Life on an Emotional High

I applaud all of you for being there whenever you could and how you could in your families lives. For giving as much of yourself ... With so 91 Life On An Emotional High much energy that he 90 Chapter 3: To The Men I extend to you my heart.

Author: Therapy

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462840021

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Id describe this as my book of stimulation in poetry, with experiences of my life for both men and woman to enjoy. In this book I am divulging myself through poetry in a way different from others. Stretching your imagination of what you think poetry is while expressing myself on many different levels. At the same time Ill be giving you a hint at my experiences in conversations and thoughts with others. Just me riding the roller coaster of life screaming and hollering waving my hands and having a good time with writing. All of this while giving you secrets written in my poetry to leave you guessing and wondering, is this about her, her life, her relationships in love, life and marriage? Who was that about? Just making you wonder. So many thoughts in my writing that it will make you wonder about me, wonder about you and your life. All of my writings are from my heart to my pen, with a modest amount of modification and a minuscule amount of proofreading, limited enough to keep my writings as real as possible. In writing straight from your pen its never perfect and sending my book to be professionally proofread I thought would make my thoughts too unreal, too commercial; take some of my personality or zest out of my book. I wanted my writings to be as if someone was really speaking through writing. Even if my grammar was terrible, it would be the real me. The corrections I have done are straight from spell check from my laptop giggle, now we all know how that could be, but I did it anyway. Ive exposed me and my thoughts in a way that has allowed me to sky rocket to another level, to another me. Ive extended to you Theaology, THE STUDY OF THEA, Thea and the life experiences she has surrounded herself in, along with the joys of living to learn what life really was about and not the just the pretty picture we all want and or pretend it is. My painting of life is an explosion of time, painted in yellows and reds. Colors of laughter and smiles that are to abundant to count. Colors that allow me to stand in the wings of life and spilling it out to you in expression, thoughts and short stores of which will allow you to think twice about your life experiences and enjoy every single moment that god has extended to you. Now what I am asking for from each one of you while reading my book is to enjoy my book with an open mind. Dont tear it down too much but read what I have to say and live in the joy of my development of it. Let me explain briefly some of the chapters in this book. Chapter one is about loves hurts, joys and change that we all can relate to. In reading you will get a picture of what love and life is about, a picture of the happiness, the sadness, the ups and downs and the just plan sick and tired of love. My poetry will express this in every way I could imagine. Poetry of love so deep you will need a shovel to recover from it, because it pulls you in and makes you shake your head to say Ive been there. In this chapter there is a poem written in the form of a short story called, An Un-produced Movie of Romance. It is a screen play rewind; yes thats how I am going to describe it. Its the perfect story for the question, where is this love going? Chapter two, well Ive devoted this to the men, its my own unique message for them. My way of saying you are spectacular, even when we dont tell you, you shine. I speak in this chapter as if I am one of the boys. Ive removed that I am woman hear me roar attitude, and Ive learned that I couldnt roar without them as loud as I can now. In this chapter I play with 2 words Ive created, do-luscious and flow. Read it youll see what I mean, nothing but fun thoughts. My other favorite poem is The Struggle; it has a part one and a part two. Some of the woman who read these 2 poems may find objection to what I have written. But I had to say what I thought a man would say or wanted to say. The Struggle, was written

The Emotional Energy Factor

With energy, everything is possible. This book shows you how to harness it in order to accomplish more, struggle less, feel more energetic, and find the zest--and courage--you need to live the life of your dreams.

Author: Mira Kirshenbaum

Publisher: Delta

ISBN: 9780307484253

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Do you wish you had more energy? Do you often feel drained, even after a good night’s sleep? Are there days when you can’t get going...when you just feel blah? If so, you’re not alone. You’re suffering from emotional fatigue--an all too common outgrowth of our frenetic modern-day lives. But you can regain your emotional energy forever with this groundbreaking book from psychotherapist and bestselling author Mira Kirshenbaum that includes many helpful hints and informative real-life stories. This book shows you how to tap into the sources of emotional energy that already lie within you. In these remarkable pages, you’ll discover 25 practical, no-nonsense secrets to living the vital, happy, hope-filled life you deserve by building the kind of energy no pills, push-ups, or power bars can provide...the kind of energy that comes to the rescue when your body has reached its limits. It’s called emotional energy. Successful, high-energy people have learned to harness it--and now you can too with their secrets in this powerful, life-enhancing book. Drawing on nearly three decades of professional experience as a psychotherapist and researcher, Mira Kirshenbaum has developed a bold new program to help you raise your inner energy quotient and keep it high for life. The results are astounding: an aliveness of mind, happiness of heart, and a spirit filled with hope--the fuel that makes all things possible. Now you can reclaim the energy within, the energy that drives and sustains you, as you discover: • How to diagnose your own emotional fatigue • The power of active prayer • Two simple things you can do to turn a pressure situation into one that gives you emotional energy • Positive Negatives: how to say no to the things you don’t want to do • How to live your life your way--a giant step to emotional well-being • The Appointment Book Cure to free up time and get things done • How to stop buying into someone else’s expectations of you • The Emotional Energy Diet: how to lose those extra pounds and keep them off • PLUS many more tips, tools, and techniques for you to get more emotional energy today! “The single biggest difference between people who get what they want and people who don’t is energy,” states author Mira Kirshenbaum. With energy, everything is possible. This book shows you how to harness it in order to accomplish more, struggle less, feel more energetic, and find the zest--and courage--you need to live the life of your dreams.

Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

In this book, we will also discuss the following: What Is Emotional Intelligence and The Emotional Brain Primary and Secondary Emotions How to Observe and Express Your Emotions How to Improve Your Social Skills Emotional Intelligence in ...

Author: Mind Change Academy


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Do you know what Emotional Intelligence is? Do you want to know how EI affects our life? Emotional intelligence can easily be understood as the ability of an individual to identify, understand, use and control emotions. This process is supposed to be done in a calm manner to make it have a positive and effective impact. A person who has high emotional intelligence has various advantages in the current life. He or she is able to have better communication with people Resolve conflicts Improve his or her relationships Reduce anxiety levels in their lives Having high emotional intelligence helps a person have high empathy levels which are critical in relationships. People's emotional intelligence has a big potential for people having quality life. It is because it is an influential factor in how people behave. People with incredible level of good behavior are associated with healthy relationships that promote quality life a person's lives. High level of emotional intelligence is commonly associated with improved levels of self-awareness. These qualities bring different states in a person's life since a person has purpose, autonomy and intention which are components of a quality life. A greater part of the global community is heavily affected by the process of decision making. Several people make decisions anchoring them of the current happenings and circumstances. The thought that cloud people during these complicated situations is if the perception that things are beyond the ability to be changed. The impact these thoughts give is an individual's mind is the limited amount of options and solutions. Therefore, an individual is advised to take time to reflect over these scenarios. Reflecting helps a person to examine what on the issue and come up with the best ways the situation can be handled. Developing an individual's emotional intelligence quotient has a greater influence on an individual's life to success. An emotional quotient is a standard form used by psychologist used in determining a person's emotional intelligence. The process is greatly influenced by a person's personal situation and his or her intelligence. The impact of high emotional quotient is felt in several aspects of an individual's life. It cuts through how a person makes his choices Finds solutions and creates other options when situations are difficult There are several ways a person can improve his or her emotional quotient. Emotional intelligence is said to the capability of identifying and managing one`s emotions and those of others. Emotional intelligence comprises three different skills; awareness of the emotions and the ability to harness those emotions and harness them, it affects even the family life of an individual. It is worth noting that the ability to manage and identify emotions is critical in helping others do so. In other words, if you are living in a family, you may need to have such intelligence and support those you are related to being in a position of identifying and managing such emotions. The aspect increases love, cohesion, and allows family members to work together as a team. In this book, we will also discuss the following: What Is Emotional Intelligence and The Emotional Brain Primary Emotions Secondary or Complex Emotions How to Observe and Express Your Emotions How to Improve Your Social Skills Emotional Intelligence in Relationships People Skills: Pay Attention to Other People's Strengths and Weaknesses And So Much More! Would You Like To Know More? So What Are You Wai

Emotional Intelligence

Over the course of this life-changing guide, you will: · Understand how the emotional and social problems you face are not your fault and that you can do something about it · Enlighten yourself further using a practical guide that gives ...

Author: James Jones

Publisher: James Jones


Category: Psychology

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Are You Tired of Driving People You Love Away & Never Achieving the Professional Success You Deserve? This Guide is for You! Do you feel like no matter how smart you are, your efforts are still not enough to get you that promotion? Have you been constantly told by your partner that you’re inconsiderate and selfish? Are you having a hard time relating to others? There’s a question we’ve been constantly asked: Are book smart or street smart? As children, we were taught to value our IQs more than our EQs. In fact, we never really paid too much attention to our EQs before new research came to light. Experts believe that IQ may not be a great determinant of how well people fare in life. They stand to argue that standard measures of intelligence, such as IQ scores, do not embrace the full range of human intelligence. Human intelligence cannot be generalized into just one single ability. In fact, people have different degrees of intelligence. Our ability to grasp and communicate our emotions plays a more important role in how successful we are. Factors like emotion regulation, self-awareness, empathy, motivation, and social skills all play a role in our ability to thrive. These are key to achieve goals and realize our full potential, both professionally and personally. So, if you find that you’re great at crunching numbers and memorizing information but fail in relating to and empathizing with others… it’s not your fault! And you can do something about it! In “Emotional Intelligence,” you will get easy-to-follow steps to becoming a high-EQ person. Using this guide, beginners like you will be able to develop better people skills, improve empathy, and strengthen relationships. Over the course of this life-changing guide, you will: · Understand how the emotional and social problems you face are not your fault and that you can do something about it · Enlighten yourself further using a practical guide that gives proactive solutions to real-life questions and issues · Significantly increase your emotional intelligence and relate better to people at work and at home in just 5 easy steps · Get easy-to-understand insights into your psyche and how you can use them to cultivate a better, more empathetic, and more confident you · Effectively acknowledge and manage negative emotions so you can avoid blowing up on your loved ones and strengthen your relationships · Elevate your career to greater heights as you learn all the easy, evidence-based tips on how you can be more emotionally intelligent at work · Squash stress before it overwhelms you and stops you from forming strong intimate relationships with your loved ones · And so much more! “Emotional Intelligence,” while dealing with technical topics, is made with beginners like you in mind. The practical tools and tips you will learn here are made simple and gradual, so even if you don't know where to start, this book will do wonders for you! Life-long success and better self-esteem is just a click away! Buy Now, and Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Today!

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the indispensable guide to transforming your organisation’s culture or your own ability to engage with and understand other people.

Author: Amy Jacobson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780730391494

Category: Business & Economics

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Boost Emotional Intelligence in any situation to achieve exceptional results for any organisation As organisations around the world are putting more focus on the mindset and wellbeing of staff, the need to develop Emotional Intelligence (EI) has never been greater. Emotional Intelligence in the workplace—including the five key concepts of self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills and motivation—is defined as your ability to identify and manage your personal emotions and the emotions of your colleagues and co-workers. Emotional Intelligence is in high demand and is expected to become an essential component of success in the future of work. Emotional Intelligence: A Simple and Actionable Guide to Increasing Performance, Engagement and Ownership is designed to help you master EI and empower you to achieve the very best outcome for everyone in your organisation. Cutting through the hype and dispelling the myths about EI, this practical, easy-to-use resource provides clear guidance, powerful tools, and actionable steps for developing and implementing EI in the workplace for immediate results. Amy Jacobson, an experienced EI specialist, leadership trainer and coach, shares the tools, methodologies, concepts and actions that increase EI in any situation. Packed with real-life examples and case studies, insightful questions, and useful diagrams to create action, this must-have guide: Offers a powerful 5-part methodology—Own It, Face It, Feel It, Ask It, and Drive It—to help you understand and immediately implement Emotional Intelligence principles in both your personal and professional life Increases your Emotional Intelligence in the workplace to enable you to inspire and energise staff, support empathy and self-awareness, and drive high levels of performance Improves the way you handle high pressure environments, manage challenging situations, and interact with people with different communication styles Helps you solve difficult problems in the workplace such as loss of purpose and engagement, cultural issues, poor communication, and low productivity Provides concrete steps for eliminating negative behaviors and for owning the role you play, your impact on others, and the decisions and choices you make Emotional Intelligence: A Simple and Actionable Guide to Increasing Performance, Engagement and Ownership is an indispensable book for anyone interacting with others in the workplace, especially those with leadership roles such as senior executives, board members, department heads, managers and supervisors.

Emotional Life Managing Your Feelings to Make the Most of Your Precious Time on Earth

There are those who become addicted to the emotional 'high' that falling in love can bring. As though under the influence of a powerful drug, they spend their whole lives moving from one relationship to another.

Author: Doreen Davy

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781782792758

Category: Psychology

Page: 219

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This book provides readers with a variety of valuable skills and strategies that will help them gain mastery over their emotions in order to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. Presented in an original and unique voice, it provides examples of how our emotional state largely determines how well we experience life and also explains what emotions are, where they come from, and the ways in which we can enhance the quality of our lives by putting ourselves in the ‘driver’s seat’ of our own emotional life.

Exploring the Emotional Life of the Mind

Emotional arousal drops as the psyche is set on “standby” instead of on “high alert”. Metaphorically speaking, the emotional Maelstrom grinds to a halt, killing the emotional appetite for living life. Getting out of bed in the morning ...

Author: Daniël Helderman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429575280

Category: Psychology

Page: 160

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This highly innovative new book reconsiders the structure of basic emotions, the self and the mind. It clinically covers mental disorders, therapeutic interventions, defense mechanisms, consciousness and personality and results in a comprehensive discussion of human responses to the environmental crisis. For openers, a novel psychodynamic model of happiness, sadness, fear and anger is presented that captures their object relational features. It offers a look through the eyes of these specific emotions and delineates how they influence the interaction with other persons. As regulation of the emotional state is the core task of the self, dysregulation can lead to mental disorders. Clinical cases of post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression are discussed, using the model to outline the emotional turbulence underneath. Finally, the elaborated theory is used to analyse personal responses to the environmental crisis and political strategies that capitalise on them. This book will appeal to scholars, psychotherapists and psychiatrists with an interest in emotions and who wish to challenge their own implicit theory of emotion with an explicit new model. It will also be of interest for academic researchers and professionals in fields where emotional processes play a pivotal role.

The Emotional Superpower

Now you can improve your EQ with the help of the book, The Emotional Superpower, which delves deep into this phenomenon and points you in the direction of what can be done to achieve it, with chapters that include: · What Emotional ...

Author: Rico Torres

Publisher: Rico Torres


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Are you confident, self-aware, creative and energetic? Do you possess Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Are you able to use it effectively in your daily life? Many top businesses have identified employees with a high EQ as being more important and better for their interests than employees having a high IQ. This change has been progressing for several years now and the benefits of it are being felt at every level of business, with people who are better able to deal with the daily stresses they encounter. Now you can improve your EQ with the help of the book, The Emotional Superpower, which delves deep into this phenomenon and points you in the direction of what can be done to achieve it, with chapters that include: · What Emotional Intelligence is · The benefits of it to you and those around you · Identifying emotional triggers · Setting personal boundaries · The keys for commanding your emotions · Dealing with anger · Interpersonal skills · And more… There is no doubt that emotionally intelligent people are much better equipped to deal with the challenges of modern living and the chaos of the modern business world. That’s why it pays to improve your emotional intelligence wherever you can and reduce the impact of harmful emotions that damage our prospects. If you want to be in charge of your emotions and lead a successful, happy life, get a copy of The Emotional Superpower and see how it can help you!

Emotional Intelligence

It also incorporates success with emotional intelligence and how to improve emotional intelligence. This book provides a solid foundation on why emotional intelligence is so vital to ensure success.

Author: David J Goleman

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1650697139


Page: 212

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"If you want to discover why it is so vital in this climate to ensure Success At Work, Increase Your Social Skills and Self-esteem, how to increase Your Level Of Emotional Intelligence To Reduce Stress And Live A More Healthy Life, then keep reading..." In this book, you will get an insight on how to learn, develop, and increase your Emotional Intelligence. This book enriches you with; the key points of Emotional Intelligence, Success with Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence skill set. Reading this book will enable you understand what Emotional Intelligence is, how it works, how it can be useful to you both at home and workplace, the implications, how it can make you stand out, and much more. The book also enriches you with an in-depth understanding of emotional agility and its importance to leadership. It also incorporates success with emotional intelligence and how to improve emotional intelligence. This book provides a solid foundation on why emotional intelligence is so vital to ensure success. It also gives an insight into the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-esteem. The book goes deeply into the responding to some of the inquiries you may have about Emotional Intelligence and it's effect, from various perspective to make you have a full comprehension of why Emotional Intelligence matters more than Intelligent Quotient (IQ) Unlike IQ where it is natural and a few people are simply destined to be a genius. Emotional intelligence is an ability that can be created and developed. Truth be told, emotions were not by any means embedded in us when we were still infants or in the mother's belly. It is through the interaction and cooperation with our immediate environment and the individuals that we developed up these emotions. This book, however, gives an insight into the real-life benefits of high Emotional Intelligence, and how you can stand out by developing Emotional Intelligence. The content of this book includes: Being Emotionally Intelligent Discover Why it Can Matter More Than IQ Exercises to Maintain your Emotional Intelligence How to improve Emotional Intelligence Success with Emotional Intelligence Teaching children Emotional Intelligence skills for life Real-life benefits of a high Emotional Intelligence What being Emotionally Intelligent does not mean Why Emotional Intelligence is so vital to ensure success How Emotional Intelligence can make you better in 2020 and beyond Understanding the significance of Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence decreases workplace stress Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in the workplace At the end of this book, you will get a full understanding of Emotional Intelligence, and the benefits.Emotional intelligence exercises can assist individuals with managing difficulties in life and with daily relationships and interactions, improving life and more fulfilling. Emotional intelligence implies that individuals will be able to identify the emotions and feelings of themselves and of others. This book gives you a detailed analysis on the business side of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, and what being Emotionally Intelligent does not imply. This book will help anyone interested in developing and building his organization through Emotional Intelligence, as it elaborates all work from a conceptual perspective. Click Buy Now in 1-Click or Buy NOW at the top of this page to start reading!

Emotional Intelligence

In this book, "Emotional Intelligence", you will discover: The 7 basic emotions and how they affect your brain The differences between the 2 types of intelligence The 6 most important aspects of your life which can be boosted by better ...

Author: Alison L Alverson

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1096410923


Page: 84

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Do your emotions control you? Does a word have the power of cheering you up or getting you down? Are you one of those who gets easily irritated? Do you always repeat this" I hate losing my temper" Do you want to build better relationships? Do you want to excel in your industry? wouldn't you like to manage difficult situations calmly and effectively? If you answered yes to any of these, then EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: 21 EFFECTIVE TIPS TO BOOST YOUR EQ (A Practical Guide To Mastering Emotions, Improving Social Skills & Fulfilling Relationships For A Happy And Successful Life) is the right book for you! The author has suffered multiple failures in her own life. Although she was smart and had a nice family, there were parts of her life that needed improvements. Her emotions led her on and caused bad effects on her relationships and getting a job. She knew that she had to do something. Then she decided to find a way to manage and recognize her own emotions. She knew she owed to herself and her family to get a handle on this once and for all! What she discovered completely changed her life! How did she do it? In this book, she shared her 21 effective tips that raised her emotional intelligence and improved her life. Inside this guide, you will learn how to: ❤Identify your emotions ❤The 7 different feelings that effect on you ❤ Promote your work performance ❤ Increase your emotional awareness ❤ Identify people's emotions ❤Control your actions for effectiveness ❤ Manage your emotional smarts like a champ ❤Have the power of gratitude journal ❤Do that one thing which will instantly help out in improving empathy ❤The secret that leads you to appreciate your moment ❤The 5 positive traits of emotionally intelligent people ❤The 12 signs of low emotionally intelligent people ❤Simple exercises that can start doing today to improve your EQ ❤Do that one thing to' let it go' ❤The 21 powerful tips to gain control over your emotions & raise your EQ ❤Plus a whole lot more....... Being in touch with your emotions allow you to manage stress and communicate effectively with other people. So, you need for the true guide which is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: 21 EFFECTIVE TIPS TO BOOST YOUR EQ (A Practical Guide To Mastering Emotions, Improving Social Skills & Fulfilling Relationships For A Happy And Successful Life). It provides practical and easy tips to follow which the author herself used that will help you to increase your Eq. It will help you to acquire skills to build your self-confidence and controlling your problems. This is the easiest way to actually start using emotions to your advantage!So, what are waiting for!"Buy Now" by clicking the Buy Now button at the top of this page and tap into your emotions to make your life better