Just For Dads and Grandpa Too

his journal is all about Dad. Inst for Dads! (and Grandpa, too) is for dads of all ages, and grandpa, too. Typically fathers hand down both a natural and a material inheritance—a legacy of genes, behaviors, mannerisms, money, ...

Author: Richard Possett

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595395453

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 194

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This journal book is Just For Dads! ( and Grandpa, too). Its about Dads of all ages. Typically, what is handed down from our fathers is both a natural and material inheritance. It is a legacy of genes, behaviors, mannerisms, money, and property. Unless there is some special effort put forth, a lot about Dad is lost upon his death. The purpose of this journal book is for fathers to record their story. It is meant to be a living life gift to their sons and daughters. In this way, fathers can leave a complete legacy, both tangible and intangible, to their children. The journal speaks to the life and times of a father. It talks about the mother of the father's children. It chats about his pastimes and notable accomplishments. It culminates with Dad's acknowledgements, beliefs, and advice for his children. The journal is styled in a question and answer format. This will help you write down the memories, thoughts, and ideas you wish to share with your children. Please remember, much of what makes up who your children are comes from you, so your story is also their story.

A Texan s Christmas Baby

His dad just needed to do something and Chase supposed he thought fixing the railing was as good a thing as any. He was sure his mom was packing up food for the freezer. Elias drove some nails into the wood to secure it. Grandpa went up ...

Author: Linda Warren

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780369714435

Category: Fiction

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Christmas is a time of forgiveness… And unforgettable surprises Former professional football player Chase Rebel has finally come home for good. But ranching life in his small Texan hometown is far from simple—especially when it comes to Chase's beautiful estranged wife, Jody. There's no escaping the mistakes and hurts of their past…or the feelings that still linger between them. But can Jody and an unexpected Christmas surprise show this Texan where he truly belongs? Texas Rebels Book 1: Texas Rebels: Egan Book 2: Texas Rebels: Falcon Book 3: Texas Rebels: Quincy Book 4: Texas Rebels: Jude Book 5: Texas Rebels: Phoenix Book 6: Texas Rebels: Paxton Book 7: Texas Rebels: Elias Book 8: A Child's Gift Book 9: To Save a Child Book 10: A Christmas Proposal Book 11: A Texan's Christmas Baby

Victoria s Nest

Uncle Eddie's and Oxenfelters lived in Bismarck, so they couldn't help very often. ... Grandpa Lloyd wanted Dad to fix it and became very upset when he told him he just didn't know how. Grandpa Lloyd couldn't believe that 'the kid' was ...

Author: P.J. Hoge

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450263276

Category: Fiction

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Victorias Nest visits the North Dakota farming community of Merton, fifteen years after Prairie Preacher. This continues the story of the Schroeder Family as Victoria becomes an adult. It is about her struggles as she tries to find her place in her family and the world. It is necessary for her to forgive and accept herself and her short comings as well as those of her family and friends. She must learn to appreciate the real meaning of her faith and the important things in her life. She deals with abortion, death and true love.

But God I m Only Eighteen

I've tried to be the Dad and Grandpa that my brothers need,but I'm only eighteen. ... I miss Dad's wisdom, and now Grandpa is gone,too. Imiss his wisdom too ... Grandpa was eighty years old, but sometimes I feel like I'm twice that age.

Author: Elizabeth Grace Jung

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449763893

Category: Family & Relationships

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John assumes responsibility for his family and the farm after the death of his father in a farm accident. Later, his mentor grandfather died, making his future college education uncertain. Even so, through a tragedy with a nearby family and the girl he cares for, he realizes that he can become a policeman and still meet the work demands of the farm and family. He talks his two younger brothers and a friend into becoming policemen also, saying, “One bad cop can be replaced with four good ones.”

Morphisms and Categories

Only you?”—“Yes . . . ah, no. He has a grandpa, too (he indicates this with the dolls and arrows). ... Although he has just asserted that his grandfather has no child other than his father, he now allows that, “He's the father of two ...

Author: Jean Piaget

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781134743261

Category: Psychology

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Despite dissent in many quarters, Piaget's epistemology and the developmental psychology derived from it remain the most powerful theories in either field. From the beginning, Piaget's fundamental epistemological notion was that all knowledge is rooted in action, and for a long time, he identified action with transformation. What is known is that which remains constant under transformatory action. This book represents a fundamental reformulation of that point of view. Alongside transformatory schemes, Piaget now presents evidence that nontransformatory actions -- comparisons that create morphisms and categories among diverse situations constitute a necessary and complementary instrument of knowledge. This work aims to elucidate that insight experimentally and theoretically and to understand the developmental interaction of comparing and transforming as knowledge is constructed. This first English translation of Piaget's work includes studies of children's understanding of geometric forms, machines, and abstract concepts. It contains a clear statement of his mature position on continuity with biology as well as with the history of ideas.

Karrie s Thorn A Novel

“Now I wouldn't call it a fight—just a powerful disagreement. My dad and Grandpa have this ongoing argument where Grandpa says all solutions lead to God, and Dad says that Grandpa is twisting the numbers or data to make them mean what ...

Author: Rev. Cheryl Anne Kincaid

Publisher: Ambassador International

ISBN: 9781620206713

Category: Young Adult Fiction

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One girl's faith journey from abuse to personal healing and empowerment. All Karrie wants is to fit in, but growing up in an alcoholic and abusive home does not make that easy. Her struggles take up most of her energy, and while her church seems to be aware of the violence in her home life, they are uncertain as to what actions they should take. Karrie has questions about Christ’s suffering and how it relates to her suffering which the adults in her life don’t seem to understand. When she is removed from the only life she has ever known, she feels as if her life will unravel as she tries to hang on to her Christian faith in the foster care system. Follow Karrie as she undergoes a journey of faith for answers that only a perfect Father can provide.

Shattered Soul

Dad was always working, he never had time for me. Even when he was home he wanted to be doing anything that didn't include me. Then, when grandpa got sick and I had to take care of him, well, I was angry about that too.

Author: Rhonda Ayleswroth

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781598865356

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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What is the toughest test of faith a Christian can go through? It has to be the loss of a child. The Shattered Soul; A Grieving Mother's Journey Back to God, by Rhonda Aylesworth, takes a closer look at this heart-wrenching test of faith through the character of Tanya. Through Tanya's eyes you are shown the steps of grief. Through her healing, you heal with her. As you experience her re-awakening of the importance of God in her life, you will celebrate the joy of having God in your own life.

Family Whispers

I'm sure that was a heartache for Grandma Deed and probably for Grandpa Irv too, but according to Daddy, his being so stubborn would keep him from saying so. They continued to be very close, just the same. Daddy loved him deeply, ...

Author: Wanieta Isaacs

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450069885

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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I´ve been asked by many about the picture on the front cover of Family Whispers - From The Front Porch and looking back, I don´t know why I didn´t explain that it´s my family! On the left in the back, is my Daddy´s mother, Grandma Deed and on the right, his father, Grandpa Irv. On the left in the front, is Daddy´s sister, Hallie, in the middle is my Mother, Mae and the little girl, whispering to her Grandpa is me! Stories about all of them are in the book, so you´ll get to know them. So glad you asked!

Chicken Soup for the Fisherman s Soul

didn't mind, but I would have enjoyed it more if just one of the fish had been mine. Later that evening after ... My dad finally explained it to me: “Raymond, what your grandpa meant was that I was talking too much. When you're fishing, ...

Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781453279281

Category: Self-Help

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More than fish tales in this delightful book, readers will discover stories about the special relationships that develop through fishing-between parents and children, between friends and lovers, between fisherman, nature, and the elusive fish.


Just Mom?” His bowl of chips finds its way to my lap. I munch and reach for his glass of cola. Robert turns toward me. “Not just Mom. Me, too. I think Grandpa even perked up when he saw Dad's stuff come into the house.

Author: Terri Tiffany

Publisher: Pelican Ventures Book Group

ISBN: 9781611164022

Category: Fiction

Page: 286

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Bobbi Snow is more at home behind an easel than on the golf green. After all, being a pro golfer was her twin brother's goal and her father's obsession. But when Bobbi's careless accident causes a fire that leaves her brother crippled, she's determined to dust off her clubs and follow his dream. Playing the hero might be the only way to save her splintering family. Maybe then her father will forgive her. But can she ever forgive herself?