Boys Life

To allow Ricardo to get in and out of the long, low stable where the stock was quartered, Kimball left unlatched a small window near the base of the ...





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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

Porsche 997 2004 2012

The only issue with leaving the maintainer inside the unattended car is that it might ... left unlocked, the front luggage compartment lid unlatched and the ...

Author: Adrian Streather

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781845846206

Category: Transportation

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Carrying on Adrian Streather’s tradition of exemplary Porsche 911 technical guides, this book contains everything a 997 owner needs to know, plus a lot more. From engines and transmissions to engine management software – no matter what model of 997, it’s all covered here.

Summary of Accident Investigation Reports

... the derailment was caused by the throw lever of the switch being left unlatched or becoming unlatched before the back - up movement was started .

Author: United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Safety


ISBN: STANFORD:36105127915143

Category: Railroad accidents


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Maps of the Abandoned City

Cages were left unlatched (the keepers were not beasts after all) so everyone is free to come and go at their own leisure and, well, peril.

Author: Helen Ivory


ISBN: 9781912963041



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Over the Rooftops of Time

“Historians say one small gate was left unlatched, perhaps/ from simple oversight. Through that gate/ the Sultan's force penetrated the city.

Author: Myra Sklarew

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791487662

Category: Poetry

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Wide-ranging and poignant reflections on literature, art, science, and memory.

From Interrogation to Liberation

In his rush to leave the clinic, medical officer Luther Cox saw the long-kept ... The occasional bang of a flapping wooden window shutter, left unlatched ...

Author: Marilyn Walton; Michael Eberhardt

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491847060

Category: History

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During World War II, 300,000 United States Army Air Corps airmen were shot down. Of that number, 51,000 were prisoners of war or listed as missing in action. Bombardiers, positioned in the vulnerable bombardiers’ compartment at the front of the aircraft, were in high demand. The authors’ fathers were two such bombardiers, one on a B-17 and the other on a B-24. Like so many of the post-war generation, the authors traveled on their own emotional journeys to reconstruct their fathers’ WWII experiences. Their fathers fought in the flak-ridden “blue battlefield,” and like thousands of other airmen shot out of the sky, became prisoners of war. They would endure deprivation, loneliness, and great peril. Held at Stalag Luft III, where the Great Escape of movie fame took place, they, along with the British, were eventually force marched 52-miles in the dead of winter to Spremberg, Germany, and loaded onto overcrowded, filthy, boxcars, the Americans to be taken to Stalag VIIA in Moosburg, Germany, or to Stalag XIII-D in N rnberg. Languishing until their liberation in barbaric conditions with nearly 120,000 international POWs, they witnessed the death throes of the Third Reich. With many sons and daughters trying to explore the wartime histories of their loved ones, the authors supply crucial information and insight regarding the World War II POW experience in Europe. Often times, by necessity, that experience reflects the co-existence and tenuous relationship with the Germans holding them. In this book, there are stories that up until now have not been heard, and there are hundreds of pictures, many previously unseen, illustrating the prisoners’ plight. This book is a documentation of riveting history and a chance to vicariously live the war, told through their voices --echoes now fading with time. Their sacrifices to ensure precious freedom should never be forgotten.


may or MEETING STREET . be of an investigating turn of mind , tried again the gate which was so carefully bolted in the daytime , to find it left unlatched ...

Author: Elisha Hollingsworth Talbot


ISBN: UOM:39015032031992

Category: Travel


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Serpent Rising

manageable on the knee of his left leg, the slippery surface made it ... window above a larger frosted one that seemed to have been left unlatched.

Author: Jiro Olcott

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426933332

Category: Fiction

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Wik Lamley is a dowser working for the police to locate missing people when he uncovers a bizarre series of murders - with all the bodies found in ancient wells along the legendary St. Michael and St. Mary Alignments traversing southern England and belatedly discovrs that the strange woman he has fallen in love with is the next target. Wik's desparate rescue mission leads him to an elite political group testing electronic methods of mass mind control. The hunter becomes the hunted when he realises he can trust no one and his search becomes a struggle for survival...


... and his crew had left behind—wandered the island in search of fresh water, and invaded any swimming pool if gates were carelessly left unlatched.

Author: Antoinette Falquier

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462079385

Category: Fiction

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The theft of strategic and nuclear weapons from a GRU arsenal in the Ukraine gets prompt and full attention at the highest levels of the U.S. and Russian governments. But their respective intelligence communities are having considerable difficulty identifying the perpetrators, much less accurately assessing their motivation and intent. Nations known to be seeking nuclear weapons capability top the list of suspects, together with likely sub-national groups of terrorists and fanatics, and perhaps even the GRU itself. A Russian Admiral, hero of the former Soviet Union, and his KGB friend and colleague turn up unexpectedly in the Caribbean. A Vieques island innkeeper called "The Frenchman," a stunningly beautiful Puerto Rican doctor, a Chinese majordomo, a captivating San Juan socialite, a British artist, and an outspoken priest all appear to be enmeshed in the resulting web of subterfuge. Who has the weapons? And why? Who will be targeted? And when? The nuclear theft is the first move in what becomes an international chess game of intrigue, espionage and deception against the most unlikely opposition.

The Turning of the Year

... house would take a cloak outside and leave it to shelter Brighid for the night. ... was left unlatched at night so that Brighid and her cow could enter.

Author: Eithne Massey

Publisher: The O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781788493109

Category: Social Science

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From the author of the hugely successful book Legendary Ireland, The Turning of the Year explores the Celtic division of the year, from Samhain to Imbolc, to Bealtaine, to Lunasa, back to Samhain. It examines the significance of particular times of the year and features re-tellings of various legends associated with them. The book will look at the close connection of the Irish with the land and with nature, bringing us on an exhilarating journey through the Irish seasons and the customs that welcomed each one in turn. Along the way we encounter saints, scholars, kings and goddesses, whose stories, preserved in myth and folktale, counterpoint the book's exploration both of lost traditions such as keening and how other customs and rituals have been preserved in today’s celebrations and communal events. It brings to the reader a new awareness of how such ritual can still have relevance in our lives, and a deeper appreciation of the power of the natural world.

Omega Sol

... and the big security gate left unlatched and banging against the fence in the wind. The sound of the gate against the chain-link fence was a lonely one.

Author: Scott Mackay

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.

ISBN: 9781625673558

Category: Fiction

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A “hard-hitting apocalyptic thriller” from award-winning author Scott Mackay in which mankind discovers that it is not alone in the universe—and that it is far from the highest form of life...(Booklist) At a lunar research station on Earth’s moon, scientists are stunned to witness the sudden appearance of a massive silver sphere that leaves destruction in its wake. Seemingly indifferent to the human beings it has devastated with its arrival, the sphere takes up residence in a crater. From there, it unleashes dozens of strange tower-like structures that surround the moon. Little can be uncovered about the object, except that it has travelled millions of light years, and is in communication with a distant galaxy. But its ominous purpose soon becomes clear when it manipulates the sun into an accelerated life cycle, hurtling it toward its Earth-destroying red dwarf end-stage. Only scientist Dr. Cameron Conrad divines the intelligent design operating behind this solar manipulation. He knows that to those controlling the sphere, humans seem like little more than insects. He is the only one who at last understands their truly alien nature enough to tell them, through the startling hyper-dimensionality in which they, exist that their science experiment with the sun may annihilate all humankind... “Mackay’s clearly working with some ideas and concepts that are way outside the norm, and it makes for a gripping story. His aliens are, well, properly alien, existing on levels far beyond our normal range of understanding...” —SF SITE

A Fireman s Edge

Somehow, I unlatched the screen, or it was left unlatched by accident, and I fell from a two-story window. I did not land in a bush or flowerbed that may ...

Author: Preston Gallup

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781645153917

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A Fireman's Edge is about the life of a career firefighter. As a Christian from an early age, the author felt a calling to serve his fellow man through the fire service. Through many circumstances and many close calls throughout his career, the author believes that his faith in the Lord is what gave him an edge. To overcome the many fears, perils, and near-death experiences while walking on the edge can only be attributed to a much higher power. A loving God that watches over his children.

A Midsummer Tempest

... “that from my towertop I might espy thee come slinking o'er the bridge tow'rd this back entrance thou must have left unlatched—how many hours?

Author: Poul Anderson

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497694248

Category: Fiction

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Nebula and World Fantasy Award Finalist: A fantastic tale of intrigue, love, war, magic, and swashbuckling adventure set in an alternate universe where fairies mingle freely with Englishmen and all of Shakespeare’s fictional characters are real Welcome to an alternate civil-war-torn seventeenth-century England—a world where Hamlet once brooded and Othello jealously raged. Here faeries and sprites gambol in English woods, railroads race across the landscape while manned balloons float above the countryside, and the most respected historian of all is one William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon. The year is 1644, and the war between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers rages. When Rupert, nephew of King Charles I, is taken captive by Cromwell’s troops and imprisoned in a Puritan home, he is immediately smitten with the beautiful Jennifer Alayne, his captor’s niece. Escaping with the help of his newfound beloved and the loyal trooper Will Fairweather, Rupert leads Jennifer deep into the forest, where the faerie folk who dwell there have a vested interest in the outcome of the great and bloody conflict. Though the lovers must soon part—with the prince undertaking a dangerous mission for his magical benefactors that could turn the tide of war—Rupert and his lady love will be forever joined by the rings presented to them by King Oberon and Queen Titania. And despite the strange, twisting pathways and turbulent seas they are destined to encounter, they will always be able to find each other again . . . as long as their love remains true. Nominated for the World Fantasy Award and winner of the Mythopoeic Award, Poul Anderson’s A Midsummer Tempest is a titanic achievement—a delightful alternate-history fantasy that brings the fictional worlds of Shakespeare’s plays to breathtaking life with style, wit, and unparalleled imagination.


Everyone in that small world knew each other well , and there was often a kind of inner traffic from garden to garden , through gates left unlatched .

Author: Fernando Alegria

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804723265

Category: Fiction

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Although everything in this imaginative and compelling biography of the martyred Chilean President, Salvador Allende, is solidly based on fact, it is cast in the form of a novel by the author, who was a close friend and longtime colleague of Allende.

Little Big

The lights of Edgewood which Smoky had left burning paled to nothing on that day; ... blew in through the screen-door left unlatched, which beat helplessly ...

Author: John Crowley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575129801

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

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Edgewood is many houses, all put inside each other, or across each other. It's filled with and surrounded by mystery and enchantment: the further in you go, the bigger it gets. Smoky Barnable, who has fallen in love with Daily Alice Drinkwater, comes to Edgewood, her family home, where he finds himself drawn into a world of magical strangeness. Crowley's work has a special alchemy - mixing the world we know with an imagined world which seems more true and real. Winner of the WORLD FANTASY AWARD, LITTLE, BIG is eloquent, sensual, funny and unforgettable, a true Fantasy Masterwork. Winner of the WORLD FANTASY AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL, 1982.

The Dumpling

... the door would not have been left ajar, as I now found it, nor have been left unlatched and unlocked as it was when I had first come to the place.

Author: Coulson Kernahan


ISBN: 9781605432045


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