Joy Write

" That's why, instead of teacher-driven assignments, Joy Write shares the whys and the how of giving students time and autonomy for the playful, low-stakes writing that leads to surprising, high-level growth.

Author: Ralph Fletcher

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books

ISBN: 0325088802

Category: Education

Page: 120

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"A writer needs wide latitude so she can bring all her intelligence to the task," Ralph observes. "Assigning a particular format -- a hamburger essay, for instance -- would curtail this play, if not eliminate it entirely." That's why, instead of teacher-driven assignments, Joy Write shares the whys and the how of giving students time and autonomy for the playful, low-stakes writing that leads to surprising, high-level growth. First Ralph makes the case for carving out classroom time for low-stakes writing, despite pressure to focus on persuasive essays and test prep. Then he shares five big ideas for choice-driven, authentic, informal writing -- deeply engaging work that kids want to do. He also provides numerous suggestions for helping students build and flex their writing muscles, increase their stamina, and develop passion for expressing themselves with the written word. -- Provided by publisher.

Earth Joy Writing

When we practice Earth Joy Writing, a life in balance with the self, others, and the environment, we begin to live more fully in the present, connected with ...

Author: Cassie Premo Steele

Publisher: Ashland Creek Press

ISBN: 9781618220394

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 226

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A seasonal journey to creative and joyful writing In Earth Joy Writing, Cassie Premo Steele draws upon her life’s work as a teacher of writing, literature, and mindfulness to help writers foster a greater connection between the natural world and their own creativity. Earth Joy Writing is a writer’s guide to reconnecting to the earth. In chapters divided by seasons and months of the year, this book will guide you through reflections, exercises, meditations, and journaling prompts—all designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself, others, and your natural surroundings. Weaving together poetry, stories, and cultural wisdom, Earth Joy Writing invites us to consider our connection to the earth and offers hands-on exercises that will help us meaningfully reconnect with our creative selves and with the planet we all share.

The Joy of Mindful Writing

Notes to Inspire Creative Awareness Joy Kenward. The Joy of Mindful Writing The Mindful Joy Writing of Notes to Inspire Creative Awareness Half Title.

Author: Joy Kenward

Publisher: Leaping Hare Press

ISBN: 9781782405047

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 144

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This carefully crafted manual explores how writing mindfully can create deeper connections with your words, your characters, and yourself.

Socialist Joy in the Writing of Langston Hughes

... first editors to bring to the attention of North Americans the new Caribbean writing that would flower in the work of V. S. Naipaul and Derek Walcott.

Author: Jonathan Scott

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826265647

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

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"Explores Hughes's intellectual method and its relation to social activism. Examines his involvement with socialist movements of the 1920s and 1930s and contends that the goal of overthrowing white oppression produced a "socialist joy" expressed repeatedly in his later work, in spite of the anticommunist crusades of the cold war"--Provided by publisher.

The Joy of Writing Things Down

Writing. Joy is a physical as well as an emotional experience (we jump for joy, smile with joy and experience joyful anticipation as 'butterflies' in our ...

Author: Megan C Hayes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529413007

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 192

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Whether it's a speedy note-to-self, a simple shopping list or a carefully penned thank-you note, putting words on paper is a daily habit - and can also bring us great joy and calm. In this book you'll discover practical ways to turn the ordinary ritual of jotting things down into a remarkable source of peace, focus and confidence. Learn to take pleasure in your correspondence, find fresh delight in your diary writing and put renewed heart in your humble to-do list. Dr Megan C Hayes has spent her academic career exploring the links between writing, identity and happiness - and she is on a mission to encourage us all to pick up a pen and reap the wellbeing benefits in writing. 'A treasure trove of uplifting and accessible practices, to organise your mind and give shape to your day.' Suzy Reading, author of The Little Book of Self-Care 'Easy to read, deeply inspiring and oh so wise, it was the perfect antidote to my in-box overwhelm.' Susannah Conway, author of This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart

Create Your Writer s Life A Guide to Writing With Joy and Ease

Yet there can be joy in the process of writing, and in enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a piece of written work.

Author: Cynthia Morris

Publisher: Original Impulse Inc.

ISBN: 9780975922453

Category: Reference

Page: 146

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Create Your Writer's Life offers a coaching approach to develop a writing practice that actually works. Finally, a resource that allows you to do it your way, and that works.

Writing the Southwest

Joy Harjo , a Native American born in Oklahoma , challenges the prevailing definition of Southwestern writers . She moves with ease among the various tribes ...

Author: David King Dunaway

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826323375

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 269

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The accompanying CD provides excerpts from the interviews with the authors.

Earth Joy Writing

Download the press release Request a review copy Download a high-resolution cover image Download a high-resolution author photoRelease date: April 2015 Price: $16.95 Pages: 226 Binding: 5.25 x 8 x .5 ISBN: 978-1-61822-034-9"This book is a ...

Author: Cassie Premo Steele

Publisher: Ashland Creek Press

ISBN: 1618220349

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 226

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A seasonal journey to creative and joyful writing. In Earth Joy Writing, Cassie Premo Steele draws upon her life's work as a teacher of writing, literature, and mindfulness to help writers foster a greater connection between the natural world and their own creativity. Earth Joy Writing is a writer's guide to reconnecting to the earth. In chapters divided by seasons and months of the year, this book will guide you through reflections, exercises, meditations, and journaling prompts-all designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself, others, and your natural surroundings. Weaving together poetry, stories, and cultural wisdom, Earth Joy Writing invites us to consider our connection to the earth and offers hands-on exercises that will help us meaningfully reconnect with our creative selves and with the planet we all share. "Earth Joy Writing is about finding joy when we align our creative practices with natural principles. It is about living in harmony with our deepest selves and the natural world. It is about committing to a mindfully creative life in collaboration with nature and, in the process, healing both ourselves and the earth." - Cassie Premo Steele

Writing Against God

10 And , thus , while Joy's " creative act " appears to have displaced a prior identity connected with the emotion of " joy , " her new name indeed conceals ...

Author: Joanne Halleran McMullen

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 0865544883

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 152

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Readers approaching Flannery O'Connor's work without knowledge of her Catholicism may find little evidence of it in her fiction. Yet readers who come to O'Connor's work with a prior awareness of her faith (as evidenced, for example, in her essays and correspondence) believe that her Catholicism suffuses every sentence of her fictional canon. Writing against God explores the difficulty of reconciling O'Connor's private and public insistence on the importance of Catholicism in her work with the fiction her readers encounter on the printed page. O'Connor's linguistic choices often move her fiction out of her control, producing a message in conflict with the one she stated she intended. Through a detailed examination of O'Connor's language in her two novels and in short stories that span her career, McMullen exposes a pervasive spiritual environment often in opposition to the Roman Catholic tenets O'Connor professed. Blending a reader-response approach with linguistic analysis, Writing against God offers explanations for the mysteries surrounding and the mysteries within O'Connor's fiction.

Writing the Politics of Difference

Such love may involve all the joy and some of the sorrow depicted in the account of love in Being and Nothingness . There Sartre notes "the basis for the ...

Author: Hugh J. Silverman

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791404978

Category: Philosophy

Page: 372

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This book addresses various phases of continental philosophy, both in the context of its multiple traditions and in relation to the alternatives that mark the understanding of its present and future. Divided into two parts, the authors first focus on the diversity of traditions in continental philosophy in connection with the texts of Hegel, Marx, Kierkegaard, Sartre, and De Beauvoir. Second, they explore the reality of social, political, sexual, and philosophical differences, in connection with the writings of Merleau-Ponty, Arendt, Habermas, Heidegger, Foucault, Irigaray, Kristeva, Derrida, and Vattimo. They also stress the various theoretical foundations that manifest these differences. Issues surrounding the role of philosophical systems, language, ethical choice, relations with others, the gendered body, socialization, and the status of philosophy today constitute the fabric of this book. The authors place these ideas in the context of current thought and current debates in continental philosophy and evaluate their significance for the future.

Writing African American Women K Z

Early on , the illiterate Ayo demands that her semiilliterate daughter Joy write Ayo's recall of the events , mostly cruel , that shaped her life .

Author: Elizabeth Ann Beaulieu

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313331987

Category: African American women in literature

Page: 991

View: 440


"Contributors look at the writers and their works from a feminist-womanist perspective, and address issues relating to race, class, and gender. Topical entries, e.g., "Work," "Protest Tradition," "Religion," "The Use of Myth," and "Memory," provide a rich context for the literature."--Choice review.

Writing and Producing for Television and Film

... 'S PLACE Sc. 22 Ext. Joy's place day Sc. 26 Ext. Joy's place day EXTERIOR, ... pages Kato/Lubega/Joy 168 Writing and Producing for Television and Film.

Author: Esta de Fossard

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9788132102625

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 280

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Role models from the visual media often spark in viewers the will to emulate desired behavior. The Entertainment-Education method combines emotional appeal and relevant knowledge in order to promote such behavior change. This book—the second in a three-book series titled Communication for Behavior Change—is amied at all producing or directing Entertainment-Education dramas for television and film. The authors—both leading practitioners in the field of Entertainment-Education—dwell in detail on the Design Approach for determining and then articulating effective messages to be contained in the drama, along with guidelines and examples at every step. Drawing on methods that have been tried and tested in various countries worldwide, the guidelines offered in the book will be invaluable for anyone wanting to create a successful Entertainment-Education television drama or film. In addition to a number of actual scripts that have been converted into dramas, the useful appendices provide sample documents of various procedural requirements mentioned in the course of the book.

Joy at Work

The idea of writing about the philosophy described in Joy at Work originated in the mid-1990s. I was CEO of AES, an energy company that by 2002 had plants ...

Author: Dennis W. Bakke

Publisher: PVG

ISBN: 0974355291

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 314

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Imagine a company where people love coming to work and are highly productive on a daily basis. Imagine a company whose top executives, in a quest to create the most "fun" workplace ever, obliterate labor-management divisions and push decision-making responsibility down to the plant floor. Could such a company compete in today's bottom-line corporate world? Could it even turn a profit? Well, imagine no more. In Joy at Work, Dennis W. Bakke tells the true story of this extraordinary company--and how, as its co-founder and longtime CEO, he challenged the business establishment with revolutionary ideas that could remake America's organizations. It is the story of AES, whose business model and operating ethos -"let's have fun"-were conceived during a 90-minute car ride from Annapolis, Maryland, to Washington, D.C. In the next two decades, it became a worldwide energy giant with 40,000 employees in 31 countries and revenues of $8.6 billion. It's a remarkable tale told by a remarkable man: Bakke, a farm boy who was shaped by his religious faith, his years at Harvard Business School, and his experience working for the Federal Energy Administration. He rejects workplace drudgery as a noxious remnant of the Industrial Revolution. He believes work should be fun, and at AES he set out to prove it could be. Bakke sought not the empty "fun" of the Friday beer blast but the joy of a workplace where every person, from custodian to CEO, has the power to use his or her God-given talents free of needless corporate bureaucracy. In Joy at Work, Bakke tells how he helped create a company where every decision made at the top was lamented as a lost chance to delegate responsibility--and where all employees were encouraged to take the "game-winning shot," even when it wasn't a slam-dunk. Perhaps Bakke's most radical stand was his struggle to break the stranglehold of "creating shareholder value" on the corporate mind-set and replace it with more timeless values: integrity, fairness, social responsibility, and a sense of fun.

Reclaiming Writing

JOY. OF. WRITING. THROUGH. WIKIS. Shannon. Blady. and. Roxanne. Henkin. Roxanne When I visited Shannon's classroom one day, I found it inviting and ...

Author: Richard J. Meyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135050849

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 262

View: 118


With passion, clarity, and rich examples, Reclaiming Writing is dedicated to reawakening the journeys that writers take as they make sense of, think about, and speak back to their worlds in this era of high-stakes testing and mandated curricula. Classrooms and out-of-school settings are described and analyzed in exciting and groundbreaking narratives that provide insights into the many possibilities for writing that support writers’ searches for voice, identity, and agency. Offering pedagogical strategies and the knowledge base in which they are grounded, the book looks at writing within various areas of the curriculum and across modes of writing from traditional text-based forums to digital formats. Thematically based sections present the pillars of the volume’s critical transactive theory: learning, teaching, curriculum, language, and sociocultural contexts. Each chapter is complemented by an extension that offers application possibilities for teachers in various settings. Reclaiming Writing emphasizes literacy as a vehicle for exploring, interrogating, challenging, finding self, talking back to power, creating a space in the world, reflecting upon the past, and thinking forward to a more joyful and democratic future.

Subjective Writing in Contemporary Chinese Literature

In the Yueji 樂記(Record of Music), it is written: “Thus it is said: the music is joy.” (Guyue yuezhe le 故曰樂者樂). It goes on: “Music is (an echo of) the ...

Author: Jin Siyan

Publisher: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

ISBN: 9789629967871

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 465

View: 547


Translated from the original French publication, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of 20th century Chinese literature and examines the relationship between Chinese literary theory and modernity. The author surveys the work of leading writers including Zhang Ailing, Beidao, and Mu Dan. The author seeks to answer some fundamental questions in the study of Chinese literary history, such as: How does contemporary Chinese literature go from historical narrative to the narrative of the I, where rhythm and epic merge into writing, and where the instinctive load of the rhythm substantiates the epic? What are the steps and the forms of mediation that allow such a transition? Is the subject the only agent of the transition? What is its status? What is the role of poetic language that led to the birth of the subject and which separates it from empiricism? What are the difficulties faced by Chinese writers today? Young Chinese writers set off in search of a totally new writing to rediscover subjectivity, which is in no way limited to literature; it also covers areas such as the law, and the expression of the I confronted to an overpowering we.

On the Art of Writing

'Tnou next multiplied tne nation, and not increased tne joy: t/ley joy before téee according to Me joy in narvert.' But why—if the joy be not increased?

Author: Arthur Quiller-Couch

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486450049

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 595


A renowned critic and scholar addresses the artistic and vital nature of language as well as the skills needed to convey and receive the written word. A compilation of principles and practical guidelines, this enduring guide examines the practice of writing, the use of jargon, style, and the history of English literature.

Writing on Napkins at the Sunshine Club

Happiness, I've heard, is easy, joy written on the earth, russet and sorrel leaves, fruit fallen past ripeness darkest where the rot has set in.

Author: Kevin Cantwell

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780881462517

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 238

View: 539


Writing on Napkins at the Sunshine Club includes a poet laureate of Georgia and of the United States¿and the poet who read at President Clinton¿s second inauguration. The oldest was born in 1905 and the two youngest in that ominous year of American history, 1968. The Pulitzer-winning Stanley Kunitz wrote a famous poem about the Indian Mounds. Miller Williams, father of the Grammy winning Lucinda Williams, lived in Macon in the early 1960s and became a friend of Flannery O¿Connor. In the late 1970s, soon after his Mercer days, David Bottoms writes the poems for Shooting Rats at the Bibb County Dump and wins the Walt Whitman Award. Jud Mitcham wins the Devins Award for his first book, Somewhere in Ecclesiastes, and Seaborn Jones is doing his stint with Mister Rogers¿ Neighborhood and would later connect, in San Francisco, to one of the last pure lines of surrealism in American expression. Several poets came out of Macon or arrived in Macon soon after. Between Mercer University and Macon State College the activity of poetry in Macon thrived. Adrienne Bond wrote her seminal poems and started up the Georgia Poetry Circuit. Judith Ortiz Cofer passed through Macon State at the brink of her position at the University of Georgia and in American letters as an important artistic spokesperson for women¿s experience. From Bruce Beasley and his hybrid poetics, to Stephen Bluestone and his learned craft in the lyric poem, this book presents a selection for all students of Southern Literature some of the best poems of other poets, too, like Anya Silver, Amanda Pecor, Marjorie Becker, and the late Reginald Shepherd who was as well-known at his early death as any poet of his generation. Many of these poets studied with and knew the important poets of their time. The poems, nevertheless, speak for themselves.

More writing about music

United Sounds of Joy United Sounds of Joy album review Although you can still find small pockets here and there and flickering resurgences every few years ...

Author: Neil Pace

Publisher: Neil Pace


Category: Music


View: 716


Around a year ago I published ‘Writing about music’ an anthology (which is just a posh way of saying ‘collection’) of writing previously published in varying forms in varying places, curated (which is just a posh way of saying ‘cobbled together’) into one volume. I’ve been living high on the royalties ever since. Or I would have been if anybody had been prepared to buy it. Like most items of dubious quality it has, however, proved mildly popular when given away free. This second volume, with the imaginative title of ‘More writing about music’, is similar to the first, a collection of gig and album reviews, interviews with ‘pop stars’ and a mish mash of other oddities. Includes interviews with Paul Carrack, Tom Smith, John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants), Geoff Downes (Yes), Meilyr Jones, Frank Allen (The Searchers), Scorpio (Grandmaster’s Furious Five featuring Mele Mel and Scorpio), Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) and Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub).

How to Teach Non Fiction Writing at Key Stage 3

Just as we want them to experience the joy of reading, so we want them to find joy in writing. We want them to carry a reading book in one pocket and a ...

Author: Paul Evans

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136633362

Category: Education

Page: 108

View: 812


How to Teach Non-Fiction Writing at Key Stage 3 is a practical manual to help teachers of 11-14 year-olds to focus on key aspects of developing their pupil's non-fiction writing. The book presents a clear teaching sequence that emphasizes the link between reading and writing, and can raise pupil's attainment levels in both areas. Practical writing workshops focus on the six main types of non-fiction as defined in the NLS Framework for Year 7: information, recount, explanation, instruction, persuasion and discussion texts. Each workshop includes photocopiable sample texts, instructions for teachers, and tasks for pupils to complete. With advice on how to make best use of a writing journal, and how to progress in sentence construction - how to make sentences more flexible and better adapted to purpose - the book is a practical and immediately useful resource for KS3 teachers.