Legislative Drafter s Deskbook

The Legislative Drafter's Deskbook helps anyone understand why laws are drafted the way they are. This book explains why laws are drafted the way they are.

Author: Tobias A. Dorsey

Publisher: TheCapitol.Net Inc

ISBN: 9781587330155

Category: Law

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The Legislative Drafter's Deskbook offers practical advice and insight for those engaged in legislative drafting, those more interested in policy than drafting itself, or those interested in reading and interpreting the law. The Legislative Drafter's Deskbook helps anyone understand why laws are drafted the way they are. This book explains why laws are drafted the way they are. Legislative drafting is - to the extent it is writing at all - the form of writing used for legislative measures, a category that covers original bills and resolutions as well as amendments. Ultimately, legislative drafting is the form of writing used for enacted law. The focus of this book is on legislative drafting for the Congress of the United States, but many, if not most, of the principles described here apply just as well to drafting for other legislatures. As forms of writing go, drafting is not freewheeling like poetry, nor showy like rhetoric, nor personal like a novel. Drafting is disciplined, rigorous, and analytical. Done well, drafting can also be creative, elegant, and clever. (Unfortunately, drafting is not always done well.) The purpose of this book is to provide practical advice on drafting to anyone who does, or may, engage in drafting, and indirectly to provide insight into the drafting process to other interested people. For example, this book is for people who are more interested in policy than in drafting, but want to understand why drafters operate the way they do. It is also for people who are more interested in reading and interpreting the law than in drafting, but want to understand why laws are drafted the way they are. It is hoped that this book will be accessible to beginners while remaining valuable to veterans. The traditional method of training drafters is to train them on the job; the consensus is that drafting is best learned holistically, on a case-by-case basis. For that reason this book is best used as a resource, not a course. It is a supplement to, not a substitute for, the learning that comes from experience. The author designed this book to answer the variety of questions about drafting that arise daily in the work of individuals with a professional interest in how bills, resolutions, and laws are drafted. The approach used here is pragmatic: You will find no linguistic theories or esoteric conundrums discussed here. What you will find is solid advice for everyday drafting projects. "A masterful work. It is comprehensive and exceptionally well written. It is an essential tool for anyone who drafts legislation or interprets the law." -- William K. Suter, Clerk of the United States Supreme Court "An essential and indispensable book, both as a reference work and as a thorough introduction to Federal legislative drafting." -- Frank Burk, Legislative Counsel of the United States Senate 1991-1998 "The succinct and thorough assessment of good legislative drafting techniques provides a set of 'best practices' for drafters at all levels of government." -- Elizabeth Garrett, Sydney M. Irmas Professor of Public Interest Law, University of Southern California "State legislative drafters will also greatly appreciate this work." -- Bruce Feustel, Senior Fellow, NCSL Summary of Contents 1. Being a Drafter 2. Understanding How Laws Are Made 3. Considering the Courts: Statutory Interpretation 4. Thinking Through the Policy 5. Choosing the Right Measure 6. Writing Effectively 7. Organizing and Arranging 8. Using the Right Style 9. Affecting and Amending Other Laws 10. Working in, and Working with, the Executive Branch Appendices Back of the Book Table of Cases Table of Constitutional Provisions Table of Statutes at Large Table of Public Laws Table of U.S. Code Sections Index Complete Table of Contents online at www.LegislativeDraftersDeskbook.com

Legislative Drafter s Desk Reference 2nd ed

The new and updated second edition captures how the work of legislative drafting has changed dramatically since the first edition because of the impact of word processing and the Internet in the drafting process.

Author: Lawrence E Filson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780872894112

Category: Political Science

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The Legislative Drafter�s Desk Reference is a practical guide to the drafting of federal and state laws for law and public policy students, and legal, lobbying, and legislative professionals. It contains a treasure trove of information that sets forth solid drafting principles in language that is easy to understand. It offers an introduction to the concept and the process of bill drafting along with step-by-step details of all the issues associated with crafting legislative bills or agency regulations.′′′′The new and updated second edition captures how the work of legislative drafting has changed dramatically since the first edition because of the impact of word processing and the Internet in the drafting process. It features:′′ ′′Chapter length treatments of the issues associated with crafting bill preliminaries, provisions, amendatory provisions, and style and usage′′Discussion of emerging issues such as pay/go, budget, appropriations procedures, practical political realities, court treatment of statutory construction principles, and other factors that have emerged to make the process of drafting and amending legislation more complex′′Helpful compare/contrast exercises derived from poorly drafted bills′′Coverage of new issues such as the unintended consequences of legislation and how to make technical corrections to statutes′′New material on drafting regulations for federal and state executive branch personnel′′′′′′

Enhancing Legislative Drafting in the Commonwealth

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Author: Helen Xanthaki

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317638414

Category: Law

Page: 176

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The quality of legislation within the Commonwealth is an essential element of democracy and the rule of law. Although a neglected territory until recently, the legislative drafting debate is at the forefront of academic and professional fora at a Commonwealth and at a national level. This book brings to light the academic foundations of legislative quality and the many recent innovations deriving from Commonwealth jurisdictions. This book was based on a special issue of the Commonwealth Law Bulletin.

Legislative Advocacy Communication and Media Training and Publications

Legislative Drafter's Deskbook A Practical Guide Practical advice and insight for
those engaged in legislative drafting, those more interested in policy than drafting
itself, or those interested in reading and interpreting the law. The Legislative ...

Author: TheCapitol.Net

Publisher: The Capitol Net Inc

ISBN: 9781587333002

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"A seminar from TheCapitol.Net is one of the best ways to learn from the experts about how Washington really works." -- Steven V. Roberts, Syndicated columnist, TV and radio analyst, college professor Legislative, Advocacy, Communication, and Media Training and Publications, by TheCapitol.Net. For more than 40 years, TheCapitol.Net and its predecessor, Congressional Quarterly Executive Conferences, have been training professionals from government, military, business, and NGOs on the dynamics and operations of the legislative and executive branches and how to work with them. Our training and publications include congressional operations, legislative and budget process, communication and advocacy, media and public relations, testifying before Congress, research skills, legislative drafting, critical thinking and writing, and more. Our publications and courses, written and taught by current Washington insiders who are all independent subject matter experts, show how Washington works.TM Our products and services can be found on our web site at www.TheCapitol.Net. TheCapitol.Net is on the GSA Schedule, 874-4, for custom on-site training. GSA Contract GS02F0192X. TheCapitol.Net is a non-partisan firm. Table of Contents About Us Congressional Briefing Conference: Capitol Hill Workshop Capitol Hill Executive Briefing Advocacy and Communication Congressional Operations: How Congress Works Federal Budgeting Hill Workshops and Special Programs Legislative Drafting Workshop Media Training National Security and Intelligence Professional Development Workshops Research Workshops The Executive Branch Working with Congress and Congressional Staff Writing Workshops Custom, On-Site Training Capitol Learning Audio Courses Publications Select Clients Faculty and Authors Policies Capability Statement Congress By the Numbers CongressByTheNumbers.com Leadership of Congress CongressLeaders.com Congressional Schedule CongressSchedules.com Congress Seating Charts CongressSeating.com Terms and Sessions of Congress TermsofCongress.com Senate Classes: Terms of Service SenateClasses.com Congressional Glossary CongressionalGlossary.com You have 2 cows YouHave2Cows.com For more, see TCNDC.com

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RealWorldResearch Skills.com Legislative Drafter's Deskbook A Practical Guide
www.LegislativeDraftersDeskbook.com Legislative Series Legislative Series •
Congress in a Nutshell • Capitol Hill Workshop • Congressional Dynamics and
the ...



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Congressional Deskbook 2000

General Accounting Office ( < http://www.gao.gov > ) In response to requests from
committees or in fulfilling its legal and legislative responsibilities , the nonpartisan
... legislative drafting , and government agencies , programs , and activities .

Author: Michael L. Koempel

Publisher: The Capitol.Net

ISBN: IND:30000067942254

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The Deskbook of Art Law

While the particular descriptions there contained were not intended to be
exhaustive , they clearly indicate that there is a limit beyond which neither
legislative draftsmen nor juries may go in concluding that particular material is “
patently ...

Author: Leonard D. DuBoff


ISBN: UOM:39015014414216

Category: Artists

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Director s and Officer s Deskbook of Business Law

The sole purpose of this federal legislation is to increase uniformity in the ways in
which real estate is taken and the displaced people are assisted . See Eminent
domain . Uniform state laws Laws drafted by a legislative drafting group known ...

Author: Robert Neil Corley

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: NWU:35556016252280

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The Advocate s Deskbook

... however , I do not believe that the Court has exceeded the scope of judicial
notice accepted in other contexts . " ' 41 Burger did not dissent , but he did raise
the warning When the drafters of the Federal Rules of Evidence came to write
Article ...

Author: Irving Younger

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105044110786

Category: Law

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The Legal Desk Book

During Phase One , students will be prepared for articling through training in
practice skills such as Basic Advocacy , Interviewing and Counselling , Legal
Research , Legal Writing and Drafting , Negotiations and Professional
Responsibility ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105060550659

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Business Law Deskbook

Organized M.S.A. Chapter 336.9 . in 1993 , a drafting committee met fifteen times
from 1993 to 1998 . See Daniel ... implications , " the drafters of Revised L.Q. Rep
. ... Recent Legislative Developments In 2004 649 REVISED ARTICLE 9 § 10.1.



ISBN: MINN:31951D02422550Q

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Drafting Corporate Agreements

PLI PLI's treatises are authored by experts in their field and provide a wealth of
information in every relevant legal area . ... Financing $ 335 8048 Bankruptcy
Deskbook $ 295 644 Documenting Secured Transactions : Effective Drafting and



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Desk Book for Setting Up a Closely held Corporation

1900 Corporate Formation Data Sheet 196 901 How to Create the Corporation
199 902 Bylaw Drafting Checklist 205 9. STEP - BY - STEP GUIDE TO

Author: Robert P. Hess

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Engineering Graphics Desk Book

drafting work request ( DWR ) is the official basis for ... Besides acting as a legal
authorization to expend funds , the DWR helps control the quality , scope of work
, and ...

Author: Thomas T. Samaras

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015006393956

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