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Tiersten , H.F. Linear Piezoelectric Plate Vibrations , 1st Ed .; Plenum Press : New York , 1969 . 14. Eer Nisse , E.P. Variational analysis for electroelasic vibration analysis . IEEE Trans . Sonics Ultrason .

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Compiled by 330 of the most widely respected names in the electro-optical sciences, the Encyclopedia is destined to serve as the premiere guide in the field with nearly 2000 figures, 560 photographs, 260 tables, and 3800 equations. From astronomy to x-ray optics, this reference contains more than 230 vivid entries examining the most intriguing technological advances and perspectives from distinguished professionals around the globe. The contributors have selected topics of utmost importance in areas including digital image enhancement, biological modeling, biomedical spectroscopy, and ocean optics, providing thorough coverage of recent applications in this continually expanding field.

An Introduction to the Theory of Piezoelectricity

[4] H. F. Tiersten, Linear Piezoelectric Plate Vibrations, Plenum, New York, 1969. [5] D. F. Nelson and M. Lax, Linear elasticity and piezoelectricity in pyroelectrics, Phys. Rev. B, 13, 1785-1796, 1976. [6] H. F. Tiersten, Nonlinear ...

Author: Jiashi Yang

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This book is based on lecture notes for a graduate course that has been offered at University of Nebraska-Lincoln on and off since 1998. The course is intended to provide graduate students with the basic aspects of the continuum modeling of electroelastic interactions in solids. A concise treatment of linear, nonlinear, static and dynamic theories and problems is presented. The emphasis is on formulation and understanding of problems useful in device applications rather than solution techniques of mathematical problems. The mathematics used in the book is minimal. The book is suitable for a one-semester graduate course on electroelasticity. It can also be used as a reference for researchers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank UNL for a Maude Hammond Fling Faculty Research Fellowship in 2003 for the preparation of the first draft of this book. I also wish to thank Ms. Deborah Derrick of the College of Engineering and Technology at UNL for editing assistance with the book, and Professor David Y. Gao of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University for recommending this book to Kluwer for publication in the series of Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics. JSY Lincoln, Nebraska 2004 Preface Electroelastic materials exhibit electromechanical coupling. They experience mechanical deformations when placed in an electric field, and become electrically polarized under mechanical loads. Strictly speaking, piezoelectricity refers to linear electromechanical couplings only.

Vibrations of Elastic Plates

Tiersten, H.F. and R.D. Mindlin. (1962) Forced Vibrations of Piezoelectric Crystal Plates. Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, Vol. 20, pp. 107–119. Tiersten, H.F. (1969) Linear Piezoelectric Plate Vibrations. Plenum Press, New York.

Author: Yi-Yuan Yu

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This book is based on my experiences as a teacher and as a researcher for more than four decades. When I started teaching in the early 1950s, I became interested in the vibrations of plates and shells. Soon after I joined the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn as a professor, I began working busily on my research in vibrations of sandwich and layered plates and shells, and then teaching a graduate course on the same subject. Although I tried to put together my lecture notes into a book, I never finished it. Many years later, I came to the New Jersey Institute of Technology as the dean of engineering. When I went back to teaching and looked for some research areas to work on, I came upon laminated composites and piezoelectric layers, which appeared to be natural extensions of sandwiches. Working on these for the last several years has brought me a great deal of joy, since I still am able to find my work relevant. At least I can claim that I still am pursuing life-long learning as it is advocated by educators all over the country. This book is based on the research results I accumulated during these two periods of my work, the first on vibrations and dynamical model ing of sandwiches, and the second on laminated composites and piezoelec tric layers.

Vibration of Piezoelectric Crystal Plates

H. F. Tiersten, Linear Piezoelectric Plate Vibrations, Plenum, New York, 1969. J. S. Yang, An Introduction to the Theory of Piezoelectricity. Springer, New York, 2005. H. F. Tiersten, On the nonlinear equations of ...

Author: Jiashi Yang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814449854

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The first contemporary text specializing on the dynamic problems of piezoelectric crystal plates for resonant acoustic wave devices (such as resonators, filters, and sensors) since H F Tiersten''s publication in 1969. This book provides an up-to-date, systematic and comprehensive presentation of theoretical results on waves and vibrations in quartz crystal plates. It expounds on the application of the theories of elasticity and piezoelectricity in acoustic wave devices made from crystal plates through a coverage spanning from classical results on acoustic wave resonators, up to present-day applications in acoustic wave sensors.This text begins with the exposition of the simplest thickness modes and various frequency effects in them due to electrodes, mass loading, contact with fluids, air gaps, etc., and continues on to the more complicated shear-horizontal modes, as well as straight-crested modes varying along the digonal axis of rotated Y-cut quartz. Modes varying in both of the in-plane directions of crystal plates are also addressed.The analysis within are based on the three-dimensional theories of piezoelectricity and anisotropic elasticity with various approximations when needed. Both free vibration modes (stationary waves) and propagating waves are studied in this text. Forced vibration is also treated in a few places.This book is intended to serve as an informative reference to personnel who employ piezoelectric crystal plates in the course of their profession.

The Shock and Vibration Digest

... piezoelectric plates and provided some approximation techniques relevant to linear piezoelectric plate vibrations . Earlier studies involving piezoelectric plates have been examined in detail ( 45 , 73 ) . electric disks consisting ...



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Piezoelectric Shells

Appendix: Thick Piezoelectric Plate Equations In Linear Piezoelectric Plate Vibration (Tiersten, 1969; p. 58), the electromechanical equations of a piezoelectric thick plate are written in a tensor expression: c11u1,11 + (c11 +c 66)u2 ...

Author: Hornsen (HS) Tzou

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789402412581

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This book offers an introduction to piezoelectric shells and distributed sensing, energy harvesting and control applications. It familiarizes readers with a generic approach of piezoelectric shells and fundamental electromechanics of distributed piezoelectric sensors, energy harvesters and actuators applied to shell structures. The book is divided into two major parts, the first of which focuses on piezoelectric shell continua, while the second examines distributing sensing, energy harvesting and control of elastic continua, e.g., shells and plates. The exploitation of new, advanced multifunctional smart structures and structronic systems has been one of the mainstream research and development activities over the years. In the search for innovative structronics technologies, piezoelectric materials have proved to be very versatile in both sensor and actuator applications. Consequently, the piezoelectric technology has been applied to a broad range of practical applications, from small-scale nano- and micro-sensors/actuators to large-scale airplane and space structures and systems. The book provides practicing engineers and researchers with an introduction to advanced piezoelectric shell theories and distributed sensor/energy harvester/actuator technologies in the context of structural identification, energy harvesting and precision control. The book can also be used as a textbook for graduate students. This second edition contains substantial new materials, especially energy harvesting and experimental components, and has been updated and corrected for a new generation of readers.

Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures

Some examples of analytical solutions to the initial-boundary value problem, mostly related to piezoelectric plate vibrations, summarized in Section 5.2.2 can be found in references [44, 47, 48]. In this chapter we show how Newton's ...

Author: Andrew J. Kurdila

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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A thorough guide to the fundamental development of linear piezoelectricity for vibrations Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures is an introductory text that offers a concise examination of the general theory of vibrations of linear piezostructures. This important book brings together in one comprehensive volume the most current information on the theory for modeling and analysis of piezostructures. The authors explore the fundamental principles of piezostructures, review the relevant mathematics, continuum mechanics and elasticity, and continuum electrodynamics as they are applied to electromechanical piezostructures, and include the work that pertains to linear constitutive laws of piezoelectricity. The book addresses modeling of linear piezostructures via Newton’s approach and Variational Methods. In addition, the authors explore the weak and strong forms of the equations of motion, Galerkin approximation methods for the weak form, Fourier or modal methods, and finite element methods. This important book: Covers the fundamental developments to vibrational theory for linear piezostructures Provides an introduction to continuum mechanics, elasticity, electrodynamics, variational calculus, and applied mathematics Offers in-depth coverage of Newton’s formulation of the equations of motion of vibrations of piezo-structures Discusses the variational methods for generation of equations of motion of piezo-structures Written for students, professionals, and researchers in the field, Vibrations of Linear Piezostructures is an up-to-date volume to the fundamental development of linear piezoelectricity for vibrations from initial development to fully modeled systems using various methods.

The Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates

[76] Pawell, R. Z. and Stetson, K. A., Interferometry vibration analysis by wave-front reconstructions, J. Opt. Soc. Am., 55, (12), 1593, ... [101] Tiersten, H. F., Linear piezoelectric plate vibrations, Plenum Press, New York, 1969.

Author: Nellya N. Rogacheva

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000141498

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This is the first book devoted to a systematic description of the linear theory of piezoelectric shells and plates theory. The book contains two parts. In the first part, the theories for electroelastic thin-walled elements of arbitrary form with different directions of preliminary polarization are presented in an easy form for practical use. The approximate methods for integrating the equations of piezoelectric shells and plates are developed and applied for solving some engineering problems. In the second part, the theory of piezoelectric shells and plates is substantiated by the asymptotic method. The area of applicability for different kinds of electroelastic shell theories is studied. A new problem concerning the electroelastic phenomena at the edge of a thin-walled element is raised and solved. The Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates will be valuable to researchers working in the field of electroelasticity as well as to electrical and electronic engineers who use thin-walled piezoelements. It is also be helpful for students and post-graduates specializing in mechanics and for scientists concerning asymptotic methods.