L A Confidential

That's the image. The reality is something different. From its fabulous mansions to its sizzling night-clubs, it's a city of corruption, double-dealing, and dangerous passions. Based on the novel and with an introduction by James Ellroy.

Author: Brian Helgeland

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 0446674273

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Los Angeles in the early '50s. A booming city anxious to shed its small-town skin. A city being touted as the metropolis of the future, L.A. is practically paradise on earth. That's the image. The reality is something different. From its fabulous mansions to its sizzling night-clubs, it's a city of corruption, double-dealing, and dangerous passions. Based on the novel and with an introduction by James Ellroy.


... Curtis Hanson and Brian Helgeland, L.A. Confidential, from James Ellroy's novel L.A. Confidential WRITINg (SCREENPLAy WRITTEN DIRECTLy FoR THE SCREEN), ...

Author: Andrew Horton

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813563428

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Screenwriters often joke that “no one ever paid a dollar at a movie theater to watch a screenplay.” Yet the screenplay is where a movie begins, determining whether a production gets the “green light” from its financial backers and wins approval from its audience. This innovative volume gives readers a comprehensive portrait of the art and business of screenwriting, while showing how the role of the screenwriter has evolved over the years. Reaching back to the early days of Hollywood, when moonlighting novelists, playwrights, and journalists were first hired to write scenarios and photoplays, Screenwriting illuminates the profound ways that screenwriters have contributed to the films we love. This book explores the social, political, and economic implications of the changing craft of American screenwriting from the silent screen through the classical Hollywood years, the rise of independent cinema, and on to the contemporary global multi-media marketplace. From The Birth of a Nation (1915), Gone With the Wind (1939), and Gentleman’s Agreement (1947) to Chinatown (1974), American Beauty (1999), and Lost in Translation (2003), each project began as writers with pen and ink, typewriters, or computers captured the hopes and dreams, the nightmares and concerns of the periods in which they were writing. As the contributors take us behind the silver screen to chronicle the history of screenwriting, they spotlight a range of key screenplays that changed the game in Hollywood and beyond. With original essays from both distinguished film scholars and accomplished screenwriters, Screenwriting is sure to fascinate anyone with an interest in Hollywood, from movie buffs to industry professionals.

Like Hot Knives to the Brain

211 , 214 , 218 , 234 35 , 243 , 251 ; L.A. Confidential : The Screenplay , xi , 9 , 20 , 168 ; L.A. Noir , 6 , 21 , 37 , 40 , 91-131 , 148 , 234 ; The L.A. ...

Author: Peter Wolfe

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739120026

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Often more disturbing than entertaining, James Ellroy is an author who never shies away from the ugly or repellent. Eminent crime fiction scholar Peter Wolfe examines how Ellroy transcends the genres of pulp and neo-noir fiction to write stories that are both psychologically haunting and culturally relevant. Wolfe skillfully combines biography-including the unsolved murder of Ellroy's mother-with literary analysis to provide a fascinating and readable study of this popular author. The first in-depth companion to the work of James Ellroy, Like Hot Knives to the Brain will interest students of popular culture, mystery readers, and crime buffs everywhere.

The Big Somewhere

Hanson, C. and B. Helgeland (1997), L.A. Confidential: the Screenplay (New York: Warner). Hasted, N. (2001), 'The Shadow of the Ripper', Guardian (2 August) ...

Author: Steven Powell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501331343

Category: Literary Criticism

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James Ellroy's identity as a crime writer is rooted in his extraordinary life story and relationship with his home city of Los Angeles. Beginning with the unsolved murder of his mother, Geneva Hilliker Ellroy, in 1958, Ellroy's early life played a large role in shaping his obsessions with murder, the criminal underworld of L.A. and the redemptive power of the feminine. Ellroy's life could be seen as a brutal, visceral and emotionally exhausting realisation of the American Dream, a theme he has explored in his writing to the extent that he is credited with reinventing crime fiction. The Big Somewhere: Essays on James Ellroy's Noir World is an in-depth, scholarly study of the work of James Ellroy, featuring leading Ellroy scholars such as Anna Flügge, Jim Mancall and Rodney Taveira. Moving from Ellroy's early detective novels to his later epic works of historical fiction, it explores how Ellroy found his place in the history of the genre by building on, and then surpassing, the works of authors who influenced him such as Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Joseph Wambaugh. It also examines Ellroy's impact on contemporary writers and on the cultural perception of L.A., which has been his legacy through the L.A. Quartet novels. The 'Big Somewhere' is not a geographical location, but a conglomeration of the cinematic, historical and fictional worlds that influenced Ellroy, from film noir to the Kennedy era in American politics, and on which he, in turn, has left his mark.

Selling Sex on Screen

James Ellroy's novel L.A. Confidential is the third book in his L.A. Quartet ... In contrast, Ellroy, who writes a generous introduction to the screenplay, ...

Author: Karen A. Ritzenhoff

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442253544

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The volume explores contemporary and historical films about “marked women” in various national cinema traditions. The essays focus on the depictions of prostitution and promiscuity in visual media from Silent Film in America to Weimar Cinema in Germany, the Golden Years in Hollywood, to the present. The book also touches on the Western genre, exploitation film, pornography, independent, and exploitation movies.


Lisa left Ken, her lover, to go to New York and pursue a career as a movie producer.

Author: Julie Kenner

Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative

ISBN: 9784596293596

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


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Lisa left Ken, her lover, to go to New York and pursue a career as a movie producer. Five years after their bitter breakup, she’s involved in a scandal. Ken, on the other hand, has opened an upscale restaurant, which is a great success. One day, Lisa went out on a limb and asked Ken if she could use his restaurant for a film shoot. She was expecting him to turn her away, but instead Ken said he would give her access to the location, but only if she gives him access to her.

L A Confidential

His first professional screenwriting gig (and first screen credit, under his full name Curtis Lee Hanson) was the 1970 genre film The Dunwich Horror, ...

Author: Manohla Dargis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838716660

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L.A. Confidential was released in 1997 to huge critical acclaim and it went on to be nominated for nine Academy Awards. Its reputation has since grown to the point that the film is now widely seen as a key Hollywood movie of the 1990s. But it fared poorly at the box-office, having neither big-name stars nor the sop of a comforting moral universe. With characters so bad they were irresistible, the film harked back to an older, darker Hollywood at a time when audiences would soon be flocking to 'Titanic'. Directed by Curtis Hanson from the best-selling novel by James Ellroy, 'L.A. Confidential' stars Kim Basinger alongside Kevin Spacey, Danny DeVito and, to the surprise of many industry watchers, two then relative unknowns, New Zealander Russell Crowe and Australian Guy Pearce. The film is a consummate thriller which takes in - without once losing sight of the human cost - police corruption, organized crime, the sleaze press, high-class prostitution, murder and the ways movies and life twist together. Manohla Dargis explores the careers of Hanson and Ellroy, based on interviews with both men, to dig deep into the film's obsession with the twinned, equally troubled histories of the Hollywood studio system and the city of Los Angeles. She untangles the paradox of 'L.A. Confidential', a film that paints a jet black, melancholy picture of a city and an industry even as it also testifies to - and exemplifies beautifully - their seductive glamour.

Entertainment Awards

12050 Best Screenplay: Emma Thompson for “Sense and Sensibility” 12051 Best ... Best Screenplay: Brian Helgeland & Curtis Hanson for “L.A. Confidential” ...

Author: Don Franks

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476608068

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 623

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What show won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 1984? Who won the Oscar as Best Director in 1929? What actor won the Best Actor Obie for his work in Futz in 1967? Who was named “Comedian of the Year” by the Country Music Association in 1967? Whose album was named “Record of the Year” by the American Music Awards in 1991? What did the National Broadway Theatre Awards name as the “Best Musical” in 2003? This thoroughly updated, revised and “highly recommended” (Library Journal) reference work lists over 15,000 winners of twenty major entertainment awards: the Oscar, Golden Globe, Grammy, Country Music Association, New York Film Critics, Pulitzer Prize for Theater, Tony, Obie, New York Drama Critic’s Circle, Prime Time Emmy, Daytime Emmy, the American Music Awards, the Drama Desk Awards, the National Broadway Theatre Awards (touring Broadway plays), the National Association of Broadcasters Awards, the American Film Institute Awards and Peabody. Production personnel and special honors are also provided.

Genre Screenwriting

How to Write Popular Screenplays That Sell Stephen V. Duncan ... and Bob Woodward) L.A. Confidential (screenplay by Brian Helgeland and Curtis Hanson; ...

Author: Stephen V. Duncan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501305931

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It's simple: films need to have commercial value for the studios to produce them, distributors to sell them, and theater chains to screen them. While talent definitely plays a part in the writing process, it can be the well-executed formulaic approaches to the popular genres that will first get you noticed in the industry. Genre Screenwriting: How to Write Popular Screenplays That Sell does not attempt to probe in the deepest psyche of screenwriters and directors of famous or seminal films, nor does it attempt to analyze the deep theoretic machinations of films. Duncan's simple goal is to give the reader, the screenwriter, a practical guide to writing each popular film genre. Employing methods as diverse as using fairy tales to illustrate the 'how to' process for each popular genre, and discussing these popular genres in modern television and its relation to its big screen counterpart, Duncan provides a one-stop shop for novices and professionals alike.

How to Sell Your Screenplay

Later additions to this genre include movies like Chinatown , The Usual Suspects , and L.A. Confidential . First - draft screenplay .

Author: Lydia Wilen

Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 0757000029

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This handbook lets readers in on the rules of winning the game. Written by two veteran screenwriters, this is a complete guide to getting a screenplay seen, read, and sold.

A Guide to Screenwriting Success

The Oscar-winning screenplay for L.A. Confidential, written by Brian Helgeland, is adapted from a James Ellroy novel. The same screenwriter adapted the ...

Author: Stephen V. Duncan

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538128930

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 378

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A Guide to Screenwriting Success, Second Edition provides a comprehensive overview of writing—and rewriting—a screenplay or teleplay and writing for digital content. Duncan's handy book teaches new screenwriters the process of creating a professional screenplay from beginning to end. It shows that inspiration, creativity, and good writing are not elusive concepts but attainable goals that any motivated person can aspire to. Duncan includes sections on all aspects of screenwriting—from character development to story templates—and breaks down the three acts of a screenplay into manageable pieces. A Guide to Screenwriting Success contains dozens of exercises to help writers through these steps. The second half of Duncan's practical book covers another, often overlooked, side of screenwriting—the teleplay. Aspiring writers who also want to try their hand at writing for television will need to learn the specifics of the field. The book breaks down this area into two parts, the one-hour teleplay and the situation comedy. There is a section on writing and producing digital content that embraces the “Do It Yourself” attitude to approaching a career in the entertainment industry. Success in screenwriting is no longer a dream but an achievable goal for those who pick up Duncan's guide.

Conversations with James Ellroy

I was just reading the novel L.A. Confidential next to L.A. Confidential the screenplay. I was interested to find that actually the novel seemed to be less ...

Author: Steven Powell

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781617031052

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

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As a novelist who has spent years crafting and refining his intense and oft outrageous “Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction” persona, James Ellroy has used interviews as a means of shaping narratives outside of his novels. Conversations with James Ellroy covers a series of interviews given by Ellroy from 1984 to 2010, in which Ellroy discusses his literary contribution and his public and private image. Born Lee Earle Ellroy in 1948, James Ellroy is one of the most critically acclaimed and controversial contemporary writers of crime and historical fiction. Ellroy’s complex narratives, which merge history and fiction, have pushed the boundaries of the crime fiction genre: American Tabloid, a revisionist look at the Kennedy era, was Time magazine’s Novel of the Year 1995, and his novels L.A. Confidential and The Black Dahlia were adapted into films. Much of Ellroy’s remarkable life story has served as the template for the personal obsessions that dominate his writing. From the brutal, unsolved murder of his mother, to his descent into alcohol and drug abuse, his sexual voyeurism, and his stints at the Los Angeles County Jail, Ellroy has lived through a series of hellish experiences that few other writers could claim. In Conversations with James Ellroy, Ellroy talks extensively about his life, his literary influences, his persona, and his attitudes towards politics and religion. In interviews with fellow crime writers Craig McDonald, David Peace, and others, including several previously unpublished interviews, Ellroy is at turns charismatic and eloquent, combative and enigmatic.

American Cinema of the 1990s

... Paramount Writing (screenplay based on material previously produced or published): Brian Helgeland, Curtis Hanson, L.A. Confidential, Warner Bros.

Author: Chris Holmlund

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813545783

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

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With the U.S. economy booming under President Bill Clinton and the cold war finally over, many Americans experienced peace and prosperity in the nineties. Digital technologies gained popularity, with nearly one billion people online by the end of the decade. The film industry wondered what the effect on cinema would be. The essays in American Cinema of the 1990s examine the big-budget blockbusters and critically acclaimed independent films that defined the decade. The 1990s' most popular genre, action, channeled anxieties about global threats such as AIDS and foreign terrorist attacks into escapist entertainment movies. Horror films and thrillers were on the rise, but family-friendly pictures and feel-good romances netted big audiences too. Meanwhile, independent films captured hearts, engaged minds, and invaded Hollywood: by decade's end every studio boasted its own "art film" affiliate.

Writing Screenplays That Sell

... a screenplay (see above), the climax of the story mirrors the opportunity. ... Michael Clayton to The Illusionist to Kung Fu Panda to L.A. Confidential ...

Author: Michael Hauge

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408157008

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 384

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"No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story...." Will Smith, actor "In the field of teaching screenwriting, Michael Hauge is indeed a master." The Freelance Screenwriter's Forum A bestseller for 20 years, Hauge's unique 'six step' approach to screenwriting cuts through nonsense, striking the perfect balance between commercial advice, artistic encouragement and lucid examples from hundreds of great films. Never losing sight of the fundamental purpose of a script: emotional impact, Hauge's engaging and inspiring book takes you on a journey through story concept, character development, theme, structure and scenes. Screenwriting is an art, but Hague's book is unashamedly commercial with advice on how to submit a manuscript, select an agent and market yourself. Updates to this edition include a new, masterful analysis of Avatar's script, new scripts examples, a new chapter on breaking the rules - succussful scripts that don't follow the traditional Hollywood model and online marketing tools for screenwriters.

The Rules of Screenwriting and Why You Should Break Them

... 194; 2001: A Space Odyssey 49, 83 L.A. Confidential (1997) 12, 113, 187 Lab 7 (screenplay) 131–132, 149, 165–166, 197–198 Lancaster, Burt (actor) 183, ...

Author: Bill Mesce, Jr.

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476627717

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 228

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A couple of generations ago, the movie industry ran on gut instinct—film schools, audience research departments and seminars on screenwriting were not yet de rigueur. Today the standard is the analytical approach, intended to demystify filmmaking and guarantee success (or at least minimize failure). The trouble with this method is that nobody knows how to do it—they just think they do—and films are made based on models of predictability rather than the merits of the script. This insider’s look at the craft and business of screenwriting explodes some of the popular myths, demonstrating how little relevance the rules have to actual filmmaking. With long experience in film and television, the author provides insightful how-not-to analyses, with commentary by such veterans as Josh Sapan (CEO of AMC Networks), bestselling author Adriana Trigiani and Oscar–nominated screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi (Goodfellas).

Hollywood Shack Job

Curtis Hanson : Select Filmography DIRECTOR : In Her Shoes 8 Mile Greg the Bunny ( TV series ) Wonder Boys L.A. Confidential The River Wild The Hand That ...

Author: Harvey Kubernik

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 082633542X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 401

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Insiders' accounts of the deals behind the fusion of creativity and commerce in film and television.

Celebrity Biographies The Amazing Life Of Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise Famous Stars

Hanson asked Crowe to read a new crime screenplay that he was developing called L.A. Confidential. Hanson had found Crowe's work in Romper Stomper to be ...

Author: Matt Green

Publisher: Matt Green


Category: Biography & Autobiography


View: 225


Ever wondered how Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise rose to stardom? Decades before he would stand in the middle of a Roman Colosseum in the role that would become his most iconic performance, a young New Zealander had designs of fronting a hard rock band. Russell Crowe’s passion for music sparked his journey through drama school, during which he recaptured a passion for acting. First appearing in Australian television, the actor made his crossover into international superstardom through appearances in a mixture of action-packed parts anchored by Crowe’s dramatic presence. With the dawn of the 1980’s, the era of classically-trained and often Shakespearean celebrity actors was all but dead. Marlon Brandon and Lawrence Olivier had given way to a new generation’s desire to be entertained at a faster and more high-energy pace. It was into this world of blockbuster Hollywood filmmaking that Tom Cruise emerged as a future superstar. With dashing good looks and unequaled charm, Cruise quickly became the face of a new wave of talented Hollywood movie stars. For more interesting facts you must read the biographies. Grab your biography books now!

Prewriting Your Screenplay

In L.A. Confidential, Police Captain Dudley Smith, who has no fear of getting his hands dirty, mentors the protagonist (Detective Edmund Exley) and turns ...

Author: Michael Tabb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351058254

Category: Art

Page: 240

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Prewriting Your Screenplay cements all the bricks of a story’s foundations together and forms a single, organic story-growing technique, starting with a blank slate. It shows writers how to design each element so that they perfectly interlock together like pieces of a puzzle, creating a stronger story foundation that does not leave gaps and holes for readers to find. This construction process is performed one piece at a time, one character at a time, building and incorporating each element into the whole. The book provides a clear-cut set of lessons that teaches how to construct that story base around concepts as individual as the writer’s personal opinions, helping to foster an individual writer’s voice. It also features end-of-chapter exercises that offer step-by-step guidance in applying each lesson, providing screenwriters with a concrete approach to building a strong foundation for a screenplay. This is the quintessential book for all writers taking their first steps towards developing a screenplay from nothing, getting them over that first monumental hump, resulting in a well-formulated story concept that is cohesive and professional.