Lee s Adjutant

Taylor was unique in that he served as a member of the personal staff from the beginning to the very end of the conflict , first as aide - decamp , then " acting " and finally assistant adjutant general of the Army .

Author: Walter Herron Taylor

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570030219

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The 110 letters compiled in Lee's Adjutant shed light on day-to-day life at Lee's headquarters and on the general himself. Written to Taylor's fiancee and family, these letters recount the Army of Northern Virginia's early triumphs, invasions of the North, defeat at Gettysburg, the bloody struggle in the Wilderness, the siege of Petersburg, and final surrender. In them the young officer testifies to the simplicity of Lee's lifestyle as well as the gentility of his demeanor. He describes the bond that developed between himself and the general, and he discusses the furloughs, reports, dispatches, petitions, and grievances that he handled as Lee's alter ego in administrative matters.

Lee s Miserables

“The Prison Diary of Adjutant Francis Atherton Boyle, C.S.A." North Carolina Historical Review 39, no. 1 (Winter 1962): 58– 84. Tower, R. Lockwood, ed. Lee's Adjutant: The Wartime Letters of Colonel Walter Herron Taylor, 1862–1865.

Author: J. Tracy Power

Publisher: UNC Press Books

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Never did so large a proportion of the American population leave home for an extended period and produce such a detailed record of its experiences in the form of correspondence, diaries, and other papers as during the Civil War. Based on research in more than 1,200 wartime letters and diaries by more than 400 Confederate officers and enlisted men, this book offers a compelling social history of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia during its final year, from May 1864 to April 1865. Organized in a chronological framework, the book uses the words of the soldiers themselves to provide a view of the army's experiences in camp, on the march, in combat, and under siege--from the battles in the Wilderness to the final retreat to Appomattox. It sheds new light on such questions as the state of morale in the army, the causes of desertion, ties between the army and the home front, the debate over arming black men in the Confederacy, and the causes of Confederate defeat. Remarkably rich and detailed, Lee's Miserables offers a fresh look at one of the most-studied Civil War armies.

Lees Lieutenants 3 Volume Abridged

Because every other qualified officer already was assigned to field duty, Colonel Robert Selden Garnett, adjutant general at Lee's headquarters, though he was irreplaceable, was detached and ordered to proceed to western Virginia.

Author: Douglas Southall Freeman

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A towering landmark in Civil War literature, long considered one of the great masterpieces of military history -- now available in a one-volume abridgment. Lee's Lieutenants: A Study in Command is the most colorful and popular of Douglas Southall Freeman's works. A sweeping narrative that presents a multiple biography against the flame-shot background of the American Civil War, it is the story of the great figures of the Army of Northern Virginia who fought under Robert E. Lee. Dr. Freeman describes the early rise and fall of General Beauregard, the developing friction between Jefferson Davis and Joseph E. Johnston, the emergence and failure of a number of military charlatans, and the triumphs of unlikely men at crucial times. He also describes the rise of the legendary "Stonewall" Jackson and traces his progress in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign and into Richmond amid the acclaim of the South. The Confederacy won resounding victories throughout the war, but seldom easily or without tremendous casualties. Death was always on the heels of fame, but the men who survived -- among them Jackson, Longstreet, and Ewell -- developed as commanders and men. Lee's Lieutenants follows these men to the costly battle at Gettysburg, through the deepening twilight of the South's declining military might, and finally to the collapse of Lee's command and his formal surrender in 1865. To his unparalleled descriptions of men and operations, Dr. Freeman adds an insightful analysis of the lessons learned and their bearing upon the future military development of the nation. Accessible at last in a one-volume edition abridged by noted Civil War historian Stephen W. Sears, Lee's Lieutenants is essential reading for all Civil War buffs, students of war, and admirers of the historian's art as practiced at its very highest level.

Forbidden Affair

While Lee's adjutant had been preparing the letter, two men in border guard uniform appeared before him. They told him, they had come to meet Lee. When the adjutant wanted to know what their purpose was, they said it was top secret; ...

Author: Tarek Masud

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“Forgive me sweetheart. I should’ve called you the moment I reached Saudi Arabia. After reaching Saudi Arabia, it took me two weeks for organizing everything.” Su said, “What name should I use to save your number?” Rafiq replied, “Why? The name Rafiq is good enough, isn’t it?” “No. it’s a very common name. I’ll save your number as Hissain.” Rafiq asked, “What’s the meaning of it?” “Gem.” Rafiq smiled and said, “Then let it be so.” That’s the story of a secret love. Love that overcomes difficulties and diversities. Myanmar: the number of Rohingya Muslims has increased in Ruthi Daung district. At the moment they are majority only in Maung Dao in the border area but if things continue like this one day their number in Ruthi Daung will also exceed the Buddhist population. …Than Kin looked at his master and said, “I’m scared to even think about what’ll happen to us then. In Maung Dao the quarrels between Hindus and the Muslims never end. The Hindus and Buddhists are fed up with these Rohingyas pestering them. Be it today or tomorrow, I think we have to take out the seed of this chaos.” Some time ago, the author visited the Shamlapur Refugee Camp at Cox’s Bazaar. There, he met the Rohingya refugees and heard their stories. When he returned, he undertook the project to portray the genocide committed against them. Tarek Masud, the second child of Mr. Abu Mohsin and Latifa Akhter, was born on 9th November, 1963, at Dhaka Medical College. For a while he studied in the US, but later he came back and received BA and postgraduate degrees on English Literature from Dhaka International University, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Following his grandfather’s footsteps, he had been in the teaching profession for almost 20 years, before entering the world of literature. With a profound fascination for Bangla Literature, after retirement, he wrote his first novel titled Rahmat Ali. It was followed by two collections of short stories Poncho Batika (Five Tablets) and Spondon (The Pulse). His latest novel is called The Harbinger.

Lee s Tar Heels

Rhea, Battles for Spotsylvania Court House,131‒34; Winfield S. Hancock to assistant adjutant general, Army of the Potomac, September 21,1865,OR 36(1):332. 34. John R. Brooke to assistant adjutant general, First Division, Second Corps, ...

Author: Earl J. Hess

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

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The Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade was one of North Carolina's best-known and most successful units during the Civil War. Formed in 1862, the brigade spent nearly a year protecting supply lines before being thrust into its first major combat at Gettysburg. There, James Johnston Pettigrew's men pushed back the Union's famed Iron Brigade in vicious fighting on July 1 and played a key role in Pickett's Charge on July 3, in the process earning a reputation as one of the hardest-fighting units in Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Despite suffering heavy losses during the Gettysburg campaign, the brigade went on to prove its valor in a host of other engagements. It marched with Lee to Appomattox and was among the last Confederate units to lay down arms in the surrender ceremony. Earl Hess tells the story of the men of the Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade, and especially the famous 26th North Carolina, chronicling the brigade's formation and growth under Pettigrew and its subsequent exploits under William W. Kirkland and William MacRae. Beyond recounting the brigade's military engagements, Hess draws on letters, diaries, memoirs, and service records to explore the camp life, medical care, social backgrounds, and political attitudes of these gallant Tar Heels. He also addresses the continuing debate between North Carolinians and Virginians over the failure of Pickett's Charge.

The Wilderness Campaign

Adjutant: The Wartime Letters of Colonel Walter Herron Taylor, 1862–1865, ed. R. Lockwood Tower (Columbia: University of South ... Walter H. Taylor to Bettie Saunders, March 20, 1864, in Walter H. Taylor, Lee's Adjutant, 139. 33.

Author: Gary W. Gallagher

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807835890

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In the spring of 1864, in the vast Virginia scrub forest known as the Wilderness, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee first met in battle. The Wilderness campaign of May 5-6 initiated an epic confrontation between these two Civil War commanders--one that would finally end, eleven months later, with Lee's surrender at Appomattox. The eight essays here assembled explore aspects of the background, conduct, and repercussions of the fighting in the Wilderness. Through an often-revisionist lens, contributors to this volume focus on topics such as civilian expectations for the campaign, morale in the two armies, and the generalship of Lee, Grant, Philip H. Sheridan, Richard S. Ewell, A. P. Hill, James Longstreet, and Lewis A. Grant. Taken together, these essays revise and enhance existing work on the battle, highlighting ways in which the military and nonmilitary spheres of war intersected in the Wilderness. The contributors: --Peter S. Carmichael, 'Escaping the Shadow of Gettysburg: Richard S. Ewell and Ambrose Powell Hill at the Wilderness' --Gary W. Gallagher, 'Our Hearts Are Full of Hope: The Army of Northern Virginia in the Spring of 1864' --John J. Hennessy, 'I Dread the Spring: The Army of the Potomac Prepares for the Overland Campaign' --Robert E. L. Krick, 'Like a Duck on a June Bug: James Longstreet's Flank Attack, May 6, 1864' --Robert K. Krick, ''Lee to the Rear,' the Texans Cried' --Carol Reardon, 'The Other Grant: Lewis A. Grant and the Vermont Brigade in the Battle of the Wilderness' --Gordon C. Rhea, 'Union Cavalry in the Wilderness: The Education of Philip H. Sheridan and James H. Wilson' --Brooks D. Simpson, 'Great Expectations: Ulysses S. Grant, the Northern Press, and the Opening of the Wilderness Campaign'

Confederate Veteran

Kinloch Falconer was Adjutant General of slowly advancing— " But , sargint , ” said he , “ they the Tennessee Army . ... Major P. H. Crenshaw , Hardee's Corps Pocahontas , Assistant Judge Advocate General ; Lee's Corps Lieut . - Col .



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Lee s Sharpshooters

While in Virginia I witnessed a scene between two officers of my regiment - one a lieustenant colonel , the other the adjutant — which , if rather disgraceful for “ officers and gentlemen , ” was redeemed somewhat by a little witty ...

Author: William S. Dunlop


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Robert E Lee the Southerner

TAYLOR , W. H. , COLONEL , C. S. A. , Lee's Adjutant General , his opinion of Grant , 211 . Thomas , General , U. S. A. , his victory at Mill Springs mentioned , 89 . “ Traveller , ” General Lee's horse , mentioned , 27 . war.

Author: Thomas Nelson Page


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General Lee Man and Soldier

TAYLOR , W. H. , COLONEL , C. S. A. , Lee's Adjutant General , his opinion of Grant , 211 . Thomas , General , U. S. A. , his victory at Mill Springs mentioned , 89 . “ Traveller , " General Lee's horse ...

Author: Thomas Nelson Page


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