Keepers of the Cave

Something, perhaps, that even the residents of Hoganville don't know about. Six-time Goldie winner Gerri Hill delivers thrills and passion in the chilling Keepers of the Cave.

Author: Gerri Hill

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 9781594939976

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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While the investigations go on in Dallas and Baton Rouge after the disappearance of a senator's daughter, FBI agents CJ Johnston and Paige Riley are assigned to the sleepy backwoods of East Texas for a dead-end assignment to infiltrate an all-girls school. Random disappearances dating back fifty years and more raise red flags that point to the tiny, isolated community of Hoganville. But CJ and Paige fear there will be little distraction from the memories of the one-night stand they shared six months ago. Nevertheless, they integrate themselves into the lives of the teachers and staff, but soon the odd behavior of the townspeople has them convinced something sinister lurks there. Something, perhaps, that even the residents of Hoganville don't know about. Six-time Goldie winner Gerri Hill delivers thrills and passion in the chilling Keepers of the Cave.

Morja Keeper of the Crystal Cave

She sat down on the flat rock in the cave and uttered a prayer to the keepers of the waters that she be protected and her mission be successful. She thanked all the women of her village who had kept the old traditions and faithfully ...

Author: Marilyn J Morgan

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781681397023

Category: Fiction

Page: 186

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Meridian Chronicles Keepers The Soul Key

I can't grow a new one.” Orion released Relic's hand, but his face was incredulous as his amber eyes stared though him. He backed away from the strange cave keeper. “So, can I name him? He or it doesn't talk. How about cave dweller?

Author: M.D. Fryson


ISBN: 9781678140106


Page: 194

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What has happened to Aiden? Where did Meridian go? How will the demons succeed? Astaroth has taken on more than she can handle and her obsession has blinded her from the dark one's plan. What will come of Lahash? Is he under the nymph's spell or is the Earth Nymph falling for the flamboyant demon?

Snowmelt Wood Book 1 of the Keepers Series

the townsfolk witnessed a Keeper's Rite – and look how many of us are here this day! It will be fine!” “Are you ready?” the Gatemaster asked her quietly. She looked towards the cave entrance, noting the steam billowing out and strange ...

Author: Jo Erickson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312972544

Category: Fiction


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Sharp hissing filled the air as arrows began to fly in, unerringly hitting the mark and taking down sentry after sentry. Still there were too many men left too close to the downed man and the arrows had stopped as quickly as they had begun. Suddenly an earsplitting roar shook the air and made the men jump. A woman landed in their midst, snatching up the fallen sword and then swinging with practiced precision at the group. Three men were down. Four. Five. The remaining few sentries turned and fled as Thunderstroke walked over to help Summersong to his feet. “Didn’t I tell you to stay out of the battle tonight?” he yelled half-heartedly at her, taking her hand and getting up. “The archers had to transport out, a large group of sentries is coming up the road behind them and they were in an exposed area! Quickly! We have to get those people out! THUNDER!” she shouted up into the air and the large amethyst dragon settled down to the ground.

Annual Report

The keepers of the different caves seem peculiarly well fitted for the positions they hold , and great credit is due ... I have the honor to submit the following report on the new cave recently discovered by Mr. J. Wilson , Keeper , at ...

Author: New South Wales. Department of Mines


ISBN: NYPL:33433090760293

Category: Mines and mineral resources


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Annual Report New South Wales Department of Mines

On the 6th of April , Mr. F. J. Wilson , Assistant Keeper , reported the discovery of a passage leading from the Grand Arch to the Lucas Cave , which was inspected and approval obtained for having same opened up as an additional ...

Author: New South Wales. Department of Mines


ISBN: PRNC:32101051663381

Category: Mines and mineral resources


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Journal of the Legislative Council

The keepers of the different caves seein peculiarly well fitted for the positions they hold , and great credit is due to ... I have the honor to submit the following report on the new cave recently discovered by Mr. J. Wilson , Keeper ...

Author: New South Wales. Parliament. Legislative Council


ISBN: SRLF:E0000168559

Category: New South Wales


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Keeper of the Mail

Dalvid suddenly did not want to be in the cave. The Yilloh stood motionless about as he walked slowly forward to the flat stone table. He stepped in front of it, slowly bent down, and lifted the armor. The steel felt unusually cool and ...

Author: Douglas H. Noddin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469107936

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

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The Keepers of the Rods

Peter looked all around the cave he found himself in, and noticed, rather eerily, that he was all alone. 'Hello,' he shouted. But there was no reply. The only sound that he could hear was what sounded like the wind echoing throughout a ...

Author: Ken A. Jackson & Paul A Jackson


ISBN: 9781445727073


Page: 247

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Set in the year 2012; global warming has ravaged the Earth, and amidst all of this a holy time has begun. The rapture of religious prophecy descends upon humanity, and a team of scientists endeavour to follow a prophecy laid down for them by the ancients. Along their journey they encounter demons and ghosts, aliens and the gentry. So many questions, but only one truth! And who or what is the secret of Barry Island?

Keeper of the Green Fire

Early June weather became unusually warm, in fact, down right uncomfortable for Keeper to remain near the cave. What was he to do? That monstrous noise making machine, spitting out its' foul smelling smoke, and jarring the atmosphere ...

Author: Robert Edney

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452061825

Category: Fiction

Page: 156

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Following his discharge from The Army Air Corps in l945, Robert Butler and wife Betty, along with their big Airedale, Buck strike out to find a beautiful mountainous county in western North Carolina. Their dream is to purchase a large mountainous tract of land, where they can settle down to a peaceful life. Forced to struggle for a while to earn a living, Robert makes two amazing discoveries on his mountain. This profoundly changes their life afterwards.

The Keeper of The Vineyard

He stood in the mouth of the each cave and said, "Rajah, it is your friend Solomon". He waited for an answer, but if no answer came, then he went to the next cave. He went to cave after cave, but no answer came.

Author: raymond wells

Publisher: Raymond Wells



Page: 156

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The Man to worked in the the Roman Times...his amazing story.

Keepers of the Labyrinth

He turned toward the shadows. “When you are ready, we will proceed to the back entrance.” Horatio opened the door. “We have been ready for all the ages.” They stepped up the stone path to the Dikteon Cave, Horatio following Giorgos' ...

Author: Erin E. Moulton

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698172555

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 304

View: 389


Courage is tested, myths come to life, and long-held secrets are revealed Lilith Bennette runs at midnight. She scales walls in the dark and climbs without a harness. She hopes that if she follows exactly in the steps of her strong air force pilot mother, she’ll somehow figure out the mystery of her mother’s death—and the reason why her necklace of Greek symbols has been missing ever since. So when Lil is invited to Crete for a Future Leaders International conference, the same conference her mom attended years ago, she jumps at the chance to find some answers. But things in Melios Manor are not what they seem. Lil finds herself ensnared in an adventure of mythological proportions that leads her and her friends through the very labyrinth in which the real Minotaur was imprisoned. And they’re not in there alone. What secrets does the labyrinth hold, and will they help Lil find the truth about her mother? This book is perfect for older fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus--and anyone who wants to find out the true story behind the magic of the Greek gods. Praise for KEEPERS OF THE LABYRINTH: "Secret societies, mythology, and puzzles worthy of a Dan Brown novel all figure prominently in this thriller....There is much to recommend this book: all the protagonists are empowered female characters, it explores the idea that behind the stories of classical Greek mythology is a history of real people, and it is filled with exciting action."--VOYA "Secret societies, Greek mythology, and a group of strong female characters are all wrapped up in a mystery which will hit the mark with readers who have finished Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson” series."--School Library Journal "Greek mythology provides the frame for this exciting amalgam of action, friendship, and girl-detective fiction."--Booklist

Keeper of the Flame

Tell me what will happen years from now, centuries from now. Why are we doing this?” “Let's talk about that tonight. Otherwise we'll never make it to my shelter.” “You have a shelter somewhere out here?” “There's a cave that I found.

Author: Leslie Chyten

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595211777

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

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Three remarkable and courageous women are given the task of creating a community that embodies and preserves the teachings and transmissions of their beloved guide and friend, Yeshua of Nazareth. Enduring the terror and sorrow of his crucifixion, they journey into the desert of Judea, calling upon faith and intuition to lead them to their destination. On the way they encounter the Wise Ones, a group of great souls who are here to guide the evolutionary pattern of this planet. Mary Magdalen is one of these women. Having transcended years of betrayal and humiliation, she experiences the power of love and surrender that leads her through the doorway to salvation. She becomes an intimate part of the circle of disciples, and goes on to become a healer and spiritual leader in her own right. This is the story of her inner and outer journey of transformation. It is a story of courage, trust, wisdom and truth. This is her story, but more significantly, this is your story.


He then placed them in a cave lined top to bottom with a new kind of iron ore called 'Black Metal'. It was so tough, not even the vast strength of the Keepers could force their way through the walls. Then El Shaddai formed a massive ...

Author: S.R. Herman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514468272

Category: Fiction

Page: 378

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Having been caught stealing back into the garden, Nod thought his days on this earth had come to an end. He and his people had sought eternal life and boundless wisdom by eating the fruit beyond the walls. Now, standing guilty before God, the best they could hope for was a quick and painless death. But what happened next came as complete surprise. As a punishment, God gave Nod and his people what they had attempted to steal; Immortality and power. Trouble was, it came with a price. Now they were locked into a war with the immortal enemies of mankind.

The Keepers of the Black Cave

The story is about a family of time travelers who travel through time to keep history from changing. The story focuses on the sisiter Nicole whoe own interpertation of the mission ahead makes changed in history without intentions

Author: Hanit Pahima

Publisher: Hanit Pahima

ISBN: 9655728870

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

View: 857


The story is about a family of time travelers who travel through time to keep history from changing. The story focuses on the sisiter Nicole whoe own interpertation of the mission ahead makes changed in history without intentions

Keeper of the Arts

HISTORY TO THE RESCUE At the White Crane cave's entrance, Nerrotpatiently awaited D.J.'s arrival. Well within the cave, Master Leow hadrecentlyset up a rest area for Nerrot. A bearskin rug covered the floor, guarded by a deerskin war ...

Author: Jackie Grant Miller

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412240185

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 284

View: 895


Severe abuse marked D.J. Grant's childhood while he lived with his mother, until he was suddenly sent away to live with an unknown father. His life changed again when he and his father saw a martial arts movie, which influenced him to learn self-defense. Now in his early twenties and a student of Tae Kwon Do, D.J. is excited about a promotion from second degree to third degree black belt status. D.J. had specialized in one style of self-defense. Now he faces disappointment when, instead of promotion, his instructor tells him to first experience the history of the martial arts world. During a walk home, a brief discussion ensues with two friends. D.J. is inexplicably separated from them and introduced to Nerrot, Master of all Keepers of the Art. This meeting takes place in SymDo, a subconscious, mystical realm existing within the minds of martial arts students and practitioners. For every martial artist, there is a Keeper of the Art who is responsible for maintaining the martial artist's memories. Nerrot, the Master of all the Keepers of the Arts, has chosen D.J. to replace him as the next master. Before D.J. can succeed Nerrot, he is pitted against Tarag, a former protg who was exiled from the Five Sacred Temples of SymDo for stealing a pendant that can be used to control the mystical powers. D.J. is taken to five countries to experience and learn their martial arts histories. Tarag's interference forces D.J. and Nerrot to physically experience historic events that put their lives at risk. D.J. must complete the experiences, helping Nerrot to save SymDo, while outwitting Tarag.

The Nature of Shamanism and the Shamanic Story

"This is the cave of the bundles of troubles and I'm the Keeper of the cave." "Bundles of troubles?" "Yes," the Keeper explained, "each person who walks the earth carries a bundle of trouble on their left shoulder.

Author: Michael Berman

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443808149

Category: Social Science

Page: 175

View: 309


The book makes out a case for the introduction of a new genre of tale, the shamanic story, which has either been based on or inspired by a shamanic journey, or contains a number of the elements that are typical of such a journey. The stories featured are the Book of Jonah from the Old Testament, two traditional stories from the Republic of Georgia–The Earth will take its Own and Davit, a contemporary German tale Bundles, and the Korean story of Shimchong, the Blindman’s Daughter. By making use of textual material from a number of different cultures and times, the intention is to highlight the pervasive influence shamanism has had and to show how the “new” genre being proposed is a universal one. The research questions addressed include 1) defining what shamanism is, deciding whether it should be classified as a religion, a methodology or a way of life 2) considering whether a case can be made out for the introduction of a new genre of tale and, if so, what its characteristics are. It is hoped the book will be of interest not only to those involved in the study of shamanism but also to those whose interest is in the study of literary texts. Since the old bearers of shamanic traditions quite often were, and even today are, illiterate, the study of their folklore–epic songs, laments, narratives–undoubtedly provides a rich source for research.

Keeper of the Grail

I didn't want anyone passing the cave to spot me in the firelight. The man on the ground behind me groaned. There was no time to waste. I saw Saracens moving about here and there on the beach, luckily too far away to have heard their ...

Author: Michael Spradlin

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101158647

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 426


Read Michael Spradlin's posts on the Penguin Blog. 1191 A.D. The orphan Tristan has joined the Knights Templar as a squire, journeying with Richard the Lionheart on his crusade to free the Holy Land from the Saracens. As defeat looms near, Tristan is entrusted with the most sacred of Christian relics, the Holy Grail. He must return it safely to Britain, but he must also keep it secret, because the Grail’s power will drive men to madness, and even his fellow Knights Templar will kill for it. Tristan teams up with the fiery Robard Hode— returning to his home in Sherwood after serving with the King’s Archers—and Maryam, an equally fierce girl and a member of the dreaded Hashshashin. Together they must escape the Holy Land, dodging bandits, the forces of the Saladin, and unscrupulous knights who will stop at nothing to possess the Grail.

The Keeper of the Cup

Her eye was drawn to the first piece she had found in the cave. The old cup. She picked it up carefully and looked it over. Rather plain, first century AD. Many cups like this had come to light The Keeper ofthe Cup 33.

Author: P. A. Magnusen


ISBN: 9780557056712


Page: 162

View: 566


The Holy Grail - a mystic quest? Or a cup of healing and power - a cup meant to change lives and destinies? Come with the Keeper of the Cup on a quest and an adventure from the Middle East to South America. Come see what the cup can do.

Keeper of the Waters

When I first found the Board of Water, hidden in an underwater cave not far from here and not that much different than ... If I cannot have it, then the Board shall be hidden away, perhaps forever, for some future Keeper or treasure ...

Author: Jenna Solitaire

Publisher: Tor Teen

ISBN: 9781429914796

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 256

View: 536


My name is Jenna Solitaire—and I am the Keeper of the Boards. I have the Board of Air. And every day, I hear the voice of the Board of Water calling to me. Somehow, I must find it and master its powers--before someone else does... Having mastered the power of the Board of Air, Jenna travels to Jerusalem to find the Board of Water. She is accompanied by Simon Monk, who seeks the Boards on behalf of the Vatican. Jenna doesn't trust Simon, but he's her only source of information about the Boards. In Jerusalem, Jenna meets Saduj, a local guide who claims to be able to help them find the Board they seek. Simon is suspicious, but Jenna finds herself strangely attracted to Saduj. Jenna must find the Board before it awakens and causes unimaginable destruction. But will she lose her heart—and possibly her life—in the process? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.