Lives of Vel zquez

Richly illustrated with Velázquez's key works, this collection provides insight into the mind and world of a great painter.

Author: Francisco Pacheco

Publisher: Pallas Athene Pub

ISBN: 184368019X

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The astonishing artwork of Diego Velázquez (1599–1660) had an immediate impact upon both his contemporaries and later artists. Most of the information available on his life and incomparably successful career comes from the two biographies collected in this insightful volume. “This Life,” part of Francisco Pacheco’s theoretical work Art of Painting, has never been translated before, and reveals the degree to which Velázquez’s work challenged the tenets of traditional painting. Antonio Palomino’s biography contains details of Velázquez’s life but also tackles the wider aesthetic debate engendered by his subject matter and style. Richly illustrated with Velázquez’s key works, this collection provides insight into the mind and world of a great painter.

Lives of Vel zquez The

Baltasar's famous ditty claiming that his life's three great loves were 'the fair Inés,
raw ham, and aubergine with cheese' not only encapsulates Sevillian wit. It also
expresses a love of life's simple pleasures that is a hallmark too of Velázquez's ...

Author: Francisco Pacheco

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9781606065884

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The Lives of Velázquez brings together two seminal early accounts of the great seventeenth-century Spanish painter (ca. 1599–1660). These texts, written by his contemporaries Francisco Pacheco and Antonio Palomino and newly translated for this volume, serve as our main sources of knowledge about this groundbreaking artist. Pacheco’s biography reveals the scale of the challenge to traditional painting presented by Velázquez’s immense talent. Palomino’s text, while precise and detailed in its narrative of the artist’s life, also tackles the aesthetic debate generated by the painter’s choice of subject matter and style. An engaging introduction by art historian Michael Jacobs situates the historical texts in the context of Spain’s Golden Age.

The Vanishing Vel zquez

Lives of Velázquez, Pallas Athene, London, 2007 James, Henry, A Small Boy
and Others, Charles Scribner & Sons, New York, 1913 Jameson, Mrs.,
Companion to the Most Celebrated Private Galleries of Art in London, Saunders
and Otley, ...

Author: Laura Cumming

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476762166

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A Wall Street Journal Top 10 Nonfiction Book of 2016 “As compelling and entertaining as a detective novel” (The Economist), the incredible true story—part art history and part mystery—of a Velázquez portrait that went missing and the obsessed nineteenth-century bookseller determined to prove he had found it. When John Snare, a nineteenth century provincial bookseller, traveled to a liquidation auction, he found a vivid portrait of King Charles I that defied any explanation. The Charles of the painting was young—too young to be king—and yet also too young to be painted by the Flemish painter to whom the piece was attributed. Snare had found something incredible—but what? His research brought him to Diego Velázquez, whose long-lost portrait of Prince Charles has eluded art experts for generations. Velázquez (1599–1660) was the official painter of the Madrid court, during the time the Spanish Empire teetered on the edge of collapse. When Prince Charles of England—a man wealthy enough to help turn Spain’s fortunes—proposed a marriage with a Spanish princess, he allowed just a few hours to sit for his portrait, and Snare believed only Velázquez could have been the artist of choice. But in making his theory public, Snare was ostracized and forced to choose, like Velázquez himself, between art and family. A thrilling investigation into the complex meaning of authenticity and the unshakable determination that drives both artists and collectors of their work, The Vanishing Velázquez is a “brilliant” (The Atlantic) tale of mystery and detection, of tragic mishaps and mistaken identities, of class, politics, snobbery, crime, and almost farcical accident that reveals how one historic masterpiece was crafted and lost, and how far one man would go to redeem it. Laura Cumming’s book is “sumptuous...A gleaming work of someone at the peak of her craft” (The New York Times).

The Lives of Dwarfs

ceive ? In the absence of a personal statement by de Morra or an explanation of
the artist ' s conception by Velazquez , viewers have license to project their own
personal interpretations . Another model , Diego de Acedo , or El Primo , who
was ...

Author: Betty M. Adelson

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813535484

Category: History

Page: 431

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"The Lives of Dwarfs is extraordinary in its range and vision. Beautifully written. Totally absorbing."--Ursula Hegi, author of Stones from the River "As a little person, husband, and father of a little person, I dream of the day when dwarfs attain full acceptance in society. The Lives of Dwarfs provides a giant step in that direction."--Rick Spiegel, former president of Little People of America "This important book makes it possible for both average- and short-statured people to challenge our collective understanding of dwarfism as a synonym for diminishment or as an array of cute and evil fairy-tale figures. The libratory work of this book is to invite us all to reimagine dwarfism as a livable experience and tenable way of being in the world."--Rosemarie Garland Thomson, author of Extraordinary Bodies: Figuring Physical Disability in American Culture and Literature "A work of compassionate scholarship. A unique contribution to the literature of physical deformity and social isolation and a gift to the individuals whose personal struggle this is."--Linda Hunt, actor Historically, they have borne the labels "freaks" and "oddities"; they have been collected as pets, displayed as spectacles, and treated as comic relief. Now, for the first time, in this elegant and comprehensive volume, the lives of dwarfs are explored in all their fullness and humanity. Spanning the centuries from ancient Egypt to the present, this unique social history chronicles the various ways this population has been exploited, describes their strategies for coping, and notes the persistent influence of mythology upon perceptions of them by others. The narrative also highlights the lives of eminent individuals and contains a thought-provoking account of the representation and participation of dwarfs in the arts, enhanced by outstanding color photographs. Betty M. Adelson, the mother of a daughter with dwarfism, brings special insight and sensitivity to the research. She traces the widespread mistreatment of dwarfs over the centuries, engendered by their being viewed as curiosities rather than as human beings capable of the same accomplishments as people of average height, and deserving of the same pleasures. For much of their history, dwarfs have resorted to exhibiting themselves: because of social stigma no other employment was available. Only in recent years have short-statured individuals begun to challenge their position in society. Medical advances, new economic opportunities, and disability legislation have led to progress, mainly in Western nations. Advocacy groups have also formed in countries as diverse as Chile, South Korea, and Nigeria. Adelson compares what she refers to as the "small revolution" to similar social and cultural awakenings that women, African Americans, gays and lesbians, and persons with disabilities experienced when they identified themselves as a community with shared goals and obstacles. Written with passion, grace, and the dignity that the subject deserves, The Lives of Dwarfs will not only revolutionize current perceptions about the historically misrepresented dwarf population, but also offer pause for thought on issues of disability, medical treatment, height, beauty, and identity.

General Catalogue of the Books Except Fiction French and German in the Public Library of Detroit Mich

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The life of Velazquez ; also , The art of Velazquez . ( Portfolio artistic monographs
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Author: Detroit Public Library


ISBN: UOM:39015076065153

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General Catalogue of the Public Library of Detroit Mich

Velazquez , Diego Rodriguez de Silva y . ARMSTRONG , W. The life of
Velazquez ; also , The art of Velazquez , ( Portfolio artistic monographs , no . 28 ,
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927.1V5A ...

Author: Detroit Public Library


ISBN: UCAL:C2563313



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General Catalogue of the Public Library of Detroit Mich Supplement

Velazquez , Diego Rodriguez de Silva y . ArmSTRONG , W. The life of Velazquez
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2v . in 1..927.1V5A -- Velazquez ; a study of his life and art . 1897 . 927.1V5A ...

Author: Detroit Public Library


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Contents: 1. 1889-1893.--2. 1894-1898.--3. 1899-1903.

General Catalogue of the Public Library of Detroit Mich First third Supplement 1889 1903 1894 1898

See Hoefer , Hans . Velazquez , Diego Rodriguez de Silva y . ARMSTRONG , W.
The life of Velazquez ; also , The art of Velazquez , ( Portfolio artistic monographs
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Author: Detroit Public Library


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Manet Vel zquez

Velazquez, all the same, continued in the ascendancy, and was even introduced
by Paul Delaroche into his vast ... Paintings dealing with the lives of Spanish
artists, however, appeared only after the opening of the-Galerie Espagnole (if
one ...

Author: Gary Tinterow

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9781588390400

Category: Art

Page: 592

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Here approximately two hundred works by French and Spanish artists chart the development of this cultural influence and map a fascinating shift in the paradigm of painting, from Idealism to Realism, from Italy to Spain, from Renaissance to Baroque. Above all, these images demonstrate how direct contact with Spanish painting fired the imagination of nineteenth-century French artists and brought about the triumph of Realism in the 1860s, and with it a foundation for modern art."--BOOK JACKET.

Handbook of Leisure Physical Activity Sports Recreation and Quality of Life

Among Argentine geographers that have devoted to the study of quality of life,
one of the main referents is Velázquez, who argues that quality of life is a
measure of achievement with respect to an optimal established level, taking into
account ...

Author: Lía Rodriguez de la Vega

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319755298

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 451

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This handbook provides an overview and synthesis of relevant literature related to leisure and recreation, and physical activity and its relationship to quality of life. Divided into two parts, the text presents the analysis of leisure and recreation studies and physical activities and sports, with diverse populations. The first part deals with leisure and recreation in relation to quality of life, with different perspectives on different age groups, ethnic groups, the approach of an Integrated Model of Leisure Well-being focusing on how leisure activities contribute to leisure well-being etc. The second part deals with physical activities and sports in relation to quality of life, discussing the consideration that "exercise is good for you", associating physical exercise with other conditions of life in society, its impact on people with disabilities, etc. It is of interest to researchers and students, legislators, educators, providers of leisure services.


A Study of His Life and Art Sir Walter Armstrong. Obedience , pride , and a touch
of humour , as if the Morisco were saying to himself , “ If he only knew ! ” complete
the expression . In conception , colour , and handling this portrait has more ...

Author: Sir Walter Armstrong


ISBN: UCAL:C2690059

Category: Painting, Spanish

Page: 104

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Atlantic Brief Lives

... some distortion This involvement in court life enwhen an artist of another age is
under - abled Velázquez to paint other members stood in the light of
contemporary art of the court with ease and familiTo see Velázquez as a realist is
to arity .






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Velazquez and His Works

... were now at the height of their fame ; and their works so pleased Velazquez ,
that he invited them to enter the service of his master . During his stay at Bologna
, he lived in the palace of the count of Sena , who went out , with many gentlemen

Author: William Stirling Maxwell

Publisher: London : J.W. Parker

ISBN: ONB:+Z225544101

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The Examiner

... he arranged its details . whilst his companion quenches his thirst from a pipkin .
The execu . Full of honour and success , Velazquez died at the age of This
capital little life of Velazquez , brief yet complete , tion of the heads and all the
details ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924066353156

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Vel zquez and The Surrender of Breda

elázquez is one of those great artists whose personal life has to be sniffed out:
Suggestion and association and guesswork are all needed. His professional
career as courtier and painter is fairly well documented but letters to do with how
he ...

Author: Anthony Bailey

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 9781429973779

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Behind the famous painting by Diego Velázquez lies a rich story of the artist's life in art What began as propaganda art to celebrate a rare Spanish victory in the Eighty Years' War with Holland, The Surrender at Breda is today recognized as Velázquez's narrative masterpiece. Breda is packed with vivid military detail—whole armies are suggested on the huge canvas, twelve feet high and eleven feet wide. Unlike typical surrender scenes, there is neither a heroic victor on horseback nor a vanquished commander on his knees. Instead the rivals appear on foot almost as equals. The loser bends forward to offer the key and receives a chivalrous pat on his shoulder, as if to say: "Fortune has favored me, but our roles might have been reversed." Anthony Bailey examines the paintings from which the artist arose, coaxing stories from them that flesh out a complete portrait of one of the world's major artists whose personal life has remained largely unknown.

Complete Studies on Vel zquez

In the English version , as in the Spanish , the life of Velázquez is the longest , but
that of Murillo is now next in length to Luca Giordano ' s . For the various versions
of Palomino ' s Lives , see the recent annotated edition by Nina Mallory ...

Author: Enriqueta Harris


ISBN: STANFORD:36105131915667


Page: 455

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The Private Lives of the Impressionists

The rag-pickers intrigued both artist and poet; Manet's paintings of them were
inspired by Velázquez's portraits of the 'low life' of seventeenth-century Spain.
Manet adored the Spanish artists, and used Velázquez's colour schemes – black,

Author: Sue Roe

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061978968

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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Though they were often ridiculed or ignored by their contemporaries, today astonishing sums are paid for their paintings. Their dazzling works are familiar to even the most casual art lovers—but how well does the world know the Impressionists as people? Sue Roe's colorful, lively, poignant, and superbly researched biography, The Private Lives of the Impressionists, follows an extraordinary group of artists into their Paris studios, down the rural lanes of Montmartre, and into the rowdy riverside bars of a city undergoing monumental change. Vivid and unforgettable, it casts a brilliant, revealing light on this unparalleled society of genius colleagues who lived and worked together for twenty years and transformed the art world forever with their breathtaking depictions of ordinary life.

Velazquez and Murillo

A Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the Works of Don Diego de Silva
Velazquez and Bartolomé Estéban Murillo Charles Boyd Curtis ... A translation ,
or rather an epitome , of the life of Murillo by Tubino , with but little new matter .

Author: Charles Boyd Curtis


ISBN: STANFORD:36105024848892

Category: Artists

Page: 424

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My Heart s Desire

An inspirational story of Love, Forgiveness, and Redemption Megan put her walk with the Lord on hold while she lived comfortably as the mistress.

Author: Martha A. Velazquez

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449702600

Category: Fiction

Page: 152

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An inspirational story of Love, Forgiveness, and Redemption Megan put her walk with the Lord on hold while she lived comfortably as “the mistress.” Years later, abandoned and alone she realizes what she’s lost and what she’s missed. When Doctor Winston comes into her life, she remembers that Jesus is still standing on her threshold, but she can only see the man in front of her. When she sees his blue eyes, she’s determined to give love a second chance. Will she put “no false idols” before her Lord? Will Megan trust the Lord, even when things don’t turn out the way she expected? Will her heart be broken or saved?