Law and the Mental Health System Civil and Criminal Aspects

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Slobogin, Hafemeister, and Mossman's Law and the Mental Health System: Civil and Criminal Aspects, 7th offers a wide-ranging, in-depth coverage of how the legal system responds to challenges posed by persons with mental disorders. It features a sophisticated interdisciplinary treatment of the law and literature relating to regulation of the mental health professions, the government's authority to deprive people with mental disorders of their liberty and property, and its obligation to provide support for people with mental disorders and protect them from discrimination.

Inside Forensic Psychology

Logic and reliability of evaluations of competence to stand trial. Law and Human Behavior, 22,519–547. Slobogin, C., Rai, A., & Reisner, R. (2008). American Casebook Series: Law and the mental health system: Civil and criminal aspects ...

Author: Tiffany R. Masson

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The rich case material in this unique book provides readers with an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of forensic psychology topics through the perspective of the psychologist working with these individuals. • Includes detailed case material that brings to life core concepts in forensic psychology and documents the clinical thinking and mindset of a psychologist as they meet with the patient, work in the court system, and write the court report • Encourages readers to use their critical thinking skills through the presentation of core forensic psychology concepts throughout the clinical cases • Addresses a subfield of psychology that is one of the best-paying and increasingly popular areas of specialization within professional psychology and is gaining awareness in the general population due to popular media such as movies, television shows, and fictional books that feature forensic psychology-themed storylines

Researching Resilience

Health. Retrieved 16 March 2007 from notice-files/not98-024.html. ... Law and the mental health system: Civil and criminal aspects (3rd ed.) (American Casebook Series). St. Paul, MN: West Group.

Author: Linda Liebenberg

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

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While categorization has always been one of the primary focuses of the social sciences, recent trends within these disciplines have tended to categorize various behaviours as disorders. Researching Resilience challenges this tendency to pathologize, and marks a profound shift in research methods from the study of disorder to the study of well-being. This collection assembles qualitative and quantitative studies from a diverse group of scholars and disciplines, stressing the importance of studying the strength and resilience of youth who are faced with adversity. Working with youth in a variety of cultures and contexts, the contributors provide critically astute analyses of existing scholarship as well as rigorous methods for conducting resilience research in less Eurocentric and more culturally sensitive ways. An important collection, Researching Resilience is unique in approaching interventions with youth specifically from the point of view of research methods and challenges.

Picturing Personhood

First-time: The Historical Vision of an Afro-American People. Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture. ... Law and the Mental Health System: Civil and Criminal Aspects, 3d ed. American Casebook Series. 227 BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Author: Joseph Dumit

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By showing us the human brain at work, PET (positron emission tomography) scans are subtly--and sometimes not so subtly--transforming how we think about our minds. Picturing Personhood follows this remarkable and expensive technology from the laboratory into the world and back. It examines how PET scans are created and how they are being called on to answer myriad questions with far-reaching implications: Is depression an observable brain disease? Are criminals insane? Do men and women think differently? Is rationality a function of the brain? Based on interviews, media analysis, and participant observation at research labs and conferences, Joseph Dumit analyzes how assumptions designed into and read out of the experimental process reinforce specific notions about human nature. Such assumptions can enter the process at any turn, from selecting subjects and mathematical models to deciding which images to publish and how to color them. Once they leave the laboratory, PET scans shape social debates, influence courtroom outcomes, and have positive and negative consequences for people suffering mental illness. Dumit follows this complex story, demonstrating how brain scans, as scientific objects, contribute to our increasing social dependence on scientific authority. The first book to examine the cultural ramifications of brain-imaging technology, Picturing Personhood is an unprecedented study that will influence both cultural studies and the growing field of science and technology studies.

1987 Supplement to Law and the Mental Health System

Civil and Criminal Aspects Ralph Reisner. 1987 Supplement to LAW AND THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM Civil and Criminal Aspects Ralph Reisner American Casebook Series WEST PUBLISHING COMPANY TM LAW AND THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM CIVIL AND ...

Author: Ralph Reisner

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