Just Fucking Write

Just Fucking Write is a coloring book created by Tashara J. Childs. This coloring book is for writers to take a break from the boring ass writing process, to take a moment to say fuck you to writer's block and to clear your fucking mind.

Author: Tashara Childs


ISBN: 9798627395104


Page: 24

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Just Fucking Write is a coloring book created by Tashara J. Childs. This coloring book is for writers to take a break from the boring ass writing process, to take a moment to say fuck you to writer's block and to clear your fucking mind. After taking a break to breathe while coloring a page, it is the creator's hope that your dried up creative juices will begin to flow and you will return to your work feeling like you're the shit and the best fucking writer on Earth. This coloring book should have you feeling motivated as fuck to keep writing.

Friendship Fate Fortune

I would like to come down in a couple of weeks and spend some time with the two of you and write an article for our magazine if that's OK.” “Aw, fuck that, if you're gonna write somethin, by God, why not just write a fuckin book about ...

Author: Seth Jackson Horne

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595376292

Category: Fiction

Page: 404

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Lifelong friends, Bob Callaway and Doug Jennings amassed an oil and gas fortune under what some perceived as very strange circumstances. Some thought they were just lucky, while others believed it was fate that led them to greatness. Bob and Doug's friendship began on the first day of college at Louisiana State University when they were assigned the same room in the athletic dormitory. Events in their lives continued to link them together like a chain. If a single link had been missing, there would have been no life long friendship or the establishment of their company, LIO & SAG, Inc. The two men's personalities resembled sandpaper-one side was smooth but the other was coarse. If you were lucky, you never experienced the coarse side. Through out college, they struggle to build their business and maintain their unique friendship, and finally, they reach success in nearly every aspect of their lives. Bob and Doug share a magical quality that keeps them grounded in reality and loyal to each other.

The Crime Interview Ian Rankin

This is only going to give him rules. Then he might feel he's got to follow these rules, and I think that will change his writing. ... But when they know you're not writing a fucking book, they just keep pestering you.

Author: Len Wanner

Publisher: Blasted Heath Ltd

ISBN: 9781908688644

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

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Len Wanner finds new routes into the mind of one of the giants of crime fiction in this 13,000-word interview with the creator of Inspector Rebus. Ian Rankin on his fictional characters: "Sometimes they do weird things I'm not expecting them to do - like die." On the first Rebus novel: "It's over-written. It's a bit up itself. It's obviously written by a literature student: 'The manumission of dreams' - no idea what that means." On teaching creative writing: "If somebody's got talent, you can spot it and help them move it along, but you can't make somebody talented." On Rebus: "He became much bigger than I ever intended him to be to the extent that he seems more real to people than I am." On 'tartan noir': "'Tartan Noir' is a term I'm confident I invented, but I gave it to James Ellroy." Also by Len Wanner and published by Blasted Heath THE CRIME INTERVIEWS: VOLUME ONE Engaging, informative and shot through with humour, Len Wanner's collection of in-depth interviews is a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary crime fiction. His interview subjects are nine of today's most successful Scottish crime writers: Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, Karen Campbell, Neil Forsyth, Chris Brookmyre, Paul Johnston, Alice Thompson, Allan Guthrie and Louise Welsh. Wanner's relaxed, conversational approach enables him to ask the most penetrating of questions time after time in his attempt to find the answers to the big questions at the heart of Scottish crime fiction. Brimming with pithy, witty and sometimes just plain weird revelations, these interviews provide a unique and unforgettable insight into how writers think, and into the professional secrets of some of the genre's greatest exponents. THE CRIME INVERVIEWS: VOLUME ONE also includes a foreword by Louise Welsh, an afterword by Aaron Kelly and a comprehensive recommended reading list. THE CRIME INTERVIEWS: VOLUME TWO With THE CRIME INTERVIEWS: VOLUME TWO, once again Wanner's encyclopaedic knowledge of Scottish crime fiction is put to expert use in his enthralling and revealing conversations with another inspired line-up of stars of tartan noir. His latest interview subjects include William McIlvanney, Tony Black, Doug Johnstone, Helen FitzGerald, Quintin Jardine, Gordon Ferris, Craig Russell, Douglas Lindsay, Ray Banks and Denise Mina. THE CRIME INTERVIEWS: VOLUME TWO also includes a foreword by Ian Rankin and an afterword by Lee Horsley.

Happy Endings

He's such an ass that he probably thinks the foreword is like a comedy club introduction; as the MC of his fucking book I just write: Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the comedy stylings of a true comic genius, Jim Norton.

Author: Jim Norton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416961055

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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The popular stand-up comedian offers an offbeat, frequently raunchy memoir of his life, in which he shares his affinity for hookers, the time he stalked Black Sabbath and Alan Alda, his experiences with Opie and Anthony, his arrest on the infamous Voyeur Bus, and other controversial events. Reprint.

First Person

A novel Richard Flanagan. was, the effect was to leave me numb. So I'm just another con? ... There is no fucking book. It's just a new scam to pay something off the old scam, ... So just write the book. Heidl doesn't care what you do.

Author: Richard Flanagan

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780525520030

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Kif Kehlmann, a young, penniless writer, thinks he’s finally caught a break when he’s offered $10,000 to ghostwrite the memoir of Siegfried “Ziggy” Heidl, the notorious con man and corporate criminal. Ziggy is about to go to trial for defrauding banks for $700 million; they have six weeks to write the book. But Ziggy swiftly proves almost impossible to work with: evasive, contradictory, and easily distracted by his still-running “business concerns”—which Kif worries may involve hiring hitmen from their shared office. Worse, Kif finds himself being pulled into an odd, hypnotic, and ever-closer orbit of all things Ziggy. As the deadline draws near, Kif becomes increasingly unsure if he is ghostwriting a memoir, or if Ziggy is rewriting him—his life, his future, and the very nature of the truth. By turns comic, compelling, and finally chilling, First Person is a haunting look at an age where fact is indistinguishable from fiction, and freedom is traded for a false idea of progress.

Irvine Welsh

A lot of people that have read Trainspotting have read it for all the wrong fucking reasons . I just wanted to write a little fucking book about where I came from , and what I was up to , what everyone was up to . When that book sold ...

Author: Aaron Kelly

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719066514

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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This is the first full-length study of Irvine Welsh's fiction and provides a sustained textual and contextual analysis and evaluation of his work


“Fine Poppy, if you want to write a book, go ahead, write the fucking book. Write ten. Just don't let it interfere with our time and your duties to me as my wife, okay?” He says this so dismissively, my lips begin to tremble.

Author: Portia Moore

Publisher: Portia Moore


Category: Family & Relationships


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Growing up poor on the rough side of Indiana didn’t make my life easy. It made it hard. My mom worked two jobs and didn’t have time to read me many fairy tales. We couldn’t afford the princess costumes or the trips to expensive magic kingdoms. My life was black and white, and a hint of grey was the most I had to look forward to…until I met Zachary Rostov—tall, beautiful, with a perfect smile. Unfortunately, as with most stories, ours had to come to an end. When I turned nineteen, after escaping the soul-sucking pit of Indiana, one bad decision almost destroyed everything. The way my story had been written up to that point meant my dreams of more should have come to an end. But it was the same day I met Vincent Jamison, and if my life were a fairy tale, he would have been the prince who had come to save me. I don’t remember in any of those stories being saved coming with a debt.

Through a Glass Darkly

Oh , just write your fucking book , go on . Then maybe your daughter won't have been sacrificed in vain . Pity it's going to be , you know , the usual ... ( Martin stops himself . ) DAVID . Say it . MARTIN .

Author: Ingmar Bergman

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 0822226383

Category: Drama

Page: 45

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THE STORY: Karin is a young wife, an older sister and an only daughter. In her kaleidoscopic internal world, the boundaries between different realities blur and shift. Karin's family goes on their annual holiday together, and on a bleak, beautiful

Kissing the Beehive

You killed two people, just so I'd write a fucking book?' He looked at me pityingly, 'It's not a book, Sam. It's my saving grace. It isn't the book I hoped for, but just knowing after all these years that Edward didn't kill himself .

Author: Jonathan Carroll

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781453264966

Category: Fiction

Page: 251

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A writer returns to his hometown to look into a long-ago murder in this “gripping” literary thriller with “a smashing and surprising climax” (Kirkus Reviews). After nine books, three wives, and a massive advance for his as-yet-unwritten next novel, Sam Bayer has run out of ideas. He tries to write but his characters are dull, lifeless. So his thoughts turn to his hometown, Crane’s View, and the tragedy he once encountered there. Bayer was fifteen when he found Pauline Ostrova floating in the Hudson River. The official verdict was murder, and the girl’s ex-boyfriend was convicted. But decades later, Bayer remains certain the killer still lives in his bucolic town—and he’s determined to write a book about what really happened. He’s come home for inspiration, but the longer he stays, the more Bayer’s investigation spirals toward madness and a final, shocking conclusion. Jonathan Lethem says of Jonathan Carroll that readers “crave his narratives like an illegal substance,” and here the celebrated author begins his addictive Crane’s View Trilogy, which continues with The Marriage of Sticks and the New York Times Notable Book The Wooden Sea, with a smart, suspenseful novel that’s “strung like a piano wire” (Library Journal). This ebook contains an all-new introduction by Jonathan Carroll, as well as an illustrated biography of the author including rare images from his personal collection.

The Crime Interviews Volume One

Bestselling Authors Talk About Writing Crime Fiction Len Wanner ... Were you writing that first chapter with his back-story in mind? No. ... But when they know you're not writing a fucking book, they just keep pestering you.

Author: Len Wanner

Publisher: Blasted Heath Ltd

ISBN: 9781908688200

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

View: 294


If you're interested in learning about how to write, how to be a writer, or about the writing life in general, what greater resource and pleasure than frank, in-depth interviews with best-selling authors? In The Crime Interviews Volume One, Len Wanner interviews: Ian Rankin• Stuart MacBride• Karen Campbell• Neil Forsyth• Chris Brookmyre• Paul Johnston• Alice Thompson• Allan Guthrie• Louise Welsh So much more than a collection of writing tips, The Crime Interviews Volume One is brimming with pithy, witty and sometimes just plain weird revelations. It provides a unique and unforgettable insight into how authors think... and how they write. See also The Crime Interviews Volume Two and Volume Three. [Two Ravens Press published a previous edition of this book in 2011 under the title Dead Sharp: Scottish Crime Writers On Country And Craft] What they're saying.... This is fascinating reading and a real treat. A rare insight into the minds of a diverse group of crime writers, writing in one genre, living in proximity, but all with utterly different, individual voices."•-Peter James, author of Dead Like You "Len Wanner is the perfect interrogator, subtle, accommodating and incisive, and these interviews elicit many layers of deep, dark and vital intelligence."•-John Banville, author of The Sea•

Just Write My Fucking Book

You can buy this amazing and elegant notebook for you or as a gift for your friends to document the F*cking moments 6×9 Inches 110 Blank Lined Pages

Author: G. MED


ISBN: 9798722448347


Page: 110

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You can buy this amazing and elegant notebook for you or as a gift for your friends to document the F*cking moments 6×9 Inches 110 Blank Lined Pages


Just one more thing, he said, with one hand gripping the door and the other held out over it, in a kind of wave that was also the offer of a handshake. One more thing. ... that was for my ears only. Write your fucking book, he said.

Author: Martin Edmond

Publisher: UWA Publishing

ISBN: 9781760800673

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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He did this amazing wall painting, this mural…It was a city, a Paul Klee or a Max Ernst city, a city of the mind perhaps, or of antiquity. A dream city. It was a wonderful thing. It took a few days and nights to do, beautiful days and nights. All the other men who lived in the donga watched it come clear. They loved it. And then other men in the camp heard about it too and came to look. An unknown man comes ashore at a remote beach on the New South Wales coast. He is taken into detention and sent, ultimately, to Darwin. His captors call him Thursday after the day upon which he was found. Thursday doesn’t speak, but instead paints an enigmatic mural on the wall of his donga in the detention centre. It is a city, a dream city, and when he finishes he says a single word: Isinglass. This latest offering from author Martin Edmond is a beautifully written portrayal of the shameful practices of the Australian gulag archipelago, and a compelling story of a man adrift in an unkind world.

The Hole Book 5

Just the other day on the phone my son asked me a question, and it inspired me to consider writing. Just imagine Six if I write an ... “Nigga you don't know the first thing about writing a mutha fuckin book,” Six said with a laugh.

Author: Dameon Gibbs

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781329427990

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 206

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Experience and relive The Hole, it is a true inspiring story in which a young man desperately struggled to overcome The Hole. To him the streets of Baltimore city was The Hole, it was a place that had bind and consumed his life, it gave some but took more. Surviving in the streets he had to watch as the drug game sucked many of his friends and family down into its dark abyss like the black hole it truly was. Finally realizing after years of tribulation and lost, he came to find that the key to his redemption lay in a form least expected.


After a week of binge-reading novels for the first time in my life in my midtwenties, I sat up and said, “I'm gonna write a book,” to which Christian replied, “You can't write a fuckin' book just because you've been reading them.

Author: Bobby Hall

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471186943

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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*** THE NUMBER ONE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER *** The debut novel from Bobby Hall aka Logic, one of music’s brightest young stars. SUPERMARKET is a darkly funny psychological thriller about a young writer facing demons. Twenty-six year old Flynn is stuck. Depressed, recently dumped, and living at his mom’s house, he suffers from a crippling case of writer’s block while trying to finish his first novel. In a last-ditch effort to find creative inspiration, he takes a job at the local supermarket, Muldoon’s. It’s the perfect setting for his book, full of everyday characters. His obnoxious coworker Frank is a jerk. His eager beaver boss Ted is a little too into his job. His supermarket crush Mia is what he really looks forward to everyday. But Flynn soon discovers that at Muldoon’s nothing is what it seems. What was an ordinary job and an ordinary supermarket turn out to be neither when things take a menacing turn. After realizing the perfect climax for his book, Flynn’s world begins to crumble as the shocking secrets of his tortured mind are laid bare.

After Ever Happy

It gave me a place where I could just write whatever the fuck I wanted and what I felt. This is me and my life, and I'm not the only person out there who has made mistakes, an entire fucking book of them, and if people judge me for the ...

Author: Anna Todd

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501106415

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 425


Soon to be a major motion picture! Book 4 of the After series—newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd's After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the internet's most talked-about book for yourself from the writer Cosmopolitan called “the biggest literary phenomenon of her generation.” Tessa and Hardin have defied all the odds, but will their fairy tale ending be turned on its head? AFTER EVER HAPPY...Life will never be the same. #HESSA It’s never been all rainbows and sunshine for Tessa and Hardin, but each new challenge they’ve faced has only made their passionate bond stronger and stronger. But when a revelation about the past shakes Hardin’s inpenetrable façade to the core—and then Tessa suffers a tragedy—will they stick together again, or be torn apart? As the shocking truth about each of their families emerges, it’s clear the two lovers are not so different from each other. Tessa is no longer the sweet, simple, good girl she was when she met Hardin—any more than he is the cruel, moody boy she fell so hard for. Tessa understands all the troubling emotions brewing beneath Hardin’s exterior, and she knows she’s the only one who can calm him when he erupts. He needs her. But the more layers of his past come to light, the darker he grows, and the harder he pushes Tessa—and everyone else in his life—away. Tessa’s not sure if she really can save him—not without sacrificing herself. She refuses to go down without a fight. But who is she fighting for—Hardin or herself?


My only goal was to write the best book I could, to break people's hearts, crush them, to move them deeply and in ways they ... I had this sign on the wall in front of where I wrote it that said BARE YOUR SOUL, and I did, I fucking did.

Author: James Frey

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781848548183

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 510


A kiss, a touch. A smile and a beating heart. Love and sex and dreams, art and drugs and the madness of youth. Betrayal and heartbreak, regret and pain, the melancholy of age. Katerina, James Frey's explosive new novel, is a sweeping love story alternating between 1992 Paris and Los Angeles in 2017. At its centre are a young writer and a young model on the verge of fame, both reckless, impulsive, and deeply in love. Twenty-five years later, the writer is rich, famous and numb, and he wants to drive his car into a tree, when he receives an anonymous message that draws him back to the life, and possibly the love, he abandoned years prior. Written in the same percussive, propulsive, dazzling, breathtaking style as A Million Little Pieces, Katerina echoes and complements that most controversial of memoirs, and plays with the same issues of fiction and reality that created, nearly destroyed, and then recreated James Frey in the global imagination.


“Then why don't you just go up on a mountain and write a fuckin' book, then. A manual. Noah's Fucking Manual To Life And Wisdom.” “No point in that. They've all been written already. That's what I'm saying—all the lessons are already ...

Author: Nicholas J. Barnes

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595094110

Category: Fiction

Page: 556

View: 993


“So…are we insane?” “Yes.” “And?” “What.” “What.” “Yes?” “You said we were insane.” “Yes. Yes, we’re insane. You asked if we were insane, right?” “And?” “And YES, we’re INSANE. Jesus, Bob.”

The Oliver Stone Experience Text Only Edition

Did you have any particular influences or models in mind as you started writing your novel? I'd read a lot of books as a kid. ... I didn't want to write the usual drippy little fucking book. I wanted to write something explosive!

Author: Matt Zoller Seitz

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781683351900

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 480

View: 170


Stone himself serves as guide to this no-holds-barred retrospective—an extremely candid and comprehensive monograph of the renowned and controversial writer, director, and cinematic historian in interview form. Over the course of five years, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone (Midnight Express, Scarface, Platoon, JFK, Natural Born Killers, Snowden) and New York Times bestselling author Matt Zoller Seitz (The Wes Anderson Collection) discussed, debated, and deconstructed the arc of Stone's outspoken, controversial life and career with extraordinary candor. This book collects those conversations for the first time, including anecdotes about Stone's childhood, Vietnam, his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, and his continual struggle to reinvent himself as an artist. Critical commentary from Seitz on each of Stone's films is joined by original essays from filmmaker Ramin Bahrani; writer, editor, and educator Kiese Laymon; writer and actor Jim Beaver; and film critics Walter Chaw, Michael Guarnieri, Kim Morgan, and Alissa Wilkinson. At once a complex analysis of a master director’s vision and a painfully honest critical biography in widescreen technicolor, The Oliver Stone Experience is as daring, intense, and provocative as Stone’s films—it's an Oliver Stone movie about Oliver Stone, in the form of a book. Both this book and Stone’s highly anticipated film, Snowden, will be released in September 2016 to coincide with Stone’s seventieth birthday (September 15, 1946). Also available from Matt Zoller Seitz: Mad Men Carousel, The Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads, The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Wes Anderson Collection.

Desensitizer Iii Vol 2

... Maybe you need to read a book, It's not my fault I can make something better, I like a lot of what I read, I like a lot of what I write, I like it and I will lead, Because I write as I want to, I only write what I like hearing, ...

Author: Kaero Davis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664102972

Category: Poetry

Page: 816

View: 474


Kaero deepens the plot with revealing yet more of the heinous endeavours keeping from attaining him his glory and peace, more villainous acts, rebellion and more to mention from out of the darkness.

A Nice Tuesday

When the book came out, George read it and summoned me to his office. ... He just shook his head in that maddeningly patient way of his in the face of my foolishness. ... and snapped, 'Then why don't you write the fucking book!' I said.

Author: Pat Jordan

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504033657

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 341

View: 176


A middle-aged man tries to return to baseball—and become a better husband and father—in this funny, heartfelt memoir by the author of A False Spring. One of baseball’s original “bonus babies,” Pat Jordan signed with the Milwaukee Braves in 1959—and then proceeded to struggle mightily in the minor leagues over the next three years. Depressed and frustrated, he gave up on baseball and eventually discovered his true calling as one of American’s greatest sportswriters. But the unfulfilled promise of his youth continued to haunt Jordan, until, at the ripe old age of fifty-six, he resolved to get back into shape and rediscover his fastball. Come hell or high water, he would pitch again, this time for the Waterbury (Connecticut) Saints, an independent minor league team made up of players half his age. Eloquent, honest, and delightfully bawdy, A Nice Tuesday is the sequel to Jordan’s acclaimed memoir, A False Spring, and the unforgettable chronicle of a sports comeback unlike any other.