Karl Langer

6.2 6.8 7.1 5.8 Karl Langer, artificial bodies of water 5.9 Karl Langer, Mackay City, 1945: (A) development of Alfred St; (B) proposed neighbourhood development 5.10 Karl Langer, proposed flats, Kangaroo Point, 1959 5.11 Superblock, ...


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Despite a European training and an early career working with Peter Behrens, a migration from Vienna to the Australian state of Queensland positioned the architect Karl Langer (1903-1969) at the very edge of both European and Australian modernism. Confronted by tropical heat and glare, the economics of affordable housing, fiercely proud and regional architectural practices, and a suspicion of the foreign, Langer moulded the European language of international modernism to the unique climatic and social conditions of tropical Australia. This book will tell Langer's story through a series of edited essays focused on key themes and projects. Published as part of the Bloomsbury Studies in Modern Architecture series, which brings to light the work of significant yet overlooked modernist architects, it is both an examination of an architect's work and international legacy, and also a case study in the trans-global dissemination of design ideas. Studying the architect's built and proposed work, both regional and metropolitan, the scale and reach of Langer's practice will be considered for the first time, showing how, given his continued influence on the contemporary culture of tropical design, Langer has been unjustly ignored by the historiography of both Australian and Modernist architecture to date.

Green Fields Brown Fields New Fields

Despite his rejection of the local vernacular and the disjunctive quality close inspection of these drawings reveals, many of the ideas Karl Langer presented in this paper still persist in the region's contemporary 'subtropical' ...

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"The conference explores past and future approaches to managing and designing for growth, development and decline. This goes beyond debates over density, frontier development and renewal. It includes new fields of historical, policy and social research which inform discussion of heritage, growth, environmental, economic and other issues of urban life and urban form. " -- p. iii.

Hayes Scott

... Brisbane was only as good as the last magazine ” : Brisbane driving tour and interview with Campbell Scott , Don Watson and Fiona Gardiner , 16 January 2001 . 23. Karl Langer biography in Hampson , 1987 , Appendix A , p . 201 . 24.

Author: Andrew Charles Wilson

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Hayes & Scott: Post-War Houses is the first commercial publication on the work of Edwin Hayes and Campbell Scott. These influential Queensland architects were principals of architecture firm Hayes & Scott in the post-World War II period when Australian architecture was experiencing the influences of the German Bauhaus movement, Californian architecture and the need for affordable housing. Featuring scattered black and white photographs of Hayes and Scott’s distinctive city and beach houses, this important architectural history book features essays and interviews by key experts including Angela Reilly, Igea Troiani, Alice Hampson, Julian Patterson and Elizabeth Musgrave.

Grenzen berschreiten

Karl Langer plädiert für eine Emigration nach Australien , da er über entsprechende berufliche Kontakte verfügt , sich dort bessere Arbeitsmöglichkeiten verspricht und mit der Unterstützung eines bereits dort ansässigen Rechtsanwalts ...

Author: Ursula Wiedenmann

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Contents from publisher's web site: R. v. d. Schulenburg: Einführung - D. Nicolaisen: BauhäuslerInnen im niederländischen Exil. Biographische Anmerkungen - P. Paucker: Crossing Borders. Women Designers in Exile. Adaptable skills and useful contacts - U. Hudson-Wiedenmann: Von den Haël-Werkstätten zur Greta Pottery. Die Keramikerin Grete Heymann-Loebenstein-Marks im britischen Exil - I. Schaber: 'Es war nicht einfach für mich, die in Berlin begonnene Arbeit fortzusetzen.' Fotografinnen im Exil der NS-Zeit - M. Bruhns: Scheitern in England - Erfolg in Südamerika. Temperamente und Thesen - A. Pohlmann: Modell, Künstlerin und 'wahre Eva'. Trude Guermonprez' Selbstfindung im Exil - K. Michels: Glück im Unglück? Kunsthistorikerinnen im Exil - R. E. Feilchenfeldt: Grete Ring als Kunsthistorikerin im Exil - I. Below: 'Jene widersinnige Leichtigkeit der Innovation'. Hanna Deinhards Wissenschaftskritik, Kunstsoziologie und Kunstvermittlung - U. Heinen: Gertrude Langer - als österreichische Kunsthistorikerin und Emigrantin in Australien - V. Kuni: Passwort Transit. eMigrantinnen im elektronischen Raum.

Journal of comparative zoology

Dr. Karl Langer , Hofrath ( Alsergrund , Währinger Strasse , 1 ) . Prosector : Dr. Emil Zuckerkandi ( Währinger Strasse , 1 ) . Assistent : Dr. Moritz Holl . Anatomisches Institut ( im Leichenhause des Garnison - Spitals , ehedem ...

Author: Julius Victor Carus


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The Modern Landscapes of Ted Smyth

Postcard, 1958 Hana Hotel, Maui, Hawaii Credit: Hawaii State Collection (Hawaii State Archives) Alila Manggis, Bali, 2015 Credit: Jacqueline Margetts Garden designs, Karl Langer. Left: Austria, 1930; right: Brisbane, Australia, ...

Author: Rod Barnett

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The modern period in landscape architecture is enjoying the fascinated appreciation of scholars and historians in Europe and the Americas, and new themes, new subjects and new appraisals are appearing. This book contributes to the conversation by focusing on the work of a singular designer who spent his entire career in a province of the North Island of New Zealand. Ted Smyth practiced an assured landscape modernism without ever seeing the designs of his forebears or his contemporaries working in the UK, Europe and the United States. Designing in isolation from the mainstream of modernism, and a little after its high tide, Smyth produced a series of gardens that provoke a revaluation of the diffusionist model of influence. The book explains and describes the evolution of Smyth’s design vocabulary and relates it to the development of tropical landscape modernism in other Asia-Pacific sites. It shows how a culture of garden modernism can be generated from within a particular locale, and highlights Smyth’s engagement with Māori design traditions in search of a specific expression of the high modern essentialism of place.

Making Landscape Architecture in Australia

Architect and town planner Dr Karl Langer (1903–69) was involved in the formation of the APi, as well as being a member of the royal Austral- ian institute of Architects (rAiA) and later, as a founding member, with the AiLA.

Author: Andrew Saniga

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This first history of landscape architecture in Australia profiles the people who have shaped the nation’s landscape and forged a profession: designers, architects, public servants and activists. Using archival images and plans, the book recounts in fascinating detail milestones such as the creation of Melbourne’s public parks, the acclaimed private gardens designed by Edna Walling and Paul Sorensen, the landscaping of Canberra’s broad open spaces, and the reclaiming of Sydney’s harbour foreshore culminating in the redevelopment of Olympic Park. Making Landscape Architecture in Australia is the story of unique personalities and the battles fought over the right to determine the shape and form of the landscapes that make Australian cities distinctive.

Images of the Art Museum

It is continued post‐war by Karl Langer's focus on the 'fatigue' of the Queensland housewife in Karl Langer, Sub-Tropical Housing (Brisbane: The University of Queensland, 1944). Such concerns have their origin in the European discourse ...

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In recent years, the emerging field of museum studies has seen rapid expansion in the critical study of museums and scholars started to question the institution and its functions. To contribute differentiated viewpoints to the currently evolving meta-discourse on the museum, this volume aims to investigate how the institution of the museum has been visualized and translated into different kinds of images and how these images have affected our perception of these institutions. In this interdisciplinary collection, scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds, including art history, heritage, museums studies and architectural history, explore a broad range of case studies stretching across the globe. The volume opens up debate about the epistemological and historiographical significance of a variety of different images and representations of the Art Museum, including the transformation or adaptation of the image of the art museum across periods and cultures. In this context, this volume aims to develop a new theoretical framework while proposing new methodological tools and resources for the analysis of museological representations on a global scale.

Toward Imagination

In 1887, the famous anatomist Karl Langer gave a lecture on three truly important human heads, namely, the skulls of Schubert, Haydn, and Beethoven.2 Karl Langer examined the anatomy of these three skulls. He emphasized that in none of ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner

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Given in 1916, when Europe was in the throes of World War I, these seven lectures present Rudolf Steiner's trenchant analysis of the malaise of our time. With wit and compassion, he vividly confronts us with the dead end to which materialism has brought modern civilization. Starting with a new look at the festival of Pentecost, Steiner shows how the chaos of his timea and oursa can be transcended by a shift or transformation of consciousness. Ranging over a wide variety of topics, he moves from a description of balance in life to a discussion of the twelve senses and their relationship to the cosmos, psychology, and art. In the process, he reveals the central importance of the development of Imagination. Contents: 1. The Immortality of the I 2. Blood and Nerves 3. The Twelve Human Senses 4. The Human Organism through the Incarnations 5. Balance in Life 6. The Feeling for Truth 7. Toward Imagination "

Bibliography of the History of Medicine

Relevancy of his studies to Karl Landsteiner , military medicine , and other areas . ... Clio Med 10 ( 3 ) : 213-25 , Sep 75 Langer , Karl , 1819-1887 Gibson T : Karl Langer ( 1819–1887 ) and his lines . Br J Plast Surg 31 ( 1 ) : 1-2 ...



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