The Mathematical Nature of the Living World

The Mathematical Nature of the Living World THE POWER OF INTEGRATION The topic of the book a theory of functional biology that incorporates the fundamental principles underlying the functioning of living organisms is clearly appropriate ...

Author: Gilbert Chauvet

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812565752

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The topic of the book a theory of functional biology thatincorporates the fundamental principles underlying the functioning ofliving organisms is clearly appropriate as we celebrate the 50thanniversary of the discovery by Watson and Crick of the structure ofthe DNA molecule.

Our Living World ENHANCED eBook

All living organisms have certain characteristics that distinguish them from nonliving objects. 2. ... The genus and species names are always Latin or Greek and are used by scientists throughout the world so there is only one universal ...

Author: Edward P. Ortleb

Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press

ISBN: 9781429110822

Category: Nature

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This book presents a program of basic studies dealing with living organisms. The characteristics of each living kingdom are presented and the diversity among species within the same kingdom is illustrated. Topics include algae, bacteria, fungi, and various species of plants and animals. Each of the twelve teaching units in this book is introduced by a color transparency (print books) or PowerPoint slide (eBooks) that emphasizes the basic concept of the unit and presents questions for discussion. Reproducible student pages provide reinforcement and follow-up activities. The teaching guide offers descriptions of the basic concepts to be presented, background information, suggestions for enrichment activities, and a complete answer key.

The Living World

When Shepherd came to publish The Living Mountain in the 1970s, she worried whether it was 'a tale too slow for the impatience of our age, not of immediate enough import for its ... What does it mean to be human, in such a living world?

Author: Samantha Walton

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350153370

Category: Literary Criticism

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Harnessing new enthusiasm for Nan Shepherd's writing, The Living World asks how literature might help us reimagine humanity's place on earth in the midst of our ecological crisis. The first book to examine Shepherd's writing through an ecocritical lens, it reveals forgotten details about the scientific, political and philosophical climate of early twentieth century Scotland, and offers new insights into Shepherd's distinctive environmental thought. More than this, this book reveals how Shepherd's ways of relating to complex, interconnected ecologies predate many of the core themes and concerns of the multi-disciplinary environmental humanities, and may inform their future development. Broken down into chapters focusing on themes of place, ecology, environmentalism, Deep Time, vital matter and selfhood, The Living World offers the first integrated study of Shepherd's writing and legacy, making the work of this philosopher, feminist, amateur ecologist, geologist, and innovative modernist, accessible and relevant to a new community of readers.

The Nature of Order Book Three A Vision of A Living World

A VISION OF A LIVING WORLD not all likely to follow from a general use of living pro- encompass some — — of the more imcess. In a sense, the nineteen chapters as a group portant architectural consequences which come cover the main ...

Author: Christopher Alexander

Publisher: The Center for Environmental Structure

ISBN: 9781735078120

Category: Architecture

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Christopher Alexander's series of ground-breaking books including A Pattern Language and The Timeless Way of Building have pointed to fundamental truths of the way we build, revealing what gives life and beauty and true functionality to our buildings and towns. Now, in The Nature of Order, Alexander explores the properties of life itself, highlighting a set of well-defined structures present in all order and in all life from micro-organisms and mountain ranges to good houses and vibrant communities. From a practical point of view, A Vision of a Living World is the most compelling of the four books. Hundreds of photographs and plans of new buildings that have living structure, and the processes which gave them life, demonstrate, for the first time, what the concept of living structure can mean in buildings of our time and of the future. The really good building. The really good space. Places that reach an archetypal level of human experience, reaching across centuries, across continents, across cultures, across technology, across building materials and climates. They connect us to ourselves. They connect us to our feelings. What is more, as we study them, we realize that they all share a similar geometry. How are they made? The practical task of making beauty is the principal subject of this volume. Hundreds of examples of buildings and places are shown. New forms for large buildings, public spaces, communities, neighborhoods, lead to discussions about equally important small scale of detail and ornament and colour. Many of the examples are built by Alexander and his colleagues; other buildings explored take us around the world and through time. With these examples, lay people, architects, builders, artists, and students are able to make this new framework real for themselves, understand how it works, and understand its significance. The book is a feast for the eyes, and mind, and heart. Places created by living process (Book 2) have living structure (Book 1), and they connect us to our essence as people (Book 4). The seven hundred pictures of Alexander's buildings and works of art shown in this book demonstrate in detail what he means. Taken as a whole, the four books create a sweeping new conception of the nature of things which is both objective and structural (hence part of science) and also personal (in that it shows how and why things have the power to touch the human heart). A step has been taken, through which these two domains the domain of geometrical structure and the feeling it creates kept separate during four centuries of scientific though from 1600 to 2000, have finally been united. The Nature of Order constitutes the backbone of Building Beauty: Ecologic Design Construction Process, an initiative aimed at radically reforming architecture education, with the emphasis of making as a way to access a transformative vision of the world. The 15 fundamental properties of life guide our work and have given us much more than a set of solutions. The Nature of Order has given us the framework in which we can search and build up our own solutions. In order to be authentically sustainable, buildings and places have to be cared for and loved over generations. Beautiful buildings and places are more likely to be loved, and they become more beautiful, and loved, through the attention given to them over time. Beauty is therefore, not a luxury, or an option, it includes and transcends technological innovation, and is a necessary requirement for a truly sustainable culture. ' Dr. Sergio Porta, International Director, Building Beauty ( Professor of Urban Design, Director of Urban Design Studies Unit, and Director of Masters in Urban Design, University of Strathclyde

Britannica Lessons the Living World

Britannica LESSONS Class VI Science The Living World We Lesson 1 . The Living World Structure and Functions of the Living Body .... 25 Lesson 2 . Lesson 3 . Balance in Nature .... 59 Glossary ... 79 From the Editors of Encyclopædia ...


Publisher: Popular Prakashan

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Our Living World 3

Our Living World But , I want to put some fresh flowers in my vase . Please let me pluck some IN THE FAMILY Corpor , corra oroforrage , ortrait ofgeronto. Sukhi and Dipu are in Ali's garden . Come , I'll show you some beautiful flowers ...

Author: Chitra Thareja & Lekha Manohar

Publisher: Ratna Sagar

ISBN: 818332293X


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The series is based on the latest NCERT syllabus. The books will make children sensitive to the environment and the need for its protection. NCF 2005 advocates the learning-from-everyday-life approach which has been adopted for the lessons. Interesting fun facts will stimulate the curious minds of the young learners. Included is a section on safety habits, Time to Do aims to promote learning through interactive activities.

The Living World

Indez to Known Fossil Insects of the World Including Myriapods and Arachnids. U. S. Geol. Surv. Bull., Wol. 10, 1891, No. 71. , Some Insects of Special ... “The Prehistoric Forests of Pennsylvania,” Forest Leaves, Vol. 534 THE LIVING WORLD.

Author: Samuel Howard Williams


ISBN: UOM:39015031083895

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Our Living World

An Artistic Edition of the Rev. J. G. Wood's Natural History of Animate Creation John George Wood Joseph Bassett Holder. 10 OUR LIVING WORLD. B I RDS OF PREY. V U.

Author: John George Wood


ISBN: STANFORD:36105027755623

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The Living World

M361 Macqueen , J Living World . 1978 G + + MAX ( H . 374 62 3433 - 5 SIS EANNJUL 112 1980 Debra Silber 525 Walnut # 13 382 - 60 - 5706 - 1 967 to 1990 bouwelee Osborn 1258 Pardvia 268 - 42 2439 ERESA VAU Me 34 te Aors NOV 21 1980 de DO ...

Author: Jean Macqueen

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015007473856

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A study of general plant and animal biological structures is supplemented by a detailed investigation of man's internal and external physical environment

Creating a Living World

The Process of Neighborhood Revitalization Saul Pichardo. 1 1 CREATING A LIVING WORLD THE PROCESS OF NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION Ву.

Author: Saul Pichardo


ISBN: UCAL:C3409242


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The Dead Church and the Living World

Yout uch and the say iCo hès m0 O]]] 185 it. the ideal world make the valley of time very beautiful. The beautiful sister of Nature, Progress, may be fashioning this church for us, or she may be preparing us for religious service in the ...

Author: James Matthias DIXON


ISBN: WISC:89003343365

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Ainu Spirits Singing

Each has its own story and own signature refrain. Strong provides readers with an intimate and perceptive view of this extraordinary text.

Author: Sarah M. Strong

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824835125

Category: History

Page: 336

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Indigenous peoples throughout the globe are custodians of a unique, priceless, and increasingly imperiled legacy of oral lore. Among them the Ainu, a people native to northeastern Asia, stand out for the exceptional scope and richness of their oral performance traditions. Yet despite this cultural wealth, nothing has appeared in English on the subject in over thirty years. Sarah Strong’s Ainu Spirits Singing breaks this decades-long silence with a nuanced study and English translation of Chiri Yukie’s Ainu Shin’yoshu, the first written transcription of Ainu oral narratives by an ethnic Ainu. The thirteen narratives in Chiri’s collection belong to the genre known as kamui yukar, said to be the most ancient performance form in the vast Ainu repertoire. In it, animals (and sometimes plants or other natural phenomena)—all regarded as spiritual beings (kamui) within the animate Ainu world—assume the role of narrator and tell stories about themselves. The first-person speakers include imposing animals such as the revered orca, the Hokkaido wolf, and Blakiston’s fish owl, as well as the more “humble” Hokkaido brown frog, snowshoe hare, and pearl mussel. Each has its own story and own signature refrain. Strong provides readers with an intimate and perceptive view of this extraordinary text. Along with critical contextual information about traditional Ainu society and its cultural assumptions, she brings forward pertinent information on the geography and natural history of the coastal southwestern Hokkaido region where the stories were originally performed. The result is a rich fusion of knowledge that allows the reader to feel at home within the animistic frame of reference of the narratives. Strong’s study also offers the first extended biography of Chiri Yukie (1903-1922) in English. The story of her life, and her untimely death at age nineteen, makes clear the harsh consequences for Chiri and her fellow Ainu of the Japanese colonization of Hokkaido and the Meiji and Taisho governments’ policies of assimilation. Chiri’s receipt of the narratives in the Horobetsu dialect from her grandmother and aunt (both traditional performers) and the fact that no native speakers of that dialect survive today make her work all the more significant. The book concludes with a full, integral translation of the text.

Phenomenological studies

Nevertheless, let us see how the implications of an idealist logic of life might modify Heidegger's understanding of life as poverty-in^world. The living being's poverty-in-world means its drive towards its limits, where it touches and ...



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