Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands

Archeology / Anthropology Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands The Geoarcheology of an Ancient Society Curtis E. Larsen According to archeological and historical records , the Bahrain Islands of the Arabian Gulf were the home of a ...

Author: Curtis E. Larsen

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226469069

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According to archeological and historical records, the Bahrain Islands of the Arabian Gulf were the home of a flourishing civilization four thousant years ago. Then, as now, these islands served as an important locus of maritime trade, but they were also characterized as a land of copious artesian springs and fertile fields. Modern Bahrain, in contrast, is beset by environmental and demographic problems: the depletion of the artesian water supply, abandonment of rural agricultural lands, and rapid population growth. In this exemplary interdisciplinary study, Curtis E. Larsen combines archeological, geological, historical, and anthropological methods to reconstruct the paleoenvironmental and socioeconomic context that links Bahrain's present to its past.

New Arabian Studies

the Kuwaiti island of Failakah ( see Borger , R. , “ Review of S. Parpola : NeoAssyrian Toponyms ' , Zeitschrift für ... Phillips , W. , Unknown Oman , London , 1966 , 23 ; Larsen , C.E. , Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands ...

Author: G. Rex Smith

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New Arabian Studies is an international journal covering a wide spectrum of topics including geography, archaeology, history, architecture, agriculture, language, dialect, sociology, documents, literature and religion. It provides authoritative information intended to appeal to both the specialist and general reader. Both the traditional and the modern aspects of Arabia are covered, excluding contemporary controversial politics.

Land Of Enki In The Islamic

Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Larsen, C.E. 1986. Variation in Holocene Land Use Pa erns on the Bahrain Islands: Construction of a Land Use Model. (In), Al Khalifa, S.H. and Rice, ...

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First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Journal of Oman Studies

Fluvial Systems and Geoarchaeology in Arid Lands : With Examples from North Africa , the Near East and the American Southwest . ... Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands : The Geoarchaeology of an Ancient Society .



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Bahrain Through the Ages

Wizārat al-Iʻlām Scheich ʿAbdāllah Bahrain, Haya Ali Khalifa, Shaikha Haya Ali Al Khalifa, Michael Rice. Kohl, RL. ... 1983 Life and Land use on the Bahrain Islands: the Geoarcheology of an Ancient Society, University of Chicago Press.

Author: Haya Ali Khalifa

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First published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Bahrain Through The Ages Archa

Kuwait, Government of 1964 Archaeological Investigations in the Island of Failaka 1958-1964, Ministry of Guidance ... 1983 Life and Land use on the Bahrain Islands: the Geoarcheology of an Ancient Society, University of Chicago Press.

Author: Al_Khalifa

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136141706

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Published in 1986, Bahrain Through The Ages - Archa is a valuable contribution to the field of Middle East Studies.

Trash Talk An Encyclopedia of Garbage and Recycling around the World

Bahrain is a hub for the international transportation of Mideast petroleum products. There are frequent oil spills ... Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands: The Geoarchaeology of an Ancient Society. Chicago: University of Chicago ...

Author: Robert William Collin

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This fascinating reference offers a unique take on recycling and trash, tracing the role of waste in public health, climate change, and sustainability around the world. • Includes comparisons of the waste, public health, and emissions profile for many countries • Provides a general introduction to the issue of global waste management • Reveals the various methods of disposal across the world • Features charts, graphs, and tables that present facts and figures to illustrate key statistics • Shares interesting facts and accounts of garbage disposal problems


Further information on the islands' topography may be found in Curtis E. Larsen, Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1983). Village society is discussed by Henny ...

Author: Fred H. Lawson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429717857

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First published in 1989. Bahrain is at the same time unique among the Arab oil-producing Gulf states and indicative of future developments in these emirates. Its uniqueness lies in the social, political, and economic structures of the country: The indigenous population is characterized by a peculiar set of overlapping cleavages; the country's industrial work force has a history of militant action and a degree of political consciousness unmatched in neighbouring states; and the islands' economy has achieved a level of diversification into non-petroleum-related activities that is the envy of planners in the surrounding area. This study provides an overview of current trends on the islands and of the social and historical context from which they have emerged. It is intended as an introduction to Bahraini affairs for the general reader and thus makes use of the existing literature wherever possible.

Paradoxes of Green

E. L. Durand, Reports to British Political Resident in Bushire, cited in Curtis E. Larsen, Life and Land Use on the Bahrain Islands: The Geoarchaeology of an Ancient Society (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1983), 22. 19.

Author: Gareth Doherty

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520960626

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This innovative multidisciplinary study considers the concept of green from multiple perspectives—aesthetic, architectural, environmental, political, and social—in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where green has a long and deep history of appearing cooling, productive, and prosperous—a radical contrast to the hot and hostile desert. Although green is often celebrated in cities as a counter to gray urban environments, green has not always been good for cities. Similarly, manifestation of the color green in arid urban environments is often in direct conflict with the practice of green from an environmental point of view. This paradox is at the heart of the book. In arid environments such as Bahrain, the contradiction becomes extreme and even unsustainable. Based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork, Gareth Doherty explores the landscapes of Bahrain, where green represents a plethora of implicit human values and exists in dialectical tension with other culturally and environmentally significant colors and hues. Explicit in his book is the argument that concepts of color and object are mutually defining and thus a discussion about green becomes a discussion about the creation of space and place.

The Archaeology of the Arabian Gulf

Ibrahim, M. 1983, Excavations of the Arab Expedition at Saar El-Jisr, Ministry of Information, State of Bahrain. ... 1983a, Life and Land Use in the Bahrain Islands: The Geoarchaeology of an Ancient Society, University of Chicago Press.

Author: Michael Rice

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134967933

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The archaeological remains in the Gulf area are astounding, and still relatively unexplored. Michael Rice has produced the first up-to-date book, which encompasses all the recent work in the area. He shows that the Gulf has been a major channel of commerce for millenia, and that its ancient culture was rich and complex, to be counted with its great contempororaries in Sumer, Egypt and south-west Persia.