Justus Von Liebig

Justus Liebig was Johann's second child and son . The older brother , Johann Ludwig “ Louis ” ( 1801-30 ) , seems to have been a disappointment to his parents . It was obviously intended that he should inherit the family business and ...

Author: William H. Brock

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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A fresh interpretation of Liebig's stormy career, showing how he moved chemistry into the sociopolitical marketplace.

Justus M ser and the German Enlightenment

37 The extant sources are not adequate to show precisely why Justus never completed his university education . Except for a few letters from these years , the notebooks ( thematically organized collectanea he used for excerpting ...

Author: Jonathan B. Knudsen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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A biography of Justus Möser often called the Edmund Burke of Germany ad the father of German conservatism.

Justus Jonas 1493 1555 und seine Bedeutung f r die Wittenberger Reformation

Johannes Hund Irene Dingel, Hans-Otto Schneider. B ots Justus Jonas und das Interim Von Armin Kohnle Die Stellung.

Author: Johannes Hund


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Die von Luther und Melanchthon getragene Wittenberger Reformation war nicht zuletzt bestimmt durch die Interaktion einer Gruppe von gleichgesinnten Mitstreitern. Zu diesem Reformatorenkreis gehorte auch Justus Jonas. Er wird in seinen personlichen Kontexten als Theologe, Exeget und Ubersetzer gewurdigt und als juristisch gebildeter Mitarbeiter an den Strukturen der entstehenden reformatorischen Kirche charakterisiert. Schliesslich kommt er als Reformator und Prediger im Wittenberger Einflussbereich in den Blick, damals herausgefordert durch die politischen Ereignisse und eingebunden in die an Luthers Tod anschliessende Traditionsbildung. So entsteht ein Profil, das Jonas im Wittenberger Reformatorenkollegium einen unverwechselbaren Platz zuweist.

Justus Ludewig von Uslar and the First Book on Allelopathy

INTRODUCTION Surprisingly little is known about Justus Ludewig von Uslar, who is the author of what is arguably the first book devoted to allelopathy, Die Bodenvergiftung durch die Wurzel-Ausscheidungen der Pflanzen als vorzüglichster ...

Author: R.J. Willis

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Allelopathy is a fascinating and perplexing topic that concerns the chemical interactions of plants. It has profound implications in agriculture and forestry where species are grown artificially in mixture, with no evolutionary history of co-existence. The topic of allelopathy is widely credited as commencing in 1937, when the term ‘allelopathy’ was coined by Molisch. However, the concept of allelopathy has been recorded since Greek and Roman times, became extremely controversial in the first half of the 19th century, and remains so today. This book concerns a virtually unknown treatise by Justus Ludewig von Uslar, published in 1844, which emerges as the first book entirely devoted to the concept of allelopathy. The book provides the historical background to allelopathic knowledge, from antiquity to c. 1840. It also provides for the first time a biography of Justus Ludewig von Uslar, who is best known as the first Consul-General for Hannover in Mexico, and Director of the Mexican Company, a British venture mining company. In many ways von Uslar epitomises the tradition of the gentleman scientist of the 19th century. The book then offers a full translation into English of von Uslar's rare treatise, which foreshadows many ideas current in allelopathic research.

Justus Von Liebig

This is especially true of his educational work . How many educated men of to - day - nay , how many of the younger chemists — are aware that it may fairly be said that it was he who paved the way for 10 JUSTUS VON LIEBIG :

Author: William Ashwell Shenstone

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Justus, you need to understand something, I know I hurt you, but I ain't like these motherfuckers around here. I have loved you ever since I knew what love was. I have wanted you more than I've wanted to breathe, so I'm not going to ...

Author: J Omarr

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Justus S Stearns

This is the same day Perry smith, the grandfather of Justus stearns, was “received.” Justus smith was the brother of Mabel smith and therefore the uncle of Justus stearns. Dr. Douglas shepard, who has worked extensively with the sources ...

Author: Michael W. Nagle

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814341278

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Near the turn of the twentieth century, “Pine King” Justus S. Stearns was Michigan’s largest producer of manufactured lumber and the owner of a prosperous coal mining operation headquartered in Stearns, Kentucky, a town he founded. Over the course of his career, Stearns would own at least thirty manufacturing businesses—making everything from finished lumber to kitchen utensils, game boards, and motors—as well as hotels, a railroad, and a power company. He was also an active member of the Republican Party who served one term as Michigan’s secretary of state and a philanthropist who gave a great deal of his wealth to causes in both Michigan and Kentucky. In Justus S. Stearns: Michigan Pine King and Kentucky Coal Baron, 1845–1933, author Michael W. Nagle details Stearns's astounding range of accomplishments and explores the influence of both paternalism and Social Darwinism in his business practices. Nagle begins by addressing key events in the first few decades of Stearns’s life and his initial foray into the lumber industry. Subsequent chapters explore Stearns’s political career, his timber operations in Wisconsin, and his coal, lumber, and railroad operations in Kentucky and Tennessee. Nagle also details the ancillary businesses that Stearns founded or purchased in the early twentieth century, even as his Stearns Salt & Lumber Company served as the anchor of his Michigan holdings, while Stearns Coal & Lumber did the same for his operations in Kentucky. The final chapter offers an overview and analysis of Stearns’s lifetime of accomplishments, including his impact on the town of Ludington, Michigan, where he maintained a residence for over fifty years. Nagle makes extensive use of primary source material from several historical archives as well as contemporary newspaper accounts, court documents, company records, and other primary sources. American history scholars, as well as general readers interested in Michigan’s lumbering era and Kentucky’s mining history, will enjoy this biography of an exceptionally influential businessman.

Justus for All

“After I fired upon the terrorist on the motorcycle, another Middle Eastern man wearing the same type of green army trench coat as the first terrorist I had shot was identified and verbally challenged by Agent Justus, who was now armed.

Author: Ron Martinelli

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It’s been four years since the tragic in-the-line-of-duty murder of his police sergeant wife, Helen, during an officer-involved shooting. Retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus and his Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent son, Hunter, now decompress after solving the serial killings of the Sleeping Beauty Killer in Nashville, bringing that killer to justice. The law enforcement duo travel to Florence, Italy, on vacation where Hunter plans to introduce his father to his love interest, the beautiful and brilliant Carabinieri investigator Lida Aldobrandini. However, the last thing that Wade and Hunter expect is to be caught up in the violence, intrigue, and danger of an ISIS terrorist plot to assassinate Italy’s President and slaughter thousands of Italians. A cowboy-hat-and-boots-wearing Texas Ranger would normally appear to be like a fish out of water in Italy, but not this Ranger. Now follow Wade, Hunter, and Lida through the streets of Florence and the wine region of Tuscany as they track down one of the most ruthless, radical ISIS killers in the world, Jamal the Jackal, in this newest installment of the Wade Justus Texas Ranger series. Forensic criminologist and retired police detective Ron Martinelli, best-selling author of Absolute Justus, now brings you Justus for All.

The Justus Scrolls

Therefore I give you a new name, 'Justus.' Justus the upright and strong.” And then he took my face in his hands and kissed me on the forehead. “You will suffer, dear Justus. You will suffer because you have chosen to follow me.

Author: Paul David Morris

Publisher: Inspiring Voices

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Rejected by God—or called to an uncommon path? The eleven apostles cast lots to determine whom the Holy Spirit would pick to replace Judas Iscariot; he must be someone who had been with Jesus the whole time. That left either Joseph bar Sabbas, called Justus, or Matthias. The stones were cast, and the lot fell to Matthias. Even so, Justus wouldn’t be denied his dream. He had mingled among the disciples for more than three years. He had been close to Jesus, held private conversations with him, and had laughed with him. He’d slept around the same campfires, visited the same homes, and eaten at the same tables. Now, Justus would chart a new path. He would reveal everything he knew about his Lord from the viewpoint of a privileged witness. Justus began to write. What was it like to be near Jesus in everyday situations or to see him in action in his greatest moments? Did Jesus have a childhood best friend? How did he relate to his fish-breathed disciples? What did he feel when the crowd cried out for his death? Justus logged all of this in a series of scrolls and began a journey to house the treasure at the great library in Alexandria, Egypt. Perhaps, someday they would be seen.

Absolute Justus

WHILE ON VACATION back in Texas, Hunter Justus awoke each day as usual in the twilight darkness at 5:30 a.m. He donned a pair of running shorts, an Under Armor moisturewicking T-shirt and 5-11 athletic shoes.

Author: Ron Martinelli

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Retired and revered Texas Ranger Wade Justus thinks that he has finally moved on from a respected career in active law enforcement. He has reengaged life by returning to ranching and working with his beloved bucking bulls in the Texas Hill Country. But his lingering guilt over the tragic events of an officer-involved shooting continues to haunt him in the middle of his nights. Wade’s son Hunter, who is a Special Agent with Tennessee Bureau of Investigations inadvertently changes Wade’s plans for a peaceful transition back into civilian life when a serial killer turns the city of Nashville upside down. When Wade comes to the aid of Hunter, the paradigm rapidly changes and Wade enters the fray in a quest for justice—Absolute Justus.

Barsabas Justus

Justus. All Rights Reserved © 2002 by Eric Healy No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information ...

Author: Eric Healy

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Tom Judd's past is clouded in awkward memories, unfulfilled dreams, and hate. For him, becoming a man is all about remembering the boy he was and learning why he wasn't the boy he should have been. As a teacher, his students are daily reminders of why he failed and why he, belatedly, has to learn to do it right. But it is the publication of a book capitalizing on a former teacher's scandalous past and mysterious disappearance that catalyzes Tom to "make it right." This young man's odyssey is not just painful, it is ugly, and raw, but his story is also humorous and sensitive, and, ultimately, strengthened with hope. Hope for all of us who have ever had to tell a lie, endure a parent, or grow up.

English Influences in Dutch Literature and Justus Van Effen as Intermediary

Finally “Mr Justus Van Effen of the Hague, having been chosen on St Andrew's Day last, was admitted a Fellow of the Society by the President4.” * “...concut pour lui beaucoup d'amitié et d'estime,” etc. * Vide, e.g., Voyage en Suéde, ...

Author: W. J. B. Pienaar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107487376

Category: Literary Criticism

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Originally published in 1929, this book provides a detailed account of the relationship between Dutch and English literature, with special attention given to the work of the author Justus van Effen. The text focuses on the early eighteenth century, 'when a pushful English culture penetrated to the continent, and cosmopolitan Holland was an effective broadcast station relaying the newly discovered island culture'. Notes and an appendix section are also included. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in eighteenth-century European literature and literary criticism.

Eight Sermons By Rev Justus Mitchell

PREFACE This work is a collection of eight sermons delivered by the Reverend Justus Mitchell from July 1, 1785 through August 23, 1797. The original copies of these sermons, along with other historical sermons by pastors of Canaan ...

Author: William Gardner

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This is a collection of eight sermons delivered by the Reverend Justus Mitchell from July 1, 1785 through August 23, 1797 at Canaan Parish, which evolved into The Congregational Church of New Canaan and the Town of New Canaan, Connecticut. Rev. Mitchell was the fourth minister of Canaan Parish. He studied theology at Yale College and graduated in 1776. His tenure at Canaan Parish began on September 4, 1782 and ended with his death on February 24, 1806 when he was 51 years old.

A Few Remarks on a Tract signed Justus entitled A Friendly Address to the members of the Baptist Church at Kirstead Chapel Norfolk occasioned by their pastor s the Rev James Porter dismission from his office By an Observer

Justus considers that Mr. Porter has been ill - used , because he has received notice to quit his present situation . Before it can be determined whether this charge of ill - usage : is justly made , it is necessary to know on what ...



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The Times A Satire in Verse By Justus Androphilus

Justus ANDROPHILUS (pseud.) isteri THE TIMES A SATIRE . BY JUSTUS ANDROPHILUS . " Now mark a spot or two , That so much beauty would do well to purge , And show this queen of citics , that so fair May yet be foul 3 - so witty yet not ...

Author: Justus ANDROPHILUS (pseud.)


ISBN: BL:A0024355061


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D Justus Claproths kurze Vorstellung des Civil Processes etc

Justus CLAPROTH. et ) ( 139 Bestimmung derer causalium muß eben so zu Werke ge ; gangen werden , wie bey denen gravaminibus vorhin angeführet worden . 3 ) Bey einem jeden caufali wird die dedu & io hinzu : gefüget , die angeführte nova ...

Author: Justus CLAPROTH


ISBN: BL:A0019882293



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Letters signed Justus on the subject of the pending measures for the reduction of the civil establishments and more especially on the superannuation amendment bill etc

... —and to consider and judge whether there be in reality any other distinction between the principal case and its illustration than that of their comparative magnitude and importance ; I remain , Sir , Your obedient Servant , JUSTUS .



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