Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams

To sell books will involve conducting interviews with newspapers, magazines, and other media such as radio interviews. You also need to understand that journalists will need a nonfiction angle from your novel to talk with you.

Author: Scott M. Fay

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Advice for new writers on how to engage the publishing industry, get published, and become a successful author.

Start Your Novel

Alternatively, starting with a great verb can help jumpstart the story. Think beyond the usual: walk, run, turn head, whirl. Instead, go for something distinctive: salute, pirouette, regurgitate. (Please, avoid those pesky adverbs, ...

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STEP ONE: Clarify Your Idea STEP TWO: Review Your Skills STEP THREE: Plan the Opening Chapter STEP FOUR: Plan the Opening Line STEP FIVE: Now, Write! STEP SIX: Revise This book will help you get started on the novel of your dreams. It includes: 29 Plot Templates 2 Essential Writing Skills 100 Examples of Opening Lines 7 Weak Openings to Avoid 4 Strong Openings to Use 3 Assignments to Get Unstuck 7 Problems to Resolve The Math Adds up to One Thing: A Publishable Manuscript! What are you waiting for? Get Started!

Jumpstart Your Novel

Have you always dreaming of writing a book, but don't know where to start? Well, this book shows you where to start, and where to go next. Quit waiting! Grab a chair and jumpstart your novel today!

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Have you always dreaming of writing a book, but don't know where to start? Well, this book shows you where to start, and where to go next. Quit waiting! Grab a chair and jumpstart your novel today!

Write On

If that's all you needed you wouldn't be reading this book. Instead, I hope this book will give you more insight into your own creative process so you can jumpstart your novel and write more freely and happily to the end.

Author: L. M. Lilly

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Eager to write a novel but find yourself staring at a blank screen? Spending too much time rewriting early chapters without moving on? Reached the middle of your novel only to freeze or slow down? Unlike most books on writer's block, Write On not only helps get the words flowing but targets issues specific to novelists. And because there are many different reasons writers get stuck, this book avoids one-size-fits-all-advice. Instead, it offers insights, exercises, and questions aimed at sorting out what might be standing in your way so you can write more freely and easily. Among other things, you'll learn to: - Come up with ideas for your novel (and choose the best one) - Understand your writing process, overcome doubts, and get your first draft onto the page - Stay excited and motivated as you near the middle of your novel where many writers falter - Deal with fears and life challenges that may slow you down Ready to start – and finish – your novel? Get Write On: How To Overcome Writer's Block So You Can Write Your Novel today.

Writing Your Novel from Start to Finish

For some practice on building a story from an initial idea, try doing the previous exercise for yourself, addressing questions ... and other places, you might look for inspiration when you need a boost or hope to jumpstart the process.

Author: Joseph Bates

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Equip yourself for the novel-writing journey! Starting a novel is exciting, but finishing it--that's the real challenge. The journey from beginning to end is rife with forks in the road and dead ends that lead many writers off course. With Writing Your Novel from Start to Finish: A Guidebook for the Journey, you'll navigate the intricacies of crafting a complex work of fiction and complete the journey with confidence and precision. To maximize your creativity and forward momentum, each chapter offers: • Techniques to break down the elements of the novel--from character-building to plotting and pacing • Mile Markers to anticipate and overcome roadblocks like ineffective dialogue and "the unchanged protagonist" • Guidelines for Going Deeper to explore and implement more nuanced aspects of storytelling, such as finding your voice and the role of theme • Try-It-Out Exercises and 27 interactive worksheets that help elevate your writing. No matter your level of experience or where you are in your project, Writing Your Novel from Start to Finish provides the instruction, inspiration, and guidance you need to complete your journey successfully.

The Plot Thickens 21 Ways to Plot Your Novel

WARNING: DON'T PLOT UNTIL YOU TRY THE INDEX CARD METHOD ANOTHER WAY TO JUMPSTART your creative side is with the tactile system of index card plotting. Two types of plotting use this method: General—As ideas occur to you, jot them down ...

Author: Cheryl Sterling

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Writer s Guide to Book Proposals

Chapters 1 Writing Fiction Scripts for Computer Games 2 Linking camcorder to PC to create and sell fiction 3 Genres in online fiction for all ages and what market to target 4 Jumpstart Your Online Fiction Writing Career by Creating ...

Author: Anne Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

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Here is your new author's guide to writing winning book proposals and query letters. Learn how to find free media publicity by selling solutions to universal problems. The samples and templates of proposals, query letters, cover letters, and press kits will help you launch your proposed book idea in the media long before you find a publisher. Use excerpts from your own book proposal's sample chapters as features, fillers, and columns for publications. Share experiences in carefully researched and crafted book proposals and query or cover letters. Use these templates and samples to get a handle on universal situations we all go through, find alternatives, use the results, take charge of challenges, and solve problems-all in your organized and focused book proposals, outlines, treatments, springboards, and query or cover letters.

A Novel Diet

You should eat a regular small breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism, like you've been doing, and then do Atkins for the rest of the day. The next day, you should resume your original routine. If you do it for that short a time, ...

Author: Nikki Lang

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Thirty-two-year-old Cheryl is tired of being overweight, and she's finally gathered the courage to do something about it. But she worries about sacrificing her favorite foods or committing to the latest fad diet only to fail miserably. Sound familiar? Cheryl represents anyone who has struggled to maintain health and sanity while losing weight and offers a voice to everyone engaged in the ongoing battle to take off-and keep off-unwanted pounds. Award-winning physician Nikki Lang, M.D., uses the character of Cheryl to deliver sound and sensible principles, tips, and advice on losing weight and refreshingly easy-to-implement diet, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments that will have you well on your way to better health. In this down-to-earth weight-loss guide, Dr. Lang reveals the surprising answers to these and many other frequently asked questions: How is breakfast vital to shedding pounds? Why do more meals increase weight loss? Why do people who weigh more cook less? How is time management critical to good health? Which types of exercise are crucial for fitness? Don't settle for "miracle" pills, popular celebrity diets, or expensive meal plans. Learn the secrets to changing your weight-and your life-for good!

The Screenwriter s Roadmap

Neil Landau, a successful Hollywood screenwriter and script doctor with over 2 decades of experience, provides you with 21 Guideposts, that if implemented, will help you nail down your screenplay's story structure, deepen its character arcs ...

Author: Neil Landau

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Finally, a GPS system for screenwriters! The potentially long and arduous journey of writing a screenplay was just made easier to navigate with The Screenwriter's Roadmap. Avoid the wrong turns, dead ends, gaping p(l)otholes, and other obstacles that result in frustration , wasted time, and wasted energy. The Screenwriter's Roadmap keeps you on track and helps you reach your destination- a finished, professional quality screenplay. Neil Landau, a successful Hollywood screenwriter and script doctor with over 2 decades of experience, provides you with 21 Guideposts, that if implemented, will help you nail down your screenplay's story structure, deepen its character arcs, bolster stakes, heighten suspense, and diagnose and repair its potential weaknesses. These Guideposts are based on field-tested, in-the-trenches experiences that have been proven to work. The Guideposts are augmented by interactive exercises, end of chapter "homework" assignments, examples from the latest blockbusters, as well as over 20 interviews with some of Hollywood's most successful screenwriters and directors, including David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel), David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, Panic Room, War of the Worlds, Angels & Demons), Melissa Rosenberg (The Twilight Saga: Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, Dexter (TV)), and Eric Roth (Forrest Gump, The Insider, Munich, The Good Shepherd, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close). .

Writing a Novel and Getting Published For Dummies

When you hit a bad patch and can't write anything useful, try these suggestions to jumpstart your creativity: Put your hero in a situation utterly unlike anything they're going to meet in the novel. James Bond working in a dress shop, ...

Author: George Green

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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Includes advice on perfecting dialogue, plot, and endings Turn your bright idea into a brilliant novel With a published author advising you on how to write a great novel, and a literary agent on how to get a publishing deal, this guide gives you the complete inside track on the art and science of breaking into the fiction publishing industry. It takes you step-by-step from concept to contract so you have all the tools you need to tell your story with skill, and approach agents and publishers with confidence. Structure your novel Develop believable characters Put the seven basic stories to work Troubleshoot and edit your work Get a good agent Negotiate a deal