Licence to Kill

Official, original James Bond from a writer described by Len Deighton as a 'master storyteller'. Bond has lost his licence to kill.

Author: John Gardner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409127253

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Official, original James Bond from a writer described by Len Deighton as a 'master storyteller'. Bond has lost his licence to kill. After he took revenge on the CIA agent who handed his friend over to the master criminal, Sanchez, M revoked his double 0 status and he's considered a rogue agent. With MI6 trying to bring him in and only the support of Q behind him Bond goes after Sanchez. Boarding his ship, Bond tricks his way into Sanchez's inner circle and discovers the secret of his wealth. But Bond is walking a tightrope and it is surely only a matter of time before he slips ...

Licensed to Kill

Robert Young Pelton first became aware of the phenomenon of hired guns in the War on Terror when he met a covert team of contractors on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the fall of 2003.

Author: Robert Young Pelton

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307345455

Category: Political Science

Page: 376

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Robert Young Pelton first became aware of the phenomenon of hired guns in the War on Terror when he met a covert team of contractors on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border in the fall of 2003. Pelton soon embarked on a globe-spanning odyssey to penetrate and understand this shadowy world, ultimately delivering stunning insights into the way private soldiers are used. Enter a blood-soaked world of South African mercenaries and tribal fighters backed by ruthless financiers. Drop into Baghdad’s Green Zone, strap on body armor, and take a daily high-speed ride with a doomed crew of security contractors who dodge car bombs and snipers just to get their charges to the airport. Share a drink in a chic hotel bar with wealthy owners of private armies who debate the best way to stay alive in war zones. Licensed to Kill spans four continents and three years, taking us inside the CIA’s dirty wars; the brutal contractor murders in Fallujah and the Alamo-like sieges in Najaf and Al Kut; the Deep South contractor training camps where ex–Special Operations soldiers and even small town cops learn the ropes; the contractor conventions where macho attendees swap bullet-punctuated tales and discuss upcoming gigs; and the grim Central African prison where contractors turned failed mercenaries pay a steep price. The United States has encouraged the use of the private sector in all facets of the War on Terror, placing contractors outside the bounds of functional legal constraints. With the shocking clarity that can come only from firsthand observation, Licensed to Kill painstakingly deconstructs the most controversial events and introduces the pivotal players. Most disturbingly, it shows that there are indeed thousands of contractors—with hundreds more being produced every month—who’ve been given a license to kill, their services available to the highest bidder.

Licensed to Kill

Proponents believe that these will help to eliminate Shoreham-like challenges in the future and make the licensing process more predictable and certain. ' This is doubtful. Shoreham shows that a licensing process, however streamlined, ...

Author: Joan B. Aron

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre

ISBN: 9780822971870

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

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Examines the nuclear power plant constructed at Shoreham, New York, and the accumulated miscalculations and mishaps that eventually forced its deconstruction. An intricate study of the groups, policies and regulatory issues involved in a historic legal battle.

Licensed to Kill

For a Christian to see grace as a license to sin is thus the height of presumption. ... Human beings are complicated and our sin patterns are enmeshed in all of our psychological, circumstantial, and relational 54 Licensed to Kill.

Author: Brian G. Hedges

Publisher: Cruciform Press

ISBN: 9781936760237

Category: Religion

Page: 111

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The Christian life is not a playground, but a battleground. One of the fiercest foes in this battle dwells within our own hearts: the enemy of indwelling sin. The Scriptures command us to "put sin to death." This is what pastors and theologians of another generation called the "mortification" of sin. But how do we mortify sin? And what role does the gospel play in this effort to apply lethal force against sin? How can we avoid falling into legalism while still maintaining a passion for holiness? And what kinds of strategies actually work in the daily battle? These are questions I have personally wrestled with as both a Christian and a pastor. This book is my attempt to answer those questions and provide a biblical and practical guide for the war against sin.

Licensed to Kill

Many people have killed for money, but they usually end up in jail. Pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, the AMA, and doctors kill people with drugs (poisons), and surgeries, but get away with it. After all, they have the licenses to do ...

Author: Barbara Every

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781477299029

Category: Medical

Page: 172

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Barb Every – Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother – with all these years and a host of experiences in observing and helping with all sorts of ailments and finding the old remedies of my mother and grand mother often times worked better than the drugs promoted by traditional doctors that only learn prescriptions and surgery in 8 years of Med. School. I started buying health books and monthly news letters by the dozens. When modern medicine nearly killed my dear husband, not once, but two different times, I knew something needed to be done to help others that are being sickened or killed by medicine (poisons). The book “Licensed To Kill” practically wrote itself – it took barely over a week. The title of the book, the names of each chapter just fell into place. Even the cover design of prescription containers was done without much thought on my part. (Divine intervention?) The only addition was Chapter 9, “Here We Go Again”, which personally proved, one more time, what a natural cure (iodine) can do by regulating the pulse, and what medical drugs and procedures cannot do. I'm still reading health books and Newsletters. After all, Natural cures (with no side effects) have been around for literally thousands of years. Drugs and Prescriptions (with many side effects, including death, are relatively new). The Pharmaceutical Companies do not want you well. Why would they? They make their Big Bucks when you are ill and buying their Drugs.

Spies Like Us

" --Pierce Brosnan, actor, 007 From Mata Hari to the real Moneypenny, Spies Like Us is the decrypted, declassified story of female spies.

Author: Darling


ISBN: 1735560618


Page: 300

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Spies Like Us: Her License to Kill dives into the covert role of espionage's femmes fatales, released to coincide with the twenty-fifth James Bond movie. "I think we've watched the guys do it for the last forty years, get out of the way, guys, and put a woman up there." --Pierce Brosnan, actor, 007 From Mata Hari to the real Moneypenny, Spies Like Us is the decrypted, declassified story of female spies. Insider information from the CIA, MI6, and Mossad helps reveal the incredible stories of the women--all so brave, many notorious--working from the shadows to change the world. Sometimes, international intrigue needs a woman's touch. . . Miranda Darling has published two thrillers and a novel and worked on several documentaries as a writer and consultant. Before reading English and modern languages at Oxford, Miranda travelled the world as a fashion model. She has a Masters in Strategic Studies and Defense and publishes widely on the topic of security threats. Viola Raikhel is the co-author of Iran Modern: Empress of Art and the leading art adviser to private banks, luxury brands, museums, family offices, and UHNW collectors globally. She is regularly called upon for art market insights and is a regular contributor to the Financial Times, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television news.

Off License To Kill

the retail sale of alcohol like they're doing here but the federal government still approved and licensed ... Our intelligence discovered their plan was to come back and eliminate you before going back even further and changing the ...

Author: Aug Stone


ISBN: 9781329619869

Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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James Vagabond, star agent of Britain's Drunken Secret Service, is sent back in time to stop U.S. Prohibition from ever happening. With help from the delectable Cherry Waters, he's going to save America's drinkers from a fate worse than death - enforced sobriety. But can they defeat the infamous Dr. Hoo-Nose, who has other plans for an unsuspecting 1918?

Licence to Cook

You know what James Bond drinks, but do you know what he eats?

Author: Edward Biddulph


ISBN: 9781445278681

Category: Cooking

Page: 93

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You know what James Bond drinks, but do you know what he eats? What is his favourite food? What is his favourite meal of the day? How does he like his steak? How does he take his coffee? This cookbook is full of exciting recipes inspired by the food described in Ian Fleming’s novels. The recipes, devised by the author, are modern, but have a period twist. The cookbook is intended for anyone who wishes to recreate the flavour of James Bond’s gastronomy. If you’re preparing a romantic meal for two or planning a Bond-themed party, or if you’re simply curious about the sorts of food Bond eats, this cookbook is for you. Eat like Bond throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A License to Kill

7 The IDF states that thirty - four soldiers have been killed by Palestinians in the occupied territories from the beginning of the intifada until May 31 , 1993 , but does not specify how many were ... under the 10 A License to Kill.

Author: Human Rights Watch/Middle East

Publisher: Human Rights Watch

ISBN: 1564321096

Category: Arab-Israeli conflict

Page: 264

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