jQuery Plugin Development Beginner s Guide

This book takes a beginner's guide approach, giving you step-by-step instructions for creating a number of different jQuery plugins covering most of the common issues one may encounter when working on web pages and sites.

Author: Giulio Bai

Publisher: Packt Pub Limited

ISBN: 1849512248

Category: Computers

Page: 288

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This book takes a beginner's guide approach, giving you step-by-step instructions for creating a number of different jQuery plugins covering most of the common issues one may encounter when working on web pages and sites. It is a practical guide, which will show you how to design and build the most commonly used jQuery plugins. This book is for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the dynamics of jQuery when plugins come into play, as well as for those who are willing to push jQuery to its limits and develop awesome plugins to use in their websites. A little background information about JS and jQuery cannot harm, but even very beginners can have a chance to be introduced to the wonderful world of jQuery.

WordPress Plug in Development Beginner s Guide

We havecomealongwayfrom the initial concept to the final plugin. Wehavelearnedthat using jQuery and Ajax with WordPress does not have to be hard. The Live Blogroll plugin we created made our blogroll more attractiveand interactive.

Author: Vladimir Prelovac

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781847193605

Category: Computers

Page: 278

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"A past-paced guide for PHP developers ... Walk through the development of six complete, feature-rich, real-world plugins that are being used by thousands of WordPress users [Digg this, Live blogroll, The wall, Snazzy archives, Insights, Post types] ; ... get to know the WordPress code base, and WordPress's plugin architecture ; hook into the rest of WordPress using actions and filters ; integrate Ajax and jQuery into your plugins, to dynamically generate content ; maintain and manage your plugin using SVN and publish it to the WordPress Plugin Repository." -- Cover, p.4.

jQuery A Beginner s Guide

Instead of having the designer or developer bear this burden in a potentially unfamiliar language, jQuery handles the ... functionality you need for your project, you can usually find that functionality available as a jQuery plugin.

Author: John Pollock

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071817950

Category: Computers

Page: 376

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Essential Skills--Made Easy! Learn the fundamentals of jQuery programming in no time. jQuery: A Beginner's Guide starts with the basics--from including the library in an HTML document to element selection, event handling, and CSS style manipulation. Next, it's on to JavaScript and the DOM, animation and effects, the Event object, and form validation. The book then delves into AJAX and plugins and covers more advanced techniques such as debugging and unit testing. Get started with jQuery right away using this fast-paced tutorial! Designed for Easy Learning Key Skills & Concepts -- Chapter-opening lists of specific skills covered in the chapter Ask the Expert -- Q&A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips Try This -- Hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills Notes -- Extra information related to the topic being covered Tips -- Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things Cautions -- Errors and pitfalls to avoid Annotated Syntax -- Example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated Self Tests -- Chapter-ending quizzes to reinforce your skills Ready-to-use code at www.mhprofessional.com/computingdownload

Wordpress 3 0 Jquery

Beyond that, you'll want to check out WordPress Plugin Development: Beginner's Guide by Vladimir Prelovac. Don'tlet the titlefoolyou, Vladimirwill have you generating feature rich and dynamic WordPress plugins using WordPress' coding ...

Author: Tessa Blakeley Silver

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781849511759

Category: Computers

Page: 316

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Enhance your WordPress website with the captivating effects of jQuery.

jQuery For Beginners

jQuery JavaScript Library Guide For Developing Ajax Applications, Selecting DOM Elements, Creating Animations Joseph Joyner. for professionalism in web development. b) Extensions for support jQuery regulates plugin access through ...

Author: Joseph Joyner

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781683688815

Category: Computers

Page: 35

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Web pages and all the tools they come with, together will all the mind-blowing features like virtual programs which work on-line, are pure products of genius in programming and software engineering. Such are developed by use of web application development software such as the jQuery JavaScript library. The web applications are based or stored in their respective servers. However, before storage of a web application and before it even becomes a web application, it is written by a program developer in source code that is interpreted by the machine and displayed in the form of a web application. Writing of web pages is done in languages such as HTML and JAVA. Java programs are basically the JavaScript we interact with every day of our lives as we search the internet, if not, then we are interacting with the HTML scripts. These are the two most common programming languages for web development. There are web development tools which allow web pages and web sites to be written in either java or HTML. Java being the object of attention today, one of the well known JavaScript library tools is Jquery.

jQuery 2 0 Animation Techniques Beginner s Guide

Doug Sparling works asa web and mobile software developer for Andrews McMeel Universal, a publishing and syndication company in Kansas City, MO. As longtime employee of the company ... Doug is the author ofa popularjQuery plugin,jClock.

Author: Adam Culpepper

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781782169659

Category: Computers

Page: 292

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This book is a guide to help you create attractive web page animations using jQuery. Written in a friendly and engaging approach this book is designed to be placed alongside your computer as a mentor. If you are a web designer or a frontend developer or if you want to learn how to animate the user interface of your web applications with jQuery, this book is for you. Experience with jQuery or Javascript would be helpful but solid knowledge base of HTML and CSS is assumed.

Practical JavaScript Techniques

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Develop A One-Of-A-Kind CSS/JS-Based Game Portfolio - Five Useful Interactive CSS/jQuery Techniques Deconstructed - Create An Animated Bar Graph With HTML, CSS And jQuery - A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API ...


Publisher: Smashing Magazine

ISBN: 9783943075595



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Present across millions of websites and growing in popularity, JavaScript is an essential and practical for all programmers, designers and coding aficionados. "Practical JavaScript Techniques" offers expert instruction, tips and methodologies relevant for all levels of knowledge. Learn interactive CSS and jQuery techniques, how to take advantage of JavaScript’s versatile capabilities and even how to build JavaScript-based gaming experiences. Whether you’re perfecting Web design or building jQuery plugins, this vital resource is a must-have. TABLE OF CONTENTS - Develop A One-Of-A-Kind CSS/JS-Based Game Portfolio - Five Useful Interactive CSS/jQuery Techniques Deconstructed - Create An Animated Bar Graph With HTML, CSS And jQuery - A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients - How To Build A Real-Time Commenting System - The Developer’s Guide To Conflict-Free JavaScript And CSS In WordPress - Optimizing Long Lists Of Yes/No Values With JavaScript - Building A Relationship Between CSS & JavaScript

Website Development for the Beginners

Guide book for the starters Chhotu Kumar. < script type = " text / javascript " src = " js / script.js " > < / script > < ! -- include jQuery + carouFredSel plugin -- > < script type = " text / javascript " src = " js / jquery.

Author: Chhotu Kumar

Publisher: Shashwat Publication

ISBN: 9789390290352

Category: Computers

Page: 103

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The book is about the website development. Which will teach you how to develop a website from the beginning to Advanced level

PhoneGap Beginner s Guide

... project and the rest is left to the readers to read and interpret in order to encourage development of the project. ... We should have the fastclick.js, jquery.mmenu.min.all, and jquery-2.1.3.min. js libraries downloaded in the js ...

Author: Purusothaman Ramanujam

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784393045

Category: Computers

Page: 284

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Given the increase in usage of mobile devices, mobile app development is in huge demand. This book provides you with the skills you need to successfully create, develop, debug, and deploy a cross-platform mobile application with PhoneGap 5. The book starts with the basics of PhoneGap, covering setting up your development environment, creating a simple project, and debugging and deploying it to your mobile devices. By sequentially working through the sections in each chapter, you will quickly get to know about the available features of various mobile frameworks and the various PhoneGap plugins you can utilize to create your apps. You will then learn how to build a hybrid application using PhoneGap. Finally, by the end of the book, you will be able to implement the most common features of modern mobile apps and build rich, native-style applications.

Jquery 1 4 Animation Techniques

Beginners Guide Dan Wellman. documentation and extensive examples on how to use ... I hope it serves you well. Jorn Zaefferer jQuery Ul development lead, plugin author, and QUnit maintainer About the Author Dan Wellman is an author and web.

Author: Dan Wellman

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849513317

Category: Computers

Page: 344

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Quickly master all of jQuery's animation methods and build a toolkit of ready-to-use animations using jQuery 1.4.

Jquery for Designers

Beginner's Guide Natalie MacLees ... We can ignorethisstep since we're newcomers totheqTipplugin. 8. Step 3gives us the opportunity totellthe plugindeveloper about oursitethat uses theplugin in exchange fora chance to be featured on the ...

Author: Natalie MacLees

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781849516716

Category: Computers

Page: 332

View: 776


Part of Packt's Beginner's Guide series, each chapter focuses on a specific part of your website and how to improve its design with the use of jQuery. There are plenty of screenshots and practical step-by-step instructions making it easy to apply jQuery to your site. This book is for designers who have the basics of HTML and CSS, but want to extend their knowledge by learning to use JavaScript and jQuery.

Prestashop 1 3 Theming Beginner s Guide

This jcarouselisajQuery pluginthat can be usedto displaya list of items inahorizontalor vertical order. ... library that simplifiesHTMLdocument traversing, event handling, animating, and AJAX interactions forrapidweb development. jQuery ...

Author: Hayati Hashim

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 184951173X

Category: Computers

Page: 312

View: 689


Develop flexible, powerful, and professional themes for your PrestaShop store through simple steps.

jQuery for Designers Beginner s Guide Second Edition

If you know the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, and want to extend your knowledge by learning to use JavaScript, then this is just the book for you. jQuery makes JavaScript straightforward and approachable – you'll be surprised at how easy ...

Author: Natalie MacLees

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781783284542

Category: Computers

Page: 398

View: 890


A step-by-step guide that spices up your web pages and designs them in the way you want using the most widely used JavaScript library, jQuery. The beginner-friendly and easy-to-understand approach of the book will help get to grips with jQuery in no time. If you know the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, and want to extend your knowledge by learning to use JavaScript, then this is just the book for you. jQuery makes JavaScript straightforward and approachable – you'll be surprised at how easy it can be to add animations and special effects to your beautifully designed pages.

Joomla 1 5 Javascript Jquery

Enhance your Joomla! Sites with the power of jQuery extensions, plugins, and more.

Author: Jose Argudo Blanco

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781849512053

Category: Computers

Page: 292

View: 658


Enhance your Joomla! Sites with the power of jQuery extensions, plugins, and more.

Learning Angular

A no-nonsense beginner's guide to building web applications with Angular 10 and TypeScript, ... jQuery plugin. In this case, we need to tell the Angular CLI about their existence so that it can include them in the final bundle.

Author: Aristeidis Bampakos

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781839215575

Category: Computers

Page: 430

View: 746


If you want to build cross-platform web applications using the robust Angular web framework, this book is for you. Learning Angular will cover the core concepts of frontend web development using easy-to-follow instructions to help you get up and running with Angular web development in no time.

Vaadin 7 UI Design by Example

This book is a hands-on Beginner's Guide for developers who are new to Vaadin and/or Vaadin UI components.

Author: Alejandro Duarte

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781782162278

Category: Computers

Page: 246

View: 845


This book is a hands-on Beginner's Guide for developers who are new to Vaadin and/or Vaadin UI components. The book will teach readers through examples to use each of the exciting components to build and add various aspects of the user interface to their web apps.If you have experience with the Java language and want to create web applications that look good without having to deal with HTML, XML, and JavaScript, this book is for you. Basic Java programming skills are required, but no web development knowledge is needed at all.

Webpack for Beginners

HotModuleReplacement Plugin, 85 htmlWebpackPlugin, 65, 67,68 Hot Module Replacement (HMR) (Cont.) ... 11–14 custom configuration (see Webpack custom configuration) development mode, 17, 18, 20 N Node JS installation library, ...

Author: Mohamed Bouzid

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484258965

Category: Computers

Page: 129

View: 172


Learn how to use Webpack from installation to configuration without the hassle of complex examples. Webpack has become one of the most popular module bundlers in recent years; it’s widely used by developers, companies, and organizations of all sizes, and many web frameworks use it for the management of their assets. If you are serious about web development these days then you must learn and understand Webpack. You will begin by installing and configuring Webpack, and learn how to write modular code. You’ll then move onto understanding the usage of loaders and plugins with practical use cases, how to make aliases and resolve folders, cache busting, and installing third-party libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, QuillJS, and more. By the end of this book you will feel confident and ready to start using Webpack in your projects. Free from complex examples and intended to be as easy-to-follow as possible, this book is ideal for anyone who knows basic HTML, JavaScript, and how to work on the command line. Upgrade your developer skillset using Webpack for Beginners today. What You Will Learn Install and configure Webpack beyond the default settings Efficiently work with plugins and loaders Optimize Webpack for production Use instant refreshing with the Webpack dev server and hot module replacement Explore how to install some common JavaScript libraries Who This Book Is For This book is conceived for beginners and newcomers to Webpack, and assumes you have some very basic knowledge in JavaScript, HTML and working on the command line. This step-by-step guide will help you understand and clarify everything you need to know to bundle your JavaScript hassle-free.

CMS Made Simple 1 6

Beginner's Guide Sofia Hauschildt ... This method works for any jQuery plugin you would like to integrate. Another example for integrating jQuery into the Gallery module was ... Join the official developer team of CMS Made Simple. b.

Author: Sofia Hauschildt

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781847198211

Category: Computers

Page: 364

View: 283


Create a fully functional and professional website using CMS Made Simple.

Learning Responsive Web Design

A Beginner's Guide Clarissa Peterson ... Scott (developer) Picturefill polyfill, 171 jPanelMenu plug-in, 327 JPEG files, 145 jQuery library, 372 jQuery Responsive Menu Plugin, 325 Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design ...

Author: Clarissa Peterson

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449363697

Category: Computers

Page: 412

View: 302


Deliver an optimal user experience to all devices—including tablets, smartphones, feature phones, laptops, and large screens—by learning the basics of responsive web design. In this hands-on guide, UX designer Clarissa Peterson explains how responsive web design works, and takes you through a responsive workflow from project kickoff to site launch. Ideal for anyone involved in the process of creating websites—not just developers—this book teaches you fundamental strategies and techniques for using HTML and CSS to design websites that not only adapt to any screen size, but also use progressive enhancement to provide a better user experience based on device capabilities such as touchscreens and retina displays. Start with content strategy before creating a visual design Learn why your default design should be for the narrowest screens Explore the HTML elements and CSS properties essential for responsive web design Use media queries to display different CSS styles based on a device’s viewport width Handle elements such as images, typography, and navigation Use performance optimization techniques to make your site lighter and faster