Listen to Me

How do u think that disappointment makes me feel? You will never know
because u don't ask and u don't care. I could never say any of these things to u
because in your eyes children don't have a voice. Maybe if u listen to me, it will
make u a ...

Author: Ivan C. Thomas

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 145357655X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 103

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Listen To Me A Collection of anonymous letters to parents from graduating seniors who want to be heard. Take any young person from any walk of life and what would they have in common? Their desire to be heard and understood by the people they love. Now you can see what is on the minds of some of our youth and get an insight to how they are feeling and living. Listen To Me is the perfect, compact read for anyone looking to understand young people better. One of Americas top youth motivational speaker, school counselor and coach Ivan C. Thomas will take you on a journey through the minds of our youth. Youll find out what they really think about us as adults and you will derive lessons from others who have failed to listen. With these heartfelt expression of pain and joy I am positive that youll take a more active and aggressive approach to asking questions and listening to our youth. Is this your child talking to you?

Listen to Me

She seems to know exactly when I need her to hold me and listen to my fears. I
hate what having cancer is doing to my family. It's tearing everyone up. Mom and
I cried so hard together today, especially when she told me what Dr. Robertson ...

Author: Beth Huffman

Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.

ISBN: 9781622873876

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 116

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Listen to Me is the inspirational story of Kim Brinkman Smith who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease at the age of 16. She had a 75% chance of surviving and was told she'd likely never be able to have children. Her chemotherapy treatments were so brutal that she didn't care if she died. However, Kim's cancer was not the biggest battle of her life.

Listen to Me Satan

to see again, and the sunlight didn't bother me anymore. I started to put my trust
in these people. A few days later, I started to notice that I was losing my memory.
Soon I had difficulty knowing where I was. When I went out, I would get lost, and I

Author: Carlos Annacondia

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781599792347

Category: Religion

Page: 188

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Listen to Me Satan! is full of amazing testimonies that will renew, inspire and charge your faith. It is the story Carlos Annacondia, a significant leader in the Argentinian revival movement. His life has been marked with a ministry of signs, wonders and supernatural knowledge. You'll be inspired by his ministry and the supernatural power of God revealed.

LISTEN TO ME I Have Something To Say Book II

To Me - from Me LISTEN TO ME! I Have Something To Say I'm tired of being seen
as someone I am not. I do and say things I do not feel - often because that is what
people expect me to do or say. I could scream and holler at the frustration and ...

Author: Dennis A. Hooker

Publisher: dennis hooker

ISBN: 9780967911687



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For School Psychologists/ Counselors/Pastors - Sequel to Book I. A detective counsels attempted suicides from Golden Gate Bridge. He says, "A jumper is one with something to say - But, no one to listen". This book "listens"!!! The most important interesting person to each of us is one's Self. This is especially true with youth in trouble - or any young adult seeking to challenge life with a better set of personal tools for living successfully. Listen To Me - I Have Something to Say (Books I and II) suggests that most troubles come from a person having a deep conflict. They either don't know how-to express it - or they can't find someone to express it to.

Talk to Me Listen to Me

The task becomes a tug-of-war, because teens don't always listen or want to do
what's best for them. Not only that, but there's the added challenge of competing
with their friends who may sway them from your good intentions and influence.

Author: Carol McCormick

Publisher: Celestial Press

ISBN: 9780967536842

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 38

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When thoughts and feelings are expressed during deep levels of communication, true intimacy is established and attachments are formed that are virtually unbreakable. Today, we see more and more people interacting electronically rather than enjoying face-to-face or side-by-side conversations. As a result, rather than feeling more connected, people often feel more disconnected than ever. Talk to Me! Listen To Me! is as a tool to help turn things around. Although this book is a short read, it may take days, to weeks, to possibly months to implement, since the latter questions take time to emerge, develop, and unfold. The more thought-provoking questions may also run into chats that last for hours, either because of the time it takes to reveal the answer, or because the answer may lead to even more questions and deeper discussions. The questions can be chosen cafeteria style from the light and fun, to the more weighty and serious. They can be used during one-on-one situations or in groups such as classroom settings, college dorms, orientations, sorority and fraternity interviews, and even in corporate team-building meetings. They may also be used as a quiz type game, or as an icebreaker at parties, or as a “get to know you” handbook while dating or making new friends. All 150 questions can be worked through over time with a companion, a relative, or a spouse to deepen existing relationships. A couple may also choose a few of the more provocative questions to answer while on a weekend retreat. “Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it, it dies,” Unknown For more information visit

Why You Should Listen to Me

... novel, the reader has an opportunity to go inside the writer's mind and
understand his thinking from his own honest point of view. BOOKS FROM THE

Author: Daniel Marques

Publisher: 22 Lions -

ISBN: 9781466329751

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 33

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This book is an autobiography describing a personal insight leading to the author’s decision of becoming a writer. It shows an uncommon path of meaningful experiences and dramatic choices, as well as a peculiar way of observing problems. In order to allow a better perspective of the author’s vision, the content is presented as an honest documentary of his own life, currently reedited as a second edition. This new edition became an obvious necessity, as the greatest reviews were coming from psychologists and social workers, claiming that this books reveals plenty of truths about the human nature that took them decades to realize by themselves. And here is one of them: "As a social worker for twenty years, I have tried to treat some full-fledged sociopaths with strong psychopathology. To my mind, the author's description above is about as good as it gets in summarizing that particular mindset” T. Bundrick (New York, USA).

Are You Listening to Me

Group leaders never listen to what you really have to say'. The adult answers with
'What do you really want to say then?' This last answer bears the characteristics
of a transference and subtly places competition between the 'interviewer' and ...

Author: Martine F. Delfos

Publisher: Uitgeverij SWP BV

ISBN: 9789066653665

Category: Children

Page: 157

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Hardly any literature exists about having conversations with children. Talking to children is a daily activity for almost everyone. For professionals who work with children it is even an essential activity. Nevertheless we learn little about it in college. In Are you listening to me? Martine Delfos describes how to conduct conversations with children between four and twelve. How can we make them talk about what is on their mind? Should you talk and play at the same time? Which questioning techniques are fit for which age? How can you estimate the mental age of the child? How to enable the child to be a good witness? Are you listening to me? is a book on communicating with children between four and twelve. The most recent research has been translated in a model of communicating with children adjusted to their age. It is fit as a textbook for those who work with children of primary school age. From teacher or police agent to therapist. This title is a best-selling title in the Netherlands, 17th edition in 2016.

Listen to Me

Acclaim for WriteGirl Publications LISTEN TO ME : Shared Secrets from Write Girl
" The wit and wisdom found inside Listen to Me comes in whispers , shouts ,
giggles , cries , chortles , inner ahas , and other creative noises – proving once ...

Author: Keren Taylor

Publisher: Writegirl

ISBN: 0974125164

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 299

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Literary Anthology. Writing. Young Adult. Edited by Karen Taylor. Love, pain, relationships, cravings, neighbors, murder, boredom, mysteries, vegetarians and peacocks are just a few of the subjects inside the pages of LISTEN TO ME: SHARED SECRETS FROM WRITEGIRL. Girls and women reveal deeply personal stories and perspectives in the form of creatively-crafted and spontaneous gems of poetry, fiction, scenes, songs and essays. An entire chapter offers a variety of writing experiments to help you discover and share your own secrets. "WriteGirl is a dazzling chorus of smart, tough, inspired voices of independent-minded young women"--Carol Muske-Dukes.

Speak to Me Lord I m Listening

The title of my book, “Speak to Me, Lord, I'm Listening,” is taken from an
encounter Samuel had with the Lord in I Samuel 3:10. Samuel, a young boy
living with Eli, the priest, was asleep in bed when he was awakened by a voice
speaking to ...

Author: Betsy Tacchella

Publisher: Inspiring Voices

ISBN: 9781462409778

Category: Self-Help

Page: 220

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Throughout the Bible, God spoke to people, but does He still speak to us today? Through personal stories in Speak to Me, Lord, I’m Listening, you will gain fresh insight into how God communicates with us. Come along and hear how God spoke to me the day a fire threatened our home and again when we endured a mudslide. Enjoy His sense of humor as He spoke in the midst of a disastrous camping trip. Be encouraged by how He provided specific Scripture in the face of important decisions and wisdom regarding a sticky relationship. Experience the amazing words of hope and counsel He gave us regarding our son’s college education. Share in the unique words of comfort and support God gave me during my mother’s trial with Alzheimer’s. Again, when my husband had a stroke, it was God’s personal direction that led to a miraculous event. Through stories, interspersed with biblical insights, you will find that our journey through life with Jesus is more than us talking to Him. It is also God speaking words of encouragement, comfort, and direction through Scripture, prayer, people, circumstances, dreams, visions, and His creation. Join me as we embark on an adventure of discovering and recognizing God’s voice. Let’s listen and delight in hearing Him speak. "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27).

Listen to Your Life

Sometimes the challenges of life shout so loudly that I cannot hear myself think,
let alone hear Your still small voice. I want to hear from You. Help me not only to
hear but to listen and take action based upon what You reveal to my spirit.

Author: Valorie Burton

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 0307552276

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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A Better Life Is Calling. Are You Ready to Answer? Consider the current state of your life: your work, your relationships, your accomplishments. Are you in the place you’d hoped or expected to be? Is this the best life you could be living? Or is something missing–something you have not yet discovered or articulated that could lead you to the rich, fulfilling life you desire? Fulfill Your Purpose. Decrease Your Stress. Expand Your Life. In your spirit you know the truth: You were born to walk a more fulfilling path, where the definition of success is tailored to your unique gifts and talents. Author, speaker, and life coach Valorie Burton will help you find this path and step onto it with confidence. In Listen to Your Life, you will discover powerful strategies and tools that will enable you to hear what your life is saying to you, take action, and finally live in the abundance of joy, purpose, and true success for which you were created. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Listen to Your Heart

Mom and Dad who gave me birth. But God it was who brought me to earth. They
taught me how to eat and talk. They showed me how to crawl and walk. They
gave me many toys for play. They showed me how to read and pray. They made

Author: Furqan Q. Mehmud

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477167663

Category: Fiction

Page: 69

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I chose the title of this book as Listen to Your Heart. Your mind is given to you to use, but your heart is the one that absorbs everything your mind does. So only God knows what your fate is. But if you believe in God then your heart will lead your mind to do what is good for you and what's around you. So have trust in God and then listen to your heart and listen closely.

How to Listen to God

He came to me with a decision, and as he began to share, the Spirit of God spoke
in my heart with a quick alarm. A red light flashed within, and I said, “Don't do it.
You're not ready.” I explained to him why and entreated him to listen to me.

Author: Charles F. Stanley

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9781418579722

Category: Psychology


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Come Sit Beside Me and Listen to Koutchag

IT IS ALL THE SAME It is all the same to me what wagging tongues impart . I
have not stolen anything . Just loved with all my heart . I can try but not erase the
fortune fate decreed . Let gossip wish me ill . Love leads , and I proceed . MY

Author: Nahapet Kʻuchʻak


ISBN: UOM:39015015458642

Category: Armenia

Page: 85

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Husbands Listen to Your Wives

You ex- pect for me to clean, cook, sew, iron, wash the dishes, and then be ready
and willing to be in the mood when you're in the mood . . . You need to take my
feelings into consideration!” “Why didn't you say you wanted me to help with ...

Author: Cedric Harmon

Publisher: MavLit Publishing

ISBN: 9781937705176


Page: 130

View: 710


Is your marriage any better today than it was yesterday? Listening is an often overlooked component within the communication process. Unfortunately, with many men it is widely ignored and frustrating for many women leaving them wondering why they won't listen. Using real-life and personal examples a famous model of communication, and Bible references, award-winning journalist Cedric Harmon offers a practical approach to improving marriages by encouraging husbands to listen to their wives. "Intimately revealing . . . [M]uch needed insight with a humility that's rarely found in men." -- William Fredrick Cooper, Essence(R) best-selling author

Let the Rain Listen For Me

Author: Noel Canin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499043938

Category: Poetry

Page: 86

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Poems are about our lives and how they fleetingly unfold - a swaying rope bridge from one culture to another, one person to another. The work of manifesting the sound and feeling of what happens, often from a “place of no language”, forms the ground from which I write. How often have I sat on my doorstep, coffee cup in hand, thinking of other women doing the very same thing across the world. We live in the same universe, though most of us will never meet – except through words. Words have the power to sculpt the very deepest response to this strange, exquisite and terrible journey of life, witness what is here, give shape to what is to come, what may never come. I hope this book will find and touch your life as your unknown presence touches mine.

Listen to Your Heart

pay for the other lady , I'll explain and take Zip with me . I'll be happy to pay for the
screen door . ” “ This is the second screen door Mr. Brouillette has ruined for me .
Damn straight you'll it . There is no fat lady here with big feet . It's just me and ...

Author: Fern Michaels

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 1420108433

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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New Orleans caterer Josie Dupre finds herself alone for the first time, and so she becomes involved with entrepreneur Paul Brouillette when their dogs fall in love.

Guerrillas of Grace

Listen to my laughter, for there are friends and mercy and the day grows longer,
and something urges me to thank. Listen to my humming, for sometimes I catch
all unaware the rhythms of creation and then music without words rises in me to ...

Author: Ted Loder

Publisher: Augsburg Books

ISBN: 1451418736

Category: Self-Help

Page: 136

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For nearly two decades, this classic collection of tough, beautiful, and earthy prayers has lightened hearts and dared spirits to soar.

Let All the Little Children Come to Me

Listening? Are. You. Listening? Some students have difficulty participatingin
class discussions because their lackof read- ing skills ... Ask the child to listen
toapassage on audiotape while following along in the Bible or workbook.

Author: Malesa Breeding

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9781434704528

Category: Religion

Page: 143

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It is said that everyone has a story to tell, a voice that deserves to be heard. There are many thousands of children with special needs who have long been ignored, rejected and excluded from our schools, our communities, and, sadly, from our Bible classes. We believe that these children are loved deeply and completely by our Lord and that they too are called to come unto Him. This book speaks to the heart and to the head. Teachers and pastors will find inspiration and information, reminding them that God calls us to include all children, no matter the challenge. In addition, the book includes wonderfully practical elements with many ideas that can be easily integrated into any classroom. By combining philosophy and strategies, this book will equip the typical church volunteer teacher to meet the needs of all the children in her classroom.