world of the future. ABDO & Daughters is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Living in the New World

“What I meant is there is no good old fashioned trust in this world,”Aaron replied. “Can you trust that we will never ... and they should be living in love.

Author: Mary Theisen

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460290460

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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The setting for Living in the New World is in Chesapeake Bay during the French and Indian War. This book is a sequel to my first book, A Whispered Dream. It has characters you were already introduced to. It is about love, war, death, grief, laughter, and happiness.

Capacity to Care in a World Living with AIDS

I am Debbie Dortzbach , International Director for HIV / AIDS for World Relief located in Baltimore , Maryland . ... I live in ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions


ISBN: PURD:32754074746177

Category: AIDS (Disease)

Page: 50

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Living in an Imperfect World

We must deal with the root problem before things will get better . Let God be thorough with you . Let God take 78 Living in an Imperfect World.

Author: Ouellette, R.b.

Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers

ISBN: 087398529X

Category: Christian life

Page: 134

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Time in the Living World

( After Joshi and Chandrashekaran , 1985 ) . parts of the world is the ... The combined body mass of the bats living in the Bracken caves amounts to ...

Author: M. K. Chandrashekaran

Publisher: Universities Press

ISBN: 8173715467

Category: Biological rhythms

Page: 197

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The Nature of Order Book Three A Vision of A Living World

An Essay on the Art of Building and The Nature of the Universe Christopher Alexander. A VISION OF A LIVING WORLD / MY 1 INTENTION IN BOOK — a common ...

Author: Christopher Alexander

Publisher: The Center for Environmental Structure

ISBN: 9781735078120

Category: Architecture

Page: 682

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Christopher Alexander's series of ground-breaking books including A Pattern Language and The Timeless Way of Building have pointed to fundamental truths of the way we build, revealing what gives life and beauty and true functionality to our buildings and towns. Now, in The Nature of Order, Alexander explores the properties of life itself, highlighting a set of well-defined structures present in all order and in all life from micro-organisms and mountain ranges to good houses and vibrant communities. From a practical point of view, A Vision of a Living World is the most compelling of the four books. Hundreds of photographs and plans of new buildings that have living structure, and the processes which gave them life, demonstrate, for the first time, what the concept of living structure can mean in buildings of our time and of the future. The really good building. The really good space. Places that reach an archetypal level of human experience, reaching across centuries, across continents, across cultures, across technology, across building materials and climates. They connect us to ourselves. They connect us to our feelings. What is more, as we study them, we realize that they all share a similar geometry. How are they made? The practical task of making beauty is the principal subject of this volume. Hundreds of examples of buildings and places are shown. New forms for large buildings, public spaces, communities, neighborhoods, lead to discussions about equally important small scale of detail and ornament and colour. Many of the examples are built by Alexander and his colleagues; other buildings explored take us around the world and through time. With these examples, lay people, architects, builders, artists, and students are able to make this new framework real for themselves, understand how it works, and understand its significance. The book is a feast for the eyes, and mind, and heart. Places created by living process (Book 2) have living structure (Book 1), and they connect us to our essence as people (Book 4). The seven hundred pictures of Alexander's buildings and works of art shown in this book demonstrate in detail what he means. Taken as a whole, the four books create a sweeping new conception of the nature of things which is both objective and structural (hence part of science) and also personal (in that it shows how and why things have the power to touch the human heart). A step has been taken, through which these two domains the domain of geometrical structure and the feeling it creates kept separate during four centuries of scientific though from 1600 to 2000, have finally been united. The Nature of Order constitutes the backbone of Building Beauty: Ecologic Design Construction Process, an initiative aimed at radically reforming architecture education, with the emphasis of making as a way to access a transformative vision of the world. The 15 fundamental properties of life guide our work and have given us much more than a set of solutions. The Nature of Order has given us the framework in which we can search and build up our own solutions. In order to be authentically sustainable, buildings and places have to be cared for and loved over generations. Beautiful buildings and places are more likely to be loved, and they become more beautiful, and loved, through the attention given to them over time. Beauty is therefore, not a luxury, or an option, it includes and transcends technological innovation, and is a necessary requirement for a truly sustainable culture. ' Dr. Sergio Porta, International Director, Building Beauty ( Professor of Urban Design, Director of Urban Design Studies Unit, and Director of Masters in Urban Design, University of Strathclyde

Living in an Asymmetrical World

Living in an Asymmetrical World makes an original contribution to the field by addressing a 'hot' topic from a somewhat unusual perspective, bridging five ...

Author: Anne Maass

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781317701354

Category: Psychology

Page: 156

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There has recently been a renewed interest in the role of spatial dimensions in social cognition, and how vertical and horizontal trajectories are used to represent social concepts such as power, agency, aggression, and dominance. Most of this work surrounds the idea that abstract concepts are intrinsically linked to our sensory and motor experiences, including habitual interactions with the environment such as reading and writing. Living in an Asymmetrical World makes an original contribution to the field by addressing a "hot" topic from a somewhat unusual perspective, bridging five decades of research on horizontal bias related to writing direction. Previous work by Jean-Pierre Deconchy is examined and integrated with current theory, and the importance of deep thinking, on field observations, multiple methodologies and creative procedures are proposed as crucial elements for future social psychology. The book’s revival of this approach to science will open up new perspectives for future research and will be of key interest to academics and researchers in the areas of social, cognitive and cultural psychology.

Living in a Material World

One reason the world has been able to live with a higher oil price is the decline in the US dollar. Commodities are priced in US dollars, so if the dollar ...

Author: Kevin Morrison

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470697450

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

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At a time when the world is grappling with rising food and energy prices and climate change, Living in a Material World provides an insight into some of the contributing factors behind these challenges. The emergence of new consumers in China, India, Russia and the Middle East has added formidable competition to the natural resources that have been taken for granted in the developed world. Everything we consume involves the use of metals, fossil fuels or agriculture. Our high tech 'lifestyles' depend on the secure supply of these raw materials which we take from planet earth and use to make our lives more comfortable, more productive or more manageable. The effect of this increasing global demand for commodities has pushed up prices of materials from oil and copper to corn and wheat; forcing consumers to pay more for the many 'necessities' of life, from a loaf of bread to electricity bills. Since the commodity boom has unfolded, commodities have gone from the back page of the newspaper to the front; with more and more headlines about record food and oil prices, dire climate change warnings, energy security and China's demand for more raw materials. This era of high oil and food prices is no passing phase: The supply of many key natural resources is stretched to the limit. But what is the real cost? Living in a Material World makes the link between raw materials and the consumer, and shows how they are relevant to everybody, everyday - now more so than at any time since the last oil shock nearly three decades ago. A unique insight into this 'once in a generation' boom, the book shows how the increasing value of commodities is impacting on consumers and investors, in ways we are only just beginning to understand. "It was a great pleasure to read this book which provides an essential background to understanding commodities for anybody interested in understanding them more closely. It is so rare to see all the essential elements brought together in one book." –Chris Brodie, Krom River Partners LLP "Kevin Morrison set out to write a book about the daily relevance that raw materials have for the ordinary consumer. He has achieved his objective par excellence. The subject matter has been comprehensively researched and well documented - yet the writer has avoided using complicated technical language. The style of the book is more in tune with a novel and the main topics are treated with a special sense of humour. I would readily recommend this work to anyone interested in how global energy issues have a direct affect on us all." –Mehdi Varzi, President, Varzi Energy, London

Living in a Gray World

LIVING IN A C GRAY WORLD A Christian Teen's Guide to Understanding Homosexuality PRESTON SPRINKLE ZONDERVAN ZONDERVAN Living in a Gray World Copyright ...

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310752318

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 160

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In today’s world, the topic of homosexuality seems to be part of daily conversation in the media, in politics, and even inside churches, with pressure to accept one view or the other. And if you’re a Christian teen, you may feel overwhelmed by the opinions. New York Times bestselling author Dr. Preston Sprinkle has encountered these same questions, and as a theologian and a college professor he has dealt with these issues firsthand. Through honest conversation, real-life examples, and biblical research, Dr. Sprinkle unpacks what we can know to be true, and how Scripture’s overall message to us today allows us to move forward and find answers that align with God’s intent. Living in a Gray World explores with readers: Homosexuality and other related issues, such as what it means to identify as transgender and intersex What the Bible says about homosexuality How to cultivate a heart for people Dr. Sprinkle shares biblical truth and compassion about this important topic. This book isn't just for straight students, it's for all students looking for information and guidance. Living in a Gray World is also an educational book that parents can read and discuss with their children.

Living in a Microbial World

World. War. II's. devastation. with. microbial. assistance. A little-known event in World War II illustrates how ingenious people can be when it comes to ...

Author: Bruce Hofkin

Publisher: Garland Science

ISBN: 9781000338034

Category: Science

Page: 450

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As with the first edition, this second edition of Living in a Microbial World is written for students taking a general microbiology course, or a microbiology-based course for non-science majors. The conversational style and use of practical, everyday examples make the essential concepts of microbiology accessible to a wide audience. While using this approach, the text maintains scientific rigor with clear explanations spanning the breadth of microbiology, including health, evolution, ecology, food production, biotechnology, and industrial processes. Each chapter contains a series of case studies based on microbiology in the news, in history, and in literature. There are questions at the end of each case study and the end of each chapter, as well as an online quiz with help on answering the questions. The text, questions, and cases have been updated to reflect the changing influence of microbiology in the world today, from the microbiome, to new disease outbreaks (Ebola and Zika) and antibiotic resistance, to new biotechnology tools (CRISPR-Cas).

An Impossible Living in a Transborder World

especially as the world economy stresses the ability of national ... face the uneasy prospect of living beyond their means, cleaning out their equity ...

Author: Carlos G VŽlez-Iba–ez

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816526352

Category: Social Science

Page: 241

View: 681


"Analysis of ROSCAs (rotating savings and credit associations) has been virtually absent from the sociological and anthropological literature for decades. This book not only revives important concepts in that area but also illustrates how such associations are built into current society. It will be the cornerstone of future analysis and hypothesis-building about confianza, new types of agency, and the integrative quality of informal associations." They are known as cundinas or tandas in Mexico, and for many people these local savings-and-loan operations play an indispensable role in the struggle to succeed in today's transborder economy. With this extensively researched book, Carlos Velez-Ibanez updates and expands upon his major 1983 study of ROSCAs, incorporating new data that reflect the explosion of Mexican-origin populations in the United States. Much more than a study of one economic phenomenon though, the book examines the way in which these practices are part of great transnational economies and how these populations engage in---and suffer through---the twenty-first century global economy.

Living in Happiness in a Complex World

... Aristotle and Aquinas Charles P. Nemeth. Living in Happiness in a Complex World Living in Happiness in a Complex World Rules from Aristotle Front Cover.

Author: Charles P. Nemeth

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781785272585

Category: Self-Help

Page: 250

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In “Living in Happiness in a Complex World,” Aristotle and Aquinas formulate a dependable and perennial recipe and rule for happiness. Readers can compare and contrast these two approaches to human happiness––that of Aristotle and Aquinas––with more contemporary visions, and then make a final decision on what works and what does not. As a result, readers encounter a series of delineated problems that inevitably lead to either happiness or distress, such as drug and alcohol usage, sexual gratification, sexual promiscuity, marriage or non-marriage, family, natural family planning versus artificial interference, materialism, power and greed to name a few. In the final analysis, the text lays out two versions of how one encounters these problems and attractions and by the use of data, empirical evidence about the “current” state of social conditions, give life to a classical vision for human happiness.

Ten Golden Rules for Living in This Crazy Mixed Up World

In Ten Golden Rules for Living in This Crazy , Mixed - Up World , Donna Fargo shares her strategies for maintaining a healthy , happy lifestyle in a ...

Author: Donna Fargo

Publisher: Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.

ISBN: 1598421662

Category: Religion

Page: 64

View: 213


Written as a guide for how to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle in today's fast-paced and ever-changing times, this book sets the tone for enjoying life's blessings. Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Donna Fargo inspires readers to embrace their uniqueness and appreciate the positive difference they can make every day in their own lives and in the lives of others.